Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya speaking to Sarla and says her strength breaks if she cries. She says I am your daughter and will not get scared if Abhi tries to scare her. She says I will go and talk to him right now, and leaves. Sarla cries. Tanu thinks where is Pragya, and sees Ronnie, thinks he roams like a housefly. Ronnie asks if she wants to ask something. Tanu says no, and then thinks to ask him. He asks what you are doing here? Ronnie says this house is of my Di, so I am here. Tanu asks where is Pragya? Ronnie asks if she has any important work with her. Tanu refuses to tell him. Ronnie checks the appointment diary and says you have no appointment with her. Tanu asks him to tell straight about her whereabouts. Ronnie asks if she wants to know about the phone call of milkman. Tanu thinks he

knows about it. Ronnie asks her to hire any personal assistant for her also.

Abhi thinks about his conversation with Pragya. Pragya comes back to him and says you should know the reason about my refusal. She says I want to know why my mum have done this, and refuses to give him divorce until she tells them why she gave her hand in his hand. She says may be Sarla thought she will die and gives their hand in each other hands to fulfill her last wish. Abhi says I know, and we don’t know when Sarla will get fine. Pragya says I am not asking you to wait till she recovers, but asking less time till I find out about her wish. She says whatever you have done few mins ago, was right now. She says you can’t come near me without my wish, and if you try to do something forcibly then I will not give you divorce under any circumstances. Abhi looks on.

Mitali cries. Tai ji asks her why she is crying and asks her to stop it. She asks her to visit her Mayka. Mitali says I am not missing Papa, or kids. Tai ji asks why she is crying then? Taya ji asks her to know why she is crying? Tai ji says it is just an excuse for her to skip house work. Taya ji sends Tai ji and talks to Mitali. Mitali tells him that Raj has forgotten her since he started new work, and doesn’t give time to her when comes home after 2-3 days. Taya ji says I will make Raj understand and asks her not to cry, and make tea for him. Mitali says okay and goes. Abhi with his injured hand thinks Pragya wants to find out about Sarla’s wish, and thinks their divorce is getting late. Tanu comes to room and sees Abhi’s hand bleeding. She asks where is first aid box, and asks how can you be so careless. Abhi says it is in drawer.

Tanu bandages his hand and asks how he got this wound. Abhi says his hand was hurt when he was trying to joint the string of guitar. Tanu looks at the broken glass and thinks why Abhi is lying? She thinks Pragya might have refused to give divorce and wonders why did she do this? Abhi asks Tanu to come out with him. Tanu thinks if Pragya comes to meet me when I am not at home.

Pragya and Purab wait for Ronnie. Ronnie comes wearing suit with googles and hat. Purab tells that he came to know about a location, and says he has selected one. Purab says it will be easy for us to trap Tanu. Pragya says who will bring Abhi there. Dadi says I will call him there. Pragya says no, and tells that she will tell Abhi that there will be a concert there. Everyone likes the idea. Pragya comes to room and thinks where is Abhi? She sees the broken glass and blood stains on the floor. She thinks Abhi has hurt himself. Abhi comes to his room and thinks Tanu went as she got a call. Pragya questions him why he hurt himself. Abhi says he is happy and haven’t harm himself. She sees his hand and asks who have tied bandage on his wound. Abhi says Tanu have applied bandage as she couldn’t see my wound. He says you also came, but haven’t seen my wound. Pragya says I didn’t see, else I would have done it. She removes the bandage and looks at the wound, says sorry. Abhi looks at her. Sanam Re Sanam Re plays…………….They have an eye lock. Pragya imagines to kiss his wound and hugs him. She says wound is deep, I will call doctor.

Tanu thinks I am tired searching for Pragya and thinks to rest for sometime. Just then Pragya comes to her room and asks why did you go to my room. She says why you are interfering in my life. Tanu says you brought me in the house. Pragya says I didn’t tell you to interfere in my life. Tanu asks her to say what did she do? Pragya thinks she has to control her emotions, and says sorry. She says I was searching you everywhere. She tells that she got blackmailer’s call and called him to Abhi’s concert. Tanu asks why concert? Pragya says I can’t waste my time in searching places and asks her to handle him.

Tanu tells Aaliya and Nikhil that Pragya called blackmailer to Abhi’s concert. Aaliya gets happy and thinks it will be advantageous to her. She asks where is the concert? Abhi gets happy hearing about concert and says I have missed the stage. Pragya looks at his excitement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. guys sarla is recovering very well because now she can slightly move her hand as we saw in yesterday’s episode sarla slightly moved her hand to push that injection bottle ….. so this is a improvement in sarla’s condition and a strength for pragya too ……. and now pragya arranged a concert for abhi …….. and guys i have an doubt abhi didn’t even show his face out because of sarla’s health condition but how he agreed for the concert ?? i don’t know …… and the nextthing how pragya will guess that tanu’s baby’s father i mean nikhil will come to abhi’s concert …. for nikhil the connection with abhi’s concert is right …… as nikhil is known to abhi … but still pragya didn’t know that it is nikhil ….. but commonly if guess that the father of tanu’s baby is not nikhil someone else means ……. will he come to abhi’s concert or any logic ?? think and reply me guys??!!…….

    • Megha

      Yes Reji….that’s right I think in this way that pragya said to tanu that she called blackmailer to the concert. Pragya thinks that tanu will tell to baby’s father and he will come to the concert for the blackmailer…based on this Pragya may planned to find baby’s father…but how she will find in the concert is the question?????

    • shobana

      Yes she will find Nikhil is tanu baby father in this concert
      But only pragya will come to knw nt abhi
      We have to wait for tanu’s exposure in front of abhi

    • Sahithi

      Reji like last time what happened in studio, Pragya is thinking Tanu will bring her baby father along with her to the concert. But what if he comes like last time in disguise, they didnt see his face because of burqa now also he can do something like that. So even if there r cameras, not sure if Nikhil will expose himself so easily.

    • jiyana

      All of u r bunch of fools! Whn u dnt have tht much of brain thn y force ur brain to think? :p let it rest else whtevr is left will also be finished (i think it already is:p) whr is ur super idiot frnd razia btw? :p

  2. AK

    kkb ratings started to fall down.last week sns has gained 3.8 points and kkb has 3.7…….for past few months kkb was in 1st position in daily soap operas…..damn sure that this over stretched tanu track will spoil this show.atleast fall in trp will change the track………hope and pray for that .

  3. Brintha

    Hope writer’s won’t cheat this time……pragya peacock design earing was very pretty…if concert segment fails…pragya shud move out of the house…with her mom…let dadi tell t truth…let her save her grandson from the evil..if he is not believing let him live with the evil

  4. Guys kkb have been dragging so much that now even if abhigya reunite it looks boring……..and about pragya leaving mehra mansion dude now I have reached a point of self realisation that even if abhi marries tanu I don’t care anymore. …….I am disgusted by this dragging its more than 225 episodes but still they continue the same. …….

  5. Naveen

    It’s too much dragging tanu permanency it over 10 to 20 months when it completed tanu reality now Pragya after the truth will not come she is live abhi . Direct and writer tanu I dragging so much please end the tanu chapter fast

  6. jiji

    sarlama recognise nikhil. Bt last trial will also fail. They never caught red handed. At last Pragya will get back in old avatar, as fuggi. And tell each n evrything to abhi. Abhi get shocked. They both cry n hugs each other, after knowing pragya’s sacrifice. abhi help pragya to find the proof to throw tanu out of house.

  7. shobana

    Guys have you al noticed pragya said in concert al the direction there will be CCTV cameras so tanu can’t be escaped this time

    In new plan also camara is there bt the worst part is they forgot that they have already fixed a camera in their previous plan

  8. shobana

    I was really shocked to hear that Ronnie is the new blackmailer
    V al think it will be Nikhil or alia or raj
    Atlast the cvs has wrote the most illogical thing
    Cuz purab he is going to hire someone who is a frd of tanu right
    Is Ronnie a frd of tanu ????
    Don’t knw still what all illogical things are there to see

    • Sahithi

      Shobana there is change in plan naa.. Ronnie is not actual blackmailer but the person who will be present at said venue and to whom Tanu should hand over the amount.

      This is because Pragya as blackmailer told Tanu that she wont take risk after last incident and will not come in person but will send someone else to collect money.

  9. Coolio

    It has been over 10 months and Tanu doesn’t even have a bump. What’s up with this serial?

  10. Manu

    Just a bullshit strory . pls stop all this nonsense and exposed tanu otherwise kkb will loose their viewers

  11. gowtham

    will the track end soon??? or will be continuing for the next one year?? irritating….. tanu getlost…. plzzzz

  12. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Writers I have ideas you can throw tanu out and bring some romance and knok jhok fight,bring bulbul back and let alliya drama then fake and real bulbul. Pls give imp to others also always tanu tanu tanu just nonsense yaar. Kkb was best now…….
    I did not know which show is gonna end?Less trp or bad reviews show will end
    1.Sarojini, 2.lajwanthi, 3.?????

  13. Suman jyothi

    I read dat alia spoils abhis concert .so dis time also pragya may fail to find tannus baby father.

  14. Sahithi

    Nice episode again, but what was very funny one guy with one injury and 2 ladies fighting to bandage it.. LOL..

    If only Pragya was always this possessive about Abhi.

  15. Brintha

    Their target is only to find out nikhil…tanu will b escaped this time…and alia,nikhil,tanu will back kick pragya team which will cause pragya may hurted by abhi words very badly this time..so pragya will b definitely disappointed by abhi…so she may decide after revealing tanu secret she may leave the house with her mom…so next segment wud be abhi trying to get back pragya love,bulbul reentry,alia’s plans will start against abhi name and fame to drop down…which will cause again abhigya reunion….so guys reunion won’t happen how we expect…its looooooooooooong process…but it will be interesting…Because we are fed up wit tanu segment for 225 episodes..if we wait for another 25 episodes next segment will be mind blowing…keep wait and support kkb…

  16. Brintha

    A small break up period is required for abhi to understand pragya and her love…till today he has not understood of her moves though she sacrificed,alua raj exposure…means he need a gape between them..to drop down his ego…where love is there thr won’t be ego…before mogambo rentry he was worried where pragya and tanu pregnant..he didn’t hv chance to understand…so this time whn she leaves away from him he will definitely feel the pain..love is not thinking about our love..love is about thinking of whom we love….once the understanding comes between the couple..the husband and wife relationship will become very strong…thn with facial reactions only will be the conversation..no words required inbetweenno one can destroy their relation at any difficult situations…this not only for drama…it Will happen in every individual life….

  17. Brintha

    This is my Imagiation guys..abhi behind pragya…leaving his ego…to gain her love back and get married again…he has to work hard for it…she will refusing…running behind her…he will be tensioned ,ego,angry..towards pragya…but for us it will be a treat..so pragya to get jealous abhi will b getting a girl named by manu.hahaha…hahaha….

  18. Brintha

    And my imagination continues…this time dadi,sarlama,dasi,purab,bulbul,rachana,akash,Ronnie..all will be abhi side…helping abhi to convince pragya…most of the time these team plans utter flop na…so pragya will be breaking their plans…so abhi decides to kidnap sarlama to threaten pragya for 50 lakhs as blackmailer…obviously pragya can’t arrange…blackmailer will tell to go and ask abhi…pragya decides to go and ask abhi…abhi acts like why he shud give…pragya will ask as alumni u hv to give some amount na..why not 50 laks…abhi will ask her to marry again…again pragya refuses…try to get money from otherway…no way…so she decides to court marriage…so the marriage will happen at court..thn she learns about the drama behind…sarla didn’t kidnapped..its all drama…again she will get angry and go to sarlama house only….abhi will be torchering pragya to come to his house…pragya will b keep angry on him…abhi arranges duplicate police to threaten pragya as legel wife u hv to live with him..so no otherway pragya will go to abhi house…then again tom and jerry fights…with love…then one fine day abhi will convince pragya with his immense love …pragya will be melted…thn the reunion….how is my imagination guys..?

  19. razia

    From Friday thr show Progress’s a little .. Let’s c whether pragya vl b able to find nikhil ..

  20. Sahithi

    There was one segment yday and one more today.

    Yday segment shows Abhi upset with Aaliya n sitting on his bed. Pragya comes n tries to cheer him. She says looks like there r two Abhis one who wants to be happy n one who wants to be sad. But instead of cheering up, Abhi says something , i think something rude which now upsets Pragya n she starts crying. Seeing Pragya tears,Abhi tries to cheer her n then the same scene what we saw in segment 2 days before. Abhi asks if he has to become hen to make her smile n then he gets list of songs for concert n then asks Pragya for dance rehearsal. They have a small dance.

    Today’s segment shows the scene why Abhi was upset with Aaliya. Sarla is in wheel chair n looks like her wheel chair slips down the stairs. Aaliya comes just in time to stop her wheel chair n pushes her back up the stairs. But Abhi, Daadi, pragya, rachna reach late by the time Aaliya saves Sarla but Abhi misunderstands that Aaliya tried to kill/hurt Sarla.
    He raises hand to slap Aaliya but Pragya stops Abhi by holding his hand.

    In interview Aaliya(Shikha) was saying she is doing all this to gain Abhi’s confidence n good will, but she will ultimately make Abhi part of her evil plots. And that her final goal is to destroy Abhi n Pragya. Aaliya was also speaking of slap so Abhi may in fact slap her, we have to see as that is not confirmed in segment.

    So looking at all segment videos this week, the order of scenes mostly will be
    1.Aaliya saves Sarla but Abhi will think she is trying to harm Sarla. There may b a showdown again btw Aaliya n Abhi.
    2.Abhi upset will Aaliya, Pragya tries to cheer him but has to bear Abhi’s taunting.
    3. Pragya starts crying n to cheer her, Abhi will speak abt song selection for concert n then they have an eye lock n small dance.

  21. riya

    new segment-
    Sarla is on wheelchair near staircase,outside abhigya’s room..nobody will be around so tanu will take advantage of this and push sarla…sarla ma is about to fall off the staircase in her wheelchair but alia rescues her…abhigya and others come running to the scene..abhi gets furious and thinks alia wanted to harm sarla…abhi is about to slap alia but pragya stops him…abhi tells everyone how alia is not trustworthy and she was thr to kill sarla…
    alia has come to mehra house with some papers…she tells abhi these papers whr lying outside the house and she’s thr to return them…
    alia is laying the foundation of her plan to destroy abhi and this will be her first step…..

    • riya

      Offscreen INT:
      she shares about how she wants to destroy abhi and pragya and tht is her ultimate motive..
      she says she will eventually convince abhi and manage to trap him to achieve her motive to destroy him….
      he shares how he doesn’t believe whatever alia says…he jokes how the papers whr actually newspapers and had a pass to his concert in it and they would have suffered a loss worth Rs.350…..

  22. AK

    guyzzz there is SBS segment today…..in the first video they show that sarla maa in wheel chair near the stair case and tanu make use of that situation….she push the wheel chair,but alia come there and save sarlaa.all members came there and abhi is about to alap alia,but pragya stops him.he told her that im not a fool like you….alia want to take revenge frome me thats y she try to kill sarla,but alia told him that some papers were found outside his home,she just want to return that papers..on intrvw shabir told that abhi wont easily believe alia….and shikha told that alias aim is to ruin abhi and pragya and she will do it at any cost…….so this is her new way to patch up with abhi……….

  23. Megha

    hi guys, there is new SBS segment…
    What’s upcoming is that Sarla is on wheelchair near the staircase, outside AbhiGya’s room. Nobody will be around and Tanu will take advantage of the situation & push Sarla
    Sarla Maa is about to fall off the staircase in her wheelchair but Alia rescues her.
    Pragya, Abhi and family come running to the scene. Abhi gets furious and thinks Alia wanted to harm Sarla. Abhi is about to slap Alia but Pragya stops him. Abhi tells everyone how Alia is not trustworthy and she was there to kill Sarla.
    Alia has come to Mehra house with some papers. She tells Abhi these papers were lying outside the house & she’s there to return them.
    Alia is laying the foundation of her plan to destroy Abhi and this will be here first step.

    Offscreen INT, Shikha: She shares about how she wants to destroy Abhi and Pragya & that is her ultimate motive. She says she will eventually convince Abhi and manage to trap him to achieve her motive to destory him.

  24. Megha

    Looks like before Tanu’s exposure, Alia’s plan is started. The writers dont want to expose tanu.

  25. Rahul

    New segment : alia tries to win the trust of the mehra family
    scene: tanu finds sarla ma in a wheelchair all alone in her room , she looks around and takes the opportunity to push sarla ma down the stairs and does the deed , when sarla ma was just about to fall she is saved by alia
    Then pragya and rachna reach there and are shocked by athe shight and rush to help alia , just then abhi arrives at the scene and is shocked ,just when he was about to slap alia for harming sarla ma he is stopped by pragya
    They questioned her about her presence in the MM for which she replied by saying that she was here for some documents
    abhi screams at alia and asks her to leave the MM
    Reporters interview shikka
    Shikka says alia is here to win the trust of the family and her main motive is still to destroy abhi and pragya which she will never give up

  26. Jaydeep

    What’s upcoming is that Sarla is on wheelchair near the staircase, outside AbhiGya’s room. Nobody will be around and Tanu will take advantage of the situation & push Sarla

    Sarla Maa is about to fall off the staircase in her wheelchair but Alia rescues her.

    Pragya, Abhi and family come running to the scene. Abhi gets furious and thinks Alia wanted to harm Sarla. Abhi is about to slap Alia but Pragya stops him. Abhi tells everyone how Alia is not trustworthy and she was there to kill Sarla.

    Alia has come to Mehra house with some papers. She tells Abhi these papers were lying outside the house & she’s there to return them.

    Alia is laying the foundation of her plan to destroy Abhi and this will be here first step.

    Offscreen INT, Shikha: She shares about how she wants to destroy Abhi and Pragya & that is her ultimate motive. She says she will eventually convince Abhi and manage to trap him to achieve her motive to destory him.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir: Shabir shares how he doesn’t believe easily whatever Alia says. Shabir jokes how the papers were actually newspaper and had a pass to his concert in it and they would’ve suffered a loss worth Rs.350

  27. New sbs segment-
    Sarala maa going to fall from steps aaliya comes and tries to stop the wheel chair abhi misunderstands aaliya and goes to slap her but pragya stops him……..
    Offscreen interview –
    Aaliya tells that her goals remain the same destroy abhi and pragya

    • reji

      billu this means we can’t guess aliya’s real motive so i think aliya is playing a double game between their life and she is saving sarla means to make abhi to trust her and again she is trying to gain the position of abhi’s sister in his mind and the next is if sarla is near aliya but if she didn’t save her she can’t bring abhi’s trust back on her ….. and it will be a danger but she saved sarla means it is problem for tanu only i can’t guess her real motive

      • Reji I am tired of this drama ……..if aaliya is doing drama or not I don’t actually care I just want to flush tanu out…….seriously

      • Sahithi

        For me both are irritating, because off late after Pragya makeover, there had been more crime, crying n pain than entertainment. This increased from last one month or so.

        Aaliya’s obsession n craziness was bearable till it was limited to Purab. But now her evilness against her own brother is not at all watchable for me. Everytime she speaks rudely to Abhi like she did when she took property on her name, its very painful to watch. Donno why writers have fun in showcasing most relations in such negative way n mocking them. In most other shows the villans keep changing but here it is getting boring to watch them stick on. When these 2 ladies were unbearable with occassional Mithali, they brought Nikhil also.

        Remember Aaliya Tanu Mithali went to a tarot card reader who says that Aaliya is trying to live off someone else’s hard earned money. That is the truth about Aaliya and now I know it will get even worse when Aaliya stars her plots against her bro.

        When Aaliya returned in outhouse n revealed her plans to destroy Abhi, I thought they will expose Tanu first, so wanted to see that sequence n stop watching the show by the time Aaliya will start her game. But looks like both Aaliya’s plan n Tanu’s drama may go on n on.

        Really testing audience patience.. huh..

  28. guys i read that because of alia and abhi again pragya failed to find tanu baby’s father hope it must be some false statement or gossip

  29. gowtham

    pragya plan is not gonna work…. aaliya is going to spoil d plan….. irritating tanu wont get caught….

  30. Sreya

    naduni, I thnk purab might be knowing where bulbul Is n he might be taking care of her n wen evrythng will get fine, I thnk he’ll bring her..

  31. Malson

    Sarals hand moving slightly in yesterdays episode.so friend she will get back normal in 9th March 2017 ( Next year ).

  32. Sahithi

    The shoot for the concert part seems to have started. Shikha posted a fun pic with a poster of rockstar Abhi that is placed for the concert,where she was trying to pose like Abhi.

  33. deepa

    hi plz yaar pragya aur abhi ko milado plz . aur irreting tanu ko abhi zindagi se baar nikaldo. plzzzzzzzzzzzz yarrrrrrr

  34. sana

    Pragya plan poda,aaliya innoru plan poda,kadasila rendum sothapa pothu.tanu expose aga Mata intha timemum.ipala tanuva wise person Na katra.hmm.I give wonderful idea to pragya to expose tanu. 1.ask audience 2.tanu phone checking 3.tanu blood test and DNA test.if Pragya fails to prove tanu father,at least by this DNA test she can prove that is not abhi baby.he will back to pragya.

  35. sana

    Guys please stop that fan fiction. If u see there is so many fan fiction, bcoz of trp rate increase every time. If we stop fanfiction and only read Wu and no comments Na.trp rating will fall.if it low ,ekta will take proper steps to end tanu matter, otherwise abhi newborn child will go LkG,when we will know the truth.

  36. Jaydeep

    Episode begins with Aliya thinking i came here to the outhouse but it still feels like jail and see’s Tanu comming and thinks shez one who always comes with her problems bt i have to bear her till i get info on Mehra house .

    *Tanu tells Aliya i have a good news. Aliya gets exited. Tanu tells her that its her news and says that Pragya is going help her to get to the kidnapper. Aliya says oh really and u believe her. Tanu says i dont have any other option. just then Nikhil comes in and says What?

    * Nikhil comes in and says u’ll take Pragya’s help?.. Tanu says all this is ur fault. Now the blackmailer gave the proof to another blackmailer and hez asking 20lakhs. Nikhil says i’ll try to get the money. and asks wer did the blackmailer call you. Takhil and Aliya Precap scene .. just then Mithali bngs the door and every1 gets scared.

    *Tanu hides Nikhil . Mithali comes in and asks y are you both tensed. they give some excuses. Mithali says i heard some 3rd persons voice. Aliya gives some excuses. and they send Mithali out. Tanu starts shouting at Nikhil y is he coming to Mehara house wen she asked him not to. Aliya asks Tanu wen n wer is the concert. Tanu says i dont knw, will tell u wen i get to knw.

    *Aliya thinks now i can do what i came here to do. The concert will definitely be a flop. and Abhishke Mehra’s downfall will start.

    *Abhi is thinking that Mogambo is not a person who u can talk peacefully. Now se Mogambo wat i will do. Daadi will be on 1 side n me on the other. then i’ll see how u wont give me divorce.

    *Daadi, Purab, Pragya in Daadi’s room. Daadi asks y did u call Tanu without telling Abhi 1st. Pragya says i got angry. Abhi while going to daadi’s room thinks i have to attack Mogambo with a full proof plan. Tayaji catches Abhi and talks to him abt Raj. Abhi says i’ll 1st talk to Daadi something imp and then come to u.

    *Team is discussing on how to tell Abhi and Abhi knocks Daadi’s door. Purab sends Pragya into the bathroom to hide. Abhi comes in and asks Purab wat hez doing here.. Daadi says she called him here to talk abt Abhi’s and Pragya’s divorce.

    *Abhi starts talking against Pragya and Daadi and Purab get tensed. Pragya listens to everything from the bathroom. Pragya’s saree gets stuck in the door and while removing it she hurts her head and makes a noise. Abhi notices it and Daadi makes a painful noise to distract Abhi.

    *Daadi asks Abhi wat were u saying . Abhi says now we’ll behave how shez behaving. talk to her rudely. She hasent seen my anger yet. if she see’s it she’ll give the divorce the same day. and tells Daadi and Purab to talk to Pragya rudely. Abhi see’s them silent and ask wat.. Daadi says ur right beta.. Abhi says its time to tame the tiger and while leaving looks at the bathroom door and Daadi again makes a painful noise to distract him. Abhi says to Purab u do something as she only listens to u. and leaves.

    *Pragya comes out of the bathroom and says what to do now as hez soo angry. Purab says we have to do something as u already informed Tanu. Purab and Daadi at the same time tell Pragya to convince Abhi. Purab says if we are doing the concert then i have to start the preparations and leaves. Daadi also gives excuse and leaves before Pragya can say anything .

    *Tanu thinks of asking Pragya details abt the concert and thinks that she cant ask her directly and even Pragya wont tell her. just then Tanu notices Ronnie and decides to ask him. Tanu sooo sweetly asks Ronnie abt the concert. And Ronnie starts his drama irritating Tanu.

    *Pragya is prayig at the MM mandir and asks god for his blessings as she dosent want to loose Abhi and this battle. She z just a stem away from victory and she has to do this. Pragya gets up and thinks how to do. and thinkins that if i keep on thinking then wen will i do. Hez soo angry on me that wat ever i tell him id wont give a straight answer. and thinks of calming his anger 1st.


    • Jaydeep

      Abh is watching TEI and switches of the TV wen he sees Pragya.. Abhi sees her and thinks tat she has something imp to tell him. Pragya stumbles seeing his anger and says there is a concert in few days. Abhi gets surprised n exited.

      *Precap scene of Abhigya.. Pragya watches with a shocked face as Abhi excitedly talks abt da concert. Abhi says of course i’ll do the concert. Abhi asks her to put Big Big hoardings saying WELCOME BACK ABHI. and keeps telling her to do this and that.. Pragya watches him surprisingly.

      *Abhi asks Pragya why are you looking like that. M soo Happy. arent you? Pragya says yes i am. and Abhi gives Pragya Hi 5. and ask her to give divorce. and Pragya gets stunned. Abhi says after that wer ever u tell me i’ll perform there.

      *Tanu is thinking and Abhi come to her room. Abhi says he soo happy today and is relaxed. Tanu says happy? Abhi says i just put a bomb in Enemy’s territory. Tanu asks wat did u do with her. Abhi says she always makes every1 dance to her tunes. Now i’ll make her dance. Abhi tells her that he wont perform the concert until Pragya givves Divorce.

      *Tanu thinks wat did u do Abhi. u have created much bigger prooblem now. now how will i catch the blackmailer. Abhi says y r u nervous wen u have to be happy Tanu says m not nervous. but y did u do like tat. This is ur career. Abhi says M Abhi the rockstar i can do concerts any time. But now i have to teach a lesson to Mogambo.

      Episode Ends

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.