Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Aaliya snatches Abhi’s wealth through Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Tanu, how dare is she to hold Pragya’s hand. Tanu says sorry and says I thought coffee will fall on papers and that’s why I held her hand. Abhi asks her not to worry about papers or Pragya. Pragya takes the papers and is sad. Abhi asks her to keep papers in Purab’s room and asks him to give to Purab. Pragya thinks he loves me so much, but I am helpless and couldn’t shield him being his wife and has written his barbadi. She comes to room and sees Aaliya and Tanu there. Aaliya scolds her for trying to stop Abhi from signing and then trying to spill coffee on the papers. She says I brought you here as my puppet and asks are you Pragya? She says Pragya is dead. Tanu says all property is on your name now, just throw her from where did you bring her. She checks

papers and says you have not left his old cars also and irrevocable contract, now Abhi can’t claim his property. She says you have used Munni in right way. She says we are rich. Pragya is shocked.

Tanu says we shall celebrate. Aaliya says we shall celebrate in room, and tells Pragya that she will do her calculation later. Pragya thinks what will happen if Abhi comes to know that she got his signatures on the papers then they will hate her, and thinks where Dadi, Dasi and others go now. Tanu and Aaliya have wine. Tanu asks if you will forget me. Aaliya says I will not forget who was with me during my bad times, and says she will have enmity with Mehra family. She says I have to take revenge for getting Purab married. She says she will take revenge on everyone and nobody will laugh now.

Purab and Disha give gifts to Dadi and others. Dadi says why did you bring? Dasi says I like it. Disha gives gift to Abhi. Abhi likes the shoes which Disha gifted him. Mitali thanks Disha for the gift. Disha asks where is pragya? Abhi says she is in your room. Dadi teases him. Disha says I will call her.

Aaliya says she will make everyone have blood tears and will make everyone cry and take revenge. She says Pragya can’t come and save them. She might be crying seeing her family condition. Pragya thinks she did a big sin and thinks she would have died rather than betraying them. Disha comes near Aaliya’s room. Aaliya says she will kick Disha out then Purab will have no option than to come to her. Disha opens the door. Tanu scolds her. Aaliya taunts her. Disha says I was searching Pragya. Tanu says you will not find her. Disha turns. Tanu scolds her again. Aaliya asks her to think that she is a guest for some days and says Pragya is in upstairs room. Tanu asks her to close the door while going. Aaliya says she is thinking to kill her. Tanu says yes, but send Abhi to me, first I will keep him on my feet as a servant and will take revenge. Aaliya says I will drop Dasi and Dadi to old age home, they will beg me not to do this with them. She says she will kick Munni out in the morning and will not tell her about chutka and chutki’s whereabouts.

Pragya talks to Abhi’s pic and thinks she lost trust which he has on her, and bent down infront of evil. Disha comes to Pragya. Pragya is crying sitting in room. Disha asks why you are sitting like this. Pragya says everything ended with my hands, I have ruined my family with my hands. Disha asks what happened? Pragya recalls giving promise to Munni and says everything is fine. Disha says I am your younger sister and will help you. Pragya says I want to tell you, but can’t tell. Disha thinks if there is something related to Aaliya.

Abhi scolds Purab for making Disha shops for everyone. Purab says he thought to bring gifts and says everyone is happy. Abhi says you are romance king’s brother and says I saw something in Disha’s eyes. Purab asks what? Abhi says she wants you. Purab asks what? Abhi says husband-wife time and asks him to plan something alone. Purab smiles. Abhi says I am guiding you in romance. Purab says I wanted to say this to you and says Pragya told me indirectly that she wants to go with you on a romantic date. He asks her to handle Pragya. Abhi asks if she said just like that or complained. Purab says it is from heart. Abhi recalls their romantic time. Boldo na zara plays…

Abhi promises Pragya to take her on date once he returns from Bangalore trip. He says I miss you and I love you. Pragya gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vvveery much disguting pragya idipt npnsense ayayo serial update padikumbodu pii arayanum pola tonudi epdi pragya epdi sayalam tan purushanaye vitu tanu ku vitu kuditruva pola chi she is disgusting wife this time juat hate vvery much

  2. Oh my God precap was awaum i think something bad is happening in the upcoming episodes what do u say mythili sisy. pratiksha sisy eagerly w8ing for ur updates

    1. I seriously don’t know what to tell because we all know how much abhigya loves each other and now i feel either abhi will be kidnapped or he will meet munni while going and he will assume her as pragya any two of this might happen
      But now what i feel is kkb is using abhigya just for romance and trp while from the start they are only showing taliya a lot and now atleast they should have shown abhigya living a happily married life but no still the same crap is going but if they show abhi romancing munni thinking as pragya na then i am sure i will stop watching because these directors are not understanding that kkb means abhigya only not someone or even their look alikes
      This my opinion ayat
      Hi prathiksha sisy,
      How was your bro engagement going or is it over? What do you think about this kkb crap?

  3. Pragya is a dummy…and I am si k of her stupidly and crying. What good is she.

  4. Longdays ago I am not watching and reading update,still this serial goes in evil path…not a hero,heroine subject and kumkum title..no more interested..

  5. bakwaas serial. end this crappy serial

  6. I have never seen a bigger idiot than Pragya and Abhi. I cannot believe that the same crap happened over and over again and nothing changed. This is like the 2nd or 3rd time Aliya has gotten Abhi’s property through the stupidity of Pragya. What’s the point of bringing her back if she can’t do anything to kick Aliya and Tanu out of the house….such BS

  7. BTW, I wouldn’t be surprise if Abhi looses his memory again lol…actually they writers might come to their senses and he might see Munni on his trip but being and idiot, he wouldn’t figure out there is 2 of them…He might start romancing Munni thinking it’s Pragya who followed him

  8. leisa morris

    i really hope munni called abhi and told him d truth and dat pen he used is an invisible ink pen dat dissappears a few days after its written uno cause aliyah dem made sure he xant overturn dis contract and i cant take evil winnin yet again. maybe hes goin to help munni find her kids and using business as an excuse. one can only hope pragya is d only dumb one as she has put family on street. cant believe aliyah really tinks urab would still come to her hmmmm

  9. Ida Tamakloe

    Oh my goodness aliya and tanu ooh what are they looking for in life at all. money is the fruit of evil how much can they spend a day. Guys tap cool a miracle will come u will see. or let ahbi give everything to them and live and go and start fresh with his family. this mehra mansion is full of heart breaks.

  10. Same bulshit over n over with those two witches tanu n aaliya

  11. The height of stupidity I have ever come across

  12. I feel like marooning & killing these two b*t*hes. I feel has written his properties to dadi pragya & purab as something might happen to him. Hope it is correct. However happy these two b*t*hes are they will never get the properties.

  13. I feel like marooning & killing these two b*t*hes. I feel abhi has written his properties to dadi pragya & purab as something might happen to him. Hope it is correct. However happy these two b*t*hes are they will never get the properties.

  14. i regret reading this bakwaas serial…one thing that kept me hope was Pragya will always be good and never knowingly betray Abhi but now see these stupid writers and barren Ekta kapoor ruin that for me as well!!

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