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The episode starts with evil Tanu cutting Abhi’s guitar strings and thinking of blaming it on Pragya. She hides seeing Abhi coming there. Brainless Abhi (he does not have his own brain and is Tanu/Aaliya’s puppet) gets irked seeing his guitar strings broken, thinks Pragya has done this and shouts at Pragya. Pragya asks why is he shouting when he has concert today. He asks her to stop her drama and says she does not want him to win concert, so she did it. He says she should not come to his concert tomorrow and he does not to see her ugly face as she is unlucky for him. Pragya gets sad and evil Tanu smirks.

Mitali’s son Bunty ask about Raj. She says he has gone on office work. Bunty says it is his birthday today. Abhi comes and gives him a gift. Bunty gets happy and

starts playing with remote car. Mitali scolds him and asks him to study as his exams are nearing. Aaliya witch asks her to stop shouting and says today we have to execute our plan and asks her to call Suresh and ask him to come here and teach her children. Mitali calls him and says today its Bunty’s birthday and is insisting you to come here and teach him, says she does not want his children prepare well for exams. Suresh agrees and says he will come there in some time. Mitali happily informs about it to Aaliya witch and they both get happy that their plan is working well.

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Pragya sees Abhi coming down after getting ready for a concert and thinks she will not attend concert as Abhi may not perform well looking at her. Daadi comes after getting ready and sees Pragya still not yet ready. Pragya says she is feeling ill and will not attend concert. Daadi says she will not attend and will take care of her at home. Pragya asks her to go as Abhi thinks her as very lucky for him. Dumb/brainless Abhi thinks Pragya is a big dramebaaz and knows to brainwash people. Daadi agrees and says she will attend concert. Pragya gets sweet curd for Abhi and says his concert will go well if he eats it. Abhi thinks why he feels she thinks good about him. Ugly Aaliya and evil Tanu talk that Pragya is acting as if it is her bidayi/farewell from this house and smirk.

Suresh travels in his scooter towards Pragya’s house, hears thunders and thinks it is unlmatic rain today and thinks something wrong will happen.

Pragya looks at Abhi’s broken guitar and thinks she cannot let Abhi’s concern ruined without his lucky guitar and goes to fix it.

Aaliya and Mitali meet after everyone leaves and evil Aaliya asks Mitali to switch off lights as she wants to capture Suresh and Pragya’s intimate videos in dim light. Mitali goes and checks Pragya and does not find her. Aaliya scolds her for not keeping an eye on Pragya. Suresh comes there and Mitali introduces him to her children and asks him to teach him in her room while she goes and attends Abhi’s concern. She gives an evil smirk before leaving.

Pragya reaches guitar repair shop and asks its owner to fix it right away as it is her husband’s favorite guitar. He says his servants already left for the day and he can get them fixed only tomorrow. She requests him and he agrees to try fixing himself. He gets strings and tries to fix it. Pragya helps him and gets cut by string. She thinks Abhi helped his family so much that and it is her time to help him, she has to give him this guitar on time.

Precap: Pragya falls from stairs and shouts. Suresh hears her voice and goes to help her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. “Dumb/brainless Abhi thinks Pragya is a big dramebaaz and knows to brainwash people.”
    Dumb/brainless Abhi!?!??! Hmmmmm SO TRUE!!!! I haven’t seen a more accurate statment in a while lmao

  2. I think Ekta Kapoor doesn’t have better ideas other than doing mal practices among relation ships. Showing whole lot affairs between relations is only she know..

  3. i hate tomorrows epi?…..why do evil always win in kkb??????????????

  4. i dnt think commenting here would change the story to viewers interest …so plz frnds plz do comment in these links… (https://www.facebook.com/MrunalThakur.FP?fref=ts) (https://www.facebook.com/ZeeTv.KumkumBhagya?fref=ts) (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ekta-Kapoor/140772382679680)

    1. Will do!!! Thanks.

  5. Too much to fool … ye aliya australia krne kya gai hi ek saal …. aaj tak koi dhang ka kaam krte hue dikhaya hi nhi ise … hight of vellapanti … !
    Esa bhi konsa course kiya h madam ne .

  6. The producer is lacking imagination.

  7. Oh goddddd why the heck is this story so complicated…..pragya prove it….that u may be green but u not a cabbage …!!!!!

  8. The writers need to end this show. Life is not always about evil getting their way. Where do they get these writers from???

    1. I completely agree with you Moody. Why is it that the good cannot triumph over the evil. It is so wrong to see the evil overpowering the good. Oh probably its because of Kaliyug.

    2. So true! I have a feeling tht the episode in which abhi will find out tht pragya was never wrong, is going to be a big one 🙂

  9. pearley hobaichan

    this is total shit you see one you see all why does tanu and aliya think about themselves

    I hate what they are doing to pragya that ugly tanu and aliya hate them pragya husband is so stupid to listening to his siste

  10. the show must b end now.it is loosing interest day by day.pragya doesnot deserve that much of humiliation.

  11. When wil abhi knw the truth abt pragya? Im tired seeing her so helpless, god, i wish after he knws the truth, he wil slap aliya and tanu. It wud be a scene to watch!

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