Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to Tanu’s room and offers to break her fast. Tanu tells him that Abhi brought food to break her fast. Nikhil says God want us to be together, and that’s why sent Abhi to Pragya. He asks her not to force him to go away. He makes her break fast. Tanu have something from his hand. Abhi comes to Pragya’s room and asks her to come out. He says he will cut short his punishment if she comes out and locks the room. Pragya comes there and asks you are threatening whom? Abhi asks who is inside then? Pragya says she doesn’t know. They argue. Abhi asks her to check the washroom and locks her inside. He eats her icecream and asks about the noise inside. When there is no voice from her. He gets scared and opens the door. Pragya scares him with a mask. Abhi runs. Pragya

scares him. Abhi says he want to punish him as he has promised Tanu that he will punish her. Pragya tells him that Tanu has broken her fast. Pragya asks him to take full plate food and tell her that he made Pragya cooked the food. Abhi agrees. Pragya wonders if Tanu has broken her fast or not?

Sarla cries and feels Pragya is not following her values. She shares this with Janki. Bulbul says Sarla has slapped Pragya. She says she has kept fast for Purab and says she will keep fast for Sarla as well. Sarla refuses to eat anything. Janki asks her to have food. Bulbul looks on tensedly. Tanu thinks she is feeling good after having food. She hears Abhi calling her. Abhi makes Pragya bring the food and serve her. Abhi tells her that he made Pragya cooked food. He asks did you eat food? Pragya asks Abhi to make Tanu eat food as she is hungry. Abhi asks Tanu to open mouth and break the fast. Tanu is tensed. Abhi asks why she is nervous? Tanu says she is happy as he made her have food with his hand. Pragya thinks Tanu want to prove her wrong. Abhi makes her eat food. Tanu feels vomiting sensation and goes to washroom. Abhi asks Pragya to give her water. Pragya takes out plate and shows it to Abhi. Tanu comes back and apologizes. Abhi gets angry as she has already eaten food. He goes. Tanu asks him to hear him once.

Bulbul tells Purab that they shall tell the truth to Sarla, and says she will be happy if she comes to know that Pragya is right. Purab says Sarla is a heart attack patient. Bulbul says she is living in shock and will support us after knowing her plan. Purab says they will talk to Dadi and Pragya.

Tanu thinks everything is happening because of Pragya and says she sent Abhi to punish Pragya, but she is being punished. Aaliya comes there. Tanu gets angry at her for leaving her alone. Aaliya asks her to have courtesy. Tanu asks what she would like to have. She tells her everything. Aaliya asks when Abhi asked you to wait then why did you have food. Tanu says Nikhil was ordering her to have food and was behaving like her husband. Aaliya asks where is Raj? Tanu says Raj used to order her and made her feel down. Aaliya asks her to use Abhi against Pragya, for taking revenge. Abhi recalls Pragya doing all the karvachauth rituals with him, and thinks may be Pragya did it intentionally. He thinks Pragya didn’t keep the fast, then why will she break it. Pragya comes to room and thinks what he might be thinking? Abhi checks her maang and neck, for sindoor and mangalsutra. He was checking if she kept the fast.

Pragya asks why you are asking me same question again and again. Abhi asks her to reply yes or no. Pragya says no. Abhi asks why you was doing rituals of the fast. Pragya says she was thirsty and that’s why drank water. Abhi tells her about the other rituals. Pragya says you are assuming. Abhi asks why you have done the rituals when I was breaking Tanu’s fast. Pragya says I understood and says you really wanted me to keep fast for you. She says I can understand your desperation and says I might keep fast next year if you ask me. Abhi says firstly I am not desperate, but thought you kept fast for me. He says he want to hate her face and when he gets successful then everything will be easy.

Pragya tells Bulbul that we have to bear for our plan successful, and refuses to let Sarla know anything about the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. nivi

    if 1000 episodes complete also abhi wnt realise pragya’s nature i suppose
    if he cums to realize also our sacrifice devi pragya wil overact nd break it

    • Niveda

      As wel as tanus child wl be sfe inside hr stomach nd also t wl nt grow as if sumone has played a game of london london statue wid it… Hahahah…lol..

  2. Ayesha

    Wait a second

    Nivi have you seen Dadi expression when was pragya talking to bulbul and purab .

    Check precap … I think maybe sarla ma or abhi will listen to pragya …

    I am saying it because I read it somewhere that pragya will reveal her game plan to abhi …

    • nivi

      i hv lost my all hopes regarding tis serial ayesha
      even last friday unexpectedly kumkum applaied on pragya’s forehead by abhi while savin her also i expected d core
      bt still he din get any clue or ideas na
      diwali also they ll celebrate sm maha episode to enjoy ly
      no twist nthng nw lets wait 4 sm more dayz…..

  3. reji

    guys wow aliya recovered and came back and guys next week diwali dhamaka wat have you planned is anything special about kumkum bhagya ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How much dragging year.? Aaliya is back and still pragya didn’t know takhil’s truth and still abhi is in I will hate u one day mode with pragya becoz of his continuous misunderstandings. Pragy and team we should not tell the truth to sarla maa and abhi mode. Just fed up from all this. We r just stick in between these things since long becoz story is not moving for it’s climax further. I just don’t understand why CVS r not moving for the next track. Have all the ideas r finished for CVS? If mrunal is really going to quit then it’s gud decision. When CVS will not move from abhigy’s story to purbul then what’s use of her role. After all they r also in second lead of the show. What I assumed after watching abhi’s actions since pragya’s come back that he is doing mistake by again and again asking pragya for clarification. I m sure till now he got to know one thing atleadt that pragya is not going to tell truth to to him if she is hiding something. So he should secretly try to find out pragya’s truth like he was doing on that time when he was trying to find out the reason behind pragya’s fake behavior then he got that pragya is faking becoz of tanu’s pregnancy. So he should secretly investigate and follow pragya to find out her truth but i don’t know why he is not doing this here also. Don’t know what is the reason of CVS to show abhi like this? Does they want to really convert abhi’s love into hatred for pragya or they just want to stretch the story like this. Anyways whatever it is but it is very annoying now. Guys do u really think now that tanu will b exposed before diwali? Well i don’t think so and it also doesn’t seems. If takhil’s truth will come infront of atleast pragya in this diwali then it will b kind favour of CVS on us.

    • Maggie

      May be u r right nikki
      If Abhi investigates without Pragya knowledge just love me he did before but asking again n again will also benefit him as in anger he will ask Pragya to remove kumkum n Pragya will answer y she was doing this

      • I was also thinking it that may b abhi using harsh words for pragya to make her weak so she will tell the truth in her weakness. But then also, he should try this idea first of secretly find out pragya’s truth instead of hurting pragya with own self. He should think that if pragya is hiding something and her truth will get reveal then he will b feel ashamed for his words and behavior towards pragya. And Maggie one more thing why r u guys feeling that dadi’s expressions were fishy? I didn’t felt like this when I saw precap again. Ya but it could happen that somebody could listen their talk, may b it could b abhi. But I haven’t any high expectations with CVS even not from diwali special episode.

    • DC

      I am correct Nikki. Kumkum bagya team has finished shooting Abhigyas honeymoon scenes at Prague……….. I read it in an update and sritis instagram

  5. Roslin

    Guys have u all noticed daadi, her expression is fishy.

    Hope someone is hearing their conversation. If it’s true means it should be sarala mas or abhi or daasi.

    It should not be vamp team and it should not b mitali also

      • Roslin

        But I’m not sure it may be possible or may not

        Becoz cvs fooled us many times and what we r guessing is not at all happening

        If abhi hears the conversations means it is treat for us because he will definitely help pragya without her knowledge

        So let’s wait for Monday

  6. Ayesha

    Yes roslin … I agree with you … But if someone hears them .. Roslin if matali hears them then she will go and tell Aliya or tanu ..

    And if sarla ma or dasi hears them they will get to know the truth why pragya doing all this ..

    Let’s c Monday episode

    • By the time they unite the characters only will change. They will make popat of the viewers bcoz of us they will receive the awards.n ditch. Very inhuman selfish artist they r v r only big fools to watch the show.pragyas is overacting she lost her culture.only in make up that to doesn’t suit for her.

  7. CM

    Tanu announced her pregnancy on Valentine day (February 14) and 9 months later she still does not show. KKB has very long gestation periods.

  8. Ayesha

    Abigya … Spoiler will come on Monday …

    Maggie yes maybe abhi or dasi will hear them .. But they are talking in abhi pragya room …

    • Maggie

      Ya that’s y I think Abhi will hear
      But hope dadi don’t tell Pragya bulbul or Purab about it as Abhi may tell to keep quite
      than Abhi will provoke Pragya like in promo
      Than it will b fun to watch

  9. Guys you’re right this,episode is boringgggggggggggg?.. Writer please write a better story next time.. Im tired of this boring serial?

  10. meena

    where is rachana and suresh and akash what’s happening for the director. all started to see the serial for pragya and love only but now that’s also missing

  11. Chanchal

    Kitna zayda khichoge serial ko tanu ke bacha bhi ho chuka hoga tb tk kya faltu ka serial bhadna ab kuchh achha bhi kro is serial mai

  12. soter

    kum kum is way too boring now. The best part is reading these comments. So sad. I used to put aside everything just to watch Abhi and Pragya.

  13. Ayesha

    Yes Maggie you are right … Just wait for Monday .

    but in which episode abhi will ask pragya to throw her kumkum ?? when will pragya finally reveal her game plan to abhi ??

    I don’t think so abhi will hear .. It might be sarla ma or dasi ..

  14. I am sorry to say but kum kum bhagya has become the most boring serial out there is no beginning or ending to this storyline when will pragya and abhi really become one and unite with each other my gosh this pragya abhi Aliya tanu nihil bul bul purab storyline has become way too dragging now and it just is not making any sense one time abhi loves pragya and another he loves tanu come on break the silence now and expose everything and end this tract now I am trying to understand this serial from the time it began and up to now it still confuses me

  15. Reena

    Omg…..again dragging, dragging,dragging….i am going to stop to watch the show……it’s sad but I have no option….they are dragging the show too much and making it’s bore…

  16. Ali

    Nikki check precap thrice …

    Dadi expression are fishy .. Maybe someone hear them ..

    And can you tell why abhi asked pragya to throw her kum kum ??

    Any new update or segment ??

  17. Nida

    Nikki check precap thrice ..

    I read all the comments .. I agree with them ..

    I also feel someone will hear pragya ..

    Maybe abhi , dasi and sarla ma will hear …

  18. kowsy

    guys is there any special episode ofkkb today i saw in promo but did nt saw properly … can anyone tell me … i guess mahasangam…

  19. New segment update- Fuggy’s chashma gets break. Abhi blames pragy’s for breaking it and they both have a serious fight, in which they both gets emotional, abhi was blaming pragya as he was very hurt after seeing broken glasses of fuggy becoz he is very much attached with it. Abhi was in almost crying situation, tells pragya that firstly you snatched my fuggy from me, now u broke her chashma too. He says fuggy’s chashma was last memory of her fuggy. Pragya gets emotional with teary eyes and says that she didn’t break it. But abhi is not ready to listen her. He says to pragya that I don’t believe u and now I will not listen ur any talk, how much u will try to explain. Pragya says to abhi that he have to listen her until he doesn’t get agree for this that she didn’t break this chashma. Then in next clip they shows that abhi was sitting infront of his room’s mirror and he was trying to joint fuggy’s chashma. Pragya comes in the room and sees him. She gets emotional after watching abhi’s efforts but when abhi sees her then she picks a file and pretends as she came to see a file near the bed. For some seconds they both shares an intense emotional eyelocks by seeing each other in the mirror. Abhi leaves chashma on the dressing table and walks out from the room, pragya picks her chashma and starts crying. Reporter asks from sriti and shabbir about the sequence. Sriti says that she don’t know how but my means her fuggy’s chasma have broken and abhi puts this blame on pragya. Shabbir says that abhi loves fuggy’s chashma very much. Sriti says pragya feels very bad that if he loves her things this much so how much he will loves pragya but she can’t tell anything to him. Then reporter asks them about shooting with salman khan. Sriti and shabbir says that they had great fun and enjoyment with him and they did a lot of dance with him. Reporter talks about not to allow media to cover this salman’s special episode for segment. Then they cracks joke on this and laughs and says that what they can do for this. They had’nt stop them to come for covering the episode’s update. Guys we will not see diwali special episode segment becoz on the shooting of this special episode media was banned, becoz of salman khan’s orders to production house. Becoz salman doesn’t want that media come and interrupt him, wherever he will go to promote his movie.

    • Guys now abhi and pragya will not talk to each other becoz now they both have decided that they will not talk with each other. Abhi have decided not to talk with pragya becoz he thinks he have broke fuggy’s chashma, pragya have decided not to talk with abhi until he will not agree that she didn’t break it. Guys I m damn sure that it is one and only tanu who have broken fuggy’s chashma to take revenge from pragya as aaliya was saying to her that if pragya used abhi against u so she should also do the same. I think that’s why tanu have broken fuggy’s chashma so abhi blame pragya for this and scold her for this.

  20. Nida

    I just saw new segment …. Where pragya and abhi are crying …

    Pragya eye glasses broke ..

    I think tanu broke abhi fuggi eye glass broke … Too take revenge from pragya

  21. At first i liked this serial very much bt now it is becoming so boring please do something yaar. When will they uniteand when is the dowali special episode?

  22. Nida

    Nikki tell me one thing salman and sonam have reached kumkum bhagya set to promote their film ..

    I read it some where that movie is being promoted. The love has begun with the fans and did majic on abhi-pragya which will make their differences end ..

    Will it happen … ???

  23. Ayesha

    Nikki tell me will this happen or not

    Salman presence to bring abhi and pragya close

    Salman will be seen abhi and pragya close during diwali festivities … And abhi and pragya fans will finally get see some romance between the too ..

  24. Ayesha

    Nikki tell us one more thing when will abhi ask pragya to throw her kum kum and pragya will decide to reveal her game plan to abhi …

  25. Abx

    Boring serial … Waiting for diwali episode ..

    Let’s c what will happen in diwali episode … Will abhi and pragya come close or not

    Too much dragging ..

  26. Guys after watching today’s segment what I think that now abhi and pragya have decided to not to talk with each other so in this diwali special episode they will b forced to come close with each by talking or anything else becoz of salman, as spoilers r saying. So what I mean that I think salman will try to patch up of abhigya during this diwali. And somehow may b he will managed it to make it happen. That’s it. In whole episode, they will show some nok-jhok of abhigya’s, some reputated eyelock or romance, evil’s pannings and plottings, takhil’s hide and seek romance and as usual no body could catch them red handed, not abhi, nor pragya. Like always may b abhi will get suspicious on pragya but as usual he will b back on his hatred and angry mode becoz of pragya’s efforts of escape from him. Like this he will also not get to know pragya’s truth. Like this cvs will again fool us with their boring, repeated rubbish storyline. Again and again repeating of same things and no improvement in track’s storyline. That’s why I have no expectations from diwali episode. But if CVS will give us surprise with any positive twist which will b in favour of pragya then our diwali will b real diwali.

  27. Sahithi

    This makeover sequence of Pragya had so much scope which is not being explored by writers for some strange reasons. One idea for Abhi is – the consent papers that Pragya got his signature was actually used for taking over the property. So those were never really consent papers. That implies they both are legally married even now. If Abhi asks Pragya about this or rather asks her to sign divorce papers now to get married to Tanu again, then it will be an interesting twist.
    If she is only interested in money then she has to sign, cannot escape the way she escaped signing Abhi’s contract papers.
    But this show and characters are hardly using their brains.

  28. Sahithi

    Actually Pragya’s behaviour in last episode at the end was quite irritating, dont know why the writers are making her more dumb with each passing episode.
    Abhi didnt ask her to fast for karvachauth, she started with Kheer, then wore a red sari, stayed at home all day and then completed all rituals.
    But when Abhi recollected all events and questioned her, she was blaming him to be desperate.
    For the first time, I felt very bad for Abhi and irritated with Pragya’s response. Abhi can be termed desperate if he went after her requesting to fast for karvachauth. It is so funny that she was trying to create differences between Abhi and Tanu, even while eating Kheer and terms Abhi as desperate.

    She is the reason for all this mess, first asked Abhi to accept that he is father of Tanu’s baby, then made him to promise to marry Tanu, thinking all through that it is a great sacrifice and now hurts him everyday rather than concentrating on what was the purpose for her makeover.

  29. Hira

    Nikki these are our guess .. Nikki I read it some where that tanu will exit from abhi pragya life in post diwali and pragya will reveal her game plan to abhi ??

    And can you tell what is raj planning to do ?? These talks and fan fiction are creating to much confusion …

    They are making this serial worst day by day ..

  30. Hira

    Please wait for kumkum bhagya dawali special episode promo .. I am also waiting …

    Please just see SBS segment and promo .. So I think Aliya tanu and raj will decide to kidnap pragya and rape her… After rape abhi will find the truth of tanu and Aliya ..

    But what about the last promo where abhi asking pragya to throw her kumkum and pragya will decide to answer all the question raising on her kum kum …. We havnt seen that episode till now ??

    • This is all bullshit and rubbish and an old fake spoiler. Nothing is true. Production house has been denied from it. And as I said I haven’t any expectations from diwali special episode becoz CVS have been wasted all the previous festive episodes like navrati, dushehra and karvachauth. If they will do something surprisingly in diwali episode then it will b gud. Otherwise no expectations. And that abhi asking to remove kumkum to pragya was just a misleading promo. They haven’t show that promo scene in the show but ya they showed differences and fight between abhigya in other ways.

  31. Abc

    Maggie what do you think what will happen in this special episode … Will tanu get exposed in front of abhi ??

  32. I saw few episodes of DSD saubhagyavati bhav it is too boring .kkb is truly best.sritis acting is best.if talk about the hero abhi is the best.he acted so well in kkb he is alrounder.ddds.actors r not that good kkb is best.

  33. srimathi

    new promo:salman is convincing Abhi to love his wife infront of pragya and pragya leaves and sonam conveying the same to pragya! special episode is on 9th and 10th

  34. Abc

    Yes I just saw new promo … But I don’t think It would happen .. Because tanu will break pragya glasses ..

    They will fight again … Pragya said to abhi that she wont talk to him untill he will trust her … And he also say he won’t listen to her ..if she screams also

  35. Hira

    Hey guyzz .. Special episode will come on 9 and 10th

    Let’s see what happens ..

    Nikki do you have any new update ?? And what do you think of fan fiction

  36. Rubhasree

    Its so dragging in hindi i am a tamilian. in tamil the kidnap of pragya is going on.its so interesting.i love abhigya

  37. New segment- they just showed some clips of diwali special episode. Where Indy daasi brings salman and sonam aka prem and maithili in mehra mension. Salman says induji brought us by saying this that there is a lack of love in ur family. Abhi- pragya and all mehra family greets them. Salman and sonam meets with all of them as their film’s characters- prem and maithili. Salman gives them love lessons. Indu dasi says to all family members to yell their problems to salman so he gives them solution. They all start querelling to tell first. Firstly mitali bhabhi tells that she wants to get rid if her mother-in- law becoz she is so annoying then tanu say I want all my happiness in this diwali. Abhi says I want to get rid of her 85%. He points out on pragya. Pragya says to sonam don’t pay attention on their talks, it is their habit to say about me bad. Then they shows abhi and everybody dances with salman and sonam on their film’s song. Pragya looks them.

  38. Hira

    Nikki something will happen in special .. They havnt shown whole segment and precap …

    I read it some where that abhi will ask pragya to throw her kum kum and after this maybe pragya will reveal her game plan to abhi ..

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