Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil trying to stab Pragya, just then Ronnie comes indisguise of a constable and asks what they are doing here late in night. The goons tell that they were searching for burqa clas woman’s husband. Ronnie asks them to leave. Purab thinks he is doing over acting. Pragya asks Ronnie what he is doing in the constable’s get up. Purab says he asked Ronnie to dresses up like Constable. Purab tells her that Ronnie came and saved her. He says that there was a man wearing the burqa. Sarla is on the way and waits for auto or taxi. Pragya’s students see her and offer to give lift. Sarla sits in their car. Tanu thinks if Nikhil kills watchman then she will live peacefully. The goons try to leave, but Nikhil says constable will go. The goons refuse to support him. Nikhil says

if you are caught, then I will help you come out of police station. He says he will give them double money and asks them to hide. They agree. Nikhil tells Tanu that he can’t take risk again and will kill watchman today. He says we shall hide until constable go from here. Tanu says okay. Dadi is doing puja. Dasi asks if she is asking long age for herself.

Dadi says I will ask long life for Abhi and says my son is very worried. I am praying for him. Dasi says you said right. Rachna says everything will be fine and asks her to have food first. Dasi says we have to get Abhi and Tanu’s marriage done in the temple, and then Pragya can’t do anything. Rachna says Pragya will not return the money. Dasi says Abhi have to marry Tanu as she is carrying his baby. We will get to know if Pragya thinks about Abhi’s betterment or not. Pragya tells that Tanu might have went seeing Police. Purab asks Ronnie to go out and hide somewhere. Nikhil sees Constable leaving and tells Tanu. Pragya says I have to do something to bring Tanu out of her hide out. She calls Tanu and asks where are you? Tanu asks where are you and where is the proofs? Pragya asks her to come inside and gets the proofs. She says you did wrong by sending the people inside. She asks her to bring her baby’s father with her, as she knows that he is with her. Tanu is stunned. Abhi thinks Tanu took him for granted and haven’t return home till now. He says he will punish her for sure.

Tanu asks Nikhil what to do? Tanu says may be there is some trap for you. Tanu says we will get to know after we get in. Nikhil says you are asking me to go. Tanu says okay, and goes inside. Nikhil thinks he can’t call her as watchman can identify his voice. Ronnie informs Pragya that Tanu is coming inside. Purab asks Pragya to make Tanu confesses her truth and says this is the last chance for her. She hides.

Just then Sarla comes to the place and thinks Pragya is going to come there. She looks for Pragya. Tanu sees Sarla and thinks her to be blackmailer. She says I brought the money and asks her to give the proofs. Pragya sees Sarla from far, but doesn’t know she is Sarla. Tanu asks the goons to catch her. The goons catch her. Nikhil removes the burqa and says he has done this for their child. Tanu thanks him. The goons take Sarla from there. Pragya comes back to Purab and tells him that she wants to see the person’s face. Pragya says we have to take a small risk. Purab says we have done a mistake by thinking that they will come alone. Pragya says what we will tell at home. Purab says we will make plan again. She says we have proper proof against Tanu now. He says we have to leave from here before they come again.

Nikhil tells Tanu that he has always a back up plan. Tanu asks what we will do with him. Nikhil says we will leave him and let him go to Abhi to tell the truth. Tanu says have you gone mad. Nikhil asks her to relax and says first we will see his face. Nikhil says lets see who is blackmailing my jaan. Sarla sees Nikhil and takes his name. Nikhil says what you are doing here. He says may be aunty ji came here mistakenly. Sarla thinks Nikhil will catch Pragya and lies to him that she is the one who is the blackmailer. Tanu asks why she is lying? Sarla calls her shameless and tells that Pragya left Abhi for you and your child. She asks her to have any shame. Nikhil says speech is in your blood, like mother like daughter. He says you are blackmailing her, and asks if she can’t see Abhi’s mistake. He says you are also belong to us. You have blackmailed us for money.

Nikhil hits Sarla with a heavy rod to kill her. Sarla faints or might die.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Jaydeep

    This is ridiculous every time villain team wins & nice people face problems now sarlas life in danger …oh my god

  2. Now I think no one could expose takhil now but only sarla maa at the end. Now I feels that pragya will get failed in exposing tanu becoz of sarla maa and we will definetly see tabhi’s wedding. Tabhi’s marriage will not complete becoz at the end sarla maa will come and expose takhil.

    • I think takhil will blackmail pragya to not do anything against them until tabhi’s marriage will happen, by using sarla maa. They will keep sarla maa with them. Tabhi’s marriage preparations will get start but on the wedding time, sarla maa will manage to run from their clutches somehow and will end up exposing takhil after reaching at wedding venue. And as we knows that abhi will definetly believe on sarla maa without any proof and sarla maa is not at all alone, purab, ronnie many peoples will b in support of sarla maa.

      • Jaydeep

        But at the end of the day somehow abhi gonna know that sarla is missing so in that case he will never agree to marry before finding sarla & he was also angry on tanu so this idea of marriage may not sounds like happening as per my views

      • Brintha

        No prathiksha..hw abhi will beleive what sarla maa says..he will not believe his dadi,pragya,purab,akash…who all his well wishers…he always trusted alia and tanu…if anything against alia and tanu he will become supreme court judge…he will ask for proof…so pragya knows very well about abhi…so she has to get the proofs….bulbul will be killed or might hv gone for plastic surgery..now sarla ma is kidnapped….my worry is poor janaki and rockstar dadi will b alone n t house…may b in next episodes they will be getting in to problem….

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Oh god……What happen to sarla now ????plz bring the truth of tanu in front of Abhi ……….Its draggggggingggggg much more…….

  4. JR

    Thank you Hasan for your updates. Now i don’t watch KKB. It is boring and the dialogue is becoming pathetic.

  5. shavi

    duno wat to comment.. very much dragging.. is this much dragging needed to expose tanu.. and valentines day kkb will put a flop story again.. lost d trust that they will reveal tanu’s truth to abhi.. as d story go on like this definitely trp will fall down.. again abhi trying to think about tanu and becoming mad.. takhil is irritating to see.. pragya’s watchman attire is totally waste.. wat happened to this sarla maa y she interfered in their plan.. wat d cvs doing is reallly damn waste.. wat a irritating damn story ya.. once upon a time i was watching it for abhigya scenes.. nowadays those scenes are missing.. at least need a break for one week by not watching dis show…

  6. Rathna

    Seriously, I don’t like this. Y do they write such irritating scripts. We are waiting to see only abhigya

  7. Surbhi

    oh waooo Sarla ma kidnapped this is very much good as Pragya’s family is going to set an example that in every Feb someone will surely get kidnapped in her family Feb 2015 pragya her self was kidnapped Feb 2016 Sarla ma kidnapped and now it is possible that if bulbul and purvi came back then Feb 2017 bulbul turn to get kidnapped and Feb 2018 purvi turn to get kidnapped so all story is set with this very good ……

  8. Bulbul died Sarla maa now got hit or they will show she will also be died .then what is the use of pragya to Join with abhi .this is ridiculous .better she should let that stupid abhi and tanu marriage happen and she should lead her own life.what is the use use of loosing her family members and gaining abhi ‘s love.

  9. rose

    Its very bad… dont do this to sarla ma.. wt cbs r thinking to do.. they r killing one by one ah neither exposing tanu.. stupid cvs with stupid mind nd thought …… may be prathiksha ur thought wil happen .. bt wn??? We want abhigya full romantic ever green valentine day celebration .. if story go like this abigya union is impossible before valentin day … plzzzzz unite abigya before valentin dayyyyyy

  10. shobana

    Kidnapping blackmailing trying to kill other than this those writers doesn’t knw anything
    How easily purab is telling we will make plan again
    But I think since sarala ma has caught pragya’s next attempt will b success cuz last time aft bulbul’s sucide the very next atempt alia was caught so Tanu may be exposed in next their next plan

  11. somiya

    Wow great episode and we all are fools na reading these updates, seriously it is waste of time, 1 year has passed and still tanu’s drama is going on, wow great story, seriously hats off to these writers, like mar jaeingay lekin abhigya ko unite nhi honay dengay, seriously we all fans r impressed .great, useless track +useless story+useless episode +useless characters +useless nok jhok+useless comedy, useless drama=kumkum bhagya, seriously we are wasting tim..

  12. Sahithi

    The way Nikhil was taking Tanu’s side n justifying – Abhi loved Tanu, married Pragya so poor Tanu.
    If Abhi loved Tanu n she loved Abhi, why is she carrying Nikhil’s baby. N why he helping her.
    Nikhil was speaking to goons as if committing crime is their daily job. Why did they change small time producer to criminal.

    But in on-location video, Pragya was again blackmailing, she seems to b getting herself trapped.
    Prathiksha, again marriage attempt by Abhi wud b so boring. N Sarla coming in last time, I don’t want to see the script go that way. But let us see. Today’s segment was of not much use, we cud have realized Sarla kidnap by watching today epi, I didn’t get any more clues from that.

  13. shobana

    I give suggestion to kkb director to drag this story further
    Keep sarala ma in coma for more than a month and aft that she will forget al her past aft recovering on seeing Pragya sarala ma will ask who r u
    Mean while Pragya will play hide and seek game with Tanu
    At the end Tanu will succeed in marring abhi aft tanu’s child has grown up the child’s face will look exactly like Nikil with this abhi ll suspect on Tanu aft 20 yrs

  14. Revathy

    May be serial director thinking audience as idiots. Whatever they act we have to accept. Ridiculous. There should be limit on number of episodes for serials. Then audience need not waste their precious time in watching such stupid extra scenes/situaions.

  15. stepphyrao

    Such a let down. Gosh… So messy to get ladoo sarla involved. Its definitely an indication & cvs intent of the keeping Tanu in the story longer.
    Would have preferred to see bulbul (Mrunal) in the show longer than Tanu.
    The past few episodes was building up nicely. Wished the director n cvs could have done these scenes more stylishly or intelligently rather than adding ladoo sarla to mess it up. It was progressing nicely until the cvs decided to add ladoo sarla into it. Ah.. wat a let down…sigh.

    • Sahithi

      We all thought when Abhi was at court for marriage there is no chance for Pragya’s plan to fail this time, as generally Abhi lands up in last moment, n without knowing that he is spoiling, he spoils Pragya plans.So this time it is Sarla’s turn to spoil the plan.

      Pragya still plans to blackmail Tanu without knowing truth of where her mom is it will only land her in more trouble. Nikhil n Tanu may do a reverse blackmailing to release Sarla.

    • JR

      Thank you Hasan for your updates. Now i don’t watch KKB. It is boring and the dialogue is becoming pathetic.

      Just read the updates.Takes less than 10mins and don’t waste your emotions in these serials. Maybe watch the final episode.

  16. Amreen

    Oh.. Why this sarla maa entered the scene.. Today’s episode left down our ff’s heart… For today episode I hate sarla maa

  17. jiaaaaa

    its tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much bkwas story line today,,
    really tooooo much dragging,,,,,,,,

  18. Brintha

    The best joke is such serious situation cvs writing wife is telling santa banta joke..instead they cud hv shared their own…hahaha heights of stupidity….making viewers as fools…sarla cud not tale care properly whn bulbul admitted in hospital..her careless bulbul escaped..nw she saving pragya ?….kkb will b loosing t trp ….may go the least bottom at the earliest….all credit goes to cvs…

  19. stepphyrao

    So wat are the possible scenes that could change the game now for pragya? ?
    1. Tanu thinks tt she is safe? Shes not as she gets a call from the watch man despite ladoo sarla mentioning tt shes the black mailer.
    2. Ladoo sarla kidnapped. Will Tanu or Nikhil use her as her bait to sign property papers over to Abhi or Tanu.
    3. It looks like Pragya is unaware tt her mum is being kidnapped?
    4. Dadi Rachu Akash Purab Ronnie Raj Janki ma…all kno that the baby isn’t Abhis. How can this many people not resolve the Tanu pregnancy issue? It just baffles me.
    5. Raj really baffles me. Wats his role now? Hes absolutely vital here. He knows Tanus story. He dislikes her to the core. He has been forgiven n has mentioned his loyalty to Abhi. Or was he acting?

    • Sharada

      Apt questions n reasoning stepphyrao…..but looks like the story writers are gonna drag this tanu preg carp beyond its limit. ….surely the trp ratings of this serial is gonna hit rock bottom

    • Sahithi

      One more point to be added, Nikhil was mentioning some surprise to Tanu in that on-location video. That is suspense till now, what more surprise he has for Tanu now.

  20. Lorena

    I have a question:why Nikhil wants Tanu to marry Abhi if he loves her so much and she is also carrying his baby?I dont understand that ,maybe i missed something ,but is it not easier if he tells the truth to Abhi and then get Tanu for himself?

    • razia

      He wants abhis money .. Afta tanu marrying abhi she can get his properties na .. At the startn itslf aaliah n tanu convinced him saying this.. So he’s supportn tanu to marry abhi .. He thinks tat afta getn money shell come back to him nu

  21. Pinki

    What is this. Abhe toh raj ka b sach samne aaa gya hai. Plzzzzzzz tanu ka b sach samne lekr ao bor ho gaye hai. vaise toh Nikhil apne app no boht smart samjta hai lekin uske pas jra sa bhi brain nahi hai. He can’t see that Tanu usko bevkoof bana rahi hai. And abhi toh ka kya kehna . Abhi k pas toh nikhil jitna bhi brain nahi hai. And tanu jab aliya tanu k pas thi toh tanu k pas brain nahi tha or ab lobhri ke tarhe brain chal raha hai
    Plzzzzzzz stop dragging it’s our request to director. Plzzzzzzzzzz

  22. Sheena

    I don’t think that bulbul died..I think that pragya just doesn’t want to risk Bulbul’s life so she asked her to hide for sometime…

  23. First fuggi kidnapped then bulbul and now sarla. A wonderful idea for writers to decrease the trps is after sarla’s kidnapping show abhi’s then dadi’s and purab’s akash’s rachna’s Raj’s janki’s mithali’s daasi’s and the kidnapping track of the whole cast including son of akash and name the serial as kidnap ki kahani. I bet you will loose the trips if you follow my Advice. Abe paagal writers……… Kyu drag karke apni izzat ki dharjiya udarahe ho?????? Had hoti haiiii……… Viewers ko loose karneka irada hai kya kis language me samjhaye ki hame abhigya vaapis chahiye. Fuggi vaapis chahiye. Air sabse bada bewakoof Nikhil…….. Tanu se itna pyaar karte ho toh uski shaadi abhi se kyu hone de rahe ho????????? Bewakoofi ki ek had hoti hair. Tu toh had bhulgaya……. Pity on u……………. Tanu and Nikhil just packup and get lost from life of abhigya and marry. You live us life and let abhigya live.

  24. rose

    If the cvs didn’t unite abhi nd pragya before valentin day .. tn I am going to stop watching this serial … I want romantic union of abhi nd pragya.. after that they can start another track .. that s not imp bt now abigya union s important as the serial s dragging dragging nd only dragging …nothing else .. I like this serial very much.. first I start with Tamil serial irumalargal tn continuously watching un hindi daily .. how much time we r waiting for abhigya union … in Tamil pregnancy track s.going on… plz.end soon.
    Nothing s predicted from cvs move.. if we predict anything it also didn’t happen
    …only dream..

    • Sharada

      Very true rose tanu preg track jus starting in Tamil….I’m sure pragya will come to know abt it in Tamil n take mogambo avtar still…..tanu s secret wouldn’t have been revealed in Hindi??stupid cvs ??

  25. Omg what the hell is sarla ma doing, that’s all pragya needs now she will never b able to expose the cat and the mouse. And it’s going to drag another 6 months to expose them. Why did that sarla ma had to intefer. She just made it worse.

  26. sarayu (honey)

    i think sarla will be paralyzed or she will be in a state where she cannot say anything to pragya and then again this show will drag

  27. Indina

    It’s time we have some intelligent dialogue. To long in bringing out the truth, dragging suspense… Time something good comes through.

  28. Uma

    Sheer rubbish kkb going thro. Never has pragya done anything right. An idiotic series continuing with no proper ending. Always villains wining. Ccv are all us jokers…

  29. Kristelle

    Am I the only one that thinks good fuh Darla!?!??! But I must admit….this is nonsense…..whoever writing should be fired…..it is not even clever it is just plain stupid!!!!!

  30. getting bored from this ghatia scripts… kuch toh twist lau..kya ghasi piti kahani likh rehe hai…lagta he avi aur pragya ke Burhape me hi romance Ka script likhne ki soch rehi hai…

  31. shobana

    Guys if I’m nt wrong
    Last yr in zee rishtey awards best story of the channel goes to kkb
    Am I right ????

    If this story line is continued then definitely on this yr zee rishtey award kkb will bag “World’s Worst Story”

  32. I will stop watching this shit for a month cause this cvs is planning things which I can’t handle myself. ……..sarala maa attacked…….shit

  33. sheetha

    Wat about d camers they set in that studio.. Will they get any proofs regarding saralama in the cam. ????

  34. anne

    director y not only dadi say the whole thing to abhi bcause dadi is his everything to abhi n u know whatever dadi say is right y need hit ard the bush i think tht is the best sometimes director hve to follow certain things tht v comment hve to respect our comment so plssssssssss let dadi purab rajana say tis whole thing to abhi

  35. anne

    what kind of shameless guy is tis nikhil he gives the baby n somebody else b the father insulting man cheapskate he bang a lady like that she is like a mum to him shamelesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  36. They should try to end this Nikhil and Tanu’s story. Its been dragging from a long time. They should unite Abhi and Pragya atleast by valentines day.

  37. razia

    Yes .. Wer thr cameras there ? In the place nikhil n tanu found sarla MA ? Any clues .. I dint watch the epi .. Guys clear me .. Cuz nikhil confessed na mistake was abhis so tat vl b enuf to prove the baby is nikhil’s ?

    • Sahithi

      They came to some other place, after holding Sarla, thinking her as blackmailer n the convo happened there between Nikhil, Tanu n Sarla.

      Cameras were there only inside the studio, in one hall, as per Pragya’s plan, they were not even there outside that studio, so Pragya was forcing Tanu n Nikhil to come inside.

      Nikhil’s face was visible outside the studio without burqua, but when he went inside, he had his face covered. I doubt if he opened his mouth also inside that studio so even if Purab n Pragya check the cameras, they wont be able to recognize Nikhil from that. His face was covered n he didnt speak, so no chance for them to identify him.

      As usual, Pragya n team plans are half baked whereas things always work in favor of the evils. They always escape, get an upper hand, till the viewers lose their patience.

      • Sahithi in studio, tanu and nikhil both were talking with sarla maa recognizing as blackmailer. At that time nikhil opens his veil and his face gets visible. On that time, tanu orders goons to catch sarla maa recognizing her as blackmailer and she says thanks to nikhil then he says to tanu that all this he did for their baby. So sahithi if all this really has recorded in cameras then it is a very big proof against takhil and is enough to expose them in front of abhi. Only thing is needed that purab and pragya should remind that recording.

    • Sahithi

      Prathiksh, watch yday epi n last 2 days also. Cameras r setup by Purab in the hall with shiv ling, temple kind of set.

      They caught Sarla near shiv ling n put the black cloth on her head thr. If Pragya checks video, she will recognize Sarla was the one picked up thr. But Nikhil opened burqa after they came out from that studio.
      They had discussion with Sarla somewhere else on road. When Nikhil was saying they caught her by mistake n will go back to studio to catch blackmailer, Sarla lied to stop Nikhil from going back. Nikhil’s face or voice won’t b recorded in those cameras.
      That much I m very sure.

      • No sahithi watch the episode again. And read in written update, in it also it has mentioned and very clear that nikhil removes his burkha’s veil when his goons catches sarla maa. And I too saw it in episode very clearly that nikhil removes his veil on that time and says to tanu that all this I did for us, for our baby and when he was saying all this, cameras focus was on directly at nikhil and tanu’s face.

      • Many peoples has confirmed it and I too saw it many times that before coming outside, all this was happened. When takhil enters in shivling areas. Tanu talks with sarla maa assuming her as blackmailer and then she gives orders to goons to catch her, then nikhil comes forward and says to tanu that I have done all this for us, for our baby. Then he gives order to goons to take sarla outside. Then they take sarla outside and then nikhil removes all his burkha. Inside he removes his burkha’s veil before cameras but outside he removes whole burkha.

      • Nithi

        No Sahithi…prathiksha is right..while kidbapping sarla ma in tat hall..he took out d veil frm his face n he told tat he has done everything for thier child to tanu…after goons covered sarla ma face again nikhil coverd his face with veil…so it should b recorded in camera if d cameras r thr

      • Sahithi

        Okay, I will watch again tomorrow repeat telecast. May be I missed that moment. But then the clips shown in segment n on-location r more silly, if Nikhil himself showed his face, then what are Pragya n Purab waiting for. Without checking the videos why r they again blackmailing Tanu. What would be justification for that??

      • Jaydeep

        I also think the same that if Nikhil’s face is recorded in camera then what is the need for pragya blackmailing tanu they can simply show the truth to abhi &ask for his help and also if his face is seen then they will surely know that sarla is kidnapped by him then what is the need of finding that where sarla is gone or who kidnapped her ….
        They can show the proof to abhi &ask for his help
        But they don’t know about Sarla’s where about or nikhil’s truth as per on location video which is possible in only two ways
        1-they haven’t seen recording or
        2-nothing important is recorded in the camera
        What do u think guys????

  38. Anu

    Seems like Pragya’s efforts are not bearing fruits. It’s Sarla’s stupidity as well who asked her to visit the place, Purab and ronnie were there still she interveed. A simple plan was ruined all because of her. Next whole week will be spent in crying if she dies n if she doesn’t die she will either land into Coma or paralysis along with loose of speech and Pragya taking care of Sarla maa.

    Now, it really seems nothing fruitful viewers can expect from KKB this week as well, or not so even in a month or further. Shaadi karwaa do abhi aur tanu ki……at last it seems this will only happen

    People want to see Abhi-Pragya together for the valentines with all the confusions cleared off, but I suppose it will never happen. They both will reminisce their last year Valentine’s and weep…… That’s it…. Its been dragging since Last July/August. I mean if u stretch a rubber sheet more than a limit it tears off but I dont understand how this track is being stretched so long. It seems like the writer is not able to think anything else apart from dragging this.

  39. Ohhhhh main samjhi…………….
    Writers ke useless gud for nothing Sade hue bekaar dimaag me koi idea aayega tab abhigya ko ek karenge……
    Buddhu writers. Ekta maam aap bhi???
    Abhi ke abhi jaiye aur writers to fire karke acche logonko rakh lijiye. Bewakoofi ki bhi ek had hoti hai.

  40. HARINI

    Y this kkb always seen trp rating…
    They only want maintaining trp…
    If sarala maa get hited means defnly everyone watch kkb next week with the questing of what happen to sarala maa? What happening to pragya life? She succed her plan or not? This questions are in there mind so every one watch kkb … and then kkb trp rating going to up position..

    Plzzzz writter and director consentrate on ur kkb storyline.. i give one idea …. first u expose tanu… then u make abhigya unite be later… plz expose tanuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

  41. Guys how many of u thinks that sarla maa’s kidnappings consequences will b positive or negative and if it will b positive then for whom takhil or pragya or if negative then for whom, for takhil or for pragya? Well I think sarla maa definetly will not tell about pragya’s involvement but nikhil will definetly get suspicious on pragya, and for knowing about oragya’s involvement, he will definetly use sarla maa as weapon. Otherwise purab and pragya who r trying to search sarla maa as she is missing and they r doubting on tanu for it so they will definetly investigate about this as we have seen in segment. I think in this process pragya will clash with her that students which had given lift to sarla maa, through which pragya will get to know that sarla maa had also gone on that place and then that video proof in which takhil were talking inside with sarla maa recognizing her as blackmailer, all will b recorded in cameras, it will help them to finding clue about sarla maa that tanu and her boyfriend has kidnapped sarla maa. Then pragya and purab will spying on tanu to know about sarla maa’s whereabout. But all this will take time becoz planning and plotting will b from both the sides similarly as nikhil too said in last segment that now pragya and his face off will happen in upcoming episodes through plannings and plottings. Don’t know if abhi will get to know about sarla maa’s missing news or not but it will left to see that who will b succeed in this whole plannings and plottings and who will get to know about each other first? Takhil about pragya or pragya about takhil?

    • shavi

      always evil side is winning unless otherwise good ones are bearing very huge loss.. bt pragya and purab’s planning seems to be good if they saw that recording.. if not surely loss is to pragya unless sarla maa escapes from takhil

    • Brintha

      Prathiksha.my guess is tanu till now escaped all crime events which alia and raj plotted…if they expose her also 4 -5 tight slaps takhil will get out frm house without. Any punishment…nw they are involved in kidnapping,trying to kill sarlama…all this after takhil e posure they land up in jail…not their house….what say guys…in that case this sarla maa sequence is acceptable…

    • Brintha

      Sarla may be escape frm whr she is going to kept under goons custody …she will not say tanu secret…but she may tell tanu kidnapped…abhi will ask who told u to do and why did u do as she already given her blessings for the marriage…abhi may get doubt tanu is working for alia…he may slap her very harshly…as usual family ppl watch the scene and will not stop abhi…when he keep on slapping nikhil may try to save tanu…abhi ask y u involve in this matter…u don’t hv rights to involve in my family matter…wh
      get out…nikhil out of his mind he may tell don’t touch her because she is carrying my baby not urs…then the truth may revealed…

  42. somiya

    Okay guyz, so abhi u can marry tanu, atleast stop this dragging, therr is a limit for everything, go abhi go and marry tanu, as pragya uselessly is trying her ideas, i mean how can it be not possible so many times she has tried to get tanu’s truth out, but alwats her plan fails, wow! Pragya should leave abhi, so that abhi could use his mind, how can one person be so much fool, abhi knows how much his fuggy is nycc, but he still thinks that pragya married him coz of property, wow A sense less drama.

  43. Sharada

    Now only Dadi is left without being kidnapped in this senseless drama……next she will be kidnapped n only then abhi will wake up from his useless state ??

  44. Jaydeep

    There is seen in today’s segment that pragya &dadi are searching for the sarla ma on the road &they have no idea that Nikhil has kidnapped her &also pragyas Saree was different from the one we seen in on location video so it might be a seen of some other day

    • Jaydeep

      They are searching for sarla on roads which means pragya haven’t seen the video footage &is unaware of sarla reaching that place and if she had seen that footage and then also searching on the roads then it means there is nothing important recorded in the cameras its my conclusion after watching segment

  45. Ramneet Kaur

    all were know the truth bt abhi cant..huh….when did abhi knows all the truth when all were died in this serial..:-/

  46. Reji

    Guys and pratiksha I don’t think that sarla maa met nikhil before then why nikhil should hit sarla maa she know tanu very well but she doesn’t know about nikhil now now nikhil is still thinking pragya as a watchman or he came to know that it is pragya can anyone pls clarify this doubt

    • Jaydeep

      Nikhil had came in the every social gatherings in mehra mension &sarla also comes there so she surely knows him
      Secondly purab &bulbul told her about the talks of aliya and nikhils marriage so she surely knows nikhil

    • Sahithi

      Nikhil had been making rounds to MM from a very long time, even during Purab Bulbul marriage which was spoiled by Aaliya in last minute when she got dressed as Bulbul. I think during one of the marriage functions, Sarla was introduced to Nikhil.

      • Sahithi something is definetly recorded in those cameras becoz purab was also saying to pragya that they have that video proof against tanu which they can show to abhi, when pragya insists to purab to let her go to watch tanu babdy daddy’s face once when takhil and their goons takes sarla maa outside assumed as blackmailer. Now let’s see when they will remind about that video.

      • Jaydeep

        But pratiksha according to today’s segment pragya &dadi doesn’t know who kidnapped sarla so …. If they have seen the recording than there is nothing important in it which help them identify Nikhil or other possibility is that if there is proof which shows Nikhil then they haven’t seen the footage till that scene

    • Jaydeep

      You are right pratiksha Nikhil has shown his face in the place where they fitted the camera so something must b recorded in it I have seen repeat telecast to confirm it

  47. Jaydeep

    Pratisksha I read a spoiler that Nikhil will blackmail pragya that if she wants to see sarla alive then she should return all her property back to abhi …..
    Do you guys think that it can be possible ???? I think it may b complicated but can be possible … What you guys think ????

  48. Divya chandru

    May be this time abhi would turn to dream ah ,,!!!!!! Tanu over, pragya also …may dadi can also dream about this I think so…

  49. Today’s epi! (8th February) – Abhi waiting in Tanu’s room for her to get home. He’s very angry. Tanu enters the room and Abhi scolds her that she made a fool out of him. Tanu starts her crying drama. She tries to emotionally blackmail him by telling that she’s the one who got fooled by him.. Abhi doesn’t understand. She says he wants two wives at the same time – cause he didn’t divorce Pragya and they will never get married because Pragya won’t sign the papers. Tanu says: “It’s not because she has still feelings for u – she hates me. That’s the reason!” Abhi angry and shocked
    Read more at http://websta.me//p/1180290062649095730_2542467012#pvyO30U3vh2EIztl.99

    • Today’s episode : Sarla kidnapped.

      Mitali says Tanu that. Abhi wanted to marry a her.

      Tanu says Abhi that he and Pragya are married until now

  50. Jaydeep

    Today’s episode highlight
    * starts off wer they left off on saturday.. Sarla tells P dosent knw anything and gives some bahana…
    *T sasy i thought only ur beti is dokebaaz.. but even Maaa is bigger dokebaaaz than beti.. S sasy she wont let her daughters home get broken… T says that P is the 1 whoz spoiled her love.

    *Sarla says u neve loved Abhi.. u kept relation with N and saying that u love Abhi? .. S says sterday u loved N, today Abhi, and tomorrow some1 else?? T tries to move towards Sarla in anger and N asks her to relax.

    *N says she wont understand what love is.. He loves Tanu and can do anything to get her. And T thinks with Love one needs Money also in life. she needs money and Woh bhi mein lakar dungaa.. And wat do u think.. after getting married and getting money she will leave me and go? No aunty.. after doing all this she will come back to me..

    *Sarla says as long as shez alive she wont let them get wat they wanted. T says that A will marry her definitely.. N says ok.. it’ll happen if u live naa.. after u leave we can do naa.. after knowing that u’ll give my Tanu soo much Taklif i”ll let u live? N assks T weather she has a problem if he takes the life of her Sautan’s Maa?? T says if u let her live then m gonna kill u coz if shez alive then all my plans will fail.. N says he got the permission.

    *S says shez not afraid of death and the god is seeeing and he’ll do justce.. N sasy ur time has come to die.. n asks the good to tie her mouth and put her in the car.. T says kill her like it should appear as an accident.. N says dont take tension baby.. N says he’ll throw her off the same Pahad wer her daughter commit suicide.. PPL will think that she committed suicide in daughters Gham..

    *T says thanks to N she got ridd of such a bigg tension.. N says now she has to get reid of his by marrying A fast get his money and come to him..

    *Precap scene.

    *T is thinkg that blackmailer turned out to be sarla… by now she must be dead and tomorrow every1 will get to knw about it and there will be a sad environment for few days and like this mine and A’s wedding will be delayed.. and thinks of how to handle A as he would be too upset.

    *T calls M to ask about the house atmosphere.. M taunts T.. M tells her baout the whole thing and taunts her.. T says what? M sasy not to talk about wedding infront of Abhi other wise he would divorce u before marriage.. T cuts the call.. T thinks now she cant go inside the house , A would def remove her from the house.

    *Janki is worried we r Sarla went and thinks weather to call Purab and ask him as he would be busy in the planning..

    *Goons tie up sarla.. ask N y they are bought her here wen they had to kill her.. N scolds them.. He says if m doing something then mein soch samaj ke kar raha hu. And asks them to keep an eye on her. and to take care of her Khana peena coz he wants her to live for few more days. He thinks that something is wrong.. Everything isnt right as its shown.. something is wwrong.. If T dosent get a call then shez the blackmailer if she gets then Mamla aur ulaj jayegaa.

    *T somes to her room n thinks she is saved and A must have slept by then.. but a is in her room sitting in a chair shich she dosent see. T sees A and gets shocked. She thinks hez sleeping and even she’ll sleep b4 get wakes up.. she makes a sound and A wakes up..

    * T assk A to listen to her first.. and asks her to tell some bahana naa.. hez sitting infront of her like a bewakoof.. T sasy its not like that.. A sasy then wats its like.. There i was w8ng for u and here also m w8ng for u and u came in like a theif and trying to sleep. T sasy she dosent want to disturb A. A sasy m w8ng for u n u dnt want to disturb me? she starts her bahana .. and A sasy Badi mushkil se he took a decision and she proved him wrong..

    *A rants out his anger on T and asks her not to show her face and says tum Shaadi karne ka layak nahi ho .. Tum iss layak nahi ho ki mein tum se shaadi karu .. Anjane mein woh galti kar beta hu na uski saza milrahi hai mujhe. He tells T that now her punishment is that wen he feels like marrying then only he will marry.. till then he dosent want to hear the word Shaadi from her mouth.

    *T sasy even if shecomes ther dose he thinks thet shaadi will take place.. starts her tears and sasy that she wants to become his wife after getting married not his Rakhel.. A assk her to shutup. T tells A that even now P is his first wife..and tells him that wat u thought were divorce papers were property papers. m Officially they bth r husband and wife.

    *A thinks how did he forget this..T cries and sasy till u n P get divorced how can i marry you Abhi.. T starts her bay bahana and sasy what shall i do and cires and cries .. She sasy A always scolds her and keeps telling her things.. and Seh keeps hearing the, silently coz she loves him.. and tells him that he never understand her feelings.. I think A feels sorry.. T tells him she couldnt come coz she went to a lawyer to consult on how to get the divorce how much time will it take and the lawery sasi until and unless they both agreed for mutual divorce it wont become easy .. She cries and tells him that i knw u’ll want to give her divorce but she wont.. she dosent want me to come into ur life.. shez driving and thinking about all this.. and she dosent knw how many times she could have had an accident.. and she parked her car on the side of the road and was thinking… A feels sorry..

    * T sasy y m i tellilng u all this??.. U ‘ll never believe me.. m aking up stories.. but this is the truth.. A feels sorry..

    • It means today’s episode will b again worst bdcoz of takhil’s crap and disappointing end of the episode with abhi gets satisfied from tanu’s excuse and feels sorry! Now what he will do after knowing it that he is not divorced with pragya.

      • Jaydeep

        Seen shown today in segment is real it happens when abhi & pragya go to some village where pragya catches cold so abhi lights the fire and takes care of her but the seen shown is just the promo

      • Jaydeep

        Most irritating thing about today’s episode is how easily abhi believed tanu and also feels sorry for her and in case of pragya he always needs the proof how blindly he believes tanu I just hate him for this

      • Jaydeep this is abhi’s biggest problem that he believes mostly only on whatever he sees and hears and that’s why he is unable in identifying persons around him. But he also knows about his this weakness and he has admitted it too in front of pragya and realized that this was the reason why dadi chose her for him but pragya is also right. She says abhi have to learn identifying persons and what is wrong and right by own self becoz she or his some other well wishers will not b with him forever for this. I too completely agree with pragya. But sadly abhi doesn’t ready to remove his this weakness even after knowing about it himself.

    • Sahithi

      Okay so now divorce topic is brought up, so that we wont see more marriage attempts from Abhi. In fact, Tanu spoiled it for herself.
      Pragya will try to search for mom n again blackmail Tanu. She wont give importance to Abhi’s ranting for now. She will give Abhi some excuse and escape from divorce topic. She will ask him to wait as she told for property. How will he force Pragya for that?

  51. Suman

    Day by day the story becoming unbearable.I used to love abhi but now feeling disappointed with his behavior.feeling irritated

  52. New segment update-
    New segment was a promo shoot for Valentine day. Abhi and pragya is in some village type area. Both sits in opposite sides of each other, in front of each other from a little distance. Pragya starts shivaring from cold so abhi lights bonfire in mid. They both looks each other with lots of emotions. Suddenly they stands and comes close to each other and hugs each others. It was all for promo shoot. Sriti says how abhigya reaches on that place, till that situation, for it we have to wait and watch episode. Other side, in next clips, they shows purab, pragya and dadi r searching for sarla maa in some market areas. Pragya looks tensed and asks from peoples about sarla maa.

    • I think this new segment about upcoming promo is like that- abhi, pragya together will search for sarla maa and this scene will come when they will stop to take some rest at that place. I feels hug is someone’s or their dream during watching each and thinking about each other.

    • Sahithi

      Okay so I get the reason why Pragya n Purab r not checking the cameras yet. Pragya thought someone was picked from that studio by Tanu’s goons. No one knows that Sarla reached that place, she didnt inform at home to Janaki. Only the 2 ppl who gave her lift know that.

      They r not checking the cameras because they were not expecting Nikhil to open his veil inside or that Sarla was the one who was picked. When Sarla was missing, Pragya is only suspecting Tanu, will she suspect Tanu just like that, or if Abhi brings divorce topic then she will think Tanu must have done something wrong with her mother.

      So it may be more time before Purab or Pragya will get that idea to check the video footage. Either those 2 ppl shud tell Pragya about giving lift or Pragya checks the footage as last option.

      And about segment, looks like it is promo shoot, so we will know what they r trying to convey in promo only after watching the promo, the voice over in any promo gives the actual details on what we can expect. So voice over, caption r imp to figure out what is happening as per the promo.

  53. Surbhi

    oh god its crap yr no no no on IG it is written that new segment is surprise by abhi to pragya to calm her down and I think he is again started his cheating drama for getting sign of pragya on divorce paper shit again I is worst now I am not gonna watch all thas crap every character is traping each other .

  54. shavi

    again abhi will cheat pragya for getting sign in divorce paper by showing his fake love.. bt y abhi blindly believing tanu and her saying.. todays episode going to be very bored… just i m going to skip d episode and only written update.. cvs are playing with emotions of fans of abhigya.. total track dragging for a year and making d lead role very weak.. onlyd villans are rockiing in this show…

    • No shavi we can’t say anything surely but I feels it would b a dream or imagination of abhigya. Atmosphere and situation could b real but not the hug. And whatever written in IG, it was just saying possibility they said it with exclamation! mark that it could b abhi’s surprise for pragya. But I don’t think so something like this will happen. But ya episodes r becoming annoyed once again during these becoz of that wicked tanu and his useless, idiot puppet boyfriend nikhil and their evil tricks. They really meant to b for each other.

  55. Ya guys I too will skip this episode as I got to know that today we will b only torcher and disappointed. But surely i want to know about precap. So I will just watch precap.

  56. Nithi

    I have told u na guys this devil tanu will manipulate abhi easily..and he will accept all d craps wat she is telling to him blindly. ..I hate Abhi for this. …
    and again he is going to play with pragya emotions to get d signature in divorce papers
    better once all d truth will be revealed to abhi..then Pragya should leave him fr sometime..so only he can realise his mistake n taunting Pragya fr everything these many days

  57. Sahithi

    But what if Abhi goes and asks Pragya about divorce n she asks who told him this or guesses must be Tanu n dismisses everything as lie from Tanu.
    And then if Pragya says that Tanu was making him a fool by telling this story of divorce n meeting lawyer for that :D:D

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.