Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Tanu that her plan failed, but not she. Tanu thinks Aaliya was right. She has planned for tonight and thinks to execute Aaliya’s plan. Abhi talks to Purab and says we will play scotch ball and will take out my frustation on it. Just then Tanu comes there and says weather is strange today. Abhi says I thought to go to club……Tanu says I am feeling strange, and want to eat spicy, sweet etc. Abhi says I will ask Robin to cook for you. Tanu says I am going to marry you and not Robin. Abhi says not a bad idea if you marry him. Abhi thinks I have to talk to Pragya. Pragya calls Nikhil, and wonders why is he not picking the call. Nikhil thinks he should pick Pragya’s call and thinks he can’t trust Tanu. He thinks Pragya can be his future being a big fish. He

picks her call. Pragya asks him to meet her at 1 pm for business purpose. Nikhil agrees. Pragya asks him to come home. Abhi comes and asks about the call. Pragya says it was a business call. Abhi asks Pragya to come as Tanu is feeling strange. Pragya refuses and asks him to tell other women of the house. Abhi says they are busy and not at home. Pragya agrees as he argues.

Tanu drinks water…..Pragya asks what is your problem? She asks her not to trouble her with her mental problem. Tanu asks who called you here? Abhi says I can’t understand complicated things and asks them to discuss. Pragya says it happens in pregnancy and asks him to take her out. Tanu says may be I will feel better if I have a fresh air. Abhi says you both have agreed. Abhi asks Tanu to come. Pragya thinks I should concentrate on Nikhil now. Abhi and Tanu come out. Tanu says she is still feeling strange. Abhi says nothing is strange, and asks what is odd about this place. Many people gather there and hears Abhi’s argument. He says a guy’s half life is finished in understanding a woman. He says I would have controlled my fatherly feelings that day. Tanu says she wants to have kulfi icecream.

Abhi thinks Pragya asked me to take her out. Tanu gets a kulfi. Abhi gives him card. Icecream vendor asks for cash. Abhi gives 1000 rs. He asks for change and asks him to get it from icecream parlour. Abhi gets icecream for poor kids. He recalls seeing Pragya for the first time with needy kids. He thinks Pragya might be torturing him this way.

Purab tells Pragya that Nikhil is telling everyone that Abhi’s all contracts is with him, and is finding short cuts to earn quick money. Pragya says Nikhil is thinking Tanu will marry him and his destiny will change. She says we will offer a good post in our company, and he might think to takeover our company, might think he will become financial independent and might give statement against Tanu.

Tanu calls Aaliya and asks her to start the plan. She sees car there and signs the driver. He starts the car and is about to hit Tanu, but Aaliya saves her as per the plan. Abhi rushes to Tanu and asks if she is fine? Tanu asks him to see the woman who have saved her. Abhi is shocked to see Aaliya. Rachna tells Dadi that it is easy to make Nikhil speak the rather than Tanu. Mitali hears them. Rachna catches her red handed. Dadi says we would have brought gold zari dupatta for her. Mitali gets happy. Rachna says we will give you, but tell what you have heard. Mitali says she didn’t hear anything. Dadi says now you can’t get anything. Dadi scolds her. Mitali thinks there is some connection of Pragya, Tanu and Nikhil.

Doctor tells Tanu that Aaliya will be fine even though she has fractured and internal injury in her feet. Abhi says he is going to pay the bills. Tanu stops him and says Aaliya will come with us to our home. She emotionally blackmails him, and says your baby and I are alive because of her. She asks if your ego is more than me. Aaliya is tensed. Tanu says it seems you are not happy seeing me fine, and asks him to keep Aaliya in the house. Abhi says that house is not mine, but of Pragya. Tanu says okay, I will take her home, and asks him to decide on whose side is he? Tanu tells Aaliya that her plan worked. Aaliya says Pragya will feel slap on her face and smiles looking at her.

Nikhil comes to Sarla’s room. Sarla kicks him with her leg. Nikhil falls on door. Pragya and Purab come there and looks at Nikhil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hope tanu will catch fast…

  2. I was thinking guys what if Nikhil starts flirting with Pragya as Pratiksha said and Pragya also become aware of it and then she plans marriage of them both tabhi and prakhil and at the moment brides get interchange tanu go with nikhil and pragya with Abhi then she blabbers all the truth fuming in anger of losing herself from Pragya what say guys ??????

  3. if anyone can give the mening of fuggi?

  4. if mithali involved in spying.in case she found the truth of takhil ,i predict that she will not unveil to abhi.she is selfish and money minded she will only think about her profit.if she tells truth to abhi then she will not get any profit.she will only think to earn from the secret.so she will claim money to team taaliya to zip up her mouth.only in case if she finds the truth of takhil.i think they r going to drag more and more.pragya didn’t even deal tanu now queen of conspiracy aliya is coming to mm.i think we should hav more and more patience to watch this show ahead.

  5. nikhil will never flirt with pragya becoz as he somewhat loves tanu.he knows that pragya is old pragya who loves abhi so much.in case if he doesn’t know the truth of pragya ,he will try to flatter her for money.now he knows pragya will never flatter.in case she flatters he will know that pragya is trying to trap him.so this could not be possible.i hav just conveyed my thoughts.

    1. Ya karthika I know he can’t but abhi can misunderstand it na. How he was asking about the call from pragya, his possiveness was shown behind his questions. That’s what I m trying to say if nikhil’s business relationship with pragya and their meetings put effects on abhi then we will see our possessive and jealous abhi which I want to see. Then it will b fun.?? but let’s see what CVS will show. They never keeps us happy for long.?

    2. wow… karthika and pratiksha u both genius…. i didnt thnk in this way… it ll be awesome to c posseiveness on abhi…. and the storyline also ll be good… prgya can easily make him say the truth… by this way….

    3. Yeah Karthika I agree with u, Nikhil may not flirt with Pragya, but as Pratiksha mentioned about yday episode call thing, Abhi is quite possessive about Pragya. Though he would never confess that we saw it during the killer Vijay’s stay in MM.

      But luckily for Abhi, Pragya never tries to make him jealous, she never tries to fake affection for anyone also. She only thinks about Abhi every single moment. And with Nikhil she will never try to even fake anything, as she will want Abhi to doubt about Tanu n Nikhil only.

      Pratiksha, for all such reasons, I enjoyed yday episode a lot, though I expected that it would be boring now with another failed plan from Pragya. But all thru the episode, Abhi rocked really. He trying to escape from Tanu, getting jealous of Pragya, that speech on road, or response for Aaliya getting hurt, all were too good.

  6. Guys can anyone plss give me the episode no in which before pragya’s makeover abhi by mistake breaks the nail polish bottle of pragya and tries to clean it with a pillow …. it was a very funny episode …. i guess in that abhi was wearing a whit shirt and pragya a blue suit… in that epi pragya even buttons abhi’s shirt becoz abhi buttoned them wrong… plss guys anybody say that epi no i want 2 watch that

    1. 219 or around .

  7. now taliya will spoil pragyas name by telling that she has affair with nikhil

  8. Soo boring

  9. Its very boring guys.abhigya was in tanu’s Maya so he can’t able to know the truth.why pragya’s plans are getting failed.Bulbul is alive or not?

  10. ya pratiksha u r right.if pragya meets nikhil for official work abhi will feel jealous.by that way abhi’s possessiveness for pragya will increase.we will also hav some fun.

  11. Dragggggiiinnnggg

  12. Wow I love this serial

  13. Ridiculas

  14. Hmm…

  15. Who is the hell CVS is

  16. I will kill that cvs

  17. What can we do

  18. I will talk to ekta mam just joking

  19. BTW nice show only

  20. What to do

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