Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Aaliya about Nikita, his fan and says he is feelings so attracted to her nature. Aaliya says you should maintain distance with him being a rockstar and says some fans are dangerous. She says you are so innocent and gullible. He says I try to maintain distance from here, but the moment she comes near me, I start talking. Abhi says he knows about possessive fans, but once he records the song, then they will not meet again. Aaliya says good night and is about to go. Abhi sings oh my fuggi…oh cookie….Aaliya asks about fuggi in the song. Abhi says I got this catchy word which I am using in my song. Aaliya gets angry and collides with Robin while leaving. She slaps him and goes.

Beeji asks Sarla to bring kheer. Pragya thinks about Abhi….and a fb is shown.

Sanam Re Sanam Re plays………..She gets Aaliya’s call. Pragya thinks why she is calling me and picks her call. Aaliya asks her to come out and meet her within 2 mins, else she will come straight to her house. Pragya comes out to meet Aaliya. Aaliya comes out of car. Pragya asks why did you come here? Aaliya says you are acting even now. She says don’t you remember Doctor or Dadi’s words that you have to be away from Abhi for his betterment. Pragya says that’s why I left that home. Aaliya says you have left home, but when you will leave him. Pragya says my love for him will never end. Aaliya asks why did you come infront of him and meet him. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya says what do you think that I will not know that you met him. She asks her to tell what is she planning about him, or which game is in her mind. Pragya says game? Aaliya says why did you take receptionist job being a teacher. She says you took job in the company where Abhi have done a contract. She says you know what he was doing. Pragya says it is my idea to plotting or planning. Aaliya says you can’t come near him when I am here. Pragya says it was just a mere co incidence.

Aaliya says what about the third time, didn’t you think that you should go infront of him, and says it is planning. She says basically you met him incidently, but then couldn’t be kept away from him. Pragya says I recall what Doctor said, but when he was not affected seeing her, I met him. She says we get happiness from each other. Aaliya says if by chance he remembers you. She says when a third person call you husband and wife then….Pragya says I told wrong name to him, as he couldn’t remember me. She says I know you are scared. Aaliya says I am here as I care about him. Pragya says you are afraid thinking his memory will be back. Aaliya says I really care for him. Pragya says I will not separate from him, even if you tell me. She says you are scared that once he gets his memory then he will know that you have done his accident along with Tanu and Nikhil. She says what he will do with you. She says I will go infront of him, even if he don’t remember me then his heart will beat for me. Aaliya gets angry.

Pragya says he is not having any threat from me, but you. Once he gets his memory then you will be out. Aaliya says I won’t let this happen. You are egoistic about your destiny, but I won’t let you come infront of him until I am here. She sits in car and goes. She thinks she has to do something to make Abhi’s heart stop beating from her. She thinks Tanu can help her and get in his life. She says this is the right time for Tanu’s entry.

Everyone is having breakfast. Abhi says he will eat parathas made by Dasi. Dadi says you are on dieting naa. Abhi says I have become fan of Punjabi food since I had food with Punjabi family. He asks everyone to get ready for party. He asks Raj to tell him if he needs promotion of the company. Aaliya comes and asks Abhi where he is going? Abhi says he is going to love life company. Aaliya says I will handle Mr. Sethi and asks him to come. She takes him from there. Dadi looks on worried. She brings him somewhere and says today I want you to meet NRI producer. She introduces him to Mr. Gulati. Mr. Gulati promotes new show Sanyukt. Aaliya says I know. Gulati asks him to accept international offer. Abhi asks him to talk to Aaliya about him. Aaliya asks Gulati if he is getting photo shoot done. Abhi sees Tanu posing for photo shoot. It was Aaliya’s trick to trap him again with Tanu.

Abhi gives flower to Pragya. Sanam Re plays…………Pragya takes it and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. And the crappie start back….smh thought I cud start back watching as it was going so smoothly so far but I was wrong Aliya and Tanu again will be running the show

  2. ☆Nice episode i am eagerly waiting for tommorrow’s episode and it is very happy to hear that abhi was playing a memory loss drama to take a revenge on tanu and aaliya at the same time he protect the pragya from enemies

    1. But it is not true no??? I think he is not faking memory loss…there are many rumours as to abhi’s memory loss drama…

  3. abhi is looking hot.and a cute loverboy.nowadays I watch serial only for shabir.

  4. what will be abhi’s reaction tommarrow what all r u thinking guys I can’t guess anything

    1. Asmita, I think abhi wont react anything for tanu, since he has already fallen for pragya. Not only that, precap to tells the same. He didn’t give a notice to Tanu that’s why, he is giving rose to Pragya. Lets see what happens today.

    2. The way he reacted to Pragya, like getting lost in her eyes, and the way he explained it to Aaliya yday, looks like he is not recognizing certain faces, but his heart somewhere is hinting about old connections.

      If that is the case, he will behave with Tanu also the way he was before, he never really loved her or was attracted to her.

      But I really liked the way finally Pragya gave it back to Aaliya yday, because of which, Aaliya instead of thinking of getting Pragya fired, is now running back to Tanu to get her back.

      1. This is the record that whenever aliya tried to separate abhigya, they comes more closure with each efforts of aliyaa for separating them. Let’s see what happens in this new story?

      2. Hi ? sahithi, how are you??? Seeing you after days.. Herethen I will be active in this forum ??

      3. Hey Shobana. I am doing good thanks. I watched precap again now and the last scene when Abhi’s expression is shown on seeing Tanu. I was getting this feeling also, like how Pragya was giving him some positive vibes and attracting him, dont be surprised if Tanu gives negative vibes and somehow reminds some past events.

        Like the way he remembered head banging with Pragya n when she asked he said he just knows, we know sometimes he is also not sure how he remembers, but just to cover up, he is saying I know it. Likewise let us see what Tanu will remind him, what if the evils plan backfires and Abhi starts remembering her screeching voice. May be she will start irritating him just by her presence and may be he will find suffocating with memories that he may avoid her.

      4. hai sahithi h r u and happy Ganesh chathurthi

      5. Hey Asmitha, I am doing good thanks. How r u? Happy Ganesh Chathurthi to u too, though a bit late 🙂

      6. Ya sahithi and best part will b when abhi will start comparing tanu with pragya then he will understand that what kind of diamond pragya is and what kind of stone tanu is and he will also realize his feelings for pragya and her place and importance in his life. It will b best way to tolerating tanu in the show,around abhigya. Once abhi will realize his love for pragya then aliya also will again lose her control on abhi. Like this only, taaliya’s plan could failed and could go in pragya’s favour and show could become rocking.

      7. Ha..ha..ha.. It will be superb to watch, if he does like that.. But will his brain work so????

  5. now its giving a feel of intense love story.abhi is looking so hot.

  6. RiyaDcruz

    I’ve a doubt guyzzz where is Nikhil???????

    1. I think he is out of the show, at this moment. Maybe he will be back after abhi regained his memory..

  7. I don’t understand how u gyes think abhi is protecting pragya from enemies through memory loss drama. If he really wants to protect her he should put everyone behind bars and bring pragya home and keep her safe. And I wonder how shamelessly Aliya can tells that she cares for her brother.

  8. i am waiting for pragya to know abhi’s memory loss drama

  9. nice episode.. abhigya are u sure..ki abhi memory loss drama kar raha hea?

    1. Looks like it is real that he lost his memory. Since aliya again planning to keep pragya away from abhi looks like she will try to hurt pragya again but abhi will save her and while saving he will remember everything

  10. Bored of this tanu alia drama

  11. What?! Where did you read this abhigya?

  12. reji is abhi memory loss is fake or real can u plzzz tell me

    1. Your question can be answered only by the CVs . Since everyone is having this doubt.. Till now, I think, abhi is not faking in his memory loss. Because, if he wants to act, he will act infront of all. But what is the need for him to act, when he is alone????? So I think he is not faking. But, he may also fake… Still we have to wait for some more updates to clear this doubt…

      1. shobana I seen some off screen pics of abhigya with fans there dresses r same as in precap both r gd I think we get any olv today but sriti dress was awesome she was looking damn cute her dress combination was nice blue salwar with white dupatta nice and shabir he is too handsome with his attire his looks were awesome kanchi is very lucky yaar

  13. kumkum bhagya

    kuch intresting laao na serial mein current track is very very boring

  14. Hi guys. How r u all? I m back after getting free from my work. I was so much tired, my hands were paining. That’s why I couldn’t comment yesterday also. But now I m fine. Let’s talk about the show. After watching yesterday’s episode, now I got it that why they were not giving any new updates or segments since three- four days becoz they were going to bring tanu in abhi’s life back, which they kept suspense. After watching that wicked, cheap tanu back in abhi’s life, my blood got cold. I don’t want to even discuss about her that how she will take over pragya’s place in abhi’s life or how abhi will treat her? It will b soon to say anything surely. But it is sure that cheap tanu will remain for long for sure. My question is that why on a earth only tanu is left to create rift between abhigya? Is she only girl left on planet? Or others way has been closed? After tolerating her so much since long, I have no more patience to tolerate her again between abhigya as a wall. She nowhere stands in front of pragya. I will never want her as a competition with pragya. At least not after the fall down of her character in that whole pathetic pregnancy track. Aliyaa was OK but tanu is impossible. What CVS r planning? It’s been cheap and pathetic trick to bring another women between two soulmates, all the time. Pragya loves abhi and tanu is behind him becoz his wealth and fame but why only these two girls gets their entry in abhi’s life forever. Pragya is bound with abhi by destiny as his life partner, as his wife but tanu is other girl na, she wants to get a rockstar boyfriend/ husband for enjoying her future. Just like this more girls will too wants abhi then why they brings only tanu in abhi’s life again and again? Abhi is a famous rockstar so from this point of view he could have lots of options much better than tanu, so why only tanu? Why? Why? Why? Same way, same story they r trying to show with bit difference and calls it fresh. Let’s see what freshness and changed they will show in abhi and tanu’s equation.

    1. Hi ? prathiksha… How are you??? Has all the functions are over???
      Yesterday I was really shocked to see Tanu’s entry in abhi’s life… I am thinking about only one thing.. What will happen if the CVs make her pregnant again??? Why I am asking this is because I feel nowadays CVs are very good in recycling… And I also feel that CVs are thinking that, by bringing Tanu in-between abhigya, we are enjoying the show. That’s why they are irritating us like this. I think within this weekend we will come to know that how Tanu is going to enter into abhi’s life..and what she is going to do…
      And yes I too feel that alia is okay when compared to Tanu, but yesterday , I was cant bear alia too. But happy that atlast Pragya gave very good answer to her.

      1. Hi shobhna ? ya I m fine and functions also got finished well. I was too shocked after seeing tanu’s entry in abhi’s life so soon. I was expecting that her entry should b more late. Becoz although abhi has started to feel attraction and connection towards pragya but he doesn’t seems serious for pragya or I can say that he is not in that position, in which abhi keep himself reserve for pragya. He is seeing lots of qualities in her but still he is not considering pragya to give a special personal place in his life, on which he or pragya would have complete right. If in short I will say so abhi is not committed with anyone according to his memory.He thinks himself single. Until pragya doesn’t make a permanent strong place in abhi’s life, the fear of losing Abhi will not remove. May b tanu will unable to put first impressive impact on abhi but she will constantly try with the help of aliya, it is for sure. Becoz aliya too wants to fix abhi with tanu as soon as possible becoz aliya knows very well that once if abhi will get committed with tanu then it will b easier to keep him away from pragya and it will b harder for pragya to get her place in abhi’s life back. Shobhna tanu can’t get pregnant again after her accident, according to her gynecologist but cvs doesn’t go with logics even they doesn’t follow their own story so anything happens but she will always try to get abhi, this is for sure. So it is very necessary for pragya to make her permanent, strong place in abhi’s life becoz if once tanu got chance and she gets succeed in trapping abhi with her then she will again get stick with abhi for another long time and again we have to see same pathetic drama- ” PATI, PATNI OR WO”. Although surely abhi will never fall for tanu becoz of his feelings, attachment and attraction towards pragya but becoz he is a single rockstar according to him so he will not think it bad to date with tanu or another girl until he will not committed with pragya. Another side, aliya is there to push and manipulate abhi and abhi listens her and agrees with her so it gets more problematic for pragya to save abhi from tanu. Purab could help her becoz after aliya and dadi, only purab can control abhi and his mind and heart through his friendly suggestions but pragya did mistake by hiding about her meetings with abhi from him. Dadi has been accepted her defeat Infront of taaliya becoz of abhi’s health issues. So for now, abhi’s total control only in aliyaa’s hands and she can turn abhi at any direction as she wants. Although abhi has been attached and attracted with pragya already but until he will not committed with her by a strong relationship as lovers or as husband/wife, till then abhigya’s relationship is unsafe. My problem is tanu. Her character should finish or vanish like nikhil and corporator from the show after irritating us a lot. And cvs should choose another face or way for further story for thus new starting but they r again going to bring only tanu, this is irritating and troubling me more. I was never wished to see her again between abhigya after such a long pathetic pregnancy track but looks like cvs have no other best option better than tanu’s character for the show. All the actors will leave the shiw and all the characters will get finished even mains too but not thus tanu’s character, how amazing is this? Cvs thinking r beyond of our thoughts that what they thinks and what they wants? Tanu will never get pragya’s place in abhi’s life but she will remain in the show forever only for irritate us. That’s it.

      2. Exactly prathiksha as of now abhi is not committed with Pragya or someone else. What I feel is whenever Tanu is trying to attract abhi , he will get attached Pragya.. ??. If she gets closer to abhi means, his thoughts will be on Pragya. If this happens, it will be good to watch. As of now, Pragya is not a special one in his life. But I feel, once Tanu entered in his life, he will start to feel for Pragya…and Tanu will get irked.
        And ya, Pragya has done a mistake by hiding her meeting with abhi.. Its her nature, she will always hide things from her closed ones or teammate..
        In other shows and all mostly one gets villain role for short period after that they are changing the track as well as the cast. But in our kkb only, if they change the track also cast are remaining the same. So Tanu will be part of the show till kkb goes off air ☹☹ . We have to bear her screeching. Still now after abhi’s ML, she didn’t screech.. But she will start it, once when she comes to know that Pragya has met abhi before her. We have to get ready to bear it ☹☹

    2. hai pratiksha completed u r work happy Ganesh chathurthi and s even me to thinking same what is the need to bring tanu again aaliya is enough to keep distance bwn abhigya this CVS really don’t have mind

  15. yaaa pratiksha.. don’t know what cvs want to show us…but i think now abhi will not give any attention to tanu.. because in precap he was with pragya again…i dnt want that tanu again in abhis life yaar

  16. Uhhhhh… The devil monkey donkey ghoast came again… I can’t tolerate her face even for a milli second. OMG, OMG,OMG….. I feel I want to slap the witch tanu billion times. Introduction to the buffoon is over. I didn’t expect her introduction yesterday. When I saw her face on my TV I felt I want to break the TV.
    Aaliya, I haven’t seen a sissy like u. You are bringing a characterless, selfish, money minded Mrs.Nikhil to ur brothers life. What a pretty care?????? WOW, WOW, WOW ??? If abhi get interest in tanu, I will….. What can i do??? Only can blame for this serial. Please end this tanu.

  17. gggggggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddd song was niceeeeeeeeeee

  18. excellent song was niceeeeeeeeeee

  19. i think its the time to bring back purvi ….. and bulbul ..purvi might saved bulbul
    frndz what abt this idea ..

  20. Guys did anyone see the workout video Shabir posted today with his son, his son looks so smart at such young age only.. very cute video..

    1. ya sahithi I seen it really its so cute and sahithi u seen his small son Ivar he too looks so cute he once posted his two sons pic’s in which he lifted them

    2. Sahithi andasmitha can you post that link

      1. Shobana here it is


        First when his dad asked him to start, the place there didnt have enough grass. He is quick enough to ask his dad to shift. And Shabir obliges. Shabir shows him place beside him and Azai starts exactly at that place. And then Shabir does that yeah sound to give feel of intensity of work out and this baby also mimics his dad. As if he is also putting so much effort 😀 😀
        And he does it so effortlessly. Looks like a smart and sorted out kid. Genes yeah!!

    3. He’s damn cute .. jus like his father

  21. Precap seem to be a pragyas dream

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