Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Tanu and Aaliya get doubtful about Pragya’s identity

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya and Tanu threatening Pragya taking kids’ name. Pragya says she did a mistake and asks them not to do anything to kids. Tanu says we brought you here by blackmailing you and you started shouting on us. Aaliya says she didn’t ask about kids once. Tanu says she will punish the kids and make them die with pain. Pragya twists her hand and says those kids are my responsibility and asks her not to make her helpless. She says if you do anything to kids then I will cut your hands. Aaliya says I have kept your hands safely and asks her to leave Tanu. She says if you stay in limits then I will be in limits too. Pragya says she wants kids right now. Aaliya says she won’t free the kids until she is sure that their secret will not be leaked. She asks her to go out and says

then kids will reach you. Abhi thinks about the moments with Pragya and thinks she was Munni. Chandariya song plays. He recalls Aaliya’s words that she is not pragya, but her lookalike. He holds fuggi toy and says her lookalike have taken advantage of her face. He says he couldn’t identify her and got betrayed. He says I have broken her karwachauth fast and apologizes to Pragya. Dadi tells Dasi that the happiness was short lived and cries.

Pragya thinks don’t know what is in her destiny. Judaai song plays…..Tanu tells Aaliya that she felt as if the woman whom they have kicked was Pragya. Aaliya says they have made her Pragya. Tanu says she felt pain in her eyes. Aaliya says she dreamt of staying with Abhi and that’s why felt pain. Tanu says she sensed as if Pragya is standing. She says when she saw kids coming to her, she was silent and was not happy. She tells that she would have told something against us, but she was silent even though she couldn’t prove. Aaliya says even she has same pain which Pragya had in her eyes. Tanu says she twisted my hand and said that she lost her precious thing because of kids. She tells Aaliya that she is Pragya and not Munni. Aaliya says may be. How can it be possible and tells that Pragya is dead. Tanu says we have to clear our doubt. Aaliya says if she is Pragya then I will find out her true identity. She asks her to come.

Purab tries to book flights tickets and asks agent to book it as it is urgent. Disha calls Purab and tells him that Pragya left home. Purab says he will reach there soon. Pragya is walking on road and thinks where to go. Someone gives her tea. Pragya sees a girl falling on road while her mum caring for her. She thinks she has to go to her mum’s house. Tanu and Aaliya follow her. Aaliysa says if she goes to Sarla then she will be Pragya else Munni. They see her walking on road and stops the car. They follow her by walk. Purab thinks he is trapped and can’t talk to Pragya. He thinks to talk to Abhi and make him understand that he did wrong. Abhi is in his room and sad. Khogaya song plays……

Disha tells Abhi that Pragya thinks that her eyes and feeling is enough to prove that she is Pragya. She asks if he don’t feel that she is Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think so abhi won’t believe disha all have recognized pragya not her husband shit dumb doesn’t even recognize her wife waste and asual pragya will be caught by Talia idiots

  2. It’s wrong with pragya (sriti jha)

  3. Phir se abhi itni idiots!! I hate it when Pragya di has to face all troubles alone by herself..she cried so hard but no one understand her..pitty Pragya di..

  4. leisa s morris

    as usual tanu and alyah ate d smart ones….dey recognise dat she could b d real pragya even though dey tink she died and dey brought munni there yet abhi who loves( i have my doubts) his wife cant even see dat shes d real deal. ooh come on writers how can u make ur hero and heroine so damn dumb

  5. abhi is the most dumbest character in this serial. I think the vamps take the cake. They must be writing the scenes and taking the best.

    Is zee so desperate to keep such a dumb show.

  6. this is the most stupid & infantry serial have come across where on earth sound minded man will stoop so low for two ladies to be controlling his emotions lyk we are seeing in this serial…I can’t think far…so can’t use abhi use his brain for once…so has the whole family also forgotten that it was this same two ladies who brought munni to the house…why sudden change???

  7. Waste of time waste of money

  8. How can a husband not recognize his wife? It is pretty unbelievable!!! I felel Abhi should join Pragya in throwing out those two vampires

  9. Taliya r very clever n pragya is a dumb n boring character.directors r still not givig shabir scope.on top sriti is always posting pic with kunal so no interest in abhigya also now it is not that natural series.send sriti to Nepal she is not worth for shabir n most irritating. Shabir will lose his popular riy

    1. Y alwz say lien this that is her personal life this is serial she is acting according to script and story Tisha is alwz for best only abigya can t see like that stp telling a out one we have not rights to talk about them how he is engaged in his life she also has friend to support her that it plz don’t talk in this k that is there personal life we can’t indulge it is just a serial writter are the biggest mistake in this serial

    2. When did one lose popularity in life not like that who said that if he indulges with sriti he will loose popularity I accept I also don’t like kunal but does she engage ger personal life with her costar she is doing her job sincerely they are giving their acting skills they both have their own personal lives as they live this is serial so don’t compare sriti character in this with her personal life k we dint have rights to say that plz stp it

  10. Abhi needs to have sense knocked into his brain by Purab and Disha. Aaliya and Tanu are manipulating, scheming, conning and cheating him of his happiness and peace of mind. Those two witches are plannibg to destroy his life. Its time that Pragya and Munni team up and expose those vamps who are hell bent on creating chaos and disharmony. Abhi has been brainwashed by these disgusting women who are disloyal to their own.

  11. Pragya and Aliya are the only roles that kkb is worth watching, putting aside Aliya it was Pragyas character that is playing by sriti she is doing excellent job in delivering her skills, she is actually living her role all the other characters are dumb even Abhi who need proofs and believe in proofs except Disha and Purub. So guys if u want to criticise speak about story writers and directors not the personal life of celebrities what they are wearing on their holidays, what they are posting in fb, whom they are dating. Keep this personal stuff out of telly updates.

    1. Exactly right said personal gas not By only in this section it’s theid pair which makes us to c but what to do we can’t see abigya dumb like tis I think they didn’t listen to the story and signed this story contact so only they can’t quit the show

  12. Ha ha, Leena has come as Reena. I am telling again. If you don’t like Sriti, so don’t watch!! That’s it. What you are trying to say here. People are here to talk about kumkum bhagya and it’s characters. Not anyone’s personal life. Find another place to criticize Sriti. Leena/Reena, you are in a wrong place.

  13. Just hate KKB when the writer and production team make Pragya and Abhi’s characters look so dumb and senseless. They make them seem so much in love, but neither of them can trust each other. This could be seen throughout the serial. Please try to make their relationship stronger before the viewers get fed up and stop watching it.

  14. KKB Is not even worth the time of 21 minutes. it is nothing but rubbish show

  15. The story is rotten now.there is nothing to watch.as per ur views ,for me I watch only for shabir.another thing go to sriti’s instagtam n read all the negative remarks about her I m not the only one.she has creating all the nuisance by posting dark n secret pics as an Indian I hate such culture.I used to respect her a lot.now she is not that classy not even her acting

    1. yaar what is ur problem about sriti can u explain us i am not getting u ok u said that to go to her insta and watch her negative comments naa i watched there i didnt find any negative remarks about her and moreever y u r always saying about her character did u know anything about her personal life r u in contact with her r is she is ur friend and even i watch many pics of her in insta i didnt find any news like this y u r always pointing about her character

    2. Reena/leena for ur kind information even sriti is like that wat u saying we don’t going to hate her… we always love sriti and pragya.. it was her personal life she can do anything in her life .. u r not her soul to comment about her… if you don’t like her then stop watching it.. u said u like shabbir then go and watch shabbir’s others show with other heroins.. we will watch shabbir with sriti like abhigya ok… if u want comment in this site then cmt only about kkb not about the cast and there personal life . Even everyone including me has rights to talk about ther serial character not about there personal life..

  16. I hope when the dust settles Abhi REALLY feels like a jerk and it would serve him right if Pragya refused to come back to him just to teach him a lesson. You would think after everything Dadi has been involved with and seen Pragya have to fight against Aaliya & Tanu – she would figure out that this was just more of the same thing. SHAME on Dadi for not supporting her! I think the main thing I dislike about this show is that the characters never act (or react) like people would in a real situation. I realize that it isn’t ‘real’ but when you watch Pragya stand like a mute and let “dumb & dumber” throw lies and insults at her – this is just TOO far-fetched. Even someone who was guilty would have said something in their defence! Once she had those kids she had a perfect opportunity to flip things on Aaliya & Tanu – but instead we have to watch yet another story line get painfully dragged out.

  17. Pragya should have called abhi & dadi & told everything. When pragya came to tell dadi she could have inquired about her past to see whether she is pragya or munni. All are dumb but it is not proper to blame the actors. They are doing their part well. Please don’t hate people. That is their personal life. Nobody is perfect in this world. We think we are perfect but we don’t know what the others are talking behind our uback. Enough back biting pragya.

  18. Pls tell me do u all think sasural simar ka was better than this.if pragya and abhi r together and a new turn in their life comes it will be nice.pls give suggestions of story track for kumkum bhagya.

  19. If people r not ready to accept the truth I can’t help I regret if I have hurt u but c the character of pragya it is same as sriri lier think over it .I don’t mind wearing bikini but it should for professional purpose like other actors after all they r models.will any Indian girl will stand in inner wear in front of her brother n father but her bf showed it to the whole society how far do u think it is right.we watched kkb for values when we open the page all nonsense news comes about there.secret romance .why it is only about sriti.where is her culture n values isn’t it personal .bcoz of few ppl Indian society is spoiling for supporting wrong ppl.

    1. Who u are taking about indian society… even we are also in india and belive and respect all cultures. But we don’t talk any worng about her .that bikini dress matter is almost ended 6months ago….. iam asking u one thing u said u respect indian culture right when it comes to tanu and aliya character where ur culture went.. tanu is trying trap another girl husband it is culture and aliya killed bulbul just for her so called love it is culture. Here iam talking only about taliya not shikka and leena.. bcos we know the difference. Many actress put bikini pic in there instagram but u only notised sriti.. i think u love sriti more that’s y u are always talking about her.

  20. Sriti is best and best in her acting.

  21. Stay in ur limits leena /reenawhen ur taking about sriti…. we are here to support her always…

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