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The episode starts with Mitali telling lady guests that Pragya gave mouth to mouth respiration to save Abhi and tells according to her it is a kiss. Ladies say Pragya is very intelligent and romantic. She then makes Tanu jealous with same. Tanu gets irked. Abhi comes down. Ladies surround him and says they heard about his romantic stories. He sees Pragya with guests and drags her to their room.

Purab sees them and thinks why is Abhi taking Pragya up. Bulbul stops him and tells he has forgotten her since his friend has come. He says he is not. She says she has something to tell. He says he knows. She says Pragya kissed Abhi. He asks him to describe herself. She gets shy.


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Abhi takes Pragya to a room and shouts at her why is she doing this. She says what did she tell. He asks her not to act and asks if she did not tell that she kissed him. She gets emotional. He asks yes or no. She says yes. He says why she is ruining his reputation and asks if she wants to garner free publicity by associating her name with his and says it is very cheap publicity and he hates it. Pragya sadly walks out crying. Purab listens to their conversation silently and once Pragya leaves, he asks Abhi why did he scold Pragya unnecessarily. He says Pragya is spreading fake news that he kissed her. Purab says he heard someone else instead of Pragya and did not even give her a chance to explain. He says when he was shot and was dead, Pragya gave him mouth to mouth breathing and brought him back to life. She gave him second life and this party is because of Pragya. Abhi feels guilty.

Tanu stops Pragya and tells Abhi loves only her and Pragya cannot take her place any time. She goes to abhi and hugs him. Abhi does not reciprocatess. She thanks him. He walks out from there. Tanu looks at Pragya and smirks.

Pragya sadly walks towards her room. Bulbul asks where is she going. Pragya says she is not feeling well. Bulbul asks if she asked Abhi. Pragya says no. Bulbul says why did not she tell and says she is forcing her to take a step which she does not want to. She goes in center and asks guests to pay attention. She says as everyone knows this party is in Abhi and Pragya’s honor and calls Abhi near her. Abhi hesitants goes on stage. She says she wants to question him and says it is not a difficult question and says without Pragya she will not question Abhi and asks Pragya to come. Purab thinks bulbul will create a problem and and asks her to stop. She says him something and sends him away. She calls Pragya and asks Abhi if he knows the question or should she ask. Daadis see Abhi and Pragya silent and think something is wrong between them. Pragya tries to walk. Bulbul stops her and says everyone knows jiju dances and sings well and asks Abhi if he would like to dance with his wife Pragya Mehra. Everyone clap for them.

Bulbul pushes Praga towards Abhi to dance. Ishq bulawa jaane kab awe…song..plays in the background. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and dances with her silently. Pragya sees his face and sadly dances. Bulbul while dancing with Purab tells they are behaving as if they are strangers. Purab tells he already told her not to do this, but she did not listen to him. She says she will speak to them. He says there is no need. Abhi and Pragya stop dancing. Everyone clap for them. Pragya leaves,leaving Abhi one stage guilty.

Bulbul takes Purab to a corner and tells him that his friend is behavnig rudely with Pragya. Purab says Abhi is confused as Pragya proposed him. She asks where is confusion in this and says she proposed him and he did not react then.

Abhi speaks to himself and thinks of apologizing Pragya. Tanu sees him going towards room and thinks why is he so tensed. Abhi sees Pragya standing sadly and nervously thinks why he is not getting courage to apologize. He switches off lights to lessen his nervousness.

Precap: Pragya hugs Abhi and says she is feeling guilty that he apologized her and says she nevers feels bad when he says something. Tanu gets jealous seeing them intimate.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hey nice precap….. Cool

    1. Jackie Rose Hargrove


  2. Wen aaliya will be caught do that fast. Don’t pull out like bubble gum.

    1. They are trying to have us forget all about that……

  3. Love the precap

  4. Hope this serial would be more intresting in coming episodes♥♥

    1. Right because the writers are back to the same old Bull S%$#

  5. nice precap .LUV it

  6. Wow awsme i’m waiting f4 2mrw

  7. So cute precap

  8. Just a question- what is so weird or special about a wife kissing her husband that it should be a subject of conversation in a party? Looked pretty superficial as a reason for Abhi to fight with Pragya!

    1. You sound like the only one with some sense!!!! Thank you. Abhi is a Huge Jerk And Pragya should LEAVE him.

      1. Agreed.so what if it’s a kiss and I’m tired of watching pragya praise Abhi like a god when he doesn’t deserve her. He needs to learn a lesson and feel how pragya feels

  9. I don’t see any problem for a wife to kiss her husband abhi is just a fool to be angry

  10. the recap is nyc

  11. Love the precap!!!!! Go abigya… n wat happened to purvi? I hope she wont take revenge

  12. Precaps seem to be cool

  13. Exactly. Why is it a crime if everyone thinks he kissed his wife. After all she is his wife and he is suppose to have had relations with her. Tanu if you’ve ever loved Abhi you would have never agreed to aliyah’s plot from the beginning to have him marry Pragya. Now he belongs to someone else and you have to accept that.

  14. Y must pragya take Abhi’s abuse like this all the time. I love her but she is too weak and needs to end his nonsense. I would walk out on him and let him feel how it is to be without the one u love. Please stop making Pragya take abuse and let her hit Abhi where it hurts the most so he realizes that he can’t live without her!!!!

  15. I hate this precap. Just goes to show that pragya will always be the one on the receiving end in their relationship. Stand up for urself Pragya

  16. Tanu needs to stop being in the people house and find her own!! darn it !! and alliyah ohh she is such a b*t*h, craving after another woman’s man no shame!! Tanu and Alliyah only know to fight for man?? They need to get a grip and do something with their lives!! And why the hell Anbhi taking soo long to realise Pragya’s feelings for him!!!! This is soo getting me mad..I want him to confess he loves her so they can start making babies and make everyone happy.Btw where is Purvi??? that part I hated cause Purvi is such a nice child, b*t*h Aaliyah,cant wait for her to get caught!! And Mr.Corporator, he should run into the hands of the police!!

  17. Cool .. But i want dat aaliya to get caught redhandedly..

  18. booooooring show

  19. I was just thinking… Did Rachana have her baby yet? Abhi and Pragya are going to be celebrating their anniversary and wasnt Rachana pregnant before they got married?!?!

  20. i just love abhi and Pragya the look so romantic together but I just want is that to remove Tanu and aaliya from this drama

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