Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Purab searching Bulbul in whole house and not finding her. Abhi asks if he found her. He says no. Abhi says both sisters are torturing them. Purab says he loves being tortured and says him that he should also love it. He says he thinks he loves Tanu, but he actually does not. They both continue searching again.

Bulbul walks out of store room with Purbi. Pragya sits there instead wearing shawl and hopes Abhi searches her now. She gets happy hearing Fuggi Fuggi. Aaliya and Tanu safeguard store room while goons kidnap Pragya after smelling her chloroform. Abhi and Purab walk towards store room. Aaliya and her puppet see them and try to stop them by saying they already searched store room. Abhi says let Purab check it. Before they could check, kidnappers

walk away with Pragya. Aaliya gets happy seeing Bulbul’s watch on floor and says she is sure Bulbul is kidnapped and tells its stopped time signifies Bulbul’s bad time from hereon. She says they should celebrate now. They both get into their room and take out alcohol to drink. Bulbul comes out of room in search of Pragya and calls her name. Tanu hears her voice and tells Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to spoil her mood and goes out to check, but Bulbul walks from there before that. She says there no Bulbul or tota, maina, so they should go and celebrate now.

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Purab with Abhi sadly goes back on stage. Purbi taunts if he did not find Bulbul. Sarla scolds her and asks her to tell where Bulbul is. Purab asks her not to scold her and says he knows where Bulbul is. He takes mic and says he knows she is around, so he wants her to come before he counts 10, else he will engage Aaliya. Aaliya gets happy hearing that. Bulbul gets tensed hearing that. Tanu tells Aaliya that Purab will exchange ring with her now. Aaliya says not so easy, let Purab shed tears in Bulbul’s rememberance and once he is sure she cannot be found, he himself will propose and marry her. Purab starts counting. Bulbul comes running and asks him to stop. Aaliya and her puppets are shocked to see her. Bulbul goes on stage, hugs him and says if he marries someone else, she will die. Abhi asks Purab to exchange ring as both sisters are unpredictable. Everyone clap while they exchange ring and Aaliya angrily walks out with her puppets. Sarla says Bulbul if it was not her engagement, she would have slapped her. Bulbul says it was Pragya’s prank and calls her, but she does not come out.

Suresh crashes his scooter with kidnapper’s car and starts yelling at driver. He is shocked to see Pragya in that car with kidnappers. He runs behind car.

Aaliya panics that Bulbul will not get out of her life and let her marry Purab. Tanu asks her to calm down. Aalya asks her to leave her alone for sometime.

Whole family get worried for Pragya. Abhi calls her number, but phone is switched off. Daadi gets worried. Abhi asks her not to worry, he will search her. Bulbul thinks Pragya must be in store room and goes to check with Purbi. Sarla senses something is wrong.

Precap: Suresh stops goons in his scooter. Goons ask driver to kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. lol purab.. itna chaloo pahle huye hote toh abtak tumhari shaadi pahle hue hoti.. 🙂

  2. puri mumbai kahi pe bhi accident ho suresh waha hota hi hai.. 😉

  3. My RaBul are finally engaged..!!!party time!!!!
    Oh I am so happy….just can’t express what it feels…..
    These both have gone through so much and no they are finally officially together…..

    Alia your all plans will fail like this only and RaBul wedding gonna happen for sure!!!!

    I am loving kkb….hope so with this kidnapping track even abhi and pragya also comes closer and there is a big slap on the faces of tanu and alia!!!!

    Then we all the fans can drool over both the couples RaBul Abhigya foreveever and after

  4. Ohhh my babies are finally together…!!!! Purab and Bulbul..they are just perfect together!!!
    Loved the rabul hug……and finally Bulbul said that she’ll die if Purab won’t be in her life♡♡♡♡

  5. Divya Rampaul

    they should name this show dumdum bhagya

  6. Party time for both RaBul and Abhigya fans.
    RaBul engaged finally and pragya kidnapped…..wow


    loving todays episode …bt ye Suresh ab kch naya fitna khada karega..pata nahi yehi kyu aata hai beij mai

  8. I second that,they need to shut the show down cause the writers do not have any good imagination, they only have evil ones and it’s quite disheartening to try to watch Tv everyday only to see shows that makes you want to puke. Actually this is the situation with all Zee Tv shows, in other to keep their shows on air for a longer period they keep on putting evil twists on the stories. It’s better to show us a good and fun story that is short than a long and stupid one with all your stars acting dumb and unnatural.

  9. Glad that Abhi admitted his love for Pragya. Hopefully he’ll act on it once he finds her. So happy for Purab and Bulbul

  10. You all do know that bulbul and purab aren’t going to be getting married

  11. kumkum bhagya me accident ho aur usme suresh na ho aisa kaise ho sakta hai…

  12. Dont get too excited fans, its just an engagement, those two will not get married, now Bulbul will say she wouldn’t marry until they find Pragya. Bulbul is too stupid, all this antics, she will not get Purab in the end and it will serve her right..

    1. Just shut up!!!!
      Getting worried for your sister is just not bad thing!!!.
      Bulbul is an ideal sister…pragya is so blessed to have her!
      Aur yeh shaadi toh hoke rahegi!!!
      Purab and Bulbul truly deserve each other…no one can seperate them

  13. Suresh is so stupid before he call abhi or bulbul n inform them

  14. Uhh I was hoping abhi would save her

  15. abhi should save pragya..

  16. RaBul engaged…!!!!
    I am sooooo happy!!

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