Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Aaliya that she would have asked him money, and he would have given her. He tells Dadi that he gets love from his fans and betrayal from family. Aaliya says this is your cheque. Someone offered him money about the music deal. Raj says Aaliya is lying and didn’t tell him anything. Abhi asks then where is that CD? Aaliya says when she kept the CD, many people have seen her keeping it. Pragya says she has stolen it and says it might be recorded in CCTV footage. She asks Ronnie to go and bring 3 days CCTV footage. Tanu tells dadi that she is hungry and says can she have food. Dadi asks her to go. Tanu comes to kitchen and gets tensed thinking about Aaliya. Mitali comes and asks if she came to bring water for everyone. Tanu says no. Mitali tells Geeta Maa’s sayings

are coming true, and tells that Aaliya is being punished for her sins. Tanu stares her. Mitali asks her to do good work for getting good results.

Ronnie brings the CD. Pragya asks him to put it on TV. She says you did right by bringing staff here. Everyone watches CD carefully. Aaliya says everyone is clear. Pragya says thief steals in night only. Pragya asks Ronnie to rewind the CD. They see manager getting in the room and stealing the CD. Abhi asks Manager, why did he steal his CD? Aaliya signs him something. Abhi asks why did you steal my music? Manager says he was offered much money? Abhi slaps him and asks to get out. Aaliya tells I didn’t steal and told you.

Abhi says I am happy that I was wrong. He apologizes for slapping her and says you was careless. He says you did a mistake and you will not come to office from now on. Raj says you did right, Abhi….He says you should kick her out of home. Abhi says this punishment is enough. Pragya says I have suffered much because of her, and asks Abhi to give demand draft to her. Abhi gives DD to her. Pragya tears the DD and throws on Aaliya’s face. Tanu is shocked and thinks money went from their hands. Pragya says scores are settled now.

Dadi tells Bulbul that Aaliya made manager steal CD. Bulbul says she thought that she will be trapped. Pragya is sad, and says we have to find out about the person who is helping her. She asks Bulbul to make plan to expose about Tanu’s pregnany secret. Bulbul says that day is not far. Dadi gets emotional and thinks that day Abhi and Pragya will unite. Tanu asks Aaliya, how she convinced Manager to steal the CD. Aaliya says she gave 2 Lakhs rupees to manager and convinced him. She gets angry at Raj, as he asked Abhi to throw her out of house.

Aaliya and Tanu meet Raj. Raj gets angry with them for not informing about the 10 crore deal. Tanu says they were not sure about the producer and that’s why didn’t tell them. Raj warns not to do anything without him else he will show the proofs to Abhi. Mitali comes and sees them talking. They leave. Raj tells that they were asking partnership from him. Mitali asks him to make her partner instead. Pragya feels sad and wishes to share his pain.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she will bring the money. She turns and Tanu falls down with her stomach striking the ground. She feels much pain, just then Pragya comes and sees her writhing in pain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Enaku oru doubt…. pragya kidnapping sonaga apram rape la sonaga athala summa va….??

    1. pls don believ tat rumour .. tats completely fake .. dont ever questn reva

  2. Totally disappointing

  3. Actually iam not a patient girl …..
    But after watching this pregnancy track my patient skill develop more thanks to kkb…….

  4. This was totally expected. Lets be honest, Tanu is obviously going to be exposed first because she’s stupid. I don’t expect Aliya to be exposed until the very end of this track. I already knew from the Friday’s preview that she’s going to do something that will come in her favor.

  5. I hope tanu don’t loose the baby because abhi will never knows the truth n how long more to expose the witch aaliya n tanu

  6. The way this seriel is dragging I doubt if alliya will ever be exposed, like last time wen pragya got kidnapped. It will take the writers till next year for this to happen. It’s like before one problem get sorted another problems starts. And wen will abhi start to trust pragya ? That alliya is so cunning she gets away with any problems that she creats. Will abhi and pragya ever get bck together?



  9. pannii pelle, namai mathu gi serial ne kasjbi mayam gi serial

  10. so boring……..please shut this serial.

  11. Asifah r u sure ??..i mean who told u about this??if it is true that shriti jha is quitting the show then i will not watch this serial..

  12. there is one evidence only against for tanu atlast it is also going 2 waste i dnt knw wen ll abiya ll unite…so much of dragging…

  13. there is so much of tamil fans for tis serial…ah…so good…

    1. yea vaishnavi

  14. Ennama neenga ippadi pandringaley ma..

  15. tamil fans pls stop watching this kumkum bhagya.. ethuku namma tamil serial evolo paravala pola..

    1. Yes nandhu neenga solvadhu unmei…namba tamil serial evolo paravala

  16. Guys new promo is out. Pragya and Ronnie takes tanu to the hospital. Tanu is on stretcher. Voiceover says is this kainaat’s ( nature’s) wish that tanu’s father’s face gets come infront if abhi and pragya now! Then next, nikhil comes to meet tanu in the hospital. He talks with tanu in the hospital room. Tanu tells him to go if someone see him. Nikhil shouts let them see. Tanu gets shocked. Then next, abhi, pragya and bulbul in hospital. Abhi says to pragya and bulbul to let’s go to see tanu. They moves towards tanu’s room. Abhi was about to enter in tanu’s room in hospital and scene gets stop on his entrance.

    1. Guys as we have been seen already in segment that abhi doesn’t recognize nikhil’s presence with tanu in tanu’s room even nikhil moves from there behind the curtains just after abhi’s entry with the doctor and nurses. Abhi doesn’t give attention on it that somebody was with tanu. So now it means abhi didn’t see nikhil. But I hope someone from pragya, purab or bulbul could see him with tanu or gets suspicious about their relationship and they will start find out about their connection with each other as spoiler says.

      1. One more thing nikki sumtimes I really fed up with serial don’t like to c don’t like to comment also. U didn’t feel like tat till now.???

    2. Nikki is this promo?? Actually this scene they shooted rit. I saw in SBS segment abhi didn’t c her with Nikil if he saw means also no use of it. Pragya r bulbul want to c it. It means they ll dragg this sequences this week.

      1. Yes PRIYA they haven’t shoot it in other situation but they took some scenes from episode’s shoot for promo. And ya PRIYA I too gets fed up after watching the heights of stupidity, nonstop unnecessary dragging and some more irritated things like taaliya’s escaping from all the crimes and abhi’s ignorant and dumb behavior. So sometimes I doesn’t watch the show and I reads only updates but yaar I finds myself relax after sharing my all frustrations, thoughts and feelings with u all, here. That’s why I does commenting regularly.

      2. nikki cool v too r d same situ ly…. bt y v r telling tis much suggestions??? bcoz v r truse fans nd v luv tis serial very much nd dn wanna cum down their scores low bt d writers din understan anythin, even d story s very simple bt d way they hv tkn was so nice nd d romance…. nw tat s not there na really frustrated ly…… nthng interesting nd dumb male lead, useless plans, etc., etc., even in tanu case it ll be happen ly…… i think pragya wil leave abhi aftr all d plans ll b failed i suppose, i dn wanna to c lyk such things in tis serial………. writers plz v need ly 1 thing apart from abhigya reunion v r askin ly 1 thin dn make to win evil charac……

  17. ohho don’t chat in tamil plz chat in hindi plz:-(

  18. Aksha.. sorry we don’t know hindi.. so that we are chating in tamil & english.

    1. dn wry nandhu v ll soon chat in hindi bcoz tis serial teaching us daily , tats y writers dng tis much dragging i suppose…..

      1. ya nivi i learn hindi watchn kkb ;););)

    2. we’ll chat in english itslf na ?

  19. Guys dont be fooled by this stupid serial. Its jst boring i watched this show before 3 months still after 3 months same thing. The producer has no plot he is maje chutiya to audience

  20. Sarthiksharma

    I dont like episode jaldi sach samne lao please

  21. They all are fooling us.

  22. ha ha ..yes Nivi.. you are right.. i agree on you..

  23. this is so dragging

  24. Sanam…..well I read it by some ones comment on another website

  25. I hope sriti is not being replaced by ankita …?!?!!?!?!!!??!!?!?!!!!!!?!?!

  26. such worst story…..expected this…..pragya always overconfidence wid aaliya….fooled viewers..better to stop watch this serial….finally abhi will close to tanu and pragya will see only….such stupid serial….worst….drag….boring….guys watch swaragani its so nice…….even all serials quite good compared to kkb….

  27. New segment update- pragya, tanu and abhi in the car, tanu tries to kill pragya by strangle her neck. Full update- Abhi and pragya was sitting in the car, front. Abhi was on driving seat and pragya sits next him. Tanu sits on backseat alone. They moves to the home after tanu’s discharge from the hospital. Pragya says something related to tanu, ( what she says don’t know becoz voice were mute) then tanu gets angry after listening it and gets out of control. She tries to kill pragya by strangle her neck. Abhi stops her and saves pragya. Abhi shouts on both and requests from them to stop, by join his both hands infront of them. Then they shows in another clip that nikhil bumps infront of abhi outside the hospital. Tanu was too with abhi. Nikhil meets with abhi and shakes hand with him. They talks with each other. Nikhil asks abhi about tanu’s health. Tanu gets scared from the thought of her truth gets come infront of abhi beciz of nikhil. So she pretends as pain in her stomach again. Abhi shows concern and asks tanu what happened. Nikhil too gets panic after seeing tanu in pain. He tries to help tanu. Abhi gets surprised and refused to take nikhil’s help and holds tanu by himself. Then pragya suddenly comes. She sees nikhil and she sees tanu holding her stomach with pain. Pragya gets suspicious after seeing this. Then nikhil goes and pragya sits in the car in front. Reporter asks shabbir about the sequence but shabbir as usual doesn’t say anything correctly and avoids answers by cracking some jokes about sequence. Reporter says abhi is still unaware from nikhil’s connection with tanu.

    1. nikki after ds I have hope dt tanu can be exposed….as I have said before pragya already had doubt on Nikhil before..so now when she sees Nikhil wd tanu and abhi…she has to guess there is something fishy btw them two…and I guess tanu cant escape easily bcz she is not clever as dt of aaliya..soo once tanu is caught…she is dead 😀

      1. U r right sana. Tanu can planning and plottings but not with that power and cleverness by which aaliya does. Just look her nervousness when the matter comes upon her pregnancy. I feels like she herself give clue of her truth or she will herself expose her truth infront of abhi, pragya and everyone in her this nervousness. And now aaliya is also not at all interested in helping her becoz she is busy in getting money somehow and after watching the precap it seems she is irritated too from tanu and don’t wamt to involve her in her any matter. So definetly she will get exposed soon.

    2. Pragya saw Nikil ah Ya already she had some doubt on Nikil but pls writers don’t make pragya as dumb as before. If pragya tell this to bulbul means surely she ll make a good move. I think 1st they ll expose tanu only so I think in next plan surely pragya ll succeed Becoz writers can’t cheat us everytime. After Tanu’s truth aliyah ll came to know abt pragya then only war begins I think so my assumption only.

      1. PRIYA even better if along with pragya, bulbul too see him or she will have seen him coming out from tanu’s room in hospital as spoiler was saying. Becoz pragya saw them together many times in past but she couldn’t reach on any conclusion. May b becoz on that time she was unaware from the truth but if now pragya will give pressure on her mind after watching this and share it with bulbul then definetly they both together could easily find out tanu’s connection with nikhil that he could b the father of her baby. I hope this time pragya don’t avoid it like before.

      2. yes nikki..last time when she saw Nikhil wd tanu she did not know tanu was pregnant wd some one else child…but now she should use her brain and go in d correct way..soo dt tanu get exposed easily

    3. thnk u so much nikki smhz getting little hope

  28. Such a huge disappointment to the fans.The writer is cetainly not creative enough to add new and interesting stories to the serial. Was so looking forward to Aaliya getting caught. It seems that she is much smarter than Pragya……

  29. such a boring serial it has become…. kkb had once become fav of all nd now da worst serial ever…. a single episode continues for months… nd look at other serials.. a single episode ends wid some entertainmnt

  30. This show is so stupid there no story to it any more end the show

  31. I don’t want sriti jha to leave kkb it won’t b same without her. No offence but I don’t think an kita could do sriti jha acting.

    1. where did u get this news? is it confirmed

  32. Is it true that Sriti is leaving the show ? Then the interest on show will certainly diminish for most viewers like me,Since she is the most suited to that role and she held the TRP Soaring high all the time. It will be a best thing to have happened to all of us since on one hand the show has lost its charm by unnecessary/unending dramas and another that rumour of pathetic end to the most adored character .

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