Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya’c conversation. Pragya says she is Mrs. Abhishek Mehra, and what will be tomorrow. Tanu asks Pragya to serve the food to everyone. Pragya serves food. Tanu asks what is this? Pragya says shahi paneer and palak paneer. Tanu says paneer is less and palak is not fresh and asks her mum if she shall get some other dish made for her. Tanu’s mum says she will manage. Dadi eats the food and says you have magic in your food. Dasi wishes that they get to eat food made by her daily. Abhi asks her to serve dal. Tanu thinks she has taught a good lesson to pragya and she became naukrani from secretary. Pragya is serving dal to Abhi. He says some more, some more…..and have an eye lock with her. Tanu gets upset and asks what is happening here. Pragya drops dal on Abhi’s

clothes mistakenly and tries to clean his tshirt. Tanu stops her and asks her to go and bring sweets. Tanu tries to clean his tshirt. Abhi says I will do and takes tshirt. Tanu is irked.

Dadi asks Tanu’s parents to have food. Dasi says they will have sweets now and taunts them. Tanu thinks I will make you insulted infront of Abhi and makes Pragya fall. Pragya falls and sweets dish falls on Tanu’s mum. Tanu’s mum goes to clean her saree. Tanu scolds Pragya for spoiling her mum’s saree and is about to slap her. Aaliya stops Tanu and holds her hand. She whispers in Tanu’s ears that Abhi got up to rescue Pragya. She asks Pragya to forget about this and bring another sweets dish. A fb is shown, Tanu and Aaliya recall compromising with the table and connecting it to the electricity wires. Tanu tells that she will get electric shock. Aaliya says if she touches it for a min then she will die. Abhi offers to help Pragya. Pragya says she will serve the sweets. Pragya feels current and shouts for help. Abhi holds her and gets current too. Raj switches off the electricity switch.

Pragya faints. Abhi tries to wake her up and gets worried. He takes her to room and asks her to open her eyes. He thinks why she lands up in trouble, asks her to wake up so that they can have dinner together. Pragya gains consciousness and says she is fine. She asks are you fine Abhi says I am fine hearing your voice. He hugs her. Pragya also hugs him.

Tanu and Aaliya are having drink and say cheers to each other. Tanu says it is fun to have her feeling current. Aaliya says I wanted her to get her hairs stand on her head, and then I would have click her pictures. Tanu’s mum comes there. Tanu asks her to celebrate with them. Tanu’s mum says she came to attend her marriage and not to see Pragya’s pain. She says you are celebrating rather than mourning. Aaliya says tomorrow she is going to marry, and asks her to enjoy. Tanu’s mum tells them that they will get 840 volts current now and says when Pragya was feeling current, Abhi was most affected and his feelings have become stronger. Tanu and Aaliya get tensed.

Abhi gives her water. Pragya thanks him. Abhi asks how you are feeling now. Pragya says better. Abhi asks her to tell. Pragya asks what? Abhi asks why did you do servant’s work. Pragya says you have called the guest and says she is worried about his reputation. Abhi asks if she don’t have any self respect. Pragya argues and says I care for you. Abhi asks if she cares him equivalent to love….Pragya looks on. Abhi asks her to tell what is in her heart and says I will tell you then what is my heart. He asks her not to hide that she loves him and says even I love you, I can’t stay without you. Pragya says I love you……………….I love you so much and can’t stay without you. She hugs him. Abhi hugs her.

Abhi asks Pragya if she remembers when she was in cold storage and when her breath stopped. Pragya asks what?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg Last of accept the love….

  2. Hai pratiksha… How is little charm and ur di….

  3. This serial has come to a point that I don’t even feel like dropping any comment.

    1. but u did anyway

  4. Awesome episode I like it

  5. Awesome ya

  6. Is dis also another dream or ? True .. i m sure it’s a dream of abhi

    1. u r rit dis is dream of abhi…

    2. Zaiinu

      It’s imagination of both… But not real..???

    3. Wondering too…

  7. I really hope this is not an imagination, hope this happened for real.

  8. I really hope the last part is not an imagination, hope it happened for real.

  9. Thank you for your fast updates Hasan.

  10. Hav u noticed that there are no telly updates for this soap now, as it is continuously ground hog day

  11. “Today’s episode was just PERPECT”

  12. no i dont think so thats its a dream its real

  13. is it real or a dream

  14. Today episode was good… I hope,hereafter going good like this…moreover once abhi get memory,then it should be interest able.. Pls teach good lesson to aliya and tanu..they both r very cunning and witch ladies

  15. aww cho cheweet awww thats it cho cheweet their lovey dovey moment

  16. I hope is not someone’s dream ooo

  17. How long will this silly merry go around go on for? So tired of it! ! Kindly end the serial.

  18. Loved abhigya…after such a long time got some really passionate love scene of both of them…loved their intensity..hope abhi gets his memory back n kicks dis aliya and tanu out of their lives forever…

  19. This is a dream for sure. Well, let’s see. If it’s nt a dream,dah means we ar moving on….. Hoping for something good.

  20. I hope this shock brings back at least part of his memory. Ahbi has one tough head. The numerous amount of time he got knock on his head yet nothing happened. I hope at least this electric shock does something for him. The last part of the show was the better part. Those ghouls are in for the biggest surprise of their lives if this turns out not to be a dream and they are really expressing their love for each other.
    Let’s wait and see if these writers will surprise us by keeping things positive.

  21. Very nice episode my Favourite show

  22. Guys if it’s true then also no use of it becoz as per according to latest pics, Tabhi’s haldi is happening again. Leena has posted a pic, in which haldi is all over on her hands and face. So guys as I said, this confession won’t change anything until tanu is in the picture and that’s why I have no excitement and happiness regarding this confession. According to me, the time of confession is so wrong. And that’s why i was totally against the confession before throwing tanu out from abhigya’s life. By the latest pics, it is so clear that abhi is still ready to marry with tanu, like always. So guys no any happiness or relaxation we will get until at least the marriage sequence of Tabhi. Till then get ready for more torchers becoz now after this confession, it will get more hard to watch the show with Tabhi’s marriage track. More drama is store for us further.

  23. Supriya sri dayana

    What the hell was happeing, today proposal next day marrage same story from years.

  24. I stopped watching as the series as it is so repetitive the writer or writers does not have a clue anymore and Abhi the main character, his role is that of an idiot, he has nothing in him to see as oh I’d like to be like him. Purab’s should become the lead as his role is far better than Abhi’s

  25. Abhi dreaming..i assure you

  26. I think in this serial all d characters are CHARACTERLESS ONLY…thr is no truth in anyone…. Bullshit story…

    Even I have stopped to watch this serial long back..I m just reading d updates to see any improvement…but as usual it is zero only…

  27. this movie is so annoying. I quit.

  28. Seriously! 815 episodes… it’s now too much! Loss of memory takes a full year or 300 episodes…
    They should allow him to get back his memory… Fade up more and more…

  29. Omg guy! I hope this is really loooooooooool

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