Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab and Bulbul romantic argument. Purab tries to get romantic. Bulbul says she is fasting. Purab says he is not fasting though. Bulbul says she was just joking? Purab says you will be punished? Bulbul says I have kept fast for you and haven’t drink even water. He asks her to close eyes and makes her wear bangles. Bulbul asks him to make her wear fast as she is very hungry. Purab asks how did you know that I brought gift for you. Bulbul says whenever you are romantic, you brings gift for me or………….She closes her eyes. Purab is about to kiss her, but Bulbul goes from there.

Tai ji and Mitali look for the moon. Mitali asks her not to have much food. Pragya sees Nikhil following Tanu. Abhi asks Tanu, where was you? Tanu says I was searching you. Pragya thinks

Tanu might have met Nikhil. Dadi asks Dasi, when will the moon appear? Dasi says it will come in a few mins. Dasi says she called some ladies to talk about karvachauth story. Pragya acts to get busy on phone. Abhi thinks she is avoiding him and thinks he don’t want to see her. Bulbul asks Pragya, did you think about the idea to break the fast? Pragya nods no. Bulbul asks will you let Tanu break fast? One lady calls all the women. Mitali asks Tai ji to break her fast by looking at her husband’s photo. Dasi asks Tanu to cover her head. Tanu says her dupatta is pinned. Dasi brings chunari and covers her head. Tanu is irked. Pragya stares Abhi. Abhi asks why you are staring? Pragya says she is looking at the arrangements. Tanu takes her selfie. Pragya wears her saree pallu and says weather is very cold. All the ladies looks at the moon and then their respective husband. Pragya stops Tanu from seeing Abhi, and says your dupatta can be torn. She sees Abhi through Tanu’s dupatta. Purab smiles. Pragya says this material gets burnt. Pragya takes Tanu’s plate and says she will show her aarti. She does Abhi’s aarti on the pretext of teaching her. Tanu says I understood. Dadi smiles. Abhi is about to make Tanu eat sweets. Pragya tastes it and says it is not good. Abhi asks her to taste it and makes her eat with his hand. Pragya eats sweets. She then starts coughing. Abhi asks Mitali to give water. Abhi says it is Tanu’s water. Bulbul asks him to make Pragya drink water else she will sue him. Purab asks him to make her drink. Abhi makes her drink water.. Allah Wariyan plays………..They have an eye lock.

The lady asks about Pragya. Dasi says she is Abhi’s ex wife. Abhi says she has kept fast after eating full stomach. The lady tells that she has broken the fast. Tanu looks for the moon, but it disappear. The lady tells that even moon doesn’t want to break your fast. Tanu tells Abhi that she has kept fast for him, but got insulted. She says I will never forget this insult. Dasi comes to Tanu and asks her not to worry. Tanu says I was hungry for him and she did all the rituals with Pragya. Dadi says Pragya was coughing and that’s why Abhi made her drink water. Tanu says it was not all sudden, and says it was Pragya’s conspiracy. Dasi says Pragya doesn’t care about Abhi and have broken relation with him. Tanu says Pragya wants to create differences between them and says her delivery date will come, but not marriage date. Dasi says Tanu is right. Dadi says what we can do?

Abhi comes to Tanu’s room and says he will make her eat food with his hands. Tanu asks him to make Pragya eat, and asks didn’t he hear about that lady’s words. Abhi says he don’t believe on the rituals and says he wanted to take her out. Tanu says sometimes I feel that you need only this baby and not me. Abhi asks her to eat food. Tanu agrees and asks him to punish Pragya. Abhi says okay and says it will increase her hunger. Bulbul and Purab praises Pragya for breaking fast with Abhi’s hand. Pragya gets worried and thinks Abhi will take out his anger on her, and says she can’t bear it.

Abhi comes to Pragya and holds her hand saying he has promised Tanu that he will punish her. Pragya tells him that Tanu has already broken her fast and asks him to check.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode though.. aftr a long tym.. hope everything goes well like this

  2. Its dragggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggging to much plzzzzzz unite abhigya today’s episode was ok

  3. the idea to break fast was nice but something more will be there means it would better so ……………………………
    and new news i got tthat bulbul to be killed sssssss because in the serial of kumkum bhagya the character of purbul was less nowadays as arjit also decided and he is doing another ekta kapoor serial and bulbul also signed for siya ki ram and they r saying some rumours that bulbul ending will be tragetic too …………..????????’

    1. guys in kumkum bhagya wiki they again changed it as



  4. Nice episode but as usual with slow speed and nothing important happened except pragya’s cast’s breaking through abhi. Nikhil and tanu r still far from pragya’s hand. I felt tomorrow pragya will finally get to know takhil’s truth. I think now nikhil will come to break tanu’w fawt I just wish CVS end this weak with this one of the most awaited sequence. Guys I have a latest update for u all. I can’t give u this update today becoz yesterday I don’t know why but on this website, comments were closed. But anyways the new update is thus that kkb’s cast have shooted diwali special episode with salman khan and sonam kapoor. They came to promote their upcoming movie as spoiler said. I saw many pics of kkb’s star cast like raaj, abhi, payal, purab with salman khan and sonam kapoor from kkb’s on location’s set. Nehra mension was decorated and all were in festive outfits and mood. Guys one more news, shikha Singh aka aaliya is back on shooting and I saw her pics too with raaj and abhi from the same set.

    1. Even I saw pics looks like from karvachauth cvs jump to Diwali
      As episode will b shown on 12 or 13
      It is movie promotion so they will in Diwali itself
      Movie is coming on 12 November

  5. Sooooo nice…..Eye lock wz sperb… Luv u Abhigya…

  6. Looks like Pragya must have seen Nikhil n Tanu together so in precap she is asking Abhi to check on Tanu

    1. They will end this track by Diwali
      As when Abhi comes to know truth about Tanu he will b shock n will not talk to Pragya in shame at that time Salman n Sonam come n will try to resolve differences between abhigya

    2. yea maggie.. even i thought the same as we already got info tat tanu wil get exposed before diwali.. but if they are gonna expose her infront of abhi then they wld hve made the precap even more interesting as to make us more excited.. will c tmrw wat happens.. i hope this dragging s enuff and cvs wil plan a good stry track..

  7. After an extremely long time something positive in pragya s life. I loved the show…..the way in which pragya got her fast broken wid abhi s hands….literally right under tanu s nose…..dadi s acting was also nice. …she enjoyed pragya s antics. Show more of such positive happenings

  8. I liked the episode ….. I saw dat Pragya sees Nikhil n tanus romantic moments together… And tries to find out the truth…

  9. when will abhi knows the truth

  10. Very good episode.yesterday I was very eager to comment but helpless. Friends did u notice most of the time they show mitalu.tanu,Ronni,payal,aliya,n raj abhigya scene is less.CV do something.

  11. getting bore day by day…lost intrest now…………

  12. Okay guyzz supereb episode …

    Well Nikki tell me one thing I read it somewhere that abhi will ask pragya to remove her kum kum which we saw in promo … On the other hand pragya will decide to finally answer all of abhi episode … Will pragya reveal her game plan to abhi ??

    And what do you think about fan fiction ??

    Nikki where is raj ??

  13. Very worst serial. Still they didn’t expose that Aaliya is behind kidnapping sequence n it’s been a year that CVS totally making us idiots.

  14. I mean question

  15. Supereb episode

    Nikki tell me … I read it somewhere that tanu’s exit from abhi and pragya life post diwali ?? Tell me one more thing why abhi asked pragya to throw her kumkum ??

    Precap was too good .. But it would be more interesting if abhi and pragya both see tanu and nikhil together …

  16. Just want to see Abhi face when he comes to truth about Tanu n y Pragya was behaving mugambo

    1. me also ayesha and maggie i want to see abhi’ face when tanu being exposed and i think all the fans are waiting for this superb moment

      AM I RIGHT GUYS ?????????

  17. Yes Maggie I agree with you

  18. Hey I wanted to see more action in kkb first tanu truth and she will start go mad and talk about aliya and raj too so three truth together. Aliya so smart I wondering where get getting the money to do her wrong this

  19. When are they going to bring a meaningful serial.All these serials are boring.

  20. Still dragging ain’t happy with what Zee TV is doing dragging some of their serials too much evil prevailing over good teaching bad things to the world. well as for kkb well what can I say? It’s OK.

  21. GUYZ GUYZ GUYZ,you all should have seen today’s episode.it was FAB! WONDERFUL! JUST AMAZING! I’M SAYING ABOUT PRAGYA AND ABHI’S KAWA CHAUTH! VERY NICE ABHIGYA. ab is serial ka title hai,KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM

  22. Idea of pragya was nice of breaking fast from abhi’s hands.

    Love you abhigya..

  23. I hope abhi n pragya c tanu wt nikkil ….


  25. Nikki any new update ??

  26. I thought Pragya’s fast breaking would better than this. Its soo dramatic & not really interesting.

    When will abhi get know the truth???????

  27. nikki, PLease tell any new updates… on today episode

  28. Guys no latest update or segment except this that salman khan and sonam kapoor came to shoot with kkb’s cast on kkb’s set. SBS people told that they came to promote their movie and as well as to try to bring abhi and pragya closer. Guys It seems tanu is not exposed yet infront of everyone becoz I saw her pic too from kkb’s diwali special episode with pragya and mitali bhabhi. She was also dressed up in function’s outfit like other casts.Ya it may happen that pragya will get to know takhil’s truth today or next weak and then she will b exposed takhil infront of everyone on diwali or may b after this.

    1. In precap Abhi was asking Pragya to come inside but where cupboard or bathroom n why inside???
      I didn’t understand

      1. N nikki did u notice Abhi was not looking angry
        He was just acting funny
        Does that mean he knows Pragya kept fast n was fooling him

      2. Even I didn’t get it why he was taking pragya in changing room or washroom. Did he saw her kumkum or mangalsutra which he wants to check by some other excuse or he just wants to b naughty with pragya like, she was during karvachauth with him. Anyways yes Maggie I also noticed his expressions and actions during karvachauth. It was looking like he knew or he is suspicious like purab said. But who knows it could b CVS another trick to give some fake hopes like always so they could stick audience with their seats to know about it that does abhi know or not? CVS should show some positivity in today’s episode, they show abhi on mission get to know pragya’s truth as we r thinking that he is suspicious on pragya’s fast or pragya finally know takhil’s truth. Becoz now I m fedup from two things most which is tanu and nikhil and continuously differnces between abhigya.

      3. ya maggie y abhi is not angry with pragya because she had insulted him and she didn’t allow to break tanu’s fast toooo………
        i had a little doubt on this

  29. Okay Nikki tell me one thing I read it some where that abhi will ask pragya to throw her kumkum ??
    And what does it mean
    Tanu exits from abhi and pragya post diwali ??

    Plz explain

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