Kumkum Bhagya 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Aaliya if this girl is her friend and also recalls her name Tanu. Aaliya says your memory is sharp. Aaliya says she is now a big super model ( big lie). Abhi says she is cute. Aaliya smiles. Tanu acts to pose for the photo shoot. Aaliya talks to Mr. Gulati. She thinks Abhi is getting attracted to Tanu, and thinks what a scene. She thinks it will be fun when Pragya sees Abhi and Tanu together. Pragya comes to office, and says good morning to Abhi’s wall pic. She sets flowers in the vase. Abhi comes there. Sanam Re Sanam Re plays………………Abhi looks at her and smiles. He picks a flower and gives to Pragya. Pragya takes it shyly. Abhi goes. It was her imagination. She waits for Abhi and thinks why didn’t he come today. She asks Saira about Abhi. Saira

says even I am waiting for him, music team is ready. She gets Aaliya’s call. Aaliya asks her to send someone to the nearby building with the CD. Saira says I will bring it. Aaliya asks her to send Pragya there. She thinks Pragya will get shocked seeing Abhi and Tanu together like I got shocked seeing them. Saira asks Pragya to go and give CD to Abhi. Pragya gets happy.

Abhi is staring Tanu. Aaliya asks him where he is lost? Abhi says nothing. Aaliya tells that her friend is a big super model and may be she will not talk to me. Abhi says I am a rockstar and all girls are mad about me. Abhi bets with her. Aaliya says she is not that type of girl, she don’t like publicity, attention etc. Abhi says if I fail then you will get a trip to Australia. Aaliya says okay. Pragya comes there. Someone compliments Tanu on her photo shoot. Pragya sees Abhi looking at Tanu. Aaliya says you have failed and says I will help you. She calls Tanu, and acts as meeting her after long time. Tanu says her hi, and asks how come you are here? Aaliya says she came for meeting. She introduces Abhi to her. Tanu says she listens to his songs and asks about his accident. Abhi says accidents are part of life. Tanu says bye to Aaliya. Aaliya goes.

Pragya comes to Abhi and gives him lyrics. Abhi ignores her and continues to look at Tanu. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya comes to Pragya and says this happens when your type of girls see big dreams. She reminds of her words and says Abhi remembered his first love and his first meeting. She says you will come closer to him when he remembers you, but now he is just close to Tanu. She asks her to move on and counts reverse numbers, as she has won. She says you will be ruined as Abhi will stay with Tanu and will enjoy with her. He will go on a holidays with her, and will do everything which you wanted to do. She says Abhi was looking at Tanu continuously when you was standing with him. She says Tanu’s name is written on his heart, and says he will not remember Pragya or Nikita. She says I will make sure that they stay together and go on a holiday. They will fully enjoy and asks her to continue doing her receptionist job, and says I have no danger now, but you have with Tanu. Pragya looks on shattered.

Pragya thinks Abhi is getting trapped by Tanu again and thinks she won’t let it happen. She thinks how to make him remember our marriage and love. Abhi thinks Tanu showed attitude to him. Aaliya comes to him and asks did you like her. Abhi says no. Aaliya forcefully tells him that she will arrange coffee date with Tanu and praises her qualities. Abhi agrees and asks her not to show ego. Abhi is leaving and sees Pragya sitting sadly. He asks why you are sad? Pragya gets angry at him and says why he is bothered about her. Abhi thinks she is taking anger out on me. He says it is good that you met me.

Abhi says you are sad as your boss fired you. Pragya says why boss will fire me. She says I am sitting here to get that papers back. Abhi says lyrics and returns the papers. Pragya thanks him and says bye. She is about to get up. Abhi asks did you come here to give papers. Pragya says yes, and says she doesn’t know anyone. She says you didn’t see me and was busy with that model. I was sitting here as I have no option. Abhi asks her to come closer and says I am Sorry. Pragya looks on.

Abhi asks Pragya to go and give lyrics to boss. He asks her to smile. Pragya smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This is not fair.. how can he get attracted towards that tanu… cvs are expert in recycling things… what you guys think about today’s episode??

    1. The makers have so many mistakes in the script that one day you feel abhi’s memory loss is fake. Sometimes not. There is no consistency. Don’t feel that this show will good in trp!! Actually there is no competitor in the same time slot. I am sure if ulta chashma or kasam is put in the same time slot kkb will loose big time!! So don’t watch it untill kkb writers fix the issue and get rid of aliya-tanu.

  2. Lmao and again we’re being played as fools with this foolishness….I knew it was a dream smh…..CVS just going to repeat this crap again

  3. Guys don’t build your hopes up….they’ll continously disappointing us

    1. True that’s all they are good for disappointment.

  4. Wat nonsense tanu n aaliya with their bulshit again I hope he realize Wat pragya is doing for him

    1. How many times he realizes it??? He has realized it several times. But always there is no any use by that.

  5. I didn’t seen today epi but after written update I was feeling sad y abhi wants to attract towards tanu after leap also they showed what we don’t need

    1. What to you?? This cvs is not at all planning to unite them.. they are just draggggggingggg…. tanu’s entry will be also for dragging……

      1. Sorry… what to do* it is not what to you

    2. Asmitha, I think it’s not like that, I mean, I feel abhi is not attracted towards tanu. His expressions are not showing like he is attracted to her. What I feel is whenever tries to near abhi, he is going to attracted by pragya..let’s see how the story moves further…

      1. Agreed with u Shobana.

      2. I think that Abhi is still doin drama of having memory loss….so herefore he is acting 2 be attracted to Tanu just fr taking revenge

  6. worst epi……….

  7. and the crap starts again!

  8. No other way to drag the show so brought tanu..but abhi will not get attracted to tanu..if so thm no further story..so abhi will be attracted to pragya.and alia tanu revenge will start…dono how abhi can remember tanu lone not pragya…

  9. again this crap ….. oh unbelievable now pragya and purab must do smthng
    its the tme to bring back bulbul n purvi ….

  10. Right said.. Bulbul n purvi too wud come out of nowhere and the serial is gonna beat about the bush.. Abhigya’s romance atleast is worth watching.. How are they gonna change the serial further??? God save us…

  11. What the hell was going on ya. This can’t happen & won’t happen. Really they r making us fool…

  12. Totally disappointing episode…. I think future episodes are going to be headache for us…

  13. Nooooooo guys abhi will not or should not be attracted towards tanu yaar

  14. Iswarya_santhosh

    Abhi didnt like tanu this time…. He isnot ready to go on a date with her(she is not worth for it). Aaliya is forcing him.
    After saw today episode i was really felt bad for pragya… When pragya sadly sat on that chair i was feeling very hurt….
    I dont understand what kind of girl is aaliya????? Trying to manipulate her own brother and make him marry her friend (shit tanu)….. Even she know how cheap is that witch… How can she do this to her own blood(bhai)…. I wish no bhai in india should have a sister like her……

  15. Iswarya_santhosh

    Reji, shobana sis can u translate the conversation of abhigaya?tell me te conversation b/w Abhigaya only

    1. Hi iswarya, I will try to translate. But, honestly I also not good in Hindi.
      Pragya, come to abhi to give his lyrics papers. But, abhi was busy in looking tanu. Pragya gets worried by looking at this. Abhi then notices pragya, was standing nearby him. He asked her, what are you doing
      here?? She says, I have come to give your lyrics papers.. He says,lyrics.. Pragya says, saira mam has asked to give this to you. So I have come here. He was looking at tanu. Then sees pragya and says, thank you. Abhi then, leaves from there.
      Then pragya was sitting in a sofa, she was worried by thinking,alia’s words. She says I can’t let tanu to enter into his. How will I let
      him know that I love him, how will I let him know that, I am married to him…
      Abhi sees pragya looking worried. So he goes nearer to her and asks, why are you looking worried. She says, why I am sad? He says, you can’t hide your fellings,so that
      you are lying. Pragya says, what it means to him, if she lies. You are a rock star, you can do anything. But,I can only follow my boss order.. He thinks, what happened to
      her, why she is behaving like this. She sits
      angrily on the sofa. He sits, in front of him and says,I can understand. You no need to be tensed. You know what good thing happened to you ?? He says, that I have met you
      Abhi says, go to any music company and say you are my biggest fan than all,you will get job easily. Who are worried since your boss has fired you from your job… Pragya says, I was waiting here to get the lyrics papers back. Abhi then gives her the paper

      back. She gets it and says, thank you, bye. She was about to leave but, abhi asks her, did you come here only for this papers… Pragya says I don’t know anyone here.. You were busy with that model and didn’t notice me. So I have way other than to wait here. He comes closer to her and says, I am sorry.. She looks on…

      1. Hey ishu, I am sorry yaar if you can’t understand. I also not that much good in Hindi. I have learned Hindi through kkb only…

      2. Iswarya_santhosh

        Illa sis nenga romba nala transulate panirukinga . i got it. Thank u so much… nanum hindi kathukanum nu pakuren…. Pakalam epa nadakuthunu

  16. Hi guys it’s good to see everyone back to the comments section. It’s really nice having weekend meetings then some new guys then some people are return to watch the show. Overall there’s is more viewers and views. By the way few people remember me(I think so). Anyways about the episode there is so much unwanted noise of Aaliya. Only good thing is Abhi said sore to pragya in a very cute way. It’s the only thing I liked on today’s episode. Waiting for more Abhigya scenes and love stories. May be I will comment here regularly. One thing I forgot to say really thank you Pratiksha for the updates. I used to read it regularly but I don’t have enough time to comment. I give biggggggggest thanks for that. I welcome all new guys and especially tamil guys. I think more tamil people are reading but not commenting. Not only tamil over the world most of the people watching kkb. I think this drama will not so easier. Gud nite all guys.

    1. hey megha, how are you??? Happy to see you back after days…..

      1. Thank you shobana. I’m too happy that you remember me.

      2. Hey how can I forget you…???? I remember you pretty well. Actually I was also didn’t comment her for few days. Just back before 3days

  17. leisa s morris

    Guys there’s no need to worry tanu left a deep impression on him at d time of his accident so i believe jus as his heatt remembers pragya same.way.his mind is jolted wen seein tanu and dats y he’s starin at her.

  18. indera sanichara

    Come on viewers stop commenting on this boring storyline that’s going round and round and round Ekta is laughing at your comments.

    1. Then why are you commenting, Ms Indera Sanichara?

    2. I just wonder whether an idiot like Ekta actually reads these comments or the administrator of Telly update shares relevant viewers comments & feedback to Ekta. I also blame the actors for taking on real blo*dy stupid scripts and sticking to it – also shows how cheap the actors are in indulging in rubbish story lines. They should have the guts to amend the script or walk out!!!

  19. hai all…. i read onr spoiler tat abhii is faking his ML… in this ganesh chathurthi he ll confesshis ML drama to prgaya…. and and planing aganst aaliya and tanu….. is that true? prtiksha, reji, shobana…. tell me????

  20. abhigya fight is cute…


  22. Hi friends?gud morning ? Thanks megha for appreciating my efforts. Gowtham if u wants to believe on spoilers then yes but according to the ongoing story, no, abhi is not faking. Actually we can’t say anything as everything is so confusing. Cvs r showing what they wants to show according to them and so we r following only that. Not news peoples, nor any source can tell anything about the present story exactly. I m just watching what they r showing until I like it. Congrats gowtham ur sweety Tanu ( Leena) is back again for irritating and torchering us in each further episodes. How much she will trouble pragya same as she will annoy us. Only two episodes has passed with tanu and I m feeling hell. God knows how I will tolerate her further. Obviously it was so irritating to see tanu Infront of abhi and it was so sad when abhi was staring tanu Infront of pragya. But before reaching on any conclusion, I wants to watch more episodes and further story with abhi, pragya and that ? bone tanu to know that how their equation will go further? What cvs will show? How they will keep maintain the show on top with tanu’s presence in the show and in abhi’s life. Then only I can say anything but it will b very torchering for us to watch that cheap model tanu with abhi in competition of pragya again. Tanu doesn’t deserve even abhi’s one attention. It will b very awful to see her with abhi everyday like aliya as he is enjoying with abhi on his wealth and fame and taking advantage of her lost memory and make fun of Pragya and her love and marriage. Aliya was well enough to tolerate but these two vamps together r impossible.? God save abhigya and us from them. I want bulbul’s re-entry now. God knows when her character will get her comeback or it will ever come or not? But pragya is all alone at this point and she needs a strong support for saving abhi from taaliya and for defeating them. Although pragya’s love and destiny will never let abhi go anywhere and it will bring abhi back for her from any place or situation. But then also pragya needs strong supports, mostly like purab. Only he can make abhi understand the difference between pragya and tanu and only he can help pragya to save abhi from going abhi in tanu’s trap and except him, abhi’s dadi also can keep abhi far from tanu by taking advantage of abhi’s emotions, love and care for dadi by making abhi understand that she’s not worthy for being anyone’s life partner as well as lover. Aliya has been start her plan with tanu, it’s right time to stop them before they moves more further in their plan. But abhi’s expressions were saying a lots of things so we can’t say anything surely about further story so as I said that we have to wait more for reaching on any conclusion. So let’s see, what happens further? But it was clear that abhi was not moving towards tanu by ownself, it was only aliyaa who was pushing abhi towards tanu and she will push it abhi until he will not get trap. Well let’s see.

    1. yes pratiksha…. i missed tanu romba… now she is back….. now we get to see more of her…. superb…. feel happy?????i was about to say about tanu…. but u catch my thoughts….. superb….

      1. Oh my god gowtham, only you will be happy to see ????. Though I like Leena, I really don’t wish to see her in between abhigya. That’s the only fact, I don’t like. Sometimes, I can even tolerate her screeching but cant see her in between abhigya….

      2. ha ha.. u r right shobana…. i thnk m d only one who likes her presence in kkb…. ha ha… funny…. but i want that spoiler to happen….. waiting

      3. But gowtham, I don’t think that the spoiler will become true.. Lets wait for the update and come to one conclusion. But, if it happens I will be happy ?

    2. Hi ? prathiksha, it looks very difficult to watch Tanu between abhigya. I too want bulbul character back or some other girl in purab’s life. He cant be alone like this..and yes prathiksha, it seems only alia is pushing abhi towards Tanu.
      I will be more satisfied, if alia and Tanu sees abhigya conversations..but CVs didn’t give me that happiness ?..

      1. Ya shobhna it was horrible to watch tanu with abhi and when abhi defines her as cute, I was like whatttt….????? At least on that moment, she was not. Artificiality was clearly shown on her face. Her beauty is just for show off. That’s it. But the simplicity, an innocence and the freshness which pragya have, it calls as true beauty and it has no comparison with tanu and her artificial beauty. If I will b on abhi’s place, I will clearly rejects tanu when I compare her with pragya or not? Even if I doesn’t know about tanu and pragya personally then also I never consider tanu as a partner in any relationship. Even my brother said same. Do hell with her status or glamour. She is just a show piece, that’s it. Till now only pragya was cute as fuggy not only for abhi but for us also but yesterday abhi gave shock by calling tanu as cute, when she was not looking. And ya shobhna abhi was in deep thinking when he saw tanu, I felt that something was bothering him after watching tanu. He was looking little restless by his some of expressions. It was looking like he was feeling strange. But it was only aliya who were pushing abhi towards tanu and diverting his mind by manipulating him for make him bend towards tanu through her false and rubbish appreciations. When aliya was appreciating tanu in front of abhi, i was laughing and when abhi calls her cute, i laughed more. Yesterday tanu was joke just a joke for me, a big joke. An ex- preggy super model who can’t stand in any place, becoz of which she could look atleast fine. Sorry gowtham but that’s true. I don’t like leena in this role of tanu. The character of a supermodel doesn’t suits her becoz she haven’t personality like a model. Only by weaeung stylish costumes and by carrying heavy make up, she can’t look like a super model or can’t do justice with super model role. Madurima was perfect for that role becoz she has all the quality which makes a girl super model. Leena can do ither roles but thus doesn’t suuts her and now she looks more yukkk… Leena is gud from others perspective but not as tanu.

      2. Yup prathiksha, now I am waiting to know, what wil happen if Tanu tries to get nearer to abhi. Will he go behind Tanu or, alia’s plan is going to backfire.. I know one thing, that abhi wont go behind Tanu, since I feel whenever, Tanu is trying to near him, he will start to feel for Pragya.. But we cant believe the CVs, lets see what they are upto..

    3. Sad to see Purab at the end with Daasi, for the kind of person he is, he deserves a nice partner, if not Bulbul, get someone instead of pairing him with oldies 🙂

      Now this is again getting tedious and boring to watch only 3-4 characters and their story going in rounds. great production team managing the show with least characters, paying least possible number of actors.
      In Mogambo track I never sympathised with Pragya as she could have told the truth and whatever she suffered was mostly her only doing. But after long time I felt sad for her yday when she was looking helplessly. So whatever Abhi was speaking to her after that, didnt really go into my mind.

      They are still not showing him getting any memory flashes, God knows if he will ever recollect past or it is just meant to be left behind as season1.

      1. Yup sahithi, yesterday I too felt that only after seeing purab and dasi.
        Actually in this show, none of the pair is complete other than teji, abhi married, but living a bachelor life since his marriage. Purab married, but is a bachelor since bulbul died( actually its not confirmed whether she has died or not too).
        Raj and mithali too are seperated.
        Really don’t know, what they are trying to say through this show.

        And ya sahithi, here story is revolving around 4, if they put one jodi for purab we can enjoy their romance too, instead of seeing this plotting, killing…etc . With this screen space for negative character will also be less. And it will good to see abhigya and purab with his partner… But I know pretty well that cvs wont do it.

      2. Forgot to say, yesterday I saw that video, it was dam cute..???.

      3. Ya sahithi and shobhna kkb seems in these days as someone is serving same stale food on a new plate with bit different manner. In present time, pragya and purab r two poor souls. Both r married but forced to live seperate. It’s very disappointing and unfortunate thing that we have two lead pairs in the show but no one is happy and united.

      4. Yeah just thinking about Tanu meeting Abhi again is making me yawn, I mean how long do they plan to drag the story without a solid plot. Atleast last track we were hoping Tanu’s truth will be out today or tomorrow. Now they are not even showing Abhi getting any memory back. So till when we can also wait like Pragya, I am afraid the show will turn boring and monotonous soon if they dont bring some interesting twists or new characters.

        As per the latest pics I saw on IG, Abhi is still going to music company. Dont know how many more episodes they will show him going there, stopping at reception, saying hi bye to Pragya and Pragya giggling. They should probably show what next after that song recording is over.

    4. but pragya is hiding everything frm purab her one n d only support against that dump tanu and aliya
      bulbul must come bak ..it vl be more pretty when purvi too come bak vth her bf

  23. yesterday episode was so irritating about alyia i like to slap on her face even for pragyya she kept quite and listening to her.

  24. Kumkum bhagya filled with negative.
    Taking revenge
    Hurting good people
    Money minded’s victory
    Selfish peoples happiness
    Separating couples
    Hiding everything from family & friends
    True love fails
    Mogambo avatar
    Memory loss torturetorture
    Evils’ smiles
    Etc etc etc

  25. Hi everyone don’t you find every time abhi comes to pragya he looks all around to see if anyone’s there and how he makes excuse to talk to pragya. It’s good don’t get me wrong, I get suspicious wen he comes to pragya he always looks around to see if anyone else is there so that’s why o think he is differently faking memory loss. I love watching their chemistry!

  26. Jerry Justice

    heartbreaking novela.!!!!!!

  27. Sorry asmitha… I am really feeling bad for what I had written… I thought I typed “what to do” just now I saw it… sorry if you have been hurt…

  28. nice

  29. kumkum bhagya

    abhigya ke fance ko sirf disappointment hi milra i hate tanu phir se wahi story repeat hora irritating serial

  30. wht abt the idea of bringing sanaya irani as bulbul

  31. hi pratiksha ur comment is nice to read i am big fan of kkb I watch the serial mainly fr ♡abi-pragya♡ i think abhi is acting like memory loss as I saw in the latest updates
    tanu character is always same irritating she knows abhi is in love with pragya r not acting to smart as if she is seeing abhi for 2nd r 3rd time
    By God’s grace please unite abhipragya forever in the serial
    I am happy that in real life abhi is happy with is wife & childens may God bless them forever

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