Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Abhi why did he put hand in havan kund. Abhi says Pragya’s favorite watch given by her mum fell down in the havan, says she left from here, I will keep it safely with me. Dadi thinks he loves Pragya very much. Purab thinks pragya will be always with you. Aaliya comes and asks Abhi to come as mahurat is ending. Dadi asks her to wait. Aaliya says Pandit ji is getting angry. Goon calls Nikhil and tells that while they were taking Pragya to tempo, Pragya’s mum saw them. He says she was not making us go. Nikhil asks did you kidnap her? Damru says we didn’t kidnap her. Nikhil asks did you leave her to shout. Damru says he hit her so hard that she will not wake up for 4 days atleast. Nikhil asks her to make Pragya in their captivity. Damru says she is unconscious. Nikhil

thinks thank god Damru handled Sarla and thinks they are rahu in my life. Janki calls on Abhi’s no. Mitali picks the call and says he is busy in mandap. Janki asks her to give call to Abhi.

Mitali refuses and says marriage rituals are going on. She requests her. Mital says I will try and goes to Abhi, but Aaliya comes and holds her hand stopping her. Mitali says Janki called and pleaded infront of me to give call to Abhi. Aaliya understands and asks her to give phone to her. She takes the call and makes sound. Janki thinks Abhi is on call and tells that they saw goons taking Pragya out, and the goons hit on Sarla. She asks him to save Pragya and cries. Aaliya smiles hearing this and asks her not to take tension. She says you are late as Pragya’s destiny is bad, and tells that your Ramayan will not reach Ram and he will not go and save Sita. She cuts the call and says all lines reaching him will be closed tonight and thinks even God will not go and save her. She calls him again. Aaliya breaks Abhi’s phone and crashes it with her foot and smirks.

Janki says who will save Pragya now. Pandit ji asks Aaliya to tie ghatbandhan of bride and groom. Aaliya does their ghatbandhan and signs Tanu. Tanu smiles. Aaliya congratulates Abhi and says you will be together for lives. Dadi and Dasi think Aaliya is teasing them. Purab says she will be shocked when she comes to know that she did Pragya and Abhi’s ghat bandhan. Mitali thinks Abhi and Tanu will marry now, and I will become jethani again. Tanu thinks once marriage happens then I will teach them a lesson and will meet pragya and will show my mangalsutra and sindoor. She thinks pragya might be burning now thinking why she is not here. Abhi feels suffocated and thinks how I will live after marriage. He thinks if I have been marrying Pragya then everything would have been happy around me. A sad song Hamari Adhuri plays……He recalls their moments and gets sad. Pragya is in kidnapper’s tempo and unconscious.

Janki prays for Sarla. Sarla gains consciousness and asks where is Pragya? She asks did you go inside Abhi’s house and tell him and Dadi. Janki says I tried to call him, but. Sarla asks why didn’t you tell him and go inside. Janki says you were injured and your head was bleeding. I thought to take you to hospital. She says I tried talking to Abhi, and Aaliya picked the call and talked to me. Sarla cries and says Aaliya and Tanu want to snatch my daughter’s sindoor. She gets worried for Pragya and asks Doctor to let her go. Doctor asks her to understand and says we have done your test. Sarla says I have a mum’s heart and cries.

Abhi says he couldn’t bear anymore and wants to get up from mandap. He says he can’t get up as it will be wrong with Pragya. Tanu thinks Pandit is reading mantra slowly. She thinks to ask Aaliya to make Pandit recites the mantra fast. She thinks once marriage happens, I want to keep their upset faces. Mrs. Mehta tells Mr. Mehta that Aaliya told that Nikhil kidnapped Pragya and saved Tanu’s marriage. She tells her husband that Dadi is happy as if Shiv and Parvati are getting married. They make fun of Dadi, Dasi and Purab. Dasi asks her to look at Tanu’s mum. Dadi says she is laughing at her defeat. Purab says he is thinking about Tanu, and says she will go mad with shock. Dadi laughs and says Aaliya will get unconscious.

Dadi, Dasi and Purab are shocked to see Tanu sitting on the mandap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg after reading today update my heart beat is raising a lot early i thought that as per title abhi will not marry tanu but now i got a fear if tabhi’s marriage will happen is there is any chance????if that happen then i m sure i ll stop watching kkb prathiksha sis what u think if marriage will happen??????plzz clear my confusion sis

    1. Aishu sorry dear, I m not paying attention to kkb, in fact I m away from TV and my phone almost becoz I m suffering from cervical spondylitis and my doctor advised me that it can increase my problem and pain. So I have permission to use my phone only once in a day. Aishu I don’t know that will Tabhi get married or not becoz I have no any latest news or update regarding it. But according to the concept and story of the show it shouldn’t happen. Create suspense and tension till last moment is their old habit. You have to wait for it until no new update or news doesn’t come regarding it.

      1. Sry prathiksha sis i dont know your unwell i m really sry sis take care of yourself kkb is not important than ur health if u got any update also dont pressure urself coz its an stupid story but ur health is important n there is need to update it sis u take care n n get well soon n ill pray for u my sweet sis n my 12th result is gng to come on friday so plzz pray for me sis n all of u frns plzzz pray for me get well soon sis

      2. Get well soon..

  2. Worst serial I ever watched


  4. ” Expecting something good will happen ” this saying is not suitable to this stupid kumkum bhaya serial. No kindness, no sympathy, no goodness, no morals and values, and no ethics. What else and more we can express. I don’t know to whom we have to give the award “BHATATHA PAVITHRA NAREEMANI / UTTAMA SAHA DHARMA CHARENI ” to Ekta Kapoor or Pragya. Big question mark?

  5. c.b. dangodara

    this kahani total galat tarike se dikha raha hai kyuki hamesha satya ka vijay hona chahiye magar galat tarike se pesh kiya hai


    real change kijie—— after all very bogus serial

  7. Vidhyagayathri4

    Quand cette fille mourra – t- elle . cette prostitution pragya va `a tous les hommes , alors elle le abhi comme ce mari . cette putain de pragya doit mourir .

  8. If this marriage pools through without some kind of miracle,Sarla shud shud take her daughter far away from Abhi but not before getting her married to someone else right before his eyes.Nikhil is the wierdest man in love that i have ever set my eyes on,i mean who gets the love of his life married another man?

  9. Pooja ramesh bademi

    I am watching only 1 episode in a month and the serial still there …..
    Stupidity only ekta kapoor. ..
    Itne bade rockstar ki shadi ki bat aaj k Itne broad social networking se kaise Bach salting hai. …

  10. Hi prathiksha sisy
    Don’t strain yourself
    You take rest completely and get well that’s enough
    I will pray that you should get well soon
    Regarding kkb I am just cursing myself for watching this show
    Which gives only sadness and hurt for us
    But even then I am seeing it because I love abhigya and I want them to unite

  11. Come on guys they acting for money ha ha ha ha in real life it doesn’t happen like that …..who on earth the memory like this

  12. indera sanichara

    I haven’t comment for a long time because I was not reading or watching this insane serial. I simply want to say after reading today’s ephoside I am praying and praying and praying and praying that the writers drop dead honestly speaking I wish this.so they can never write another crazy serial in their lifetime.

    1. ??????????……good one Indera… Same here with me.

  13. why too much dragging …… it’s going on rubbish

  14. This serial makes me dizzy..
    When was it done?? When was abhi’s wedding done?? ?

  15. Thank u gowtham, Aishu, Mythili and hema, thank you so much guys for all ur concern and prayers. I really needs it. I m not well since many months. Now I have been tired. I m trying my best. I hope I will get well soon by all of urs wishes. Please pray for me by heart. Aishu surely I will pray for u that u will get result of ur efforts. Gud luck for ur result. Gowtham I wish ur words gets true and I gets well soon by next week. Mythili surely I will concentrate on my health. Hema thank u for ur wish. Thanks a lot guys love u all. ?????

  16. Hi friends i have completed my mba. My mba course completed but story of kumkum bhagya is same as before. Abhi pragya tanu drama. Got fed up with these stories.

    1. first Congs…sencond hahahahahahahah you went to school and came back but story not ed hahahaha

  17. i refused to read all updates and i have only read todays precap!! 3 weeks later we are still on wedding track!! hahahaha. anyway am glad Pragya is not on mandap!! which means this will end well. so hang in there and wait…. hold your breath

  18. Director of this serial z the most worst fellow I have ever seen.. makers of this serial are sadistic people I think….

  19. I don’t know what to say anymore…. but i would like to raise my voice into saying or beg the writer to not make this serial predictable like the hero regaining his memory after his marriage with the bad lady and his x wife ( the lead lady) after so much struggle is again faced with more problem ..honestly seeing that kind of turn in the serial would make it another super over dramatic emotional unfortunate and just a regular ordinary show…

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