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Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu’s parents asking Abhi to get engage to Tanu and gave them an assurance that he will marry her. Abhi is about to dorn ring on Tanu’s finger, just then Pragya comes and stops the engagement. Pragya says this marriage can’t happen as Tanu is pregnant with someone else child, and not with Abhi. Tanu says she is lying. Pragya says she is saying truth, and says this child is of Nikhil. She says I have the proof to prove my words. She calls Nikhil. Abhi looks on confused. Pragya says he is Nikhil, and he will tell you truth. Nikhil confesses that he is the father of Tanu’s unborn baby. Abhi asks are you pregnant with Nikhil’s child. Tanu says this is not true. Abhi says if you are saying truth, then it means Pragya is lying. Why she would lie? He asks Tanu to tell the

truth. Tanu says Pragya is saying truth, and asks him to let her explain. Tanu’s parents are shocked. Abhi asks her to get out. Tanu says I want to explain. She says I love you, please forgive me. Abhi slaps her. It was just her imagination. Tanu’s mum asks her to come inside. Tanu thinks thank god it was a dream. I thought Abhi know the truth( so sad the truth is still under wraps). She goes inside the room.

Tanu’s dad asks Abhi to make her wear ring as an assurance. Tanu’s mum asks him to marry Tanu soon. Abhi says today is my sister in law’s mehendi, and asks them to have faith on him. He asks them to give him some time to think about marriage. Tanu’s dad asks how can we trust you. Pragya comes and hears them. Abhi asks Tanu to make her mom and dad understand. He asks them not to force them, else he don’t know what to do. He says this function and dadi is important to him, and asks Tanu to decide, what is important for her….her parents’ stubborness or his happiness. Tanu thinks why Abhi is doing this. Did he change his mind? Tanu’s dad says even Tanu don’t know what Abhi wants. Nikhil thinks it is good, now he will get some time to think about his move.

Abhi goes and join everyone for sangeet function. Dadi, Jhanki, Beeji and Sarla dance on Punjabi song. Purab and Abhi dance too. Pragya sees them dancing. Tanu tries to make her parents’ agree to wait until Abhi is ready. Tanu’s dad gets angry and says their decision is final. He says we will not change our decision like Abhi changes. Abhi and Pragya dances and do Bhangra……………………….Everyone looks on happily. Abhi and Pragya are in their room. Abhi asks are you tired, and gives her tips to relax. He says whenever I am in tension, I do this and it works. He lie down on the floor, take long breath in and out. He holds her hand and asks her to lie down. They lie down. Saiyyara Re……………plays…………..as they look at each other. Abhi asks did you like it. Pragya says it is good. She says everything was good today. He says let positivity come, and negativity go. She recalls Tanu’s parents words and gets up. She says she don’t want to make him remember, but they don’t have solution for this problem. Abhi says he have to do something. Pragya asks him to assure Tanu’s parents to wait. Abhi agrees and asks her to sleep.

Pragya prays to God to end Abhi’s problems and thinks he is very nice. Abhi wakes up and asks why did you wake up early in the morning. Pragya says yes, and asks him to take aarti. Pragya says please………..Abhi says he don’t believe. Pragya asks him to stand for 2 mins, and gives him aarti. He refuses to get tilak on his head. Pragya makes him eat prasad. Abhi searches for something beneath the bed. Pragya brings him to the inhouse temple. Abhi takes something and goes to bathroom.

Tanu’s dad tells Abhi that he have to marry Tanu on the same day, as Purab and Bulbul’s wedding. Abhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Frahia Mohamed

    Aaaaawwww when wil i really see pragya n abhi together?????…#bored

  2. gud mrng to all friends have a super day ? ?

    1. Good morning ?

  3. Guys bad news- new promo is out. Pragya announced her abortion in front of everyone. Update is here- pragya looks her wedding pic and reminces her wedding. She tells that she have to do it for the happiness of abhi and his family. Then next scene everybody is in purbul’s wedding function’s outfit. Dadi says it’s good that pragya is pregnant. Then pragya says no dadi I did abortion. Dadi and abhi shocked.

    1. Hoooo nooooo……nikki can u send the link ..

      1. Kowsi I have just read it on India forums site. I didn’t watch it yet becoz the link which is given there, not working. If I will get then I will definetly tell u all.

    2. Okkk nikki….

    3. Letz wait and see guys..till the promo is out officially , it is not confirmed… they told some Abhi-Pragya romantic dance and all in the updates during Sangeet which turned out to be false… they didn’t had a solo dance at all… also am not sure what is that promise Abhi got from Pragya before Sangeet is all about..

  4. Now I m going to stop watching this, only will follow updates. I can’t tolerate all this bullshit anymore.

  5. Now after watching this promo I m. sure lots of people will stop watching kkb and from here their trps will definetly going down badly at least in this week for sure.

    1. Guys…I still have a hope…I think before Pragya revealing Tanu’s truth to all, she has to be clear from her side…otherwise it ll be another confusion..Pragya is doing that I guess

      1. How can pragya will clear this confusion? when she will tell about her abortion, she will be slapped by sarla maa or dadi before then she will be kicked out from the house for doing this ridiculous thing. She is making tanu’s entry easy in abhi’s house by doing this. If she wants to clear her pregnancy’s confusion, she can use miscarriage excuse also not abortion. This abortion news is only for her fall down in everybody’s eyes And this is what she is doing.

    2. Rit Nikki it’s too much. Dumb dumb pragya surely already kkb losts so many fans if this happens everybody stop watching this sure

  6. Omg !!!wat happened to this pragya y she is not acting wise ….. Hmmmnn pongapa neengalum unga kathaiyum . Trp flop thaan athu sarva nichayam……. Ennaku vara kovathuku ….

    1. good morning divya have a nice day

      1. Gud mrg bro. So long you to see back. How are u bro?

      2. hw r u ?

      3. i am fine

      4. fine anna . good morning

  7. I think that abortion news is true……. enakku pragya va nanaikkum bodu oru side kovamum ennoru side kastamavu erukku…

  8. Already they said that becausw of they are dragging eveey track its fans are coming down and if they show like this then show is flop better end the show. Not even updates too nikki.

    1. It’s better Priya. Let’s unite and teach them lesson for fooling us. Encourage everybody to stop watching this show at least for some week as much as we can. When their show’s popularity will decrease badly then they will come in their senses if then also they will not wake up, then we will replace the show from another one. Enough is enough now.

      1. ya u r rite nikki . we should stop watching the show . we all should teach a lesson .

      2. Ya rit I too join with u. Ready to stop watching this

  9. joining us ah divya???

    1. aiyo anna naan yeppovo intha serial ah vittutaen aana nethu mattum kkb paathen yen thaan paatheno nu feel panna vachitannga … evalavu drag panraanga . mudiyala,,,, athanaala thaan intha athiradi mudiva namma ellarumae orey samaiyathula mudivu eduthurukoamnu ninaikiraen….

      1. illa thangechi naanu priya$ ka yuvi ka zeeha ka thani grpla irukom athula join panuriya nu ketaen

      2. naa updates mattum tha read panra divya not watching the serial yennala mudiyala

  10. Abortion?What sort of serial is this?alwayz evil wins…can’t t tolerate torture on pragya anymore.Any way i am already watching Pragya/sritijha ‘s classic series “Shaurya and Suhani” in youtube…..she rocks as Princess in it

  11. CVS r fooling us again and again by showing misleading promos. None of these r true. Many fans r saying that this dragging is becoz Leena is on vacation in US and shabbir is about to leave to Canada for his stage performance in upcoming week. But my point is, this is not our problem that how many peoples from their show’s cast are going wherever or for how many times. They can’t irritate us by this dragging solution ever time. If their cast’s people wants to go anywhere then they should manage their shoot also so we will not get irritate. Since long I m listening only about everybody’s vacations only, from kkb. What is all this nonsense.

    1. Right nikki. I hope that abhigya will cry today that scene will be today. Hope let see sbs tdy for latest news

      1. Let them cry as long as they wants. Now I don’t care and I m not going to watch becoz everytime they will irritate us and fool us by showing abhigya’s same boring scenes. I m not ready to tolerate it by watching so I will read only update. If they will do what they want so we will also do what we wants.

  12. kavin anna wat group ? enga group create panirukeenga … ennaku puriyalaiyae…

    1. fb ku vaa divya athula sollara yennoda id theriyuma?

      1. naan fb la illa anna

      2. gmail id iruka

    2. Nanum irukaen divya u to join

      1. Aka gmail la irrukaen aana fb la naan illa aka

      2. divya yennoda id ku mail pannu

  13. Aiyoooooooo raama………

  14. Rit Nikki they thinking tat v r fools no need. I too don’t care abt their cries anything else. Till tat I won’t watch it. Only updates

  15. I think they told na some twist in bulbul marriage abortion news only ah. O:)

  16. Guys after thinking a lot about promo I felt if it it could be a time of revelation of tabhi’s affair in front of everyone! Becoz if pragya will announce her abortion then she will definetly face everybody’s anger and insult in a huge way. My question is will abhi let this happen when he knows that it’s all wrong. May be he come out and tells thatabout his relationship with tanu and he is guilty not pragya. It’s Just my assumption.

    1. May b nikki. I saw one video in utube aliyah was in bridal dress covering her face. She sits near to Purab. Purab tries to c her face but she not allowed.

      1. Ya priya u r rite. I just saw SBB and SBS segments where aaliya replaces bulbul in mandap and doing wedding rituals with purab. Abhigya was to there. Pragya is showing to tie the knot of purab and bulbul and abhigya were together completing kanyadaan ritual. They were doing this all unknowingly. Reporter told that aaliya has kidnapped bulbul and close her in a room even she beats bulbul so much. Reporters told this also that abhi will sense something wrong and will get suspect and may be he will stop aaliya’s marriage with purab. But he will succeed or not or aaliya will get married with purab or not, it will reveal only in episode.

      2. But I just didn’t understand why they showed us pragya’s abortion news promo instead of purbul’s marriage twist. I mean if purbul’s marriage twist is upcoming twist so why they haven’t showed us this in promo. Is this not an important twist for CVS.

      3. Rit Nikki this also an important twist na. Then y they didn’t spoke abt. This abortion is not a rumor na nikki conformed promo only ah.

      4. Hi..do we have the promo link for this abortion thing?

      5. Also..plz give the SBS video link for marriage part

  17. Shruti Bhati

    Very sad that pragya didn’t listen the truth i love watching this serial but now it is getting bore
    My advice 4 the makers pls don’t do this too long

  18. plzzzzzz end this track i hate this drama dragging draging and dragging …..!!!!!

  19. So boring……….yaar
    kuch naya lao re

  20. Ya priya akka. Purab is married to aliya she is in the place of bulbul and covering her face with gunghaat. This was the bomb in their marriage twist. They din tell about bulbul. Purab and bulbul not together they can ended this crap at 100th episode na? Why this much dragging hating this drama


    VIDEO: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2x02gv_kumkum-bhagya-7th-july-2015-dulhan-ki-huyi-hera-pheri-cinetvmasti-com_fun

    Purab and his bride (which is suppose to be Bulbul) are sitting in mandap while the priest begins performing marriage rituals.

    Aaliyah has taken Bulbul’s place as the dulhan and is getting married to Bulbul. She has her face covered with the ghoongat. Meanwhile, Purab is teasing his bride, thinking it is Bulbul.

    Reporter mentions it being Abhi’s prank in the first part of the video but then at the end it is mentioned it will be Aaliyah’s planning and what will be family’s reaction wheb they get to know about her intentions??

    Abhi Pragya are sitting in mandap with Purab and Aaliyah/Bulbul performing the religious duties they are suppose to. AbhiGya will have an eyelock moment of their own when Pragya lends her hand forward to perform a religious custom.

    They show Shikha aka Aaliyah having trouble handling the six inches long ghoongat and peek-a-boo’ing after every few seconds.

  22. And one imp news ek tha raja ek tha rani starring drashti is at 9.30 and qubool hai is at 7.30 service walu bahu or hello prathiba going off(do no correctly) and sarojini new serial is replaced.

    1. Two serials gng off air..service wali bahu and hello prathiba…due to low trps bcoz gng to off air…6.30 pm sarojini..7.30 qubool hai..9.30 drasthi show…ek tha raja ek tha rani

  23. WhAt the hell is the drama maker doing. End this tanu drama for God sake. You are dragging the issue a lot. I am tired of this nonsense

  24. What will happen to bulbul now? Ahhhh plz plz get abhi and praghya together again. It’s been ages!

  25. Guys in promo abhi’s dadi is officially announcing pragya’s pregnancy’s news to all the guests who came for purbul’s wedding. So pragya is force to announce her abortion to stop this news spread out. Pragya had no other option. Poor pragya. Let see what will abhi do to save love of his life from insult and anger.

    1. U saw the promo va nikki

      1. A little bit on TV. As a whole I reached on a conclusion that aaliya and purab will get married and for divert everyone’s attaintion in family from their marriage, CVS bring this pragya abortion news. Becoz I think CVS doesn’t want to reveal puarb aaliya’s wedding truth revelation at that time. It would be known by everyone by any other way. SBS and News E24 peoples were also saying in their segments that aaliya and purab gets married. And this is also clear in promo if aaliya’s truth gets expose on time then nobody gets happy and dadi doesn’t announce pragya’s pregnancy news officially, happily to all. Becoz dadi will announce pragya’s pregnancy news after wedding not between na.



  28. Guyz its enough fr us waiting long time started hating kkb ?

  29. Ya i am a muslim and wht abt you zoya?

  30. Pragya announces her abort mean i think its her plan first dadi will understand she s not pregnant aftr tat she will tell everyone to tanu truth…

    1. But kowsi I has been questioned before that if pragya wants to dadi make understand that she is not pregnant then she can use an excuse of miscarriage also to covering this fake pregnancy news instead of abortion. But she use abortion’s excuse becoz dadi had been announced pragya’s pregnancy officially in front of everyone in purbul’s wedding function. So pragya had no choice to stop this news from spreading out. She was forced to announce her abortion news to stop this news from being breaking news. So it’s not pragya’s plan but an unfortunate, sudden step.

  31. Home › Spoiler › #Kumkum Bhagya › #Sriti Jha
    KB: Aaliya replaces Bulbul as bride, Pragya’s abortion drama Upcoming Episode

    Tuesday, July 07 2015

    Purab (Arijit Taneja) performs wedding rituals with Aaliya (Shikha Singh) than Bulbul (Mrinal Thakur) in Kumkum Bhagya

    The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Aaliya is jealous to see Purab and Bulbul’s reunion.

    Purab and Bulbul happily exchanges the garlands in front of everyone.

    Purab sits in wedding alter for further marriage process and bride comes in the veil.

    Purab and Pragya think that bride is Bulbul but reality is that Aaliya replaced Bulbul as bride.

    Purab happily performs all wedding rituals with Bulbul unaware about the reality that he is actually doing all this with Aaliya.

    Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) feels something fishy in bride and goes near to check her.

    It is yet to reveal that if Aaliya and Purab get married or Bulbul comes back.

    Pragya (Sriti Jha) announces her abortion to dadi

    Apart from this, Dadi who is happy to know about Pragya is pregnant will announces about Pragya’s pregnancy to everyone.
    Pragya will tell Dadi that she aborted her baby.
    Pragya knows that her abortion news will bring a big shock for Dadi.
    It will further reveal about the reason behind Pragya’s this drastic step.

  32. When will abhi and pragya find out that tanus baby isn’t abhi and that it’s nikhils???? There is toooo much drama on this show!

  33. What episode does pragya announce her abortion?

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