Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sarla blaming Pragya for Bulbul’s death and says you was jealous of her and that’s why you let her jump to death before we came here. She says you are not a good sister, nor a daughter, and curses her. She says I will snatch your identity, and says I have taken care of you both after your father’s dead. She says you are now Pragya only and says Arora surname doesn’t belong to her anymore. Pragya is shocked and cries. She recalls Bulbul jumping in the valley and cries. She recalls Sarla blaming and accusing her, and curses the day when she was born. Sarla cries looking at Bulbul’s photo and says my heart says that you have hidden somewhere and will return for sure. She asks her to return and apply ointment on her face and says she will get cold. Janki says Bulbul

is dead. Dadi cries. Abhi comes to her. Dadi hugs her and cries. Aaliya and Tanu are talking about fashion.

Raj comes and informs them that Bulbul had jumped from the cliff and died. Aaliya is shocked. Tanu says you should be happy as it is a good news for you. She says your problem is out from your life now. Aaliya says I don’t know it will happen. Tanu says Bulbul is gone and no one will blame you. Aaliya says Bulbul is dead and says I am so happy. She takes the champagne and says she will celebrate this day every year. Tanu says you got your life back. Raj says if something ends then something starts too, and it is nature’s call. Purab cries seeing Bulbul’s photo and asks why she has done this with him. He tells about the promises and asks why did she break promise and left him alone. He says I will not forgive you and cries.

Ronnie asks Pragya to open the door. Abhi asks what happened? Dadi says Pragya is locked inside and crying. Abhi says she must be acting. Dadi says Bulbul was her sister and is in pain because of her death. Dasi says Dadi is saying right and says we couldn’t feel her pain. Dadi says one should support others in painful times. Dadi says she might rectify her mistake and get better. Abhi says she is acting and says he will prove her truth infront of all. He goes inside the room and sees her crying still. He asks what you are doing? Stop doing the drama and says everyone knows how much you love Bulbul. Pragya stands up. Abhi asks why she is acting when nobody is here. Pragya asks him to leave her alone. Abhi says everything is thinking that you are affected by your sister’s dead, but I know that you are feelingless and doesn’t care about anyone. Pragya asks him to leave alone. Abhi asks if you want my sympathy, and says you are acting as I am emotional. He says I could understand the truth and acting. Pragya refuses to go anywhere and asks him to understand her. She says she doesn’t care about anyone’s thinking, and blames herself for Bulbul’s death. She cries.

Pragya says I saw her jumping from the cliff and dying infront of her. She says Bulbul was born infront of her, and she saw her dying. She says Bulbul died because of me. I have snatched her life, and says nobody understands my pain. I am all alone now, and says nobody can stop her from crying at her sister’s death. De De Koi Jaan Bhi agar…Rabba song plays……Pragya says I don’t have any answer for your question and cries. She hugs Abhi and cries.

Abhi realizes that her tears are genuine and hugs her feeling her pain. Purab asks Police to search the area properly. Police team tells that they couldn’t find her. Sarla says she must have been hidden somewhere and asks to search properly. Purab says they are trying? Sarla cries and asks Purab to ask them to search properly and bring Bulbul back home. Janki asks her to come inside. Sarla cries. Police Inspector tells that there is no chance of survival. Purab asks about body. Inspector says may be some animal have eaten her body. Purab feels pain.

Rachna comes to meet Pragya. Pragya hugs her and cries. Tanu wonders why Pragya is crying and says if she is acting or genuinely crying. Aaliya says I think she was acting before and was with her sister. They were after bhai’s money and now she doesn’t know what to do to get money alone. She smiles. Pragya cries miserably.

Purab tells Pragya that he will fulfill Bulbul’s last wish, and gives her letter. Pragya reads it, Bulbul asks them to be strong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Heart touching episode.i love abhigya

  2. I have an feelings that bulbul is alive and she is hiding her identity or she could of lost her memory but that’s what I thought but really she left the show

  3. very sad episode.abigya acting is reality.will bulbul came back

  4. Awesome acting of Pragya and abhi ,,,

  5. Tashan e ishq fan

    Amazing episode abhigya rocks while Aliya tanu and Raj are stupid actually bulbul is not dead she will come back her face will be changed the role will be played by kajol shrivastava She will come and will help Pragya without telling anyone anything I am very happy If you don’t know kajol shrivastava then you may have seen her playing role of megha,vibhor’s sister in Badi Devrani serial I am waiting to see will she be able to play the role as good as mrunal did

  6. Wat the hell is going… I just luved tis serial a lot.. Bt now tis serial is just like a mess.. Plz don’t kill bulbul charater. Then if she is dead then all pragya’s effort to bring tanu and aliya’s color will be waste.. Losing her sister 4 her husband is toooo much.. Plz don’t make the viewer to hate this show.. Already u r stretching this aliya and tanu’s twist 4 a long time.. Plz bring bulbul back.. Bring some smile in Abhi and pragya’s face..

  7. Plz I want Bulbul back Bkz I can’t see Pragya crying like this!!!

  8. swarnali mukherjee

    Definetly Bulbul is alive…this is her plain to expose Aliya….brilliant episode after a long time…Abhigya once again rocks..and Specially Sriti o my God what a brilliant actress she is…she nailed it….i love you my Princes….

    MISS U BHAIYA…………………………

  10. can’t a say word abt this episode dudes its irritating that aaliya & tanu partying while innocent pragya crying will hope bulbul come soon to teach a lesson aliya & tanu at least don’t dadi think to tell the truth to abhi now its idiotic yaar

  11. Dadi pl tell the truth to Abhi about Aliya & Tanu. Pragya is so good.

  12. I feel very sorry to u AUY

  13. Cent percent sure bulbul vl b back soon
    Hoping it’s plan of dadi or some one without pragyas knowledge

  14. I’m damn sure

  15. Din watch the episode yet but jus watched 30 secs video in twitter cried literally watchn tat 30 secs video itslf ..I don wan hink to watch the full episode I may cry even more
    Sriti yua a sought after actress sef no one can do this scene more than u
    Love u live love sriti
    I neva thot f meetn a celebrity ever bt nw once in my lyf time I shud c u
    Love u sriti

  16. Y can’t this b abhis plan ?
    Y not?

  17. Always good ones are suffering…. Specially pragya … I wanted to slap aliya and tanu both disgusting… When will they cry … It will happen or not when will they suffer ….

  18. I also think so razia. Because abhi is not much worried about it. He asked pragya whether she is acting to get him emotional. So definitely it will be abhis plan to find the aliyas truth. Now aaliya will be very happy, it’s easy for abhi to catch aliya

  19. Bulbul needs someones supervision as well as money to get operated and come back. Last time, it took sometime for audience to know that Pragya had Daadi and Bulbul support.
    This time also it may be same case, adds to drama but bit disappointing that the leading ladies had to go through same process. Hope atleast Bulbul has some solid plan when she comes back. Pragya n co didn’t have any proper planning except that Pragya has the property papers n till she has property with her, she can pull the drama.

    Bulbul having new face is only the USP which has to be seen how she will use against Aaliya.

  20. Dadi has made the life of aroras & Purab like the Hell just to keep her abhi happy in the life but the life of others are destroyed in the process …. She is the main villain of this story track….
    And regarding the story line it may be possible that after knowing that her life is
    literally destroyed & her Di’s life is also in the danger at 24/7 so she had thought it’s enough and might have told abhi the truth so , abhi may have planned the idea of suicide they haven’t told anyone bcoz they
    wanna keep it secret so that now culprit become careless and might do some silly mistake and got caught …… Although it’s too much to expect from cvs but it might be possible you never know …. Hope for
    the best

  21. May be its abhis plan
    he iz the only one who plays with emotions of every one to find out the truth

  22. i don’t know why cv’s r not showing Abhi and Purab’s bonding…
    In yesterday’s episode, he got to know about bulbul’s death, he didn’t go to purab’s place to check him, whether he is okay or not..? may be he will go today but not same day na..

    even in hospital, Abhi didn’t go to console and support him by saying bulbul will be safe and we r with you.. i can understand pragya’s majboori, but what’s stopping him..? they r childhood friends and always supported each other..

  23. Plz move forward prolonging the serial wen will abhi no’s the truth about thanu……..

  24. Why in this serial tanu ki poll kabhi nahi kulti. Serial main amrat pi kar aayi hai. Now serial become stero typeand boring. Jis main villain ki poll nahin kulti. Bye for this serial too.

  25. I didn’t understand why the segments r coming very slow in these days and today no segment aired. Anyways I read many comments on different sites. I found many peoples r believing that it could b someone’s plan to catch culprits and most suspicious persons r dadi and abhi those could b possible person’s of behind Bulbul’s sudden suicide incidence. I read one thing also that many peoples r believing that after getting Bulbul’s last wish letter through purab, pragya will again come back in her mogambo drama and we have to see same old mogambo drama and differences between abhigya. Well I m not sure if it is someone’s plan or not but ya it is excuted almost like pragya’s exit and re- entry plan after get to know the truth. Bulbul’s death like pragya’s death news and then a letter came by pragya for abhi to console him and give him strength by moving on in his life and here also bulbul wrote a letter to pragya and purab to console them and for not let them weak. So may b Bulbul’s death could b someone’s plan but whose, this can’t say so soon. And about pragya to come back again in mogambo drama then I think she will remain in mogambo’s getup but her all focus will b on to catch culprit who is responsible for Bulbul’s condition and her death. And obviously, abhi will give her full support and help of him to it. So i think for sometimes, like shabbir said, their priorities will get changed like this, abhi will leave property matter and other related stuff and will b busy in catching culprit mission and pragya obviously will give her all attention to find about the culprit so I think and I hope we will get a break from differences and tensions between abhigya and we could see them working together. And after watching pragya’s reactions and responses towards Bulbul’s death, I hope abhi understood atleast this much that pragya is not that bad as he is understanding her. She still loves her peoples and she still have feelings for them. And I hope his misunderstanding has solved now which he had about pragya in hospital that she doesn’t have any care for bulbul and she is heartless. I m hoping this will lead abhi go close to pragya more. What u think guys about all this?

    1. I think even if it’s plan then also there is very less chances that the mastermind will be dadi bcoz as u can see from the previous episodes dadi’s ideas are not working at all so dadi will plan this is not looks like possible practically …..
      So now obvious choice people will have is that it might be abhi’s plan but as we know cvs here will always provide the twists which we haven’t imagined in our worst nightmare also…So we can’t trust them to have story line on this way but my thinking as well as my wish is that it should be abhi’s plan…. &on The mission of finding the culprit eventually they will also find the truth of pragya’s makeover….. i

    2. ya pratiksha but do u think that doing these much dramas will TRP increase or in the same rate as u said i don’t think it is a plan now my doubt is BULBUL WILL BE SURVIVED OR NOT ???? sahithi srimathi and razia any sure idea about this pls clarify my doubt this CVS r confusing me???

      1. Reji, till we see Bulbul body we can be assured she will be back. But the amount of emotional content being shown is becoming too much to bear.

        Remember when Pragya was in hospital n Abhi praying for her, she is show as even dead, but came back to life. So if they want, writers can show Bulbul survived the fall from that cliff n came back with new face.

        Next to be seen is will Pragya succeed in taking finger prints from family members without they doubting her.

      2. Reji bulbul will come back with new face of kajol and it is confirmed. It is confirmed by SBB peoples. But it is someone’s plan or not? It will b confirmed only after watching upcoming episodes, updates or segments. May b some other person or stranger helped bulbul in saving her or in her treatment and after being recover, she will come back with her own plan or may b it is someone’s plan to catch culprit but as i said we can’t say anything surely so soon.

      3. But I personally feels that CVS will not repeat same plan again like peoples r saying that it is someone’s like dafi’s or abhi’s plan to catch culprit but what I personally feels that this time to bring bulbul back CVS will use different plan or way and what way it will b, it will another surprising twist by cvs for all of us who takes interest in predictions.

    3. hope so purvi’s cum back may possible
      bt CVS wnt do anythi wat v expect

  26. I don’t think abhi knew anything about this even abhi was crying but not as much as pragya did …..becuz bulbul is just his sis in law not as per dragging it is like a chewing gum which does not have an end

  27. yesterday was good episode please expose tanu and aliya

  28. Pls unite pragya and abi.and we beg u let bulbul be alive.and it shd just b abi purab and Bulbul’s drama.

  29. I feel that abhi knows everything. Dadi told him. They work together.

  30. Please put some compassion in Abhi for Pragya. Dadi should tell him about the plan that they were hatching to expose the 2 wicked witches . Let PRAGYA find happiness even if it is on her own. she should then disown that so called mother of her who never ever stood by her side and always undermine whatever she does,
    God help all mother never to desert theire daughters the way she does.

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