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The Episode starts with Pragya thinking she can’t see Abhi sad and can see him fighting. She tries to cheer his mood and asks if he saw her phone. Abhi says no. She asks him to give his phone and says she needs to make an important call. Abhi says it is on sofa and leaves. Pragya calls Purab and tells Abhi asked Aaliya not to come to office. She asks him to be with Abhi and tells he has just left. Purab asks her not to take any tension. Tanu asks Aaliya to listen to her. Aaliya says I asked you to ask money from your parents, but you didn’t ask. Tanu says if my parents come to know that Abhi is dependent on Pragya that they will not let me marry Abhi. Aaliya asks her to ask money from her boyfriend Nikhil. Tanu asks her to talk in low tone. Aaliya says she will go somewhere and get money, and

asks her to celebrate with her money. Tanu tries to stop Aaliya and falls on floor. She calls Ronnie and asks him to take car out as they need to take her to hospital. Mitali comes and tells she is pregnant. She calls everyone.

Bulbul tells Purab that she wants to talk him on date. Purab says actually Pragya asked me to spend time with Abhi, as he is very stressed. Bulbul asks him to be with Abhi and says I will also come with you. Purab says my mind will be diverted if you come there. Bulbul asks if he is making excuses and want to drink. Purab says I don’t drink. She asks him to call Abhi. Mitali calls everyone. Dadi asks what happened? Mitali hugs her and cries. She says I can’t tell. Dasi asks her to write down. Mitali says I can’t tell as you might get a heart attack. Dadi fears if anything happened to Pragya. Mitali asks Dadi to take responsibility. She says your dream has broken, and your waris is in danger. Dadi is relieved that Pragya is fine. Mitali says Tanu got unconscious and Pragya took her to hospital. Dasi asks Dadi to call Pragya. Dadi goes to room. Mitali thinks Dadi is very strong hearted and will not die so soon.

Pragya takes Tanu to hospital. The nurse asks them to wait for her. Bulbul gets Pragya’s call informing her that Tanu has fainted and she brought her to hospital. Bulbul tells Purab that she has to go. Purab says I will also come with you. Bulbul says we can’t stand with Pragya, else Tanu might suspect us.

Pragya calls Dadi and says she is worried for Tanu. Dadi says nothing will happen to Tanu and asks her not to worry. She asks her to inform Abhi. Dadi says she has to inform Abhi and call him. She informs him that Tanu is in hospital after she slipped at home. She says nothing should happen to baby or Tanu. Doctor informs Pragya that Tanu and her baby is fine. Bulbul and Purab reach there. Bulbul says this is the good chance to catch Tanu’s child father. Pragya says they shall not take advantage of the unborn baby. Bulbul says this is a good chance. She posts the news on Abhi’s fan page.

Mitali attends the call. Someone asks about Tanu. Aaliya comes and asks about Tanu. Dasi tells Tanu fell down and Pragya took her to hospital. Aaliya thinks she might have fell down because of her. She sees Tanu’s accident news on social networking site. Nikhil sees the news on the site. Aaliya thinks she shall give news to Nikhil and also alert him not to go to hospital. She calls Nikhil. Nikhil says he is going to hospital to meet Tanu. Aaliya asks him not to go. Nikhil says no one can stop me from meeting her, even she can’t stop me. Aaliya gets tensed.

Nikhil comes to the hospital and hides seeing Abhi there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i think the readers would be glad if the one wrote this improves his or her English.

  2. i think the readers would be glad if the one who* wrote this improves his or her English.

  3. Hey people STOP losing sleep over this STUPID serial please!!! Life is so important and this serial is not giving us any precious lessons about how to handle some situations in our own every day life…Always evil is winning and true love is not valued!! So people do yourself a favour… STOP WATCHING THIS DIRECTIONLESS STUPID SERIAL!!!

  4. I wish that abhi need to find the truth

  5. I hope Abhi coming and seeing Tanu with Nikhil in the room is not a teaser just to increase our interest.
    This is really annoying with Dadi eggagurating the whole news to Abhi. With Purab on their side, they can do wonders…but just dragging

  6. whether theyll drag this too or they vl reveal ???

  7. theriyala ramya.. evolo sekaram reveal panamatanga.. nikil yarunu kandu pidika two weeks agum epidum pragaya’ku..

  8. And the show continues with the drag
    when just when will T ‘ baby story will reveal n when will baji seriously slap alia without any regret come on preceeding with Rabul wedding n unite abhigya
    dadi is being over smart she shud really open up to abi n pragya shud also open up n together kick out alia tanu
    there’s no story of abhi pragya left except for distances
    I hope tanu faces miscarriage
    and there’s n end this way to Tanu baby chapter

  9. Abhi seriously slap alia
    carry on with Rabul wedding
    CVS ur making other characters invisible cos of all this there so less coverage to Rabul only in yesterday epi it was
    pls make the show interesting by showing abhi pragya happy intimate cute scenes pls I beg I watch the serial for ABHIGYA only now

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