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The Episode starts with Abhi asking Aaliya, why did you do this? He says I feel like crying seeing your condition. He says my sister stayed in jail because of her doings. He says I couldn’t have food thinking about you in nights. He says Dadi said right that one needs to burn his own hands to sparkle the gold. He says I was hopeful that one day you will become good. He says you have lowered from my eyes, and will soon move out from my heart too. He says I heard your confession. He says Bulbul was Purab’s wife and you have snatched his happiness. Aaliya says Bhai. Abhi says today I will end my relation with you. I will not leave any stone unturned to get you punished. He calls Police station and asks Inspector to reach there soon. Aaliya is shocked. Tanu wonders where is Aaliya? She thinks pragya

might started giving lecture to her again. Tanu is about to go, but Mitali comes and asks her not to go. She says it is your good luck that you are saved and says Aaliya have confessed her planning infront of everyone, and even Abhi heard her. Tanu asks where is Aaliya? Mitali says Abhi called the police to send her to jail. Tanu tries to go, but Mitali stops her and asks her to think about her baby. Tanu says okay and goes. Pragya takes Dadi to storeroom and asks her not to let Aaliya go to jail. Dadi says didn’t you hear what she did with your sister.

Pragya says I know everything, but I will not get Bulbul back. She says when she went to jail last time, she came with much hatred in her heart. She says she will make her do penance. Dadi says what do you want? Shall we keep her at home and give her chance to do more crimes. Pragya says I am not asking you to let her stay here, and says we shall send her to Australia to make her realize her mistake. Dadi says your heart is so big. Aaliya have done wrong with you, but you are thinking about her betterment and giving her a chance to become good. Pragya says I am doing this for Abhi, as he can’t see her in pain and will be more pain. She says I can’t see him in this condition. She asks her to make Abhi understand. Dadi says okay and asks her to come. Aaliya is angry. Abhi says I can’t see her face even for a sec and asks her to go. Purab asks him to control his anger. Dadi comes and says Police will not come, and nobody will go to jail. Abhi says you want to save her, says she has accepted all her crimes. Dadi says I know her since childhood. She says we will not become like her. Abhi asks her to get out. Dadi asks him to call Police and stop them. Abhi asks why?

Dadi says do you want her to become more criminal and asks him to send her to Australia, far away from them. Abhi says we can’t show pity on her. Dasi says it will be better for her. Dadi says I am not asking you to forgive her, but asking you to change her punishment. She will think that she is in jail. She says if you are my grand son, then she is also my grand daughter. She says we will wait for the day when she realizes her mistake. Abhi says my hope is finished. Dadi says my decision is final and you have to agree. Abhi asks Aaliya to go, before he crosses his limits. He asks her not to show her face to him. He asks Purab to call security and show her outside door. Purab calls security. Mitali brings her packed stuff, and says I have to obey to everyone. Tanu comes and stands silent. Aaliya says this is happening because of Pragya. Dadi says you said right, you are going to Australia because of Pragya and not to jail. Abhi looks on. Aaliya takes her stuff and leaves.

Abhi thinks about Aaliya’s confession. Tanu comes to Abhi and says it is okay. Aaliya is punished for her sins, why you are punishing yourself. Abhi says I don’t want to talk to you right now. Pragya brings coffee and gives to Abhi. Tanu is irked. Abhi says I needed it and takes coffee. Tanu angrily goes. Pragya sits beside him and says I will talk about future. She asks him to give a chance to his sister. Abhi says I am feeling bad for Bulbul also. Pragya asks him to think about the family and be happy. Tanu thinks what did she think about herself. She gets angry on Abhi and Pragya. Mitali comes and asks if you haven’t done packing till now. She says you might be Pragya’s next target. Tanu gets angry. Mitali says what will happen to Mundari now, and says how can I support you. Tanu gets angry. She thinks how to handle Pragya alone.

Dadi apologizes to Sarla and says Bulbul died because of Aaliya. She says I couldn’t give her good values and upbringing. Sarla is teary eyes. Dadi asks for forgiveness. Pragya comes there and asks what happened? Dadi says I am guilty too. She says I have pushed you to fight with Abhi’s enemies alone. Pragya says you didn’t do any mistake. Dadi says this peace is because of Pragya else our enemies might have stolen our happiness. Sarla cries. Dadi says Abhi thought to keep his sister happy and earned much money. She says Aaliya thought she can buy anything including Purab, and Bulbul died because of her. She says you have taught to your children that real happiness is with the family and not with money. She asks why did God snatch our Bulbul from you. Pragya asks her not to cry, and says Maa will forgive you. Dadi says there is no forgiveness. Sarla moves her hand and holds Dadi’s hands. Pragya says she has forgiven you. Dadi says you have a big heart. Dadi asks pragya to take care of Abhi as well as he is very much hurt. Pragya asks her not to worry.

Pragya says I am your boss and friend also, and wants to see you happy. Abhi says it means you was acting. Pragya says no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Watever happen..no one tell d truth to Abhi… I dunno fr wat they r hiding till..though so much negative things r happend…I feel like better abhi shoukd go out of mm fr sumtimes
    .then only they reveal d truth to him. .
    or he should act like something happened to him…atleast pragya will reveal d truth to him tat time

  2. Wat guys its vry irritating wen tanu explosure vil com m nt c any more guys tis serial cha totally waste yaar…….I dont no y pragya doin tis much nly fr abi nw alia problm solvd tanu s left too many episodes tey ill tak to reveal c guys cvs r vry heartless creature ok tey ll support nly tanu nt pragya I dont no who s main role tanu ya pragya…..
    Discasting guys

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  5. worst serial .so much of dragging.Please stop it.

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