Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to Tanu’s room and offers to break her fast. Tanu tells him that Abhi brought food to break her fast. Nikhil says God want us to be together, and that’s why sent Abhi to Pragya. He asks her not to force him to go away. He makes her break fast. Tanu have something from his hand. Abhi comes to Pragya’s room and asks her to come out. He says he will cut short his punishment if she comes out and locks the room. Pragya comes there and asks you are threatening whom? Abhi asks who is inside then? Pragya says she doesn’t know. They argue. Abhi asks her to check the washroom and locks her inside. He eats her icecream and asks about the noise inside. When there is no voice from her. He gets scared and opens the door. Pragya scares him with a mask. Abhi runs. Pragya

scares him. Abhi says he want to punish him as he has promised Tanu that he will punish her. Pragya tells him that Tanu has broken her fast. Pragya asks him to take full plate food and tell her that he made Pragya cooked the food. Abhi agrees. Pragya wonders if Tanu has broken her fast or not?

Sarla cries and feels Pragya is not following her values. She shares this with Janki. Bulbul says Sarla has slapped Pragya. She says she has kept fast for Purab and says she will keep fast for Sarla as well. Sarla refuses to eat anything. Janki asks her to have food. Bulbul looks on tensedly. Tanu thinks she is feeling good after having food. She hears Abhi calling her. Abhi makes Pragya bring the food and serve her. Abhi tells her that he made Pragya cooked food. He asks did you eat food? Pragya asks Abhi to make Tanu eat food as she is hungry. Abhi asks Tanu to open mouth and break the fast. Tanu is tensed. Abhi asks why she is nervous? Tanu says she is happy as he made her have food with his hand. Pragya thinks Tanu want to prove her wrong. Abhi makes her eat food. Tanu feels vomiting sensation and goes to washroom. Abhi asks Pragya to give her water. Pragya takes out plate and shows it to Abhi. Tanu comes back and apologizes. Abhi gets angry as she has already eaten food. He goes. Tanu asks him to hear him once.

Bulbul tells Purab that they shall tell the truth to Sarla, and says she will be happy if she comes to know that Pragya is right. Purab says Sarla is a heart attack patient. Bulbul says she is living in shock and will support us after knowing her plan. Purab says they will talk to Dadi and Pragya.

Tanu thinks everything is happening because of Pragya and says she sent Abhi to punish Pragya, but she is being punished. Aaliya comes there. Tanu gets angry at her for leaving her alone. Aaliya asks her to have courtesy. Tanu asks what she would like to have. She tells her everything. Aaliya asks when Abhi asked you to wait then why did you have food. Tanu says Nikhil was ordering her to have food and was behaving like her husband. Aaliya asks where is Raj? Tanu says Raj used to order her and made her feel down. Aaliya asks her to use Abhi against Pragya, for taking revenge. Abhi recalls Pragya doing all the karvachauth rituals with him, and thinks may be Pragya did it intentionally. He thinks Pragya didn’t keep the fast, then why will she break it. Pragya comes to room and thinks what he might be thinking? Abhi checks her maang and neck, for sindoor and mangalsutra. He was checking if she kept the fast.

Pragya asks why you are asking me same question again and again. Abhi asks her to reply yes or no. Pragya says no. Abhi asks why you was doing rituals of the fast. Pragya says she was thirsty and that’s why drank water. Abhi tells her about the other rituals. Pragya says you are assuming. Abhi asks why you have done the rituals when I was breaking Tanu’s fast. Pragya says I understood and says you really wanted me to keep fast for you. She says I can understand your desperation and says I might keep fast next year if you ask me. Abhi says firstly I am not desperate, but thought you kept fast for me. He says he want to hate her face and when he gets successful then everything will be easy.

Pragya tells Bulbul that we have to bear for our plan successful, and refuses to let Sarla know anything about the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nikki any new update ??

  2. Hey guyzz .. Special episode will come on 9 and 10th

    Let’s see what happens ..

    Nikki do you have any new update ?? And what do you think of fan fiction

  3. Its so dragging in hindi i am a tamilian. in tamil the kidnap of pragya is going on.its so interesting.i love abhigya

  4. New segment- they just showed some clips of diwali special episode. Where Indy daasi brings salman and sonam aka prem and maithili in mehra mension. Salman says induji brought us by saying this that there is a lack of love in ur family. Abhi- pragya and all mehra family greets them. Salman and sonam meets with all of them as their film’s characters- prem and maithili. Salman gives them love lessons. Indu dasi says to all family members to yell their problems to salman so he gives them solution. They all start querelling to tell first. Firstly mitali bhabhi tells that she wants to get rid if her mother-in- law becoz she is so annoying then tanu say I want all my happiness in this diwali. Abhi says I want to get rid of her 85%. He points out on pragya. Pragya says to sonam don’t pay attention on their talks, it is their habit to say about me bad. Then they shows abhi and everybody dances with salman and sonam on their film’s song. Pragya looks them.

  5. Dragging

  6. Nikki something will happen in special .. They havnt shown whole segment and precap …

    I read it some where that abhi will ask pragya to throw her kum kum and after this maybe pragya will reveal her game plan to abhi ..

  7. Waiting for spolie . .

  8. hira ABC and ayesha is d same person

  9. No .. Somebody copied my message …

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