Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya feel a storm of emotions and pain

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The Episode starts with Abhi deciding to talk to Pragya and says I will not go until I meet her. pragya thinks maybe they can unite again and thinks to go and talk to him. She comes to the bar side and asks waiter where did he go who was arguing with you. Waiter signs him at Abhi. Abhi also looks at her. Hamari Adhuri plays…..Before they could talk each other. King comes in front of her and asks why she is looking scared. He asks Tarun to ask DJ to play the song. He takes Pragya with him. Hamari Adhuri plays….Chachi tells Abhi that it is good that King loves Pragya a lot and patched up. Abhi gives an angry look and goes. King and Pragya go on the stage and dance. Yeh lamha ….tujme khoya rahun me… song plays…Abhi couldn’t bear to see them dancing. Everyone claps for King and Pragya. A

woman tells them that they are made for each other and their love is seen in their dance. Everyone claps for them. Abhi comes to them and asks King, can I dance with your wife. King moves from their way. Abhi and Pragya go on the stage. She asks how are you in her heart…He looks at her. They dance together holding hands and get emotional. Sau Dard hai plays……She closes her eyes. They dance.

Abhi thinks of King introducing her as his wife. King looks at their dance. Abhi presses her hand. Pragya says please, I am paining. Abhi says even I and says I want to talk to you. Pragya says I can’t talk now and leaves the stage. King follows Pragya and asks if everything is okay. He says now you have realized how arrogant he is? He asks her to stay away from him and tells that I thought he is impressed, but now I think he is liking you. Pragya looks on. Tanu comes home and thinks why did I drink so much, how I will go to the party now. She asks herself to wake up and collides with Kiara. She scolds Kiara. Kiara asks her to walk carefully. She asks if you are the same woman who had picked my call and didn’t make me talk to doll chor. Tanu says she is the owner of the house and asks her to talk nicely with her, says she will kick her out. Kiara asks are you drunk and ask her to bring politely with her next time. Tanu realizes that she is Pragya’s daughter and says who brought her here, I am bahu of this house. She says she will not leave the person who called her here.

Pragya thinks he has so much hatred and her love gets less everything. She says they have just Kiara between them. She thinks she is Mr. Singh’s manager and can’t tell him anything. She thinks so much time will be needed for the forgiveness and it is better to forget. Abhi takes a drink and drinks. Pragya comes to him. He breaks the glass in anger. Tarun comes and asks did you see contract file. Pragya says later. Chachi says she needs to talk to Pragya and goes following her. Pragya follows Abhi and calls him Suniye…Abhi stops listening to her and tears flow from his eyes. Chann Se toote jo Sapna plays….She sees his injured hand and is about to hold it, but he moves his hand.. Pragya is teary eyed too and says blood..you are hurt. I will put an ointment on your hand. Abhi doesn’t let her touch him. Allah wariyan plays. She tries to hold his hand, but he moves back. She finally holds his hand and takes him to room. Ahatein song plays… They both get emotional. Kuch toh hai song plays….They look at each other.

Abhi asks how can you marry someone else? Pragya says you are hurting me. Abhi says I want answers for my question and asks how could you do this with me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bull shit… What guts abhi has to question pragya, just need to stand in front of the mirror and question himself.. He kicked her out of the house, got married to tanu and still is controlled by Aliya… Aaliya and tanu have committed so many crimes and also murders still moving around free and pragya has to pay for all the shit they did… Need to see abhi suffer and long for pragya… Also king should come to know about pragya and abhi and he should teach abhi a lesson for all the problems of pragya and make them pay for all her tears and suffering.. Even if they want to unite abhigya let them make abhi suffer a little and value pragya and fight for her.

    1. I agree so much with you Alka. let Abhi suffer for a fraction of the suffering he caused Pragya… how she could marry someone else? How dare he marry Tanu….

  2. whatever happened to abhi n pragya is because of tanu n aliya that why both never get happiness in their life tanu live unmarried life even after married to abhi n aliya lost her brother n his love, abhi took the decision in angered n lost pragya, abhi n pragya will unite but now interesting part is the tanu scare face of loosing abhi n her scare feeling of pragya come b/w her and her husband, just like she came n created misunderstanding b/w abhi n pragya, slap on aliya face when pragya really enter again in mehra house with their daughter, abhi n pragya suffered alot because aliya n tanu. now it their turn to suffer n scare

  3. there is nothing happen in today episode the story doesn’t move a inch, ekta kapoor must move story fast. in 21 min episode abhi n pragya only see each other n nothing. n doesn’t like abhi costume, abhi look funny but in yesterday episode when he saw pragya his acting look real.

  4. I’m completely agree with you Alka. Let he suffer what he deserves till he see what’s going on with him and the Two witches

  5. Lets abhi and pragya settle and enjoy deir lives

  6. Seriously i tink abhi needs to be patient and i guess aliya might fall in luv w king again and i hope tanu wont plan w king and i hope tanu wont kill kiara
    Pls bring this story to sometin meaniful and let it end ….

  7. if u search up zee tv complaints, there is a petition to end kkb. the website is http://www.change.org. The petition needs 50 more people. pls sign the petition. WE need to reach 100.

    1. I will support you.most shameful script.better to end.I will help u.you need 100person. My friends will help you.we never want this kind of script.

  8. If u don’t like the serial then stop watching it…. Other fans of abhigya need kkb…..so stop giving negative comments

  9. Pranav do you think this will work… We have been raising our voices on this stupid illogical serial regarding the crimes that are being openly shown in the serial.. For last 4 years it’s only crime and various ideas for committing them. The evil and the murderers are enjoying for the last 4 years and good only in pain and crying.. Nothing good can come from this serial and any no of petition will not help becos Ekta has a lot of pull. That woman is crazy.. No respect for relationships

  10. Pragya is so forgiving. It’s annoying ( punching bag of the mehra house)
    I am sorry to abhigya fans I seriously hope they don’t end up together. Abhi does not value Pragya’s love , the sacrifices ,the patience towards him and his family. He’s angry at her for what ,he is married also did he get amnesia all of the sudden. Writer please bring 10 times of hurt to this weak man.

  11. im pretty sure majority of people that’ve watched tis show wanted it to end. Plus, dont be RUDE! im already havin a bad day. dont need yer bakwas abhigya

    1. Hey . I am new to comment but I watch kkb from the start itself and I agree with you I too wanted them to end this show. Abhi is useless and biggest fool ever.abhi dadi selfish only thinking about abhi only.looking forward to its end

  12. ???What nonsene stop this rubbish

  13. leisa s morris

    Most of d commenting has been from ppl who hasbeen with kkb since inception so we have d right to holler rant and rave about anyting we find unacceptable without others tellin us to stop watch d show. Non of u will b y with a husband who lets dem down continuously and takes his sister side and through u out ofdhouse and marry d one person responsible for most of d problems in ur marriage. Its not wholely aliyah or tanus fault cause i expect my husband to stand by my side as ive done with him and not abandon me every chance he gets. Pragya is always provin her luv still waitin on abhi to prove his. She didnt blame him wen her sister died yet he blamed her for dadi. He needs to b someone she can rely on.

  14. Cathy

    THAT was the most pathetic 20 minutes i’ve ever wasted on this show, Clearly this show needs a tight slap. OMG that was so frustrating i can barely contain myself. in fact i’ll refrain from saying anything else or i’ll be banned.

  15. BhanupriyaSreeram

    Hey guys I’m new to the discussions…. But have been following it always…. Hello everybody…. I’m bhanupriya here…

    There is no harm in anyone’s thinking…. Kkb is running because we love to watch the unconditional love of Abhigya….. They are not perfect…. They don’t think before acting….. But when it comes to love they r just adorable….. Talking with eyes…. The feel…. The emotions….. Its for those ppl who loves…. Love have ups and downs….. But its LOVE ….. Pragya suffered for 7 yrs and so did abhi… He realised it as soon as she left him and as for pragya kiara is her reason to satisfy him being beside and abhi remembering her all the time….. As some of u think….. I too don’t want king I.e. Mishal to be negetive….. But ya he can act for some place to re-unite them….. Rest दिल से धड़कन दूर नहीं होती कभी चाहे कितनी भी दूरी हो…. Heartbeat is never far from the heart may any distance…..

  16. Pls reunite my Abi and Fuggi. Too much drama!

  17. It’s worst show ever . Abhi is a useless and foolish person and pragya doesn’t she self respect,she wanted to reunite with abhi after everything he did to her . She should have left abhi after bbulbul death itself,and abhi is such a selfish only thinking about abhi .Aliya and Tanu ,they never change.please end this serial

  18. Who wants to take a bet that Tanu will kill Pragya, Abhi and their child and Pragya and Abhi will be reborn to have the same crap over and over. There is a reason Ekta is single and alone in her life. She must be such a miserable person

  19. How could ekta marry if she takes this serials without relationship everything nothing wrong in cursing ber I jate ekta a lot how shair is too friendly tio ekta I don’t know really all are dumb now after post leap they cut all the scene of pragya suffering and making her yearning for him after leap they are making a bhi being suffering like that but ki audience know what is happening gya another news it’s sure or tidha are going to indonesia to promote their spin off show kdb

  20. Loved watching sriti and Shabir acting…. Love to watch further more toooo….

  21. Paramita Roy

    Damn happy to see abhi suffer, he deserves it, king is such a good person, in spite of having no relationship with pragya & kiara, still gives her the respect & value she deserves, abhi is no match to him, i really hope pragya end up with king

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