Kumkum Bhagya 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya plans to get property papers from Aaliya

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The Episode starts with Purab telling Abhi about Pragya’ idea of date with him and says she wants to spend sometime with him. Abhi comes to room. Purab thinks Pragya will be happy. Abhi talks to client. He asks him to take flight after two hours and reach Bangalore to inaugurate the gym. Abhi says he will come in the morning as he is going on date in the evening. Client asks him not to take last min risk and asks Abhi to understand and go to Bangalore immediately. Abhi agrees and thinks what he will tell to Pragya.

He tells her that he can’t go on a date with him, as he has to go in 10 mins and catch flight. Pragya says ok. Abhi thinks Pragya might be upset as he refused to go on a date. Pragya packs her stuff. Abhi comes near her and hugs her. Bolna Na Zara. Plays….He holds her closer

and promises to take her on date just as he returns from Bangalore. He says I will miss you and love you. Pragya thinks he loves me so much, was planning date for me and I was planning something else. Disha gets worried for Pragya and thinks what is she hiding? Purab comes to room and gives small necklace for her. He says when you tried it, I thought you liked it and bought it when you were busy shopping for others. She wears it. Purab says she is looking pretty. Disha is tensed.

Purab asks if she don’t feel good with his gesture. Disha says no and tells that she will bring tea for him. Purab asks if she is still saying same thing and says Pragya can’t hide anything from us. Disha says she can’t see her crying, she tells that when she came here, she saw Pragya crying and telling that all family will be ruined because of her. Purab is shocked and says what she told you. Disha says when I asked her, she said she can’t lie, and can’t tell truth. Purab says ok, I will talk to her in the morning as Abhi is taking her on date tonight. Disha asks him to talk in the morning.

Aaliya talks to Lawyer and he tells her that now she can register property on her name now. Aaliya says she will meet him and will reward too. He tells Tanu that registration will be done and then she will get everything. She will kick Munni out. Tanu says we will rule from tomorrow evening. Aaliya says we will be tigress and will kick everyone out and will torture Purab so that he becomes her ghulam and she will send Disha to Sangram Singh. Tanu asks her to leave Abhi to her as she has decided what to do with him.

Pragya hears Tanu and Aaliya talking. Aaliya tells Tanu that she has not register 50 percent property as Abhi would have been alerted and then couldn’t transfer other 50 percent property, as she wants 100 percent. She says she will go tomorrow and get everything registered on her name. Tanu says your patience will pay off and asks her to keep papers safely. Aaliya says she will keep papers safely until she registers everything on her name. Pragya thinks she has still chance to get those papers and save her family.

Mitali comes and asks Pragya what she was doing here and calls her mauseri behen. She says your ears are working well. Pragya says yes, but I was not listening to anyone talks. Mitali laughs and teases her. Pragya says she heard Tanu calling and saying she is hungry so she thought to make something for everyone and asks Robin to bring vegetables. Mitali is convinced. Pragya thinks she has a night’s time to get the papers..

Pragya tells Disha that Aaliya has planned to snatch Abhi’s property on her name. They come to Aaliya’s room to get the papers. While one of them hold Aaliya, other search for the papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Any way if good takes ace k but until mom balama iruku nalavela ipa yacht lragya sonala disha ta

  2. I am seriously irritated and i don’t know what is going to happen

  3. Esther Ebeshi

    Pls pragya dnt fall my hand

  4. It sometimes surprises me how Indian series turn out as if the international audience watching do not have sense of their own. You people must be so amazing having a group of people watching the same story line in the so called “twist in ur episode”. Really flabbergasted.

  5. Simon Lasrado

    Kumkum bhagya is going to be a very interesting serial in future days

  6. nice thinking dear

  7. I don’t t really know what to say again,why make abhi sign in the first place.

  8. The directors , what kind of twist do they want us to see?? Pragya is really dumb and she hasn’t learnt her lesson from the previous time she hid the truth from Abhi .. Who is she really hiding the truth from ? Did Abhi not believe her immediately she told the entire truth the prev time .. I think the serial is meant to irritate the viewers because it’s soo long and boring already

  9. 10/9/17 update please

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