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The Episode starts with Purab coming to Neil and offers to give him money in exchange of the proofs against Aaliya. Neil agrees and says I am ready to do anything if you give me money. Purab asks him to come. They leave. Pragya comes to room and sees card kept by Abhi and the decorations. She gets happy and thinks only his love can take her out from her pain. Dadi comes and asks her to hug the flowers as Abhi has decorated the room just for you. She says when I asked him, he refused and lied…She asks Pragya not to leave him and make him confess. Pragya blushes. Dadi says you are feeling shy. She says you people are married and so much time have passed. She says I will go, and goes. Pragya thinks this silence is for me and my sister. Abhi is in the car and thinks if Pragya saw the flowers and decorations

in the room. He thinks Pragya might call him, and thinks what to say? He thinks if she doesn’t tell anything then what shall I tell? He thinks to express love simply, and heads toward the house.

Purab brings Neil to Mehra house, and says Pragya will come now. He says we will give you 10, 15, or 20 Lakhs. Neil says I am in need of money, call Pragya first. Pragya comes. Neil greets her and says you have changed so much. I had full confidence that you will become big one day. Pragya asks him to stop talking nonsense, and says I heard your conversation with Aaliya. Neil asks if you was there?

Pragya asks him not to waste her time and says I need proofs against Aaliya which you have in your office or home. Neil laughs and says Aaliya has made your life miserable. He says I can’t give you peace….He says if Aaliya has snatched your husband from you, and says he is seeing Nanand- bhabhi drama for the first time. Neil says I am in need of money, but can’t forgot that I am in this situation because of her. He says I am at peace seeing your desperation. Purab asks what are you saying? Neil says our enmity was when Bulbul was alive, but not anymore. Pragya asks him to talk to her. Neil refuses to take money and give proofs. Pragya is shocked. Neil says you might be desperate to know why did I lie? He says I will help Aaliya and ruin you. He says your destiny was good, else you would have died instead of my Bulbul. He blames Pragya for her death and asks Purab, how can he take Pragya’s side. Purab says I don’t need any advice from you. Neil says I will not get money from Aaliya also, and says I will not stop Aaliya as you are on her focus point, don’t know when she will shoot you.

Purab threatens him. Neil says I don’t have weapon now, else I would have kill you. He says Aaliya is enough for you people, and I will return that you are ruined. Neil comes out and collides with Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya says I am arranging money. Neil says I have set everything. Aaliya asks if he has sold proofs to Abhi. Neil asks Aaliya to talk with love and says I did deal with Pragya, but haven’t taken money from her or you. He says I need money, but want one thing from you, and asks her to ruin Pragya. He says if you need money, then call me…I am just a call away. He says I am in love with you…Aaliya. Aaliya says what nonsense. Neil says I like your revengeful side. Aaliya says I won’t leave pragya. Tanu says let me leave, else my health will deteriorate.

Aaliya comes inside and thanks Pragya for thinking about her. Pragya says I know everything. Aaliya says I am happy that you people know everything. She says I really don’t care. Now you also know what I did with you. She says I have finished my crimes. Pragya says you have become shameless. Aaliya asks her not to act as sati savitri, and says you had snatched Bhai’s property and stopped his marriage, and then also you are right. She says Corporator also wants to take revenge from you. Pragya says I don’t care about the number of my enemies, and says I came here to save my husband from my enemies, and win. She says I don’t care about you all, and will fight with all of my enemies. Don’t think me weak. She says if you are four, then we are also four. Rachna and Akash comes and say they are with Pragya.

Aaliya counts and says we will win. Dadi says we are five, and says I am with Pragya. Aaliya asks how can you support Pragya. Mitali hears her. Dadi says Pragya’s thinking is right and have snatched his everything because of his safety. He says your thinking and way is wrong, and says Abhi has fulfilled all of your wishes. Aaliya says Abhi didn’t give me Purab and stopped me from marrying him. Aaliya says I hate him…She says I will make him bend down on his knees and will make him beg infront of me. She says Pragya can’t prove my crime and can’t harm me. She says even Bhai can’t do anything. Mitali thinks who will save Aaliya now.

Aaliya confesses to her crimes and says even Abhi couldn’t do anything knowing them. Abhi comes home just then and slaps her hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. That’s not the precap
    That was aage dekhye

  2. Great.. hats off to today episiode.n prcp also nice.eagerly waiting to watch tmrw epsd.grt yaar.. i think pragya has started to defeat her enimies by being master minded.carry on pragya.dsgsting abt thanu.when her truth cm out.even tdy ekta done gd jb.pls dont drg anymore

    1. That slapping scene has already occurred in today’s episode. And the precap is abhi telling aaliya to leave the house and all.

  3. About today’s episode,its a kind of drag as I thought that the slapping scene will be occurring in today’s episode but its not.Though, i’ll wait for that scene as I am one of the crazy fans of KKB….

    1. Slapping scene occured today… The precap is abhi telling something to aliya… I could not remember the dialogue… He said that leave the house for ever.. Dont come back

      1. thank you so much for the update ya!!!!!!!

  4. Yess plzzz anyone tell me the precap……..

  5. Drag, Drag, Drag, Drag, Drag

  6. precap
    abhi tells to alia that “In ur punishment i suffered too but in the hope that you will improve one day . you fell from my eyes but you were in my heart somewhere but now you have gone from my heart too and in some days you will go away from my memories too.”

    1. Thank you for the precap…:-)

    2. Perfect Answer…:):):)

  7. nice episode..alia had confessed al her crime by her own….really i luved alia very much in yesterday’s(5th may) episode….shikha’s acting is just mindblowing…..but i’m sad that abhi didn’t come to mm in the time when those fellows and dadi said that they r in pragya and pragya is doing it and pretending to hate abhi just to save him…..but no worryyyss….in precap i got bit emotional seeing the desperation of a brother……precap was awesome….nice slap of abhi…this neil idiot is really annoying and humourous too…..neil wanted alia to defeat pragya….now she ‘ll thrown out..if he comes to know this may be he’ll something to make pragya’s life hell…no wonders if he helps tanu also….but mithali heard all the truth of pragya…..what’s the use????yaru kekanumo avanga late ah vandhutaanga…..guys zee tamizh iniya irumlargal parthingala…thirumba mokka songs ah pottu arukuraanga…nethu episodela yeh thoduvanam pattu mattum dhan correct ah fit achu…frnds yaravadhu thirumba complaint pannuga..

  8. Hi guys
    Sry yesterday not able to comment but I read all of your comments today also I can’t comment.

    Fathima, heartily congratulations for your engagement. Wish you all the best for your future.

    Hency, welcome to the group, wishing you best of luck for your results

    Karthika, welcome back to the group. Even I missed you very much. I hope that u r fine. Daily when I open this page I used check at least today karthi has commented or not. And I missed your ff too.
    Coming to episode, it was good. I didn’t get bored at any point. Whole 30minutes I enjoyed. Aft corporator reentry I was telling my mom that it will be nice if alia and corporator gets married. Yesterday he himself gives hints for that it was nice. Alia has been
    exposed by herself which was nice instead of searching for proof and playing hide and seek game this is better. Now dadi too revealed that she is pragya’s side if tanu comes to know about it she will be very careful. And I think tanu might come to know about dadi while tanu abhi marriage cancelled itself. Abhi slapped alia hard. From the beginning of the show only this is happening whenever her truth is exposed abhi slaps her and sends out of MM and again she enters the MM. Instead of this slapping something new the CVs can do. Being clever, alia has been caught always. But tanu is roaming like a free bird in MM. Why abhi didn’t get doubt on tanu?? Since tanu is always with alia. Why abhi didn’t think that tanu might have also involved in it ??
    Corporator is going to take revenge on pragya for bulbul death. That’s soo funny. He knows alia is responsible for bulbul death but he is going to take revenge on pragya ? . He thinks al happened because of the fight between alia and pragya. But alia only tried to kill her. So he has to take revenge on alia but instead he is supporting her. It will be better if alia and corporator marriage happens.

    1. hi shobana sis..how r u?i was also searching for ur comments yesterday desperately….i really missed u alot yesterday….

    2. many times i have also thought the same… alia and corporator jodi is really nice…made for each other….. if they both marry each other it’ll be perfect…alia loves purab and neil loves bulbul…but bulbul and purab luves each other…that was also a conincident….if they accept this truth earlier and married each other means things would haven’t become that much complicated….as bulbul passed away becoz of vamp alia….

    3. Yesterday I missed ur comment dear?
      Highlight of the episode is corporator joke???

  9. Confused abt the happenings in MM bt CVS goes faster if anyone leaves the show temporarily or permanently ex aaliya/bulbul tas how rabul married happened n aaliya exposed fa the 4th time .. Bt one thing is fa sure whether tanu vl b exposed now or not bt I’m jus enjoying abhi and Neil 😉

  10. [email protected] please get married soon, take a break and go for honeymoon so that kumkum bhagya makers will atleast give some temporary break for you too like [email protected] We will also get break from you and enjoy abhi /Pragya scenes.

  11. [email protected] please get married soon, take a break and go for honeymoon so that kumkum bhagya makers will atleast give some temporary break for you too like [email protected] We will also get break from you and enjoy abhi /Pragya scenes.

  12. epi is nice abhi emotions r nice nice slap

  13. Thank u shobana☺.and fathima sister best wishestimate for your engagement.don’t worry about your brother. May his soul rest in peace I will always pray for your mother.God will all happiness to your new life.hai kutty I have a doubt will bulbul come or not?

    1. Hai Hency???
      Bulbul vl return(but not mrunal)
      But don’t knw when the writers gng to reintroduce that character

  14. Hai swetha.☺??…ofcourse I won’t be sad hereafter and I will watch the show in sun music….☺??

    1. Hi hencey that’s like a good girl

  15. Precap: Abhi said to aaliya that she got punishment but he too felt pain of it, in this hope that she will get improve. Abhi says that she had fallen from his eyes but then also she was in his heart somewhere. But now she has out from his heart and after some days, she will b get out from his memories also.

  16. Yesterday’s episode was clearly showing that it was only for shikha’s exit for some days. That’s it. Otherwise not corporator is that much idiot who will help aaliya becoz of which Bulbul’s death happened and nor aaliya is so stupid who will confess her all crimes in front of all with loud voice. It was all just for giving break to shikha for some days. Rest of the episode was nothing becoz almost thing were focused on aaliya’s exit for sometimes. And these last two days episode will b dedicated to abhi’s pain and abhigya’s romance and cute fights. Let’s see where CVS will take the story from next week in aaliya’s absence.

    1. I always hated Alia character but somehow yday after Abhi slapped her, her expressions were touching. She would be rude to everyone else but somehow as much as she hates her brother for trying to get Bulbul married to Purab, she still seems to be bothered only about what her brother was saying n scolding. She looked like a small girl who would get upset when parents scold.

      I for a moment felt, there was mistake from Abhi’s side also. Why does he only show his anger on her when she commits a mistake, why cant he talk to her and try to reason with her or tell her why she is wrong and what she is supposed to be doing. Guess this enemity started from MMS track when Abhi realised Alia was behind the whole thing.

      Agreed she no longer is a kid, but this is where her parents especially her mom is missed as in trying to correct her ways. Daadi also seems obsessed with Pragya only, in fact she doesnt even speak to Alia the way she does with Abhi, trying to console him or asking Pragya to take care of him. Why doesnt Daadi also for a change try to be mother to Alia. Her obsession for Purab is making her worse day by day, but ppl only slap her, break their ties with her or throw her out of home.

      Instead of thinking that they r punishing her, they should have given her some business to take care of, or sent her off to some other country or may be bring some guy in her life. I am noway in support of Alia or her behavior but Daadi seems to be forgiving Abhi for all his mistakes n he luckily has Pragya by his side to support him emotionally at all times. Unfortunately Alia has Tanu for company, wish Alia gets a nice guy who can change her perception of things.

      That would be a good change right instead of these never ending evil plans n exposures n slaps.

      1. U r right sahiti
        Totally agree with u…
        Dadi never tried to talk with alia..
        So many Illogical things are there like this

      2. Well sahithi. I would say that if they will turn things to make aaliya positive then who will played negative role better than her. Kkb have so many villains but aaliya is best among them. Shikha has potrayed a power pact role of a vamp. She is the only character who didn’t slip from her original character which we saw from the beginning. She never left the spark of her character as a villain. She is a villain of the show but I like shikha’s role as aaliya. And I can say it that no one could maintain that spark of negativity with same attitude better than her. She is a cupid between abhigya too. It was just becoz of him when abhigya got married and whenever she tried to make them seperate, they came more close to each other. And most importantly, her intentions r very clear to all. And sahithi aaliya can never improve as she grown up with this attitude which she have today. Dadi and abhi always pampered her, fulfilled her all desires and gave her full independence but never tried to correct her mistakes by scoldings before, like they r doing today. So now it’s impossible for aaliya to get improve today and understand what is actually right and wrong, when they never taught her about the difference between it. Aaliya’s complain is right that whatever treatment and love they have given her before, they r not giving her now. It is impossible for aaliya to understand the difference between past and today that before, every body didn’t knew the difference between right and wrong becoz all of them were busy in their luxurious life and far from the reality but after pragya’s entry in their life,they got to know it’s difference when pragya showed them mirror and reality of life. In abhi’s family, almost everybody were down to earth somewhere as they experienced the struggle of life but aaliya never faced it as abhi didn’t let her face any hurdle and problem. That’s why she remained arrogant always and unfortunately her friend circle was also like that so she never got any chance to being positive and to look life from other perspective except luxury. She always got what, she wants all that still. She is a pampered girl who never got a chance to think as a mature. She is still a stubborn arrogant aaliya who cannot changed until she doesn’t get gud company around her. According to aaliya, her complains r right and her intentions and attitude is crystal clear infront of everyone. That’s why she is a fair villain in the show.

  17. Hi guys….sorry sorry for not commenting yesterday. ..yesterday I was out with my family. ….I went to ECR….muttukaadu boathouse …snow Kingdom. …and Express avenue. …sorry for not commenting..

    I missee all of u very much…guys. .and karthika welcome back missed u and ur ff….

    Hency hi dear. ..sorry I didn’t reply u …Welcome to our group. …

    I didn’t remember ur names all r welcome… Welcome to this group. ..

    And fathima congrats. ..for ur engagement. …waiting for the nikkah…..

    And of course last but not least … my regular friends. ..gowtham shobana…pratiksha sahithi…sheetha swetha …karthika fowziya. Kutty.fathima…evryne…..

    Guys yesterday wat happened…..any news…how aliya is exposed..I didn’t watch the episode…any news….segments…. .yesterday I returned home late night 10 o clock….

    And tamil guys….wat abt IM pragya went out of mm ah?? …song selections r good only I think so…becoz me and srimathi posted a complaint to zee tamil in twitter….

    They replied us that thanks for ur feedback we will convey this to our team …so I think now this problem is solved…and I missed you so much guys. .. I think u also missed me ryt??

    1. Hi Reji dear hope u’ve enjoyed with your family.. About yesterday’s episode, it was quite good, Aliya confessed all the crimes she hav done by herself! (One highlight thing hapenned, Corporator told Aliya that he loves her ??)

      And coming to IIM, Pragya went out from MM ?q
      In Wednesday’s episode the song selection was good Reji but yesterday again worst?

      1. Hai reji…???
        Nthng special yaar
        Alia again caught.. But I think no use
        Because v want tanu’s exposure….?

  18. Hai pratiksha
    ☺thank u for the precap?

  19. hi reji…nalla enjoy panniya….i have posted 16&17th episode of my ff…alia confessed everything unknowing the presence of abhi…then abhi slapped her two times slightly…watch the repeat telecast….iim laiyum pragya went out of house…reji ana song selection ippoyum nalla illa….nethu potta song la eh thoduvaanam song mattum dhan nalla irudhuchu…mokka song ah dhan mattathu lah irundhudhu….but no worryyysss…nethu i was looking for ur comment also….but i didn’t find it yesterday….

    1. ya karthika i enjoyed well….and watched im ……again song selection is boring…i think we have to complaint again…..and wow i think i need to watch kumkum bhagya……

    2. karthika it’s me only don’t know y telly updates posting my comment …..by wrong name and id……..

      1. Haaaa? nice name reji. ?Milky sounds gud. ?I think telly update likes u so much and identified u as milky. That’s why they gave u a new name milky.?

      2. hey just stop kidding pratiksha !!……. don’t know y suddenly my name and profile changed……..but i liked ur name given to me telly updates……

  20. Is there any chance for bulbuls re entry guys

    1. May be YES…..

  21. Haii inga ivlo tamil people irukingala? Haii frnds. S ur right yesterday zee tv iniya irumalargal songs yellam mokkaya irundhuchi

  22. hi guys… sry i cant able to comment properly….. since my joining date is nearing in HCL… i need to submit so much documents…. before joining…. so couldn’t concentrate much on anythng… sry guys…. and before i used to be in telly updates all the time…. now situation is not letting me…. so only couldn’t comment properly…. dont mistake me guys… i will try my level best… but i read all yr comments daily… couldn’t comment well… i feel very bad guys…. ??

    1. hi gowtham..no problem..job is more important..wish u all success in ur new job..u r yet to join ryt…so best of luck….go on and rock in ur work bro…..i’m really happy for u…

    2. hi gowtham…no problem..if u can’t comment regularly…job is important…u r yet to join in ur job ryt…wish u all success in ur work…go on and rock in ur work bro….i’m realy happy for u……

      1. thanks dear

    3. All the Best Gowtham????

      1. thanks kutty

    4. Hi gowtham all the best for u r job have a tension free work whatever happen don’t take tension that yar a main thing in our life:-)

      1. thanks swetha… its good to see your name in tamil…

    5. ஸ்வேதா

      Hey guys please any one help me in my house videocon d2h south silver pack ill subscribe till afternoon star plus colors zee tv and sony entertainment these four channel’s not working if any one have same problem please help me;-(

  23. Hai reji. Tamil IIm songs koncham mokkayaathan irunthuchu.hai deepa. Kutty ?sheeta? are u busy.no comment ?

    1. Little busy Hency???
      Hw u doing?

      1. I am not that much busy? kutty.and yes I also searched that kajol srivasta value to replace Mr unaltered but she is now roped to chakeavaeti ashok samrat.she told that she waited for her character as bulbul but ss she didn’t get any call for it.she went to the other serial.thank God she took a good decision?

      2. Haha u r right Hency???

    2. Hai hency.. Little busy sis.. Will be back from next week..

  24. Hai Hency … Fathima congrats for your engagement and your MOTHER will be alright in some days …GOOD LUCK

  25. Hi guys I also tweeted about the songs in iru malargal they commented that they’ ll do it and thanked 4 my suggestion. So I think v should wait 4 a little while

  26. Hai Mr.s☺.gowtham Anna wish u success and good luck for your job ?

    1. thanks hency.. so kind of u

  27. Hey guyzz think nethu iim la indha song potrukunum pragya veeta vittu pogum podu uyire uyire piriyade ena anda song layum jeniliya veeta vittu pova n adu yarukun pudikadu exept prakash raj

  28. Hi gowtham and reji don’t b sorry guys. It’s no need. Everybody knows that we have lots of work in a day to do. Responsibilities and duties comes first than other things. And whenever u get chance u comment. We will always here to read it whenever we will get chance. Gowtham wish u gud luck and all the best. Give ur best and perform well. Carrier and future is most important so give attention to it first. And we will stay here to cheer up u. Then also if u guys thinks that u should infirm us about unavailability of ur comment so just simply type “busy”, we will understand it easily. But don’t say sorry for what u shouldn’t, specially in friendship.?

    1. U r right pratiksha..
      BTW did u accept me as ur frnd r not?

      1. Hmmmmm….let me think about this.? just joking?No need to ask Kutty. Off course yes, u r my friend like others?

      2. I can’t say thanks.. Bcz v r frnds????

    2. ok pratiksha…. your wrds are right… i want to be in touch wd all of u… so maximum i will be in touch fr sure… ?? if i join in hcl also every night i will comment and also whenever i get time i ll read and comment.. coz its been part of my daily work and schedule…. i cant miss u anyone….

  29. gowtham bro…..all the best…….work is first……if u get time just comment…….we r hear to read ur comments…….and give ur level best performance anna……..my best wishes is with u ……and feeling very happy ………jobkku poitu oru kalakku kalakkunga…….i trust that u will extraordinary in ur work……..and u will be the best…….so hardwork and prayer is the sure way to success……..if u do ur hardwork…..surely u will get success…..once again ALL THE BEST !!!!

    1. so sweet of u dear…. thanks alot… sema wrds…. love u my cute little sis… ????i will be in touch wd u all of u guys… and share everything

      1. Bro same as reji said… Ellamae she told.. Na ena solrathu… Do well bro.. Enjoy working..

  30. Hi my dear frndz.. I m in outdoor audit..work pressure .. ASo I cant able to comment till monday .. But I always thinking about u pepole.. Missing u all… Love u lots..

  31. gotham bro ungalukku thodardhu viral ah best wishes onga sisters tah irudhu vandhutuiruku….i think ippo onga confidence level erkaname irukaradha vida 10times adhigam aidukum….i hope so….so once again all the best…

    1. ???yesss

  32. Thank u so much guys……I too was bysyy so cant msg goutham dear all the very best fr ur job its vry important fr ur life nd ur stepping to ur futre ill pray fr u inshalah alah vil giv u success nd mr.s thank u m happy reji wat ma enjyd wel ahh ystrday hmmmmm nice to hear guys I think jus to make as cool tey brought alia explosher so tat v wont comment bad bout cvs naaa rombooo ushaar paaaahhh ccc fr littl momnt v frgt tanu explosure few days befr v wer angry nd tensd nw v r littl eelaxd nf v enjyd episode all teir plann paaaa thilang di ektaaa really saying…..wat u think guys…….hency dear may 17 results do duaa pray maaa….

    1. thanks fathima…. feeling happy fr getting this much love from all

  33. Its me only guys fathima my nik name s naughty. …..coz Im notorious. …..one doubt guys as u said bulbul re entry she ll com soon bt I want to ask tat old bulbul vil com r new one coz I dont no name of bulbul

  34. sheetha…we vl be missing u…don’t worry …concentrate in ur work…come back with full bang on monday….

  35. I love Alia she is awesome

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