Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Tanu that her plan failed, but not she. Tanu thinks Aaliya was right. She has planned for tonight and thinks to execute Aaliya’s plan. Abhi talks to Purab and says we will play scotch ball and will take out my frustation on it. Just then Tanu comes there and says weather is strange today. Abhi says I thought to go to club……Tanu says I am feeling strange, and want to eat spicy, sweet etc. Abhi says I will ask Robin to cook for you. Tanu says I am going to marry you and not Robin. Abhi says not a bad idea if you marry him. Abhi thinks I have to talk to Pragya. Pragya calls Nikhil, and wonders why is he not picking the call. Nikhil thinks he should pick Pragya’s call and thinks he can’t trust Tanu. He thinks Pragya can be his future being a big fish. He

picks her call. Pragya asks him to meet her at 1 pm for business purpose. Nikhil agrees. Pragya asks him to come home. Abhi comes and asks about the call. Pragya says it was a business call. Abhi asks Pragya to come as Tanu is feeling strange. Pragya refuses and asks him to tell other women of the house. Abhi says they are busy and not at home. Pragya agrees as he argues.

Tanu drinks water…..Pragya asks what is your problem? She asks her not to trouble her with her mental problem. Tanu asks who called you here? Abhi says I can’t understand complicated things and asks them to discuss. Pragya says it happens in pregnancy and asks him to take her out. Tanu says may be I will feel better if I have a fresh air. Abhi says you both have agreed. Abhi asks Tanu to come. Pragya thinks I should concentrate on Nikhil now. Abhi and Tanu come out. Tanu says she is still feeling strange. Abhi says nothing is strange, and asks what is odd about this place. Many people gather there and hears Abhi’s argument. He says a guy’s half life is finished in understanding a woman. He says I would have controlled my fatherly feelings that day. Tanu says she wants to have kulfi icecream.

Abhi thinks Pragya asked me to take her out. Tanu gets a kulfi. Abhi gives him card. Icecream vendor asks for cash. Abhi gives 1000 rs. He asks for change and asks him to get it from icecream parlour. Abhi gets icecream for poor kids. He recalls seeing Pragya for the first time with needy kids. He thinks Pragya might be torturing him this way.

Purab tells Pragya that Nikhil is telling everyone that Abhi’s all contracts is with him, and is finding short cuts to earn quick money. Pragya says Nikhil is thinking Tanu will marry him and his destiny will change. She says we will offer a good post in our company, and he might think to takeover our company, might think he will become financial independent and might give statement against Tanu.

Tanu calls Aaliya and asks her to start the plan. She sees car there and signs the driver. He starts the car and is about to hit Tanu, but Aaliya saves her as per the plan. Abhi rushes to Tanu and asks if she is fine? Tanu asks him to see the woman who have saved her. Abhi is shocked to see Aaliya. Rachna tells Dadi that it is easy to make Nikhil speak the rather than Tanu. Mitali hears them. Rachna catches her red handed. Dadi says we would have brought gold zari dupatta for her. Mitali gets happy. Rachna says we will give you, but tell what you have heard. Mitali says she didn’t hear anything. Dadi says now you can’t get anything. Dadi scolds her. Mitali thinks there is some connection of Pragya, Tanu and Nikhil.

Doctor tells Tanu that Aaliya will be fine even though she has fractured and internal injury in her feet. Abhi says he is going to pay the bills. Tanu stops him and says Aaliya will come with us to our home. She emotionally blackmails him, and says your baby and I are alive because of her. She asks if your ego is more than me. Aaliya is tensed. Tanu says it seems you are not happy seeing me fine, and asks him to keep Aaliya in the house. Abhi says that house is not mine, but of Pragya. Tanu says okay, I will take her home, and asks him to decide on whose side is he? Tanu tells Aaliya that her plan worked. Aaliya says Pragya will feel slap on her face and smiles looking at her.

Nikhil comes to Sarla’s room. Sarla kicks him with her leg. Nikhil falls on door. Pragya and Purab come there and looks at Nikhil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Reji

    Today’s episode was not bad but it will be very nice if the plan has worked out.. . Actually abhi has become more emotional and doesn’t know Wat he is doing.???? Abhi is hero and a rockstar ? yaar… At first abhi will not be emotional but now after pragya had entered into his life he realise about other’s feelings but this weakness taaliya are taking advantage…. And I think pragya’s next plan will work out… As nikhil is leaving tanu to only get money from abhi..but if he has a good rich settled life he will go against tanu as now he has money but that time Wat will tanu do?? But if this plan work out??nikhil will blurt out the truth to pragya ….

  2. shabana.(abhi is love of my life)

    not nice episode but abhi looks very dashing…….i love u abhi..

  3. Fowziya

    Again useless crap, as said already dragging to the core. Hey CVS i wanna remind u one thing Tanu is pregnant since one year oh come on end this bullshit crap or otherwise end this serial !! It was my one of the favourite serial(still) but with ur level of lousy am getting bored day by day ?????! EKTA KAPOOR why dont u understand ? U are irritating us bye this drag.

  4. so much dragging yaar we are getting bored now same merry go round story this aliya always win whyyyyyyyy guys!!!!!!

  5. tanu is pregnant for about more Dan 13 months maybe ,same story line everyday instead of getting entertained we are getting bored wid dis merry go round yaaar

  6. shobana

    Precap was superb
    Sarla ma is recovering. But if Pragya gives job to Nikhil means his presence will be more in Mehra house. So he might try to kill sarla ma again and again.
    Since sarla ma is recovering fast, it is clear that Tanu is going to be exposed.
    If Pragya’s plan (trapping Nikhil) fails also sarla ma is there
    Alia , if she comes back Mehra house then it will be more difficult for Pragya . How many villan she will handle. Tanu and co members are less than Pragya and co. But Tanu and co brain power is high than Pragya and co .
    Sarla needs a get well soon

    • karthika

      hi shobana sis.u r right.if sarla recovers it will be silver lining for pragya.takhil’s team will get overwhelmed when they come to know that dadi is also pragya’s their team.

  7. shobana

    I’ve a doubt in which mobile Pragya was speaking today????
    Today they have shown us that Nikhil is not aft Tanu but he is aft money

    • paakhi

      You are right shobana it’s strange i thought nikhil was after tanu and he had nothing to do with her money! Confusing! And well said tanu and co brain power is more than pragya and co 😛 lol

  8. Now it is really confusing how tanu will get exposed. … …is it through sarala or pragya ir abhi…….now they are showing nikhil is after money how illogical earlier he denied tanu’s 2crore hust claiming for love.. ….. now he is doing for money how illogical

  9. razia

    Feels gud nikhil is behind money .. N he doesn truly loves tanu .. Tat sounds gud .. If he is trapped vl he really blurt out things ?

  10. karthika

    nice episode.especially abhi’s dialogues on road was nice.but alia is coming into mm in mission of destroying pragya and abhi.now pragya hav to fight with two vamps.alia will not let pragya even to execute her plan successfully.now they will draggggggggggggggggg.it’s really annoying…i think nikhil will be traped in pragya’s conspiracy.nice kick of sarla maa to nikhil.

  11. karthika

    nice episode.but aliya reentry will make pragya’s plan tough to execute successfully.two vamps had joined their hands in the mission desyroying pragya.

  12. Sahithi

    Episode was good. Better than expected.

    Nikhil is the new physiotherapist 😀 😀
    He is helping Sarla get back in health.

    Of course Nikhil wanted money that’s why he wanted Tanu to marry Abhi but come back with Abhi’s property. Now money won’t be the main discussion point. Friction between Tanu n Nikhil might start if Nikhil gets involved in this company.

    Tanu was manipulating Nikhil from starting and she wouldn’t want him to be around or work with Pragya. Till now Tanu n Nikhil were united, the moment diff crop btw them, it may be advantage of Pragya.

    And writers started showing Abhi character better than last few weeks. He was not emotional or keen on getting Aaliya to MM.
    Now for twists in drama, Pragya may let her in. But that would again make Pragya character look silly if she lets Aaliya in while having Tanu’s headache.

  13. karthika

    abhi dialogue in this episode is like monologue of karthick aryan in pyaar ka punchnama.

  14. ishi

    i think this writer didn’t get story for nxt trap tht’s y he is dragging ths trap for ths long time

  15. Sasha

    Serial is totally a bullshit.. If tanu was really pregnant by this time she would have got baby itself.. U r draggingggggggggg this twist a lotttt.. I am just fed up.. Can’t pragya have one one backup in dadi’s mobile r purab’s mobile r she could not afford a laptop.. Its totally a mess. A simple DNA test is enough.. U r making the viewers fool.. This was my fav serial so I could not stop watching it also.. Bt day by day I am getting upset and angry about this track.. In the mission of exposing these fools pragya lost bulbul, abhi’s love n sarala Aunty’s health n also viewers lol :-p Kindly end this track or end this serial atleast it ll be stand as a gud memory in our heart.. If u r dragging for sure we r going to hate this serial..

  16. Aishwary

    Episode was ok but illogical thing is nikhil loves tanus once tanu gives him a lank at tat time he tells tat he loves her n his baby he want them few months before also he said the dame that she should come back to him but now wat happened to him he is up to money but this is good for pragya if he yraps in her plan n coming to abhi coming to him he is a emotional fool but one thing is good that he always remembering his fuggy it sounds good but a big hurdle for pragya is aliya is going to back in mm n if abhi takes tanu side infront of pragya then she will feel very bad n insulted and the most important thing abhi is dashing n handsome in blue i love u abhi plzzz comeback as our rockstar

  17. reji

    guys if nikhil is after money means atfirst tanu gave a check to nikhil that after getting this he should go away from her……..but that time tore the check into pieces…..that time he said wat do u think tanu u r buying me??…….i will never go away from u …..so if really his motive is on money he can get that money and move away from tanu …..but he didn’t do it …….i can’t understand his motive…….wat is his real motive money or tanu??…..pls tell me guys…

    • shobana

      I think from the beginning itself Nikhil was behind money. He allowed Tanu to marry abhi only because she will get abhi’s property returns back to him with money.
      And when Nikhil comes to know that sarla ma is the blackmailer , before hitting on her head he said to live we need money that’s why I let Tanu to marry abhi and she will be back to with abhi’s property
      And u r right that Nikhil once tore Tanu’s check and even once in hospital also he was very emotional towards his baby .
      But now cvs are showing him he is aft money . Anyways its good only because he will caught in pragya’s trap easily .
      But if alia enters Mehra house she will warn Nikhil that Pragya is trying to him . With that he may become alert and pragya’s might get flop.
      And mithali she has to keep quite . If she ask Tanu or if she blurt what happened in dadi room to alia or Tanu then automatically Tanu will comes to knw that Pragya is trapping Nikhil and Pragya knw Nikhil is her baby dad. Because nowadays Tanu is more brilliant than before and Pragya co

      • Sravs

        Yes, really pragya team should be very careful with mithali ….
        why the team always talk loudly and that to in mehra house itself..
        why do they want to discuss everything again and again..
        let c whether mithali invlovment is helpful to pragya or tanu..
        just we need to wait an watch..:-)

      • Shobhna mitali is half mind.? She can make anyone’s chance, at the same time she can ruined other’s too. Let’s see who will b the lucky one to get chance and who will b the unlucky one who will b ruined.?

      • shobana

        Ya prathiksha mitalli is like cat on the wall
        Don’t know which side she will fall
        But if mitalli comes to knw that Nikhil is Tanu baby’s dad then she will find everything i.e Pragya is acting and dadi rachana also knws abt tanu’s truth
        After knowing the truth which side she will take remains question mark
        And I don’t think that cvs will that much importance to mitalli

    • Reji nikhil is not completely behind money. He just want to settled well in his business carrier. Becoz his company is running in lose since long time as purab told to pragya. So he just want to recover his company from lose and to take his business on heights through abhi’s wealth and fame. That’s why he was always concerned for his relationship with abhi and with his family and company. And that’s why he helped tanu for himself more than her. So he could save his relationship with abhi and with everyone which belongs to him. Tanu alwats manipulated him by saying that he is not rich like abhi and able to make wealth like abhi that’s why she is marrying with abhi to make their future bright. That’s why nikhil let her go to abhi. But when he will get a chance to settled his business and carrier well. Then he will not have any problem. Pragya is the present owner of abhi’s all wealth so definetly he will not let this opportunity go from his hand which could make her future bright. So Sahithi is right. It could go against tanu and in favour of pragya, if nikhil will accepts pragya’s offer. Becoz of it, not only conflict will happen between tanu and nikhil even nikhil could go against tanu as when he will think that he can himself make his carrier and future bright so what’s use of tanu to marry with abhi. Only thing is needed if aaliya do not interfere with tanu in this matter. Which I think, she will not becoz it will b beneficial for her if nikhil will join abhi’s company and pragya, as she could easily find her ways and informations about abhi and his business through nikhil so she could ruined abhi. Well let’s see.

    • Guys I was thinking what if in trying to make his carrier bright, nikhil start making his chance on pragya as he was saying that pragya is a big fish which will if trap then she can make his life and tanu is unbelievable as she can never b anyone’s. So it will not b surprising if nikhil start thinking like this about pragya as she has everything in her hand including abhi. Then it will b fun to watch possessive and jealous abhi if he will smell that. And guys what if aaliya, tanu and nikhil stand against each other becoz from now trio’s aims will b different and trio can do anything to get their aims. Then it will b more interesting to watch villain vs villain. In fact tanu will remain alone becoz her aim is totally different from aaliya and nikhil as aaliya wants to ruin abhi, nikhil wants to get his way if success through abhi and his wealth but tanu wants abhi. If these things happens then it will b very interesting and funny to watch kkb. ?

      • ya u r right pratiksha villain vs villain superb …….and very funny but if mitali smelled the truth means wat will happen becoz as shobana said that mitali is coming around them to know wat is the connection between pragya tanu nikhil ??……do u have any idea that mitali will come to know abt the truth i think she will support pragya because in the holi event she called raj for mitali …..mitali is left her angriness towards pragya ……..and when abhi gave the entry as mumbai ka gabbar he asked to mitali who is event organizer ??at first mitali thought that we shuld not make pragya stuck in this problm after abhi shot the gun she is scared and according to the situation she point her fingers to pragya…….so mitali can change her mood any time ??…….and if said this to taaliya then wat again from the starting point and put next plan

      • shobana

        Ya prathiksha the trio aim is diff and it will be very interesting to watch if conflict occurs among alia Tanu and Nikhil .
        But we cant believe this CVs because they are giving more important to the villian side than the hero side.
        So long everything goes in favour of villian side will it continue now also?? If so Pragya and abhi will not unite soon

  18. Sravs

    aliya and tanu involved in so many crimes but pragy and abhi yet to know this information…
    1. acid attact on bulbul
    2. murder attempt twice on bulbul
    3. abhi and pragya kidnap
    4. aliya involvement with tanu regarding pregnecy

    Director bringing aliya to mehra house again with out exposing all these truths…..
    Hope this time, all these truths also will come out infront of everyone…so that again they will not trust on aliya/tanu later….
    but really..very boring and dragging with same concept…
    they should bring new change…instead of dragging same story in years…

  19. tt

    Oh no y dis pragya shud make this much acting???? though abhi still loves her a lot ??than tanu? though pragya acts like she want only money..whatever she tells now abhi will agree her and he loves her a lot but y these dadi and purab and make waste drama?? if pragya still not telling truth directly to abhi rather than making this much of drama then il only unite abhi and tanu?? ??

  20. Nandu

    I had a feeling though pragya allowed aaliya into MM she would defntly think tanu z behind diz..I think pragya vl allow n c wat aaliya can do …in the mean tym she vl make nikhil think he z financially secure n stable..n aaliya may get CD ..n abhis downfall may start n at dat tym tanu may shw her true colors as nikhil is richer than abhi that tym…so abhi realises wat pragya is trying to say him..n may get his fuggy back..n start new life….wah fr reading its nice..but blo*dy cvs who knows what crap they had for us….other than draaggggggggg..

  21. gowtham

    hi all.. sorry for the late comment…. and i have a doubt on yesterdays episode….. prgya called nikhil from which number?? her phne is missed know?? and pragya is aftr nikhil… to takr him it will take another three months… moreover i was irritated by the repeated scenes…. how many times mitali hears all from outside the door…. and someone opens and mitali fells down.. this is routine and also whenever mitali on the screen either ahe colloids with someone or getting scolded by tayiji…. these and all obviously reflects that hw much they wanna drag the show…. and abhi was good in yesterdays episode.. his speech towards tanu i liked….
    prgaya didnt think about sarla ma’s safety… coz if nikhil involves in business he has to come often to the house…. tjis may be the chance fr him to kill sarla ma right??? lik shown in precap it can happen often…. how can she simply call the person to home who is trying to kill her mom….. i am very sure if tanu and aaliya in same house, its definitely an advantage of prgya…. tanu and aaliya plan aginst each other… coz main motive fr aaliya is to taje revenge on abhi but tanus motive is diff…. so though they are pretending to be frds, they are aginst one another… so its definitely a plus point prgaya.. so nothing to be afraid of taliya…. we have seen many times whn taliya planed aginst prgya it failed… so bringing aaliya in.. is a good thing to pragya….

    • Sahithi

      My assumption – she got a new phone n duplicate sim. After all she is Abhi the rockstar’s boss n biwi.

      But getting Aaliya into MM would be silly for me. Why would u invite n entertain ur enemies, Pragya clearly knows Aaliya can never be of help to anyone other than herself.

      And yes Tanu had the brain to put up a cam in her room. Pragya’s doesn’t for her bedridden mom. Hope after today episode they will show that discussion between Pragya and Purab.

      • If pragya is intelligent enough to guess then she should understand after seeing aaliya with tanu and abhi that she must b up to something or both tanu and aaliya is up to something. Guys do u remember that aaliya already has been tried this trick once before to coming in gud books of purab and bulbul, when she saves bulbul from accident. So if not pragya then atleast purab should remember it and should understand about aaliya’s intentions easily that she did it purposely. Aaliya can’t stay for long or forever in mehra house as no body will allow her becoz she is not trustworthy anymore for anyone and it will b hard for them to trust on her. Specially abhi, pragya, dadi and purab. Aaliya is injured in saving tanu so they can allow her to stay but for some days until she recovers. Pragya will forced to do it becoz aaliya is abhi’s sister. But pragya’s whole concentration is on nikhil, so let’s see if her brain works on time or not? And she gets taaliya’s intentions or not?Nikhil can harm sarla maa only then if he feels that she is recovering and it will b necessary for him to kill sarla maa. But becoz pragya is handling nikhil and her full concentration will b on him so it will b difficult for him to do it and after precap scene, it will b risky and almost impossible for him if he wants to established his carrier and future. So let’s see.

      • gowtham

        actually sahithi… as we all knw even fr vips, fr a replacement of lost sim will be taking time.. minimum one week lik that…. but according to kkb, they wont skip one week juz lik that…. according to them one year is 5 mnth… so hw can she get the new sim with same number?? we can at that night itself she bought new mobile.. and getting new sim is with same lost number is difficult… and i thnk according to kkb, holi comes in every 5 months…

        and pratiksha u said about aaliya.. but i dnt thnk prgaya will have time to think abouy aaliya… coz she is letting abhi with tanu to concentrate on nikhil… so even if aaliya comes i dnt thnk that prgay ll thnk about aaliya… coz she already exposed her.. and she ll thnk no one ll trust aalia.. so she may concentrate on nikhil…. this is wat going to be a minus point ft prgaya coZ wd full concentration on nikhil prgya wont knw wat aalia will do… so she has to have many eyes now…..
        1)on her mother
        2)on tanu and nikhil
        3)on aaliya( may be prgaya doesnt have to coz all does)
        to much of burden of prgya juz to find a proof……..

  22. Sckr

    What an stupid story yar? If both are truely loving then he should believe what pragya says( abt tanus baby secrets). To collect an evidence this much long story ! They are just revolving around same place with single concept.

  23. XYZ

    I was thinking guys what if Nikhil starts flirting with Pragya as Pratiksha said and Pragya also become aware of it and then she plans marriage of them both tabhi and prakhil and at the moment brides get interchange tanu go with nikhil and pragya with Abhi then she blabbers all the truth fuming in anger of losing herself from Pragya what say guys ??????

  24. karthika

    if mithali involved in spying.in case she found the truth of takhil ,i predict that she will not unveil to abhi.she is selfish and money minded she will only think about her profit.if she tells truth to abhi then she will not get any profit.she will only think to earn from the secret.so she will claim money to team taaliya to zip up her mouth.only in case if she finds the truth of takhil.i think they r going to drag more and more.pragya didn’t even deal tanu now queen of conspiracy aliya is coming to mm.i think we should hav more and more patience to watch this show ahead.

  25. karthika

    nikhil will never flirt with pragya becoz as he somewhat loves tanu.he knows that pragya is old pragya who loves abhi so much.in case if he doesn’t know the truth of pragya ,he will try to flatter her for money.now he knows pragya will never flatter.in case she flatters he will know that pragya is trying to trap him.so this could not be possible.i hav just conveyed my thoughts.

    • Ya karthika I know he can’t but abhi can misunderstand it na. How he was asking about the call from pragya, his possiveness was shown behind his questions. That’s what I m trying to say if nikhil’s business relationship with pragya and their meetings put effects on abhi then we will see our possessive and jealous abhi which I want to see. Then it will b fun.?? but let’s see what CVS will show. They never keeps us happy for long.?

    • gowtham

      wow… karthika and pratiksha u both genius…. i didnt thnk in this way… it ll be awesome to c posseiveness on abhi…. and the storyline also ll be good… prgya can easily make him say the truth… by this way….

    • Sahithi

      Yeah Karthika I agree with u, Nikhil may not flirt with Pragya, but as Pratiksha mentioned about yday episode call thing, Abhi is quite possessive about Pragya. Though he would never confess that we saw it during the killer Vijay’s stay in MM.

      But luckily for Abhi, Pragya never tries to make him jealous, she never tries to fake affection for anyone also. She only thinks about Abhi every single moment. And with Nikhil she will never try to even fake anything, as she will want Abhi to doubt about Tanu n Nikhil only.

      Pratiksha, for all such reasons, I enjoyed yday episode a lot, though I expected that it would be boring now with another failed plan from Pragya. But all thru the episode, Abhi rocked really. He trying to escape from Tanu, getting jealous of Pragya, that speech on road, or response for Aaliya getting hurt, all were too good.

  26. honey

    Guys can anyone plss give me the episode no in which before pragya’s makeover abhi by mistake breaks the nail polish bottle of pragya and tries to clean it with a pillow …. it was a very funny episode …. i guess in that abhi was wearing a whit shirt and pragya a blue suit… in that epi pragya even buttons abhi’s shirt becoz abhi buttoned them wrong… plss guys anybody say that epi no i want 2 watch that

  27. Krish

    Its very boring guys.abhigya was in tanu’s Maya so he can’t able to know the truth.why pragya’s plans are getting failed.Bulbul is alive or not?

  28. karthika

    ya pratiksha u r right.if pragya meets nikhil for official work abhi will feel jealous.by that way abhi’s possessiveness for pragya will increase.we will also hav some fun.

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