Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Mitali getting worried seeing Aaliya hearing her conversation with dad that she took Raj’s signatures on marriage hall demolition papers. Aaliya changes her track and says Pragya is behind all this and she is the one who brainwashed Abhi and made him stood against her and now she spoke to inspector and got Raj trapped. She says she will kick out Pragya soon. She comes out and thinks she got one more Pragya’s hater and soon with her help, she can get out Pragya from their house.

Abhi comes to police station and asks Raj why did he take bribe. Raj says he did not take bribe in his lifetime, then why will he take now. He says he does not know how those signature came on those papers. Abhi asks if those are his signatures for sure. Raj says yes but don’t

know who signed them. Abhi says because of him, Daadi saw police raiding their home and he can easily bail him out, but does not want to as he has broken his trust and says if he is really innocent, he himself will come out.

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Mitali meets Suresh and requests him to give tuition to her children. He says he is very busy and says he can refer his friend. She says Pragya referred him and asked me to request you from her side. Suresh agrees hearing Pragya’s name and says her children have to come to his house for tuition in the evening as he is busy during day. She agrees and gets happy that her plan is working.

Mitali informs Aaliya that Suresh has agreed for tuition, but she has to go to his house with children. Aaliya says it is good he agreed and says we have to prove in front of Daadi that Pragya is still having affair with Suresh and is characterless, then Daadi herself will throw her out. She says that we have to not let Pragya know about our plan, else she is very clever that she will ruin our plan. She hears candle dropping and gets worried, but Tanu comes out and says she heard about her plan and asks when is she executing it. Aaliya says tomorrow when Abhi goes for a concert with family. Tanu asks what if Pragya also goes. Aaliya asks Tanu to stop Pragya from going. Tanu says she will. They all happily shake hands.

Abhi talks to his guitar and says he will win concert for sure. Pragya comes there, and he asks if he heard his talk. She says no but saw him talking to his guitar. He says both are same. He then starts singing, and she corrects him. He says he did not ask her opinion and asks her to listen silently. She smiles and listens wither finger on her lips. Tanu sees them both enjoying and angrily walks out from there. After Abhi finishes his song, he says Pragya that she can clap now. She claps.

Abhi gets worried that his legs have swollen after playing guitar and thinks how will he play guitar in concert tomorrow. Pragya comes and asks why he has stopped practicing and asks if his fingers are paining. He says no. She goes and brings salt water. He thinks she is a magician and knows everything. She asks him to soak his fingers in salt water. He hesistantly soaks, but takes them out hurriedly. She asks if it water is hot. He says not hotter than him. She asks him to soak then. He soaks and asks how does she know about this remedy. she says when her legs used to swell after walking long distances, her daadi used to soak her feet in salt water and she used to get relief. He feels relief. She asks him to sleep now.

Precap: Mitali calls Suresh and requests him to come and teach her children at her home as she cannot come to his home today. He agrees. She happily informs Aaliya that Suresh is coming.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Is the shows only storyline Aaliyah’s vendetta against pragya…yawwwn..real waste f time!

  2. Exactly Zsii….I am starting to feel like the show is about Tanu. Aaliyah and Pragya…..not about Abhi/Pragya….so annoying and repetitive.

  3. Abhi Pragya please come more closer. Abhigya scenes romantic ones have started coming. Wohoo

  4. yaa allah does this mean they are planning a new trick for pragya i don’t think she will be saved right now

    1. Remember Abhi wished her gone for arti… maybe it’s coming true

  5. In the west no woman would take crap like that

  6. Is the shows only storyline Aaliyah’s vendetta against pragya…yawwwn..real waste f time!

  7. Pragya have done nothing wrong to Abhi and his family yet they continue to plot against her. She wasn’t the one who Purab left her for so I don’t understand this hatred portrayed as it’s just a sickening way for writers to drag this story along. I hope Raj remembers signing papers give by his wife and figure out the truth. Don’t understand why Pragya continues to take the insults and not say anything. She should stop worrying about the consequences and have Abhi worry for a change.

  8. This is a stupid story

  9. where is purab

  10. pragya should go away and let abhi realise he impact on his life

  11. Stop showing Aaliya causing troubles for Pragya, let Pragya be smart to expose Aaliya’s true action.
    These is so repeatative and boring.

  12. ally a dunia ki sabse buri Behen

  13. now suresh and bulbul will marry eachother to save pragya s married life.crap story kumkum tyaag!

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