Kumkum Bhagya 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya dons Nurse Avatar to meet Abhi

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The Episode starts with Pragya telling King that they shall meet him once. King asks whom? Mr. Wick calls King. King tells Pragya that Mr. Wick is very impatient to talk to him and asks her to sleep. Tanu tells Aaliya that she thinks she is taking revenge on her. Aaliya asks who gets affected with Pragya’s return? Tanu nods. Aaliya says I hate her a lot and asks who want her not to return? Tanu says nobody except me. Aaliya says Just us and says we have to be very alert. She says Pragya and Abhi shall not be closer else he will melt like an icecream. She asks her to go to ICU and tells that just as he opens his eyes, he shall think that you worry for him so much. Tanu says ok. Pragya thinks she has nobody’s mobile numbers and gets worried for her. She thinks to go to City hospital as King said that

Abhi is admitted there. She then thinks of Aaliya’s threat and thinks she will meet her anyhow. She sees Kiara sleeping in room and tells that she is going out, but don’t want to break her sleep. She says I am going to meet your Papa.

Mr. Wick and King come to the hospital. He asks about his fever. King says I am fine. He asks did you want us to meet. Mr. Wick tells that he wants to get him treated by the doctor. King says do you think I am not serious about my health and tells that he already got herself checked. Mr. Wick tells that he already got Doctor’s appointment. Pragya comes there and asks Receptionist about Abhi. Mr. Wick sees her and informs King. King is coming to Pragya and gets a call then. He turns to attend the call. Receptionist refuses to tell anything to Pragya. Pragya tells that she is Pragya Mehra, Abh’s wife. Receptionist tells about the way to ICU. Pragya goes there. King asks Receptionist about Pragya. She thinks that woman was Pragya Mehra, and tells King that she doesn’t know anything about his wife. King thinks she came to check up and tells that he will search his wife.

Pragya comes near the ICU and sees Dadi, Dasi and others. Aaliya gets angry and says you? Purab and Disha get emotional. Dadi and Dasi get happy and emotional. Pragya also gets emotional and hugs Dasi and Dadi. Aaliya fumes. Pragya then meets Disha. Disha asks where did you go for 7 years away from us. Purab asks how are you? He asks did you come here to see Abhi and asks if she is in touch with him. Dadi says I told everyone, but nobody believed me. They ask where was she? Pragya says let me meet him first. Aaliya stops her and tells that you can’t meet him. She says because of Pragya, Abhi is unconscious here. Dasi says Aaliya. Aaliya says since she came in my brother’s life, he has to suffer and holds her responsible. She tells that she lost her Dadi, but will not lose her brother. Pragya says your talks can’t stop me from meeting him. Aaliya calls Security and asks him to take her out of the hospital as she is danger to her brother’s love. Security guy tries to take Pragya from there. Purab tries to stop him. Aaliya breaks the vase and asks them to stop it.

It turns out to be Pragya’s imagination. She is still standing far. Kiara wakes up calling Pragya and searches her. Pragya says if Aaliya sees me then she will create scene and sees changing room. Kiara sees Abhi’s handkerchief and thinks Pragya must have went to thank Rockstar and calls her, but her phone is in the room. She talks to Sweety, doll and tells that she loves her rockstar now. Pragya comes to the changing room. Nurse asks if she is really a nurse. Pragya says yes. Nurse tells her about Abhi’s case history. Pragya wears Nurse uniform and thinks nobody will identify her.

Tanu recognizes Pragya and asks her to remove her mask. Pragya gets tensed. Tanu is about to pull her mask.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. As usual evil wins and tanu and aliya occupy screen space. Still not able to understand why everyone one from the mehra family is tolerating aliya nonsense…. They show that they miss pragya but do nothing for her.. Even purab all are selfish..

  2. Only one storyline for Indian serials especially this serial. Husband dumb and abusive. Husband verbally or physically will abuse his wife. Wife will be a doormat. She will be a doormat as long as she can then they will separate for sometime. Having all the mistakes on the husband will blame his wife and ask why did you leave me ( why can’ you be my door mat ). Then the wife will think he still loves me. And will run back to him like a puppy. Fed up with serial.

  3. I think pragya has some mental issues. Then how can she run back to that abhi. Who treated her like his footwear. How can abhi say his marriage is a compromise. In what way is it a compromise. Even if pragya married someone it can be a compromise. Okay how can abhi marry that evil tanu and say it is a compromise he could have at the least married someone else instead of tanu. What all that tanu had did to pragya. Abhi has betrayed pragya by marrying that tanu and now acts as if he still loves pragya. In the beginning he did love tanu and now he has married his first love. No need to act as if he is sad without pragya. If he was really a good human being even if he was angry and sad after his dadi’s death. He would have not remarried and that too that tanu. There is no such thing as compromise in his second marriage. He plainly betrayed her. If there is let him tell what compromise.

  4. The story will go on an on like this now in precap they show Tanu recognise Pragya than she will pull mask than after that Tanu won’t let Pragya meet abhi really fed up

  5. I’m waiting for a episode where this two whore,aaliya and tanu will be robbed, kidnapped,molest etc.

    1. tee hee hee! Geeta, me too. Right now the biggest question I have is if Aliyah’s current hairstyle is purposefully meant to make her look more frightening, monstrous. It works!

  6. Flush flush flush flllllllush.sriti real dirt also will b flushed.

  7. Flush flush flush sriti ur dirt also will b flushed

  8. Kkb ko flush karo

  9. I wish abhi should his memory. Of 7 yrs
    And move on with pragya

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