Kumkum Bhagya 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pragya crying and telling Abhi that Raghuveer ji did wrong and he shall have apologized to Sarla. She says Maa would be much happy to meet him and her daughters. Abhi asks her not to cry and says he will search Raghuveer ji and will unite them. Sarla comes home and cries as she hears Pragya calling her Maa. She prays to God and asks her to make him meet her daughters. Just then she gets pragya’s call from a PCO and she tells her that they are fine and Baba helped them a lot. Sarla asks whom? Pragya says Bulbul and her father, and says she came to know about the secret of her father, and says he told her everything. She says he can’t bring Papa, but will bring her sisters back home. Sarla is shocked and tells Beeji that Pragya met Raghuveer and said that she will bring her

sisters here. She says we had buried those relations, and it will come infront of us soon. Pragya and Abhi are walking on road, talking about Raghuveer ji. Pragya says they shall see go back and get his pic. Commando and his goons come in his jeep and see them. Abhi and Pragya run in the jungle.

Commando and his goons follow them. Pragya and Abhi continues to run. They come near the river/dam side. They couldn’t find the way. Abhi says if we shall jump in the water. Pragya says she don’t know swimming and says if anything happens to them. Abhi says we are married twice and nothing can happen to us. Pragya says if we have to die, then I will die first. Abhi says we fell in love to stay with each other and not to die. They hug each other emotional and cries. A song plays….Main Phir Bhi…..goons come there. Abhi asks Pragya to jump in the water along with him. Damru and others laugh seeing them scared and points gun at them. Abhi asks Pragya to trust him and jump. Pragya asks him to jump. Abhi says if we don’t jump then we will stand here together. Pragya says if we stand here then they will shoot us.

Commando laughs and asks them not to think of running again and says we are humans and not machine to search you. He tells that two policemen died because of you and asks if they love each other, then why can’t die. He says I will kill you smoothly without giving any pain, and if you both try to be smart then I will give you a painful death. He asks them to get ready to die. Abhi asks who sent you to kill us. Pragya asks why do you want to kill us. Commando says he will not tell them, but will kill them. He says my target will never goes waste. Abhi says I know you are a contract killer, and asks him to leave them, and says he will give them much money. Commando says he is not interested. He asks who wants to die first. Pragya says she wants to die first. Abhi asks her to stand at his back.

Commando says he will kill them together and asks them to look at him. Purab sees foot prints and tells Inspector that they might be there. He says he will check there. Inspector refuses to let him go alone. He takes out his gun and fires in air. Commando also shoots at the same time. Purab says bullet was fired and fears if the goons shot them. Pragya and Abhi are shocked. Pragya looks at Abhi.

Inspector says lets go and check. Pragya sits down as the bullet pierced inside her her stomach. Abhi tries to make her regain consciousness. Damru asks Commando to leave and says Police must have come here. Commando says I will not leave until I kill Abhi. Damru and goons take Commando from there. Pragya tells Abhi that she wanted this, and can’t see if anything happens to him. She says she is going. Abhi says I won’t let anything happen to you. Abhi shouts for help. Pragya says I love you. Abhi says I won’t let anything happen to you. He hugs her and cries. Pragya faints. Abhi shouts for help. Pragya closes her eyes. Meanwhile Abhi runs towards the goons leaving Pragya there itself. Commando says his work is incomplete because of them. Damru says we shall escape from here. Seeing Police they hide.

Abhi gets Commando’s gun. He starts beating Commando with his gun. Commando then beats Abhi badly. Abhi also beats him. Goons help Commando and hold Abhi. Abhi beats them and catches Commando. He beats him. Commando falls down in the cliff. Suddenly dam water starts flowing. Abhi is shocked and runs back. Water falls on Pragya and she gets drowned in the water. Sarla feels pain in her heart suddenly and complains to Beeji. Beeji asks her not to think anything and says Pragya is fine, Abhi is with him. Janki calls Doctor. Sarla worries for Pragya. Beeji says they are together. Janki brings ajwain and laung and asks her to eat. Sarla refuses and says if anything happens to Pragya then I will not live. They make her have it. Sarla cries and prays for Pragya and Abhi.

Purab comes there and calls Abhi. Abhi tells him that Pragya is shot by goons and they have to take her to hospital. They come to the place, but couldn’t see Pragya. He looks for her everywhere. He sees Pragya flowing in water and dives in to save her. Purab also jumps in water. Police constables also jumps. Abhi couldn’t get her and faints. Purab and other men saves Abhi. Pragya is flowed in the water.

Doctor checks Sarla and gives her medicine. Sarla asks Beeji to call Abhi and make her talk to him. Beeji says call is not connecting and asks Janki to bring medicines. She gets tensed too.

Purab brings Abhi home. Dadi and Dasi ask Purab where is Pragya and what happened to Abhi. Purab is in shock. Tanu looks on. Doctor checks Abhi and tells Purab that he is in shock, and will be fine. Purab thanks the doctor. Dadi asks what doctor is saying? Why water is filled up in his stomach. Tanu smirks. Dadi asks if pragya is fine. Purab says I will not tell. Abhi will tell. He says I will check if Abhi gained consciousness. Dasi asks him to tell. Dadi asks him to tell if Pragya is fine and when she will come. Dasi says Sarla is unwell, and Beeji is worried for her. Taya ji asks him to tell. Just then Beeji’s call comes. Dasi picks the call. Dadi asks Purab to tell where is Pragya? Purab says she will not return. Everyone is shocked. Beeji also hears on call. Purab says she was shot and died. Purab says she was drowning in water, Abhi tried to save her, but she he couldn’t. Everyone is shell shocked. Tau smiles happily. Dadi slaps Purab and says you are lying and says this can’t happen. She says death can’t defeat Pragya, and she is alive and can’t die. Beeji sits in shock. Sarla asks what Purab was saying? Beeji cries and tells her that Pragya was shot and died.

Tanu goes to room and tells Aaliya that she is feeling like fainting and is very happy hearing Pragya’s death. Aaliya says that Pragya is dead now, as Purab told that he saw her drowned in water.. Tanu says Nikhil will fulfill all our wishes. Aaliya says this is my life’s biggest happiness, now we don’t have to think anything and shall not be afraid of anyone. We shall not worry if Abhi gets his memory. Tanu says how we will handle if Abhi cries. Aaliya says let him cry, but he will return back to you. She says we will celebrate until when he cries. Abhi gains consciousness and thinks where is Pragya. He thinks Pragya fell in water and thinks he has to save her. Purab comes and asks where you are going. Abhi says Pragya fell in water, I have to go and bring her back. Purab says you will not go. Abhi says I have to fulfill promise made to Dadi. Purab says you will not go. Abhi asks then who will save her. Purab hugs him.

Purab tells him that Pragya is dead now, she will not return. Abhi slaps him and tells that Pragya is alive and she can’t die. He says she is alive. Purab says I wish this could happen. Purab is searching Pragya’s body. Abhi asks what you are saying and says she can’t leave me. Abhi cries badly. Purab asks him to let tears flow and then only he will accept that she is dead. Abhi says she promised me that she will not leave me and cries.

Dadi tells Sarla that she can understand what she is going through. Sarla says you can’t feel that pain as I have lost my daughters. She says Pragya is not your daughter and you will not feel pain and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Judith sanyika

    I just want someone to save pragya I want her back if not then I will no longer watching kumkum bhagya all any of Indian series she is supposed to leave with abhi after all she is been through sadnely she dies just like that no no no director do something please I want my fuggi back my mogambo my jashimish my Nicole my pragya atora bulbul died first now pragya but why . I want abhi to kick out those witch’s cold tanu and alia I hate them I want nikill to day

  3. Pragya will be saved by someone..& she will not remember anything..
    again memory loss drama will begin..

  4. Guys kkb is heading towards next new track. Now we will see Sriti’s different look in this track. She will b showing as a village girl. Here is a latest pic of her new look-

    Guys I don’t know about next track exactly and God knows what they r trying to do with this new look of Sriti in the show or what will b Pragya’s story now but it indicates that show will take a time leap and fans will not see our old chashmish Pragya/fuggy again for long. Becoz her looks has changed and abhigya will b shown separate again for an uncertain time period. Again fans have to wait for their union. All cast’s looks also has changed a bit. Tanu is still in their life safely, Leena’s latest pic on instagram confirms it. Abhi’s latest pic from the set also seems extra fresh, it doesn’t looks from his look that he has any pain or sorrow of losing Pragya. This made it clear that CVS will never done with abhigya’s everytime’s separation and tanu. Becoz for them, these two reasons r the most important medium to hold the audience with the show. I was not happy with memory loss track and now I m again not interested with new upcoming track. I have no more patience left to again go through same boring long process to reach abhigya’s union from back to square one.

    1. SBS HOT NEWS –

      PRAGYA WILL COME BACK AS A “Banjaran” (a gypsy girl)/ village girl who belongs to rural areas.

    2. Thanks for info, Pratiksha. I was actually crying reading this episode and on reading what you posted, I am done with kkb. I am very very angry right now. Wtf is wrong with these ppl. Finally, I though Ahbiya was back and those devils would be punished but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I am so angry that tears can’t stop pouring out. ??????????????

  5. shame on abhi after all that pragya did for him to be alive. he couldnt save her …. dissapointed.

  6. Prathiksha sisy does it mean pragya will play double role or she forgot everything
    I also saw those pics
    I think abhi is acting as he don’t want aliya or tanu to know that he got his memory
    But whatever it is they hurted me completely
    I can’t again trust them as again they will only hurt us
    They are just doing these bullshits for their self not for audience because they know what audience are expecting but even then they are only hurting us

    1. Dear mythili I too don’t know exactly that what track is going to start but according to me there could be two possibilities of Pragya’s village girl look. Firstly, she too has lost his memory completely or Sriti will b shown as playing other girl which looks like Pragya. Double role might b possible too but it’s mean will b that Pragya had her twin sister which is not possible. And abhigya r soul of kkb and for audience and fans abhi is only for Pragya and Pragya is only for abhi and the story is about Pragya’s kumkum bhagya so it will b only Pragya who will b shown as a village girl. May b some village peoples will rescue her and becoz of her lost memory and identity, they will keep her with them to give her shelter. Later she will fortunately reach Mumbai and will come in notice with someone by abhi or purab or from her family or abhi’s family. And then again process will get start to bringing abhigya close day by day and attempts of evils to separate them and when they will finally unite then again something tragic will happen with one of them and they will again separate and then CVS will come up again with new track with same process of abhigya’s union and separation. Only this is running from the day one of the show. Abhigya unites but only for a day and then for many months or almost year they gets separate. Pragya will b shown married again and again with abhi but tanu will b shown enjoying her place in abhi’s life and house all the days. This process will keep running until it’s success. That’s it. Mythili whatever track they r going to show it is not giving gud vibes and it’s sure that the audience and fans will have to go through again from a long process of abhigya’s union. Their concept is to show that how abhi’s name’s kumkum is only in Pragya’s bhagya ( fate) in every manner, look and circumstances. That is what they r trying to show only. In all this, when their relationship will reach to their consummation it depends on CVS but this is for sure that we will see their separation again and again after a certain time period and will have to go through a long process for their union every time until the end of the show. Mythili I don’t know how abhi will deal with taaliya specially then when his memory has been back. He should punish them surely but it depends how much he have remember about the crimes of evils, about which Pragya told him before his memory loss becoz after gaining memory back, he has forgotten that whole time period of after his memory loss. So if he knows something about taaliya’s evilness then he will know about their crimes during pregnancy track before his memory loss. So let’s see. But latest pic of Leena suggests that she is safe and complete fine far from any punishment. Well let’s see. But frankly I have no interest for this new track at all.

  7. Friends , I think seven births being together is the concept of marriage in kumkum-bhagya. This upcoming tracks will again take one yr. Last 2 to 3 episodes before only Abhi told that he has got second birth. Now this new upcoming track would be his 3 birth starting. Still we have 4 births to go. They will show us lot more .

  8. Ekta Kapoor go to hell. How could you get rid of our original Pragya?

    1. Pragya was changed?! ?????? why? Ekta y? Y do Indian movies enjoy changing actors and actresses, I’ve never ever seen this kind of rubbish in my whole life!

  9. will goodness ever prevail on Kum Kum??
    Sarlaaunty sooo good soul yet looses her child,, not fair!!

  10. What kind of movie is this. What’s d director doing. He is just messing up the story. It was nice but not any more. He jux keeps bringing the story back a aaaa.

  11. Poor pragya. Only one day her happiness. .
    Ekta Kapoor and writers are you human?
    Enough is enough!
    Pretty couple but bad Ekta Kapoor and writers..

  12. Ekta Kapoor and writers are you human?

  13. she can lost her memory or she can meet bulbul or baba…………. But any how this story is always going in sad path

  14. This show going to f**king pure bullshit
    Dan to the writer n director

  15. I dont kno about you but me am done with this bullshit

    1. me too

  16. bulbul’s exit was the best. she was the only one who knew the track was going aimless and quit the show. I think its high time the cast quit the show as ekta and her creative team don’t know how to write a good story.

    1. Yeah, everyone should quit, let Ekta and her uncreative team act the drama. ?

  17. I am soooo done with this. This is just a shame, a big fat shame to the movie industry worldwide! ?

  18. stupid soap…why are they best rated ? ditch the show and ekta will have to bring pragya back. stupid writer !

  19. I think the maker of this film lack of intelligent ideas on how to prolonged the story while having fans glued to the story. Keep coming eith the same ideas.

  20. I just don’t get it. I think the writers have “writers’ block” and are just dragging things out. Well fine, if that is the case. But the show is so boring and predictable now. Get some fresh writers with fresh story lines. The twists that this show has taken are so corny. It went from a sophisticated show to a cheap serial. It used to be the best soap on TV. But, not anymore. There are shows that are so much better than this one now. I used to plan my day around watching this. But, not anymore! I don’t waste my time. I come on here every now and then. Sometimes I will come on here after 2 months or more just to get disappointed when I read the garbage episode update. So disappointing to know that the writers and producers don’t give a shite about what us dedicated fans think and feel. Sadly, I will walk away from this show 🙁

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