Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Aaliya, why did you do this? He says I feel like crying seeing your condition. He says my sister stayed in jail because of her doings. He says I couldn’t have food thinking about you in nights. He says Dadi said right that one needs to burn his own hands to sparkle the gold. He says I was hopeful that one day you will become good. He says you have lowered from my eyes, and will soon move out from my heart too. He says I heard your confession. He says Bulbul was Purab’s wife and you have snatched his happiness. Aaliya says Bhai. Abhi says today I will end my relation with you. I will not leave any stone unturned to get you punished. He calls Police station and asks Inspector to reach there soon. Aaliya is shocked. Tanu wonders where is Aaliya? She thinks pragya

might started giving lecture to her again. Tanu is about to go, but Mitali comes and asks her not to go. She says it is your good luck that you are saved and says Aaliya have confessed her planning infront of everyone, and even Abhi heard her. Tanu asks where is Aaliya? Mitali says Abhi called the police to send her to jail. Tanu tries to go, but Mitali stops her and asks her to think about her baby. Tanu says okay and goes. Pragya takes Dadi to storeroom and asks her not to let Aaliya go to jail. Dadi says didn’t you hear what she did with your sister.

Pragya says I know everything, but I will not get Bulbul back. She says when she went to jail last time, she came with much hatred in her heart. She says she will make her do penance. Dadi says what do you want? Shall we keep her at home and give her chance to do more crimes. Pragya says I am not asking you to let her stay here, and says we shall send her to Australia to make her realize her mistake. Dadi says your heart is so big. Aaliya have done wrong with you, but you are thinking about her betterment and giving her a chance to become good. Pragya says I am doing this for Abhi, as he can’t see her in pain and will be more pain. She says I can’t see him in this condition. She asks her to make Abhi understand. Dadi says okay and asks her to come. Aaliya is angry. Abhi says I can’t see her face even for a sec and asks her to go. Purab asks him to control his anger. Dadi comes and says Police will not come, and nobody will go to jail. Abhi says you want to save her, says she has accepted all her crimes. Dadi says I know her since childhood. She says we will not become like her. Abhi asks her to get out. Dadi asks him to call Police and stop them. Abhi asks why?

Dadi says do you want her to become more criminal and asks him to send her to Australia, far away from them. Abhi says we can’t show pity on her. Dasi says it will be better for her. Dadi says I am not asking you to forgive her, but asking you to change her punishment. She will think that she is in jail. She says if you are my grand son, then she is also my grand daughter. She says we will wait for the day when she realizes her mistake. Abhi says my hope is finished. Dadi says my decision is final and you have to agree. Abhi asks Aaliya to go, before he crosses his limits. He asks her not to show her face to him. He asks Purab to call security and show her outside door. Purab calls security. Mitali brings her packed stuff, and says I have to obey to everyone. Tanu comes and stands silent. Aaliya says this is happening because of Pragya. Dadi says you said right, you are going to Australia because of Pragya and not to jail. Abhi looks on. Aaliya takes her stuff and leaves.

Abhi thinks about Aaliya’s confession. Tanu comes to Abhi and says it is okay. Aaliya is punished for her sins, why you are punishing yourself. Abhi says I don’t want to talk to you right now. Pragya brings coffee and gives to Abhi. Tanu is irked. Abhi says I needed it and takes coffee. Tanu angrily goes. Pragya sits beside him and says I will talk about future. She asks him to give a chance to his sister. Abhi says I am feeling bad for Bulbul also. Pragya asks him to think about the family and be happy. Tanu thinks what did she think about herself. She gets angry on Abhi and Pragya. Mitali comes and asks if you haven’t done packing till now. She says you might be Pragya’s next target. Tanu gets angry. Mitali says what will happen to Mundari now, and says how can I support you. Tanu gets angry. She thinks how to handle Pragya alone.

Dadi apologizes to Sarla and says Bulbul died because of Aaliya. She says I couldn’t give her good values and upbringing. Sarla is teary eyes. Dadi asks for forgiveness. Pragya comes there and asks what happened? Dadi says I am guilty too. She says I have pushed you to fight with Abhi’s enemies alone. Pragya says you didn’t do any mistake. Dadi says this peace is because of Pragya else our enemies might have stolen our happiness. Sarla cries. Dadi says Abhi thought to keep his sister happy and earned much money. She says Aaliya thought she can buy anything including Purab, and Bulbul died because of her. She says you have taught to your children that real happiness is with the family and not with money. She asks why did God snatch our Bulbul from you. Pragya asks her not to cry, and says Maa will forgive you. Dadi says there is no forgiveness. Sarla moves her hand and holds Dadi’s hands. Pragya says she has forgiven you. Dadi says you have a big heart. Dadi asks pragya to take care of Abhi as well as he is very much hurt. Pragya asks her not to worry.

Pragya says I am your boss and friend also, and wants to see you happy. Abhi says it means you was acting. Pragya says no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. I love mitalli’s character? The funny side. the way she got alliyas suits case it was funny and the way she talks to tanu. I don’t think will see alliya for a while I think shel take break from work to spend time with her husband.

  2. di

    Aliya n abhi acting r super, but pragya dec is good that send to aus… Alway tanu is irrating.

  3. Suren

    Wow, what a overly harsh punishment for killing Bulbul………being shipped off to Australia…..oh noooo. Pragya’s so mean, but I guess prison would’ve been too soft, right? Geez!!

    • Sahithi

      The ever dedicated wife Pragya cant see her husband upset n sad thinking about his sister’s misery in jail, so she had to sponsor her vacation in Aus.

    • Sahithi

      Hope she thinks of Purab also in same way and convinces him to move on in life n get married, and give happiness a second shot. He also deserves happiness and needs a person in life beyond Abhi, Pragya n Sarla.

  4. sanjana

    For heaven’s sake!! please end this drama!!! even reading has become torture! I stil can’t accept the fact that Bulbul jas died and these guys are getting contractor and everyone back!! why can’t they use a different plot! just kick tanu out, its enough!!

  5. Sonya

    Lovely episode. To forgive is a great thing, love when the write includes something like this it helps the views to learn something from it. Good story, very well executed.

  6. Priyanka

    Since Bulbul’s body was never found, I believe Bulbul will make a comeback…just as a different character…they’re shipping Aaliya to Australia, she will take off from the show to spend time as a newly wed with her husband. They need to go faster, it’s been months now. I am sure that the writers of the show know people are getting bored of the story line, I don’t know why they’re taking so long!

  7. Aqua

    I don’t understand, WHY PRAGYA CAN’T TELL ABHI THE TRUTH NOW!!! ABHI loves her regardless she us his fuggi or mogambo… he will be by her side. I don’t see the point of the writers making such silly track.

    • arpi

      just 2 drag d story…not only pragya no1 will tell abhi….atleast dadi should tell

  8. Silent reader

    They will wait for aalia to turn good and then to reveal truth to abhi by herself so that it will again take arounf 1yr nd if cvs is so dumb aalia will search for proofs.both pragya nd aalia will keep on searching and in the meanwhile tabhi marries and the child will be born! Pragya dadi purab aalia will stand like idiots there!stupid serial! DRAg!

  9. Naveed,USA

    if dadi can order Abhi so forcefully to send AAlia Australia and Abh i had to accept Dadi’s oreder then why Dadi can’t let abhi know the truth of Tanu?
    It’s a totally foolish thing being shown.Even Sarla Jee can write the whole story what all happened to her.Why unnecessary dragging is going on?

  10. gowtham

    rather calling it as a punishment…. we can say.. sending her Australia is like a honeymoon trip woth her husband…. kkb is having such a hugr heart so freely they are sending the couple to Australia for honey moon??.. and now i thnk to fill her space nikhil will again give a reentry to help tanu… thn nikhil will be exposed…. whoever helping tanu will be exposed… but not tanu… and did abhi hear only aaliya confession of killing bulbul?? or dadis confession too of saying prgayas side??? i thnk he didnt hear that… precap was good.. but i dnt want to c that promotion scene.. bcoz it seems very odd… whn diwale promotion came, that time also i thought it was little bit out of line and it was very odd. .. so same goes here too… but dnt have other options to see…

    and IIM how many of you see?? one of the best episodes ever…. really could see the pain and agony of a mother who thinks practically about her daughter…. awesoem episode… though abhi got slapped from sarla ma, nothing to blame one her side…. from her view it s not to be blamed… and voice over is too d core…. dubbing artist jiz felt the pain of mother and gave a voice over i thnk…. juz apt to d core…. how many of you felt it…. during that half an hour we didnt do anythng other than watching it… so much pain we could actually feel it…. how many of u thnk the same?? and wats yr opinion about yesterdays dubbing voice over….?? isnt it fabulous???

    • karthika

      gowtham abhi didnt hear those things dadi said…he was in car that time….abhi wasn’t present when dadi revealed the truth of real pragya…he came after that… during alia’s confession….as u said yesterday’s episode of iim was bit emotional….but to be honest i felt bad for abhi…sarla maa’s anger is truly acceptable…..tommorrow’s episode of iim will also be nice…..nallaiku nalla pattu poduvaanglanu parkalaam…coming back to kkb..dadi was right…if dadi didn’t persuade pragya to fight with the enemies..bulbul would have been with them…dadi is feeling guilty now ….pragya is truly a maha devi..she gifted alia trip in australia for all her glorious deeds….anyways i’ll miss shikha in kkb for some days….

      • Brintha

        no karthika, pragya and purab are hiding about bulbul..because whn bulbul return back abhi and family ppl will question pragya and purab knowingly they sent alia to jail.. and it is an affence.. so pragya is sending to Australia..

    • Aishwarya

      Gowtham bro pragya did right coz forgiveness is d biggest punishment n did u notice one thing that now a days tanu was looking so restless after the cancellation of marriage n she is looking so dull

      • gowtham

        right Aishwarya… i thnk whn she returns she must be good… atleast ll change her attitude… hope so

  11. Brintha

    hi guys.. hope all are doing gud… so shika must be going for honeymoon.. long break… so they showed like she is going to alia… kkb is sometimes really a comedy show… mithali will pack with in 5 min for alia… and alia will leave to Australia with in 20 mins… as is Australia visa and air ticket is become aayanavaram bus ticket… ???

    • Sahithi

      Naah Abhi said na that he can’t see her in front of his eyes till she goes to Aus. So he asked her to be out of sight even before she makes arrangements to leave for Aus.

      • razia

        Sahithi sterday u commented na .. Abt aaliya .. Her reactions on abhis words .. Yu wer absolutely true yaar .. She jus cried lyk a child wen abhi was scoldn her .. Like a lill girl crying at her parents .. U note al dese .. Tas really gud .. 3o’clock retelecast only i saw .. Tas y replied u today .. I jus agree wid wateva u said .. Even aaliya is Obsession over purab is also due to abhi only .. Abhi made aaliya grow as such she can get wat ever she likes .. Tat is y she never leaves purab at al . .

      • karthika

        gowtham i hav also noticed that when abhi talks to alia she realized love of abhi for her.her face clearly shows that she feels somewhat guilt…..and regreted for all those misconceived notions she had towards her brother…i also think that she’ll sprinkle some positivity when she come bck….

  12. Naveen

    Tanu ka chapter also close fast how many days take the time Aliya is 5 times expose and nikhil also expose but tanu when she will expose now how many days take the time director and writters now

  13. Precap is not which is written.
    Actual precap is:
    Pragya says to abhi that she is his boss and now officially they have become friends. So as a friend I can’t see u upset and as a boss I wants to see u happy. Beciz if u will upset then it could effect my business. Abhi cuts her talk in mid and says it means…..! Pragya immediately says I was doing acting. Abhi says no u were not doing acting.

    • karthika

      yes zoya bulbul’s body is not found..she’ll come back..but at present theCVs is concentrating only in tanu’s exposure…now chances of bulbul’s reentry is not for sure

  14. gowtham

    why tanu s loosing her charm on her char fr past three days?? ??juz wandering aimlessly??

    • karthika

      yes gowtham bro u r ryt….tanu’s character has become dull past few days…it’s becoz cvs concentrated on aliya’s exposure..i think now tanu will get back to her character drastically….i can understand ur feelings as u r great fan of leena….and luv tanu’s character….don’t worry she’ll become more harmful in the upcoming episodes

      • gowtham

        i am a huge fan of leena but not tanu…. like abhi is in love wd fuggi.. not wd mogambo…. same applies to me??

    • Aishwarya

      Actually bro i mentioned this abt tanu above but u only tell abt aliya i think u didnt notice tat but tats her charm was missing nowadays

  15. Reji

    guys sorry for late comment ……i don’t know wat to say abt today’s episode……gowtham was ryt… the person who is helping tanu only always getting exposed…but not tanu…….i think aliya is not at all a big issue …..they can expose her later too……..but tanu …..i think after tanu’s delivery only they will expose her………and shikha is going honeymoon with her hubby……..she posted a pic in instagram….but i don’t know…it is while travelling in flight or in home…????

    • Abhigya.....

      When will be her delivery reji it’s already 1 year?? I don’t know y but I think that this show is becoming comedy show….??… So illogical things are going on…..

    • karthika

      hi reji …naan ippodhan nenachuirudhen nee en ivalo nerama comment panle nu….nee iim parthiya…u have told that u’ll complaint again…nee paniya…one more information for all tamil frnds…polimer tv la potutu irudha kalyana kanavugal serial laiyum im mathiri mudichutaanga…actually accidental ah andha serial partha pah avangla full story ah cut pannu summarise pannitu mudichutaanga…actually naan andha serial ah surya(shourya) perushu anadhum leap apparam parkalanu nenachen…en neh that character v be portrayed by my faveee kunal karan kapoor…i’m like diehard fan of him since from nenjam pesuthe…i just luv him as much lyk i luv shabbir….i luv them both equally……but unfortunately i feel bad guys…indha polimer tv en kanavula man alli potutanga…guys . …:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-

  16. Surbhi

    Ok CVS be like Aliya ko baar baar wapis laao baar baar expose karo fir drag karne me aasani hogi aur strenght milegi ek kaam karo ab fir aaliya ko wapis lao is baar niel ko bhi aur ho sake to raj ko bhi le aaana aur ek cricket team kki tarah villian team khadi karo nalaykon aur fir expose karna unhe par us alien ko bilkul mat expose hone dena kyuki tum logon ne kasam khai hai jaan jaye par tune expose na hone paye haah fully crap

    • Haha Surbhi??? tum kamal hein commenting mein
      harbar mein muskurathi noon tumare humorousness par
      Mujhe Hindi jyada nahi atha fir bhi Hindi mein comment kar rahi noon
      Sorry if there is any mistakes?

      • Surbhi

        areh nothing like that Kutty yr i was just frustrated over that so i said like that 😉 😛 ;-P

  17. Sahithi

    Since Tanu’s story has to drag further the writers conveniently stopped Alia from mentioning anything about her involvement with Tanu n the baby. She could have mocked Pragya that she cant live like a true wife with her husband and that Pragya’s victory is short lived as Abhi ultimately had to marry Tanu for that baby. Alia could have quoted the sequence in police station when Nikhil n Tanu escaped safely because of Alia alerting them.

    But no,Pragya has to expose Tanu herself or make Tanu confess in similar way, so that part is left out from this sequence. When she did confess all crimes they could have let her confess one last thing as well.

  18. karthika

    guys tomorrow i’m going to temple…en kuzhadeivam koil ku pogaporen…s i can’t comment tomorrow….ii ‘ll miss u guys …..u guys also keep missing me……

  19. When aaliya got exposed fully then why didn’t they showed everything withbiy’s right flow? Why they didn’t showed pragya’s proper expressions of pain for bulbul when it was needed during aaliya’s confession time? When kidnapping matter raised then why they didn’t brought purvi back and thought about her innocence in pragya or in anybody’s mind? Why they left corporator free? Even they didn’t showed aaliya’s proper going to Australia! They just suddenly brought corporater back, just made a story of his longtime connection with aaliya in her all crimes, suddenly showed pragya and purab’s immediate doubt and plan of action against her and suddenly aaliya herself confessed her all crimes in front of everyone except tanu’s matter, in a loud voice. So no need to get proof against her and she surely gets exposed by ownself, which never happened in kkb’s history that anybody get exposed without so much efforts and proofs. It all seems moreover for giving break to shikha for her vacations after wedding. That’s it. For which, they just create a small situation for making her exit for sometimes logical. So if after somedays, we will back to see aaliya in the show with same attitude then it will not b surprising for us. Let’s see.

  20. Leena Jumani fan

    hello guys i am a big fan of leena jumani…….though she is in negative role also i like her…..

  21. Leena Jumani fan

    hello guys i am a big fan of leena …..though she is in negative role she is perfect in acting…love u leena

  22. New promo out.
    Promo: Abhi and pragya in some market type area. Abhi is standing at a place. Pragya crosses the road. Just then a car comes and hits her. Pragya falls on the road and gets unconscious. They showed nikhil and tanu’s clip. They smirks and voiceover says that will pragya able to save ownself from this accident?

      • Abhigya......

        Now what’s this ??? everyone in the Arora family is bound to meet with an accident…nd for pragua it’s her second time…hope they don’t paralyse her or maybe memory loss…Ahhh!!!…

      • Sorry guys. Promo is for 12-13 may. And I think I have mistaken. Abhi was not there but when I saw it first I felt that he was there in promo but next time when I saw the promo he was not there. They showed pragya is crossing road and a car comes and hits her. Pragya falls and gets unconscious. They shows nikhil’s and Tanu’s clip, in which nikhil as showing finished gesture and smiles broadly and tanu smirks. Voiceover says that will pragya able to save herself from this accident. I m trying to find proper video as I will get, I will share it with u all.

      • Again same repeated things. Looks like all members of arora family will get harmed in saving abhi. Firstly, pragya then bulbul, then sarla maa and now again pragya. Show has turned into a crime show from a love story. What’s the need of pragya’s accident again here? What benefit takhil will get from it? When not only pragya even almost peoples knows their truth. So how many peoples they will kill? Surily they can’t get abhi and his property in pragya’s presence until she is alive and she will not dead, it is for sure. If she will somehow lost her memory or some other serious injury or pragya will b missing like last time after her accident than also it will not go in their takhil’s favour. It will b only sign of dragging. In fact pragya’s accident will bring abhi more closure to pragya and take him more away from tanu and will take tanu away from the completion of her evil intentions. Becoz if somehow, she takes pragya’s accident benefit to get abhi then also pragya can get back abhi at any time. So another useless sequence and dragging. Fed up from the heights of criminality in the show, extra greatness of positive ones and stupidity of hiding things. Let’s see where CVS will take the story after pragya’s accident and how they will unfolds the story for further but I only seeing dragging after watching this promo.

      • Aishwarya

        Prathiksha i guess this time tanu will caught coz of dis accident may be abhii may investicate abt this wat u think

      • Can’t say anything Aishwarya. If somehow things turns like this that abhi doubts or might investigate and finds out, then it’s gud, but for me, it seems moreover another trick of dragging. Well Let’s see.

      • Aqua

        This is so sad. I hate the amount of criminal activities that are portraited in this show.

      • Aqua

        Maybe pragya will lose her memories from past 2.5 yRs. And she will forget abhi Mehra or being married to him…. and she will find out her did died in a accident and her mom is injured in a accident. And she will put all her energy to help her mom and maybe go to a different city and work as a professor. She will at least live a happy and safe life than life with the rock star and his criminal family member and friends. It’s too much torture a person can take in. Pragya deserves a loving, caring and intelligent husband not someone wit so many crazy baggage.
        It’s like a domestic abuse. Pragya went through so much to present the truth of tanu ?

    • Sahithi

      Pragya stopped her marriage and so it is expected that Tanu will do something big out of frustration n anger. Even Pragya kept saying in one epi that Tanu will do something big this time. But we have to see if Pragya will plan something before 12th or we will only see scenes between Abhi n Pragya n Azhar movie promotions n such stuff.

      If that is the case then Pragya was busy handling Abhi n his doubts but in between Tanu went a step ahead n planned for a murder attempt with Nikhil’s help. So Pragya was slow in her plans ultimately hurting herself in the process.

      If after she is hurt also Daadi n Purab keep quiet n dont reveal truth to Abhi then only one word – get well soon, not to Pragya but to the writers.

  23. Poorna

    Hi guys… i have seen a trailer of pragya getting accident. Tanu n nikhil is behind tat accident itseems… Is tat true guys???

  24. Naina

    Wait a second guysss, i mean Aliya killed pragya’s sis and pragya sent her to Australia wowww na! Okay that’s amazing if you forgive someone, but that’s not amazing i mean like what the hell is going on? Pragya stoped abhi’s marrige right? Tell me one thing we thought it’s end of tanu’s track but actually no it’s actual start! Still the baby is inside the tummy! What the hell is going on! If dadi could force abhi to send aliya to Australia then her polite talk to abhi would also solve tanu’s track! See abhi loves pragya, pragya loves abhi, everyone in home knows about pragya! Then why they can’t utter their words to abhi! Always they want to drag and nothing else! Enough is Enough, thou today’s episode had positive point but Aliya has been exposed so many times, Tanu is much smarter than Pragya! If they thought never for the union of Abhigya, so from starting they should have started Tanu and Abhi’s love story! Seriously now it should be Tabhi bcoz abhi trusts tanu so much than pragya and still pragya is fighting for the one who even doesn’t trusts her i knos the way of ekta, she drags so much and inbetween that she gives some sweet scenes and again same dragging! Ufff now it’s torture to read even updatesss

  25. Wow what a punishment for aliya?then again a Liya will do mistakes and please think about where to send her America.? England? Good job?.

  26. They sent raj jail who didn’t do any mistakes but aliya who did lots of mistakes they want to sent her Australia as if she will feel guilty. But actually she will plan what to do next???

  27. Akshya

    Next week in iim also pragya going to get accident and in kkb also pragya going to get accident omg!!!!

  28. Mittenzz

    Hey if the timeline is any indication, we have approximately three weeks left in this show. The trailer of Tanu and Nikhil hitting Pragya down is their biggest mistake and this is what will lead to their downfall/exposure. Tanu’s desperation is her ultimate defeat.
    Tanu’s believes this will give her free reign to Abhi but it will only work in the opposite. Instead this will bring Abhigya closer. Abhi will not leave Pragya’s side, which will annoy Tanu even more.
    The ninnies meet even try to taunt Sarla about what they did to Pragya. This will be the key for Sarla to get better faster. Abhi will come to Sarla crying that he couldn’t even keep Pragya safe, the only child she have left alive. He will cry and say that because of one of his family her other daughter died and now Pragya too is hurt and they had done so much for him and his family and this is the payback they got in return. She Sarla got kidnapped and paralyzed. Bulbul dies and now Pragya is also injured.
    Whatever miracle CVS will bring in at this time will be the turn we all want to happen. Sarla will finally get to tell Abhi about what happen to her and that it’s the same two people who are responsible for Pragya’s accident.
    Tanu’s will become trapped in her own plan because Abhi will believe and trust Sarla. He will confront Tanu and that is when the others will come and confirm Sarla’s story. Abhi will also get angry on them for not telling him and also blames them for Pragya getting hurt for hiding the truth from him. He will ask them if they think him so weak that they try to protect him from his enemies, that he would not believe them if they told them. He might even say all this could be avoided and the wickeds get punished sooner had they told him what is going on instead of keeping him in the dark under the guise of protection.
    Tanu and Nikhil will get Abhi’s slap because hey everytime Tanu’s truth is to come out he’s always present and he gets her off. This time it will not work in their favour. The Police will be called. Tanu and Nkhil will both be arrested.
    Aliyah will come back at the end from Australia a changed person. She will finally see the light and apologizes to everyone and ask Pragya especially for forgiveness. She too will confirm Tanu’s betrayal and her assistance out of revenge.
    Naturally they will forgive her and Abhi will get his sister back, which was what Pragya wants to happen.
    Don’t think they will bring back Bulbul as no one is cast for that role anymore. The only other person left because they took too long to write her in.
    What do you all think?

  29. sana

    God damn illogical story.all members know tanu child father nikhil, but our hero only not know about that.if without proof Pragya explain to abhi,won’t he believe??? Abhi have what kind of love on Pragya,is it puppy love? Is abhigya love that much weak???for unwanted things Pragya brain work amazingly, but tanu father matter,all r flop.expose tanu.change new twist in story.but tanu pregnant story like bubblegum,it’s boring and not at all logic.

  30. Nithi

    Watever happen..no one tell d truth to Abhi… I dunno fr wat they r hiding till..though so much negative things r happend…I feel like better abhi shoukd go out of mm fr sumtimes
    .then only they reveal d truth to him. .
    or he should act like something happened to him…atleast pragya will reveal d truth to him tat time

  31. Wat guys its vry irritating wen tanu explosure vil com m nt c any more guys tis serial cha totally waste yaar…….I dont no y pragya doin tis much nly fr abi nw alia problm solvd tanu s left too many episodes tey ill tak to reveal c guys cvs r vry heartless creature ok tey ll support nly tanu nt pragya I dont no who s main role tanu ya pragya…..
    Discasting guys

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