Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya and Abhi hugging each other after Pragya confesses to love him, while the song plays………..Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai……..Abhi promises her that he will never leave her. They hug again and kiss each other happily on cheeks. Mitali brings food for Raj while he refuses to eat his favorite dish saying his choices have changed. Abhi rests in Pragya’s lap and tells that he wants to look at her all his life. He calls her fuggi. Pragya says you will call me by the same name even now. Abhi says he will think of a new name soon. Tanu calls Abhi and he didn’t pick her call. Pragya thinks she confessed to love him, even after knowing that Tanu is pregnant with his child. Abhi selects Razia name, as she agreed/Razi. She goes far and cries. Abhi asks why you are crying? He says

I will call you Pragya only. Pragya asks do you love me? Abhi says yes..She asks how much? Abhi says it can’t be measured. Pragya asks him to marry Tanu if he loves her. Abhi says I told you that I love you, and you are asking me to go away from you. He refuses. Pragya asks him not to increase her pain and says she convinced Dadi for his and Tanu’s marriage. Abhi asks how can it be possible? What did you tell Dadi.

Pragya asks him to marry Tanu and says it is right. She asks him to think about the baby who needs a father’s name and love. Abhi says baby is important, and if love is not important. He says if he marries Tanu then he will not be able to keep her happy. Pragya says she is very happy knowing about his true feelings for her, and says she will be guilty if they have child, thinking she has snatched someone’s rights. She asks can you stay with the guilt. She tries to convince him and says we shall end our relation right here on his beautiful turn. We will be happy all our life then someone else is happy because of our decision. She asks him to promise to be happy always. A sad song plays……….Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays………………They hug each other and cries. Abhi says please Pragya. Pragya asks him to be silent and leaves.

They reach home. Abhi asks if this is needed. Pragya says yes, it is needed as you have to convince Dadi for marriage. They go to Dadi. Pragya says he came here, and I did whatever you said. Dasi tells Dadi that it seems Pragya has convinced him. Pragya tells that Abhi’s marriage with Tanu is their mutual decision. She says she has given her approval being his wife and wants Dadi’s approval now. Dadi says she wants to listen same thing from Abhi, and asks if he wants to marry Tanu. Abhi is silent. Dadi stumbles and says she will inform her decision tomorrow. She asks them to leave her alone. Once they leave, Dadi cries and says they love each other, but then also they want to be separated.

Pragya packs her stuff. Abhi asks her why she is packing her things as Dadi will decide tomorrow. Pragya gets emotional and says she don’t want to wait for anything after hearing Dadi’s judgement. Abhi tries to help her and they get closer. Pragya realizes and moves away. Her finger gets hurt, and Abhi sucks her injured finger. Pragya gets emotional and a sad song plays.

Abhi asks where did you go Pragya? Pragya tells that she went to bring someone who is related with Dadi’s decision. Abhi sees Tanu coming there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Malar

    God damn. What the hell is going there. Totally it hurts me and the character of Abhi a lot. Stupid Pragya.

  2. The Viewers

    Saint Pragya is going to throw away what she has waited so long for !!! I can’t continue to watch this unrealistic, crazy shit. I am NOT going to let this storyline annoy me any longer. This is just too unbelievable!!!

  3. AmandaS

    Pragya has always been a fool, queen of sacrifice. Unfortunately her sacrifices involve other people, it’s never just her who has to suffer. Others must too because it’s right according to her.

  4. Nikki and chittu I need urview now. U al have said they are in wed attires but pragya and abhi are not like that. In fact abhi is in that rockstar dress which he wore for concert. And the next thing how could at a time she will know both truth if they all are in one place it is possible they were in separate places. Then atlast is why abhi is going out in car in angry mood.

    Then nikki u said divorce dint happen since she is wearing mangalsustra. But nikki after divorce too she can wear na it is her rights whether to wear or not. So what is that wearing in it. Its just my point of view sorry if it hurts.

    • chithu

      Priya..i don’t think divorce would have happened…if so.. that should have been the next promo..but before that we got this means, divorce is not done yet i feel… and yes..only Tanua and Aaliya were in party attire..and the place they showed seems to be Mehra Mansion… but after seeing today’s episode , i got small hope that marriage will not happen..

    • Priya we have mentioned only that thing which we have seen in promo. We have not predicted anything directly. Becoz after watching this promo, we r confused. We r just guessing the possible facts based on promo. And pragya is still wearing mangalsutra and she puts sindoor too on her for head. U r saying that it’s her right to wear it but when she is ready to give her husband and love to tanu for baby’s sake then why she will wear these things and second thing is a divorce woman cannot put a sindoor of same person from which she have been divorced and in pragya’s case when she is ready to sacrifice her love and happiness for tanu and her baby then she also knows that wearing of marriage marks could hurt them and society will also question from her and her family. And PRIYA if u remember during purbul’s wedding, abhi requested her for not leaving but she has refused becoz it can ruined his reputation in public and media. That’s why I was saying that abhigya’s divorce not happen before accident on the bases of pragya’s wearing mangalsutra and sindoor in promo. I m just shared my views but it’s all up to cvs.

    • chithu

      and one more thing is do you guys think we will have this memory loss part?? i think as the promo is showing as Pragya got injured on head..most of us are upto memory loss… but do you guys really think, they will show something like that now?

      Anyways , i think we will get the confirmation only on August 3rd week..next week they ll end up with this accident i think…

      • One thing is clear now. Marriage wont happen. Then truth too revealed and accident too happens. All in at a same time so there going to be a big twist. I am sure that abhigya divorce wont happen and as per yesterday episode they are going to arrange now tanu marriage with abhi. So soon it will arrange but before that nly she will know the truth. But anyways wont think memory loss game will come or if she will play like ishanni role in matsh. Ishanni too will play like memory loss to show the truth to ranveer. Same thing here too happen means. Because both are ekta shows only.

        they nearly dragging a lot but it is in the trp list. Let see abhigya scenes must not like that.

      • chithu

        yeah… i hope Ekta will not prefer to show similar story lines in her different shows which r been telecasted at the same time…

  5. Pragy how could you this to your hubby.he loves you so much.common writer change the storyline plsss.this is not an example for the youth.do you have bad experiences with marriages.I think I will stop watching kkb

  6. narendran

    In latest promo pragya will know about tanu truth but she will met with accident but I think it is not true if she met with accident all of them will stop watching kkb.so they will draggg but abhi and pragya awesome in last episode one side they are dragging pregnancy but other side their love scenes was super

    • Jama

      This sounds like they are going down the same road as Pavitra Rasha AND as we all know that came to an Abrupt end because the story line became too Ridiculous for its viewers.

  7. rahul

    GUYS I just saw this new promo of pragya getting to tanu’s and alia’s secret and before she could tell all this to abhi she ends up with an accident

    • its ektaji’s drama Rahul so i’m pretty sure she will have pragya lose her memory but in the abp news it said she was going to lose her memory for sure and all that she would remember is only abhi and her maayka she won’t remember her in-laws or anyone from her in-laws she would only remember abhi. and she won’t remember any truth that she heard she would remember only her wedding and how abhi used to like tanu in the beginning she won’t remember anything of now how abhi confessed his love to her or anything she would remember things that happened after they got married and how he used to ditch her to meet tanu so i’m feeling very sad for abhigya if this happens this show is bakwaas btw I think the car that hit her was Nikhil and he did that on purpose I think so because it came from abhi’s house so I think it’s one of the wicked people in the house who ran her over with the car.

      • Sneha

        if she really going to have memory loss, it may give us some positive moments like tabhi’s marriage will be cancelled or postponed since pragya no more will be pushing abhi towards that tanu…… even if she only remembers that abhi used to ditch her to meet tanu, but still abhi is in his senses…… he can recreate good romantic moments for pragya to get her love back!!! …..more than that, there will be none to trouble her as one sud be well behaved with a patient and everyone will take gud care of her!!! …… to add more, pragya may not remember the truth but nikhil might share it with abhi and then abhi will be using pragya’s memory loss to get rid of tanu and also to make her confess the truth of baby!!!! what say frends??

      • chithu

        i also think , memory loss will not be there Sneha.. per story line also.. this marriage should not happen… but v ll see..i think in today’s episode.. Pragya’s mother ll come to know about this pregnancy thing …

    • Racha

      If she has memory loss than she should NOT be pushing for Tanu to marry her husband for she will NOT be Able to REMEMBER any of this crazy shit….

  8. Ruined, ruined, ruined a beautiful confession is ruined. All thanks to cvs to crush our happiness by this and now from the worst and scary promo. All waste.??

    • Priya $

      Rit Nikki but they didn’t show that confession scene more than 2 mins. Tat only feeling bad. Accident was so scary

  9. Lala

    When Aaliya found out the truth it was so easy no troubles . Pragya’s turn she had to meet with an accident! I think these shows teaches you it’s okay to be evil and then repent later! You get away with so many things easily. Why are people not writing Ekta . Kamsam se started well , then walia slept with two sisters, separated from bani till her face or the whole bani was changed! All crap. Pavitra rishta same ish! She ruined a good show in the name of dragging for longer period on air.jamai raja should be topping charts for now. They start a story and end it and not drag along.

    There are 1 million ways to drag without this unreasonable scenes. Don’t unite abhi and Pragya if you don’t want to but stop this child’s play please.

  10. Kadian

    If these writers really make that fraud tanu marry Abhi , then my guess is they are just as evil as that fraud Tanu.

  11. Nice episode. …. All got spoiled because of that idiot tanu…..if pragya meet with accident…..and get memory loss…..and tanu will marry abhia?????if this happens…nobody will see it….kkb s ddddddraaaggging

    • but sudha pragya and abhi are the leads of this show and if pragya gets memory loss then the show is bakwaas and now I don’t think that pragya will get memory loss because in that case abhi has to marry with tanu because it’s pregnancy matter and they can’t make it that long (stretch the show) if they will do that then baby will deliver by the time pragya gets her memory back and obviously it’s impossible that abhi and tanu get married. this is the whole theme of drama abhi and pragya destined to be together so after a lot of drama and tears they will meet. I mean oragya will come from hospital and save abhi. and if this doesn’t happen and if she lost her memory then she would be faking her memory loss only to expose tanu in front of abhi and everyone.

  12. this episode was so emonital and vry sad omg abhi and preageya no sapreated ple abhi was not marry tanu pregeya abhi was cute performences dadi ple goto pregeya not came to house ple abhi pregeya reunit nikil ple trust for tanu pregency mattar tell me abhi ne pregeya than erukanum waiting for a good episode

  13. TINA

    Frnds.. in new promo pragya know about tanu baby and also aliya raj truth..
    Before she tells the truth to abhi she get acciden.. then how can abhi know truth.??.. y abhi is very angry ?? I think its a new way to draging.. pragya know the truth but she is not tell that to abhi for that accident…

    • Jackie

      If Pragya is in an accident and CAN’T remember I do NOT see Abhiu Marrying tanu’ skank ass for he would be too worried about Pragya.

  14. Priya $

    Chithu and nikki I m having a doubt in promo actually wat tanu told. I mean before marriage only pragya cane to know the truth ah

    I think once pragya got memory loss surely marriage won’t happen. If she didn’t get memory loss surely she ll stop the marriage. But one thing when they ll show this scene next week ah r going to dragg ah like tanu and Nikil conversation promo.

    • chithu

      ha ha Priya.. that is a good Question 🙂 i think Tanu didn’t had mangalsutra in her neck in the promo..so i hope it is before marriage only 🙂 but this marriage will not happen for 90% Priya… becoz , per “Sense and Sensibility” story..the elder sister and her husband are always destined to be together… in the show also, as the name suggests “Kumkum Bhagya”..it is destiny which decides the marriage..so if a boy and girl are destined to be together nothing can be separate them… and that is wat we are seeing till now in Abhi-Pragya’s story ..so i hope writers will not change that meaning by adding one more marriage for the lead male… and also, Abhi is doing this on Pragya’s compulsion only..so after Pragya’s accident he may easily reject it or to make as tensed, these writers can show something like Abhi is keeping his promise to Pragya..so he may go ahead with this marriage part..but in that case, i think Pragya will come in the end to stop… 🙂

      But , still since CVS can do anything…so we will wait and see Priya 🙂

    • chithu

      and Priya , Tanu was telling she is going to Abhi;s name to someone else’s baby by seeing Abhi’s photo..

  15. TINA

    Frnds my guess nikik is going to accident pragya bcos he know abhi love pragya morethan tanu . If pragya get accident means the marriage stop automattically…

    • chithu

      if marriage stops because of that then good Tina 🙂 but now the situation is entirely different .. we will hope for the best and see what CVS has for us…

  16. jai

    Wat d hell s tat?pragya meet wit accident n memory loss ah… Then she ll forget abi proposal also.thirumbavam mudhala irundha.aiyooooooo sami mudila

  17. sharmi

    OMG, if I don’t love someone, no way in hell will I marry to please other people or society. There are worst things in this world than fathering a child out of wedlock (not even his). They need Jerry Springer to dig out the truth lol. How dare Pragya force Abhi to marry Tanu. Even if he was the father, he doesn’t have to marry her. If she had really cared so much for her character, she wouldn’t have slept with a married man. They need to teach people like those girls a lesson in life. Abhi should keep his marriage with Pragya and still give the baby his name…Tanu can go to Switzerland or some other far place and have the baby and give it to them if she cares so much about her name being tarnishing, what a withch. No one in India will be the wiser…

  18. priya

    Show some cleverness or knowledge to pragya at least as a lecturer. Pragya is shown as easily getting fooled character.she must realize the time from when her husband started loving her and the time from when tanu is pregnant. True love should think about it and have belief in her husband instead of having belief in some person who always does evil things and do harm to her. The most worst thing is that though she(pragya) herself,has crossed many evil things done by tanu to pragya to attain abhi, pragya is shown as such a fool to believe in tanu instead of believing her husband.

  19. Sneha

    the confession part today was superb today!!!! i really want more of abhigya’s scenes together…. i saw the new promo but i dont think pragya will have any memory loss instead this cn be used as a weapon against the evil ladies here. the only thing i dont understand is that why abhi was angry??? till now, they have never done a good use of nikhil but i guess for now the critical time will start with tabhi marriage track, he will certainly use his brain. also the divorce will not happen—and even if they show such drama, the reality will be that they signed but not sent the papers to court so still married…….plus, i want to mention that though pragya is shown as the dumbest wife now, but she will be the one to bring the biggest twist during tabhi’s marriage and get her husband….we sud not forget that her kumkum has abhi’s name on it so even destiny conspires to get them together………FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

  20. shael

    Sona chandi kapde paisa dekha h daan me detey hai log an serial walo ne pati ( husband) daan bhi start ker diya

  21. sana

    Today episode is nice. Please end that tanu and aaliya drama quickly asap.both this villis are creating problems in pragbul life.andmore than 300 episodes are 2 triangle love story problem. Please change something new in story.

  22. I think I stop watching kkb.I can’t see this anymore how the evil peoples always win and the good ones are suffering so much.I can take it anymore.miss ekta your are not a good example.good luck all of you guys and friends.love you

  23. vins

    Ekta Kapoor is just an ass! Her thinking is very western and she drags her shows…all of them she ever did with stupid drama…Gosh put the leads together plz! One drama after another. You have made Pragya’s character strong yet so weak. Strong tro shoulder and think of everybody else and weak where she can’t stand up and say- He is my husband, eff off biatch! I’ll slap ur dumb ass Tanu! Aliyah is another crook and for God sake, RAJ? Of all ppl, that lame character? Come on…Nikhil in his never ending sentences plays the sneaky character better.

  24. Dumb characters, dumb show. Stupid writers. So pls end this crap nw…. Its stinkier than shit… And Ekta, I wonder how many husbands would you have in your real life!!!!!!????? As you have such a dirty mind. ???

  25. sanjana

    Oh please, start a new problem, dont drag the same problem for too long, Let Abhi know Alia and Tanus truth s of now. Then take 6 months and let him know Raj Truth, then take one year and then get Bulbul married 😀 lol

  26. sheetha

    plz any one tel me what pragya said at the first scene for that abi also said i m sorry… i dont understand that plz any one tel me

  27. liza

    No woman in this world is such a stupid to give up such a husband. Even if he does mistakes.Damn.

  28. I was watching this when pragya made that foolish comment I tune in to life ok boring why Indian serials have wicked people wining Aaliyah etc boring

  29. rrr

    Ayo ,director is stupid…y he separate all the guys..i thoudgt he divorced his wife…so nly…intha serial la yarukum mrge aagatha…purab n bulbul,purab n aaliya,bulbul n suresh,bulbul n neil,tanu n nikkil,tanu n abhi…elarumae waste…better abhi married tanu…kill pragya..n end this serial

  30. Guys today I saw SBB serial express online. It was from it’s yesterday’s episode. They have showed a segment where pragya is leaving mehra house with sarla maa and bulbul. They get to know about whole matter and tanu’s pregnancy so they came to take pragya along with them. Sarla maa was looking very angry, upset and disappointed with abhi. Tanu was happy and smiling with smirk. Pragya meets with all family members one by one before going. Dadi, dasi, abhi all were crying very much along with pragya. Pragya was consoling dadi by hugging her and wipes her tears. After that pragya goes on with sarla maa and bulbul with heavy heart. Reporter says that all r sad fro pragya’s leaving but only tanu is happy becoz her plan is succeed and abhi pragya r going to far from each other. But tanu’s happiness will not remain long becoz soon her truth will come out and abhi pragya will live together once again.

  31. farida uttan

    Pragya needs to go with reality – no person offers her husband to another woman even in the name of humanit. Change this stupid storyline immediately. Tanu is a cunning womaan

  32. rose

    Kola veri yethranga ppa…in one part it’s nice to see them (abhigya) confessed each other. But soon.. our happiness is destroyed. Konja neram viewers ah santhosa pada viteengala.pavigala. .?..Tanu…. irritating. ..

  33. chithu

    Nikki…Got to see the SBB segment where Pragya is leaving Mehra Mansion… 🙂

    But, I think Abhi could have done something… anyway he has no other option than marrying Tanu now..but he could have insisted Pragya also to marry someone..though she is not accepting..he could have tried once again as now Dadi and everyone knows this matter… how can he let Pragya leave like that, provided she has nothing for her future life… i mean her life is almost done… so he could have tried something..though Pragya accepting or not second…it seems like he wanted to be in safer side by without letting this Tanu’s truth out…

    • But chithu I think this time tanu herself will stop pragya till her marriage with abhi. I think she will evilly think to more torched pragya by showing her wedding with abhi so he will insist pragya to don’t leave and stop for her marriage. I think she will pretending and do the drama to being thankful to pragya for supporting her in this marriage so she becomes gud in abhi and dadi’s eyes. So as we know our great pragya will not leave. Then the promo things will happen eventually.

    • But as u say abhi will force pragya to do another marriage, I don’t think so it will happen becoz abhi already have been tried it but pragya refused clearly and now when he knows that pragya loves him too so she will not happy with someone else. He could Aldo not happy by marry with tanu but he is forced to do for that baby to completing his responsibility. But pragya have not any pressure so he will not tell him to do second marriage becoz hr knows that pragya’s life will b spoiled once again and someone else’s too.

      • Chithu one more thing which I have noticed in SBB segment that in a scene pragya’s mangalsutra stucks in abhi’s t-shirtt, before leaving. I think Cvs have given us another hint by this that abhi and pragya’s marriage will not break, it can’t break becoz it’s their kumkumbhagya decided by their fate. So some kind of a hope develop by this in me now.

      • Priya $

        Nikki u noticed tat once pragya leaving Mehra house Atlast abhi wiped his tears and started to move towards pragya. U noticed that. And one more thing in promo it’s raaj r Nikil.

  34. Now I m very much confused from the promo. There r a lots of questions in my mind for promo, the previous episodes and upcoming episodes. My question is starting from confession thing if cvs wants tabhi’s marriage happen then what’s the need of this confession and if they don’t want tabhi ‘s marriage then what’s the need of accident? Promo is a biggest question in itself, it’s atmosphere, it scenes, happenings and surroundings, all r raising questions. First confusion and question is how will pragya get to know tanu, aaliya and raaj’s truth at the same time! Second question is when according from SBB segment pragya r leaving mehra house with sarla maa then what is she doing in mehra house in promo? Then pragya was with her mangulsutra and sindoor and tanu was in bridal wear in promo, even aaliya too was dressed for wedding function. If pragya was with her mangalsutra and sindoor then it means abhigya’s divorce is not happen and if divorce is not happen then how could marriage happen? I know they have not shown marriage but a promo with marriage atmosphere so how could they moves with marriage thing? Why was abhi looks angry in promo and move out by leaving in his car?,when he is ready to do this marriage for pragya. And how he could not listen pragya’s voice behind him when she was shouting even after her accident, she shouted in a loud voice but abhi didn’t listen. And at last a big, big question is why this dragging still even after 3 months track and now we r in 4th month of this track? Why cvs r not moving with another track? Lots of question r roaming but we have no definet answer of any question. Did anyone of u have guys?

    • chithu

      No Nikki..same Questions here also 🙂 but have few thoughts 🙂
      Abhi does not seem like avoiding Pragya..he was angry and didn’t actually seem to hear her voice… only thing we can hope is this marriage will not happen at any cost…but Nikki..i think Abhi will reject this marriage after this accident and he will be even ready to lose his career and reputation i think… and Aaliya will be using this Tanu’s truth to defame Abhi and Tanu will reveal the truth by herself once Abhi lose everything… may be becoz of that, they had this confession part earlier…i mean if Abhi confesses after loosing all, it will not be good..means Pragya will think only after loosing everything he came to her and now Abhi will also come to know that Pragya is the only one who is with her inspite of his name or fame… but now, since both of them have already confessed, as everything is cleared out.. they will be together once Pragya is ok and after that the story will be moving like how Abhi is going to get his name and other things back with the help of Pragya….

      • Chithu even I m thinking the same just like u. It should b the logical possibilities of this accident sequence and use. And one more thing chithu that I think cvs wants to developed faith for god in abhi’s heart which he never had, by this track. I think when pragya will fight for her life then abhi will pray for her to god then after his prayers pragya will b fine and everything will b fine in his life just like before.

      • chithu

        but onething v should accept yaaar..the writers of the show are really good..though dragging, they know how to hold the TRP yet..they are introducing something interesting in the mid of the track and hold the viewers..now in this pregnancy track itself we had Bulbul marriage, Aaliya’s exposure, Abhi’s confession, Raj turning negative..now above all this Pragya’s accident…….. great…

        but guys , do we have similar story in Meri Aasiqui Tum Se Hi also?? am not watching that show..but just a glimpse sterday…there also i saw some pregnant girl with similar misunderstanding ….

  35. And like SBB people said that tanu’s truth will come soon. So I just want to know how and when? When pragya is going to face accident before telling the truth. I m listening this from the day one if this pregnancy track that soon tanu’s truth will come out but still not out. So when it soon will come?

  36. sanchu

    This is so bad!!!! When Abhi was actually torturing Pragya being mean to her.. His family her family everybody loved Abhi and now when he has done nothing and really loves Pragya everybody has made him the bad guy and are angry with him… This is so ridiculous… does it mean that if you are bad mean and just pose as good person then all are happy but when you actually become a good person all misunderstand you and are upset with you…Pragya MMS track was better as Abhi realized that Pragya cannot do such a thing and started finding ways to prove her innocence.. here when Pragya only has misunderstood Abhi what can others do..

    They just show some good moments in between so that the viewers watch.. and we all love Abhigya so much that we are just watching for those moments..

  37. chaithu

    Very happy to see both together. But please take story without separating them.. The love ❤ shown between them was so cute..

  38. sanchu

    The dresses worn in the promo where Pragya stops tabhi’s engagement was totally different from the actual scene when Pragya stopped tabhi’s engagement.. So I think this accident promo is also like that where its just a hint for the viewers that Pragya will get to know the truth b4 tabhi’s marriage…

    I dont know after that how they will drag there are soo many ways.. I knw whatever we think cvs will completely do something different and shock us or surprise us.. but its still nice to hope for what we want to see..

    1) Abhi sees Pragy’s accident in the side mirror and takes Pragya to hospital.. Pragya loses her memory and Abhi is totally tensed and worried and postpone’s the marriage and they get close all over again… then I dont knw how the truth will come out..
    2) Abhi sees Pragya’s accident and takes her to hospital.. Pragya pretends that she has lost her memory just to buy sometime as according to the promo she just knows that abhi is not the father but she doesnt know who is the father so she might take sometime to expose tanu.. ( but this track is already running in MATSH so doubtful that they wud do the same here)
    3) Abhi doesnt see Pragya’s accident and he goes ahead with the marriage thinking tat’s wat Pragya wants and end moment Pragya comes and stops the marriage…
    What do you guys think… ?

  39. chithu

    ha ha..in someother latest update forums like Tele BUZZ..they have put Pragya will be dead… that is too bad yaar.. atleast we are thinking about memory loss…

    • Priya $

      Really oh noo is too bad. But surely abhi only going to stop the marriage. Y u know surely pragya won’t come and stop the marriage. I think u ppl saw the the promo it’s not a simple accident. So surely something ll happen badly to pragya. But like rachna’s pregnancy writer may bring pragya to stop the marriage. They have tat spl powers too.

      • chithu

        yes Priya 🙂 i think we will get to see this Pragya leaving Mehra Mansion part today… and per promo, she should be in the Mehra mansion..so we will see who is going to stop her..Abhi or Dadi or Tanu… i hope Sarla Ma won’t accept that…

  40. Guys today on sbb, they have showed same segment of yesterday’s ptagya leaving the house but they included that in a scene pragya’s mangalsutra will stuck in abhi’s T-shirt. They said it means pragya will b back soon becoz soon tanu’s truth is going to reveal then abhi pragya will b together. They r saying this very confidently and surely guys.

  41. chithu

    Nikki.. we were thinking that how Pragya comes to know both Tanu’s and Aaliya’s truth on same day rite… just now read some update.. in that, they have mentioned like.. after knowing Tanu;s truth..Pragya will think of taking Aaliya’s help to know the complete truth about Tanu and prove the same to all…but there she will get to know Aaliya/Raj’s truth…

  42. Guys just read tellyreviews spoiler. They r saying that pragya will meet an accident by one of her enemy and will b unable to reveal the truth from abhi at that time but after sometimes tanu will b exposed because pragya will make a grand come back in abhi’s life.

    • chithu

      couldn’t get Nikki….unable to reveal the truth to Abhi?? will she reveal before marriage Nikki?? 🙂 🙂

      • Chithu they r saying that the track will get positive after sometimes of pragya’s accident. Tanu will b expose soon and pragya will make grand entry back in abhi’s life. But chithu they haven’t mentioned it that it will before marriage or after? Or marriage will happen or not? It is also unrevealed yet. Just wait for further updates.

      • chithu

        hmm..yes Nikki..but am sure that this marriage will not happen 🙂 otherwise it will be more dragging and they have to keep Abhi-Pragya separate for some more time which may affect the TRP..so they ll not definitely take that risk… we will see..

  43. nandhini

    Pragya ‘s accident and truth revelations to bring new twists in KumKum Bhagya


    Recently Pragya and Abhi have confessed to feelings to each other, when Abhi takes her to beautifully decorated place with artficial moon set up. Abhi gets on cloud nine after Pragya tells him I love you, but his happiness is short lived as Pragya gives him promise to marry Tanu and convinced Dadi for her approval. Pragya takes Abhi to Dadi and declares to her that she wants her husband to marry Tanu and she is giving her approval being his wife. Dadi gets shattered and tells that she will inform her decision tomorrow. Pragya packs her bags and decides to leave just as Dadi announces her decision. In the morning, she goes and brings Tanu before Dadi takes her decision. Dadi being helpless announces Tanu and Abhi’s marriage. Tanu gets happy while Pragya leaves the house teary eyed. Aaliya knows the secret that Tanu is carrying Nikhil’s baby and decides to help Tanu to take revenge from Abhi. She thinks it will be a big punishment for Abhi to be separated from Pragya and gives his name to someone else baby. She decides to make Nikhil go from there so that Tanu marries Abhi smoothly.
    Later, Pragya sees Tanu saying the truth of not carrying Abhi’s baby and marrying him as per his plan. She gets shocked and also gets to hear Aaliya’s plan of ruining Abhi. She says she has to expose Tanu and Aaliya’s truth to Abhi, as they both are backstabbing Abhi. She sees Abhi leaving in his car and rushes to stop him, to tell him about the truth. Another car hits Pragya and she meets with an accident. Who is responsible behind this accident? Will Pragya be able to bring the vamp’s true faces out? Hopefully yes, the track will get positive after some time. Tanu will be getting exposed soon and Pragya will be making a grand entry back in Abhi’s life.

    • The Viewers

      The last sentence reads “AFTER SOME TIME” with this show that could be an entire year. STOP WATCHING NOW!!!!

  44. Dais

    Bas yahi bacha tha ACCIDENT seriously think something better yaar just end this pregnancy drama this draaaaaagggiiinngg is killing me and ur serial also

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.