Kumkum Bhagya 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya reminding Tanu of their condition and says whoever is lost will have to leave. Nikhil asks Tanu to speak up else his birthday will become his death day. Pragya says you have made fun of kumkum and mangalsutra and says this is the power of her marriage. She says I have won and you have lost. Tanu speaks up and says Abhi will speak on her behalf. She asks Abhi to tell that this baby is of him. Abhi says what should I tell. He says Pragya has proofs with her. Tanu says I have left my parents, career and everything for you and you are saying this. Tanu acts to faint. Nikhil acts to get concerned and says someone please bring water. He says he don’t want anything bad to happen on his birthday. Pragya asks Tanu to get up and stop acting to faint. Tanu gets up.


asks her to accept her truth. Tanu says Abhi knows that I never lies to him. Pragya says you are lying and says Abhi can’t think that you will betray him badly. Tanu says this report is a lie and says you are a big betrayal and have betrayed him. Pragya asks her to prove that this baby is of Abhi. Tanu says yes, I have proof and asks Pragya to wait. She says once I get proofs. Tanu comes to her room and gets some paper. She thinks I will slap this proof on her face. Nikhil hopes that Tanu brings a solid proof. Purab thinks nothing can come inbetween Abhi and Pragya now. Tanu comes back. Pragya asks if you were packing your bags and says I will pack your bags when you leave from here. It is my responsibility to send you back. Tanu smiles and asks Pragya to pack her bags. She says I have real report and it is written clearly that my baby is yours.

Nikhil thinks Tanu is a man of match. Pragya says this report is fake. Tanu asks about Pragya’s report. Pragya says Dr. Sheela made this report. Tanu says my report is made by the same doctor and by the same sample. She says Pragya got the fake report made and tried to call our baby as illegitimate, and tried to break our relation. She shows fake report to Abhi, saying it is original. Abhi checks it. Pragya also checks and says this is fake and she has done fraud. Someone is hearing their conversation. Pragya says you came to know about my plan and that’s why made fake report. Tanu says you have made fake report. Pragya says you just loves his property and not him. Tanu says you are scared that you have to give share to my baby and that’s why did this. They argue. Dadi asks them to stop it and says Dr. Sheela can tell only. Tanu says I will go and bring Doctor. Dadi says you will not go. Abhi says yes, she is right. Pragya says I will go. Tanu says no, and says you will also not go. Abhi asks Purab to call that doctor. Pragya thinks you can’t be saved now.

Purab comes to Dr. Sheela’s house and tells about Tanu having report of her hospital. Dr. Sheela says I will expose Tanu and goes inside to get her purse. Nikhil thinks Dr. Sheela can turn the tables, and thinks he shall leave from there. Akash stops him. Nikhil says this matter is a family affair and I shouldn’t be a part of it. Abhi asks Nikhil to wait for some more time. Nikhil thinks it seems now I have to drown with this boat. Tanu thinks coward Nikhil is running away. Purab and Dr. Sheela are on the way. Purab thanks Dr. Sheela. Dr. Sheela says it is completely my pleasure, and says Pragya has helped her in toughest time. She says Pragya should get her right today itself. Purab thanks her. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words. Bolna Mahi Bolna song plays as he looks at Pragya. Pragya also looks at him emotionally.

Episode ends.

Abhi asks Dr. Sheela to tell which report is fake and which is original and true. Dr. Sheela says Pragya’s report is true and Tanu’s report is all fake. Pragya looks on victoriously.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Paul

      It will be too phony to say that Alyia is the one behind the kidnapping, etc. She wasn’t even in the house and she had JUST got into town when she called Tanu. Give the audience something that is halfway believable. Not this mindless garbage.

    • #END the Tanu TRACK#

      Show your Disgust by NOT watching KKB for at least One Week. Let’s Stand together and don’t watch it on TV.

  1. asmitha

    In precap y she was saying in favor of pragya it really confusing I think after saying in favor of pragya may she will tell that pragya only asked to say like this really tommarrow will be a sad to see pragya

  2. Faith

    “Tanu pretends to fain and Pragya tells her to stop pretending and to get up” AND Tanu “get’s up”???? That is proof of how phony that lying hussy is… What more do those bunch of idiots need??

  3. Sarayumane


    |Registered Member

    Actually very long back, I stopped watching the serial because I am fed up of this bullshit track and only reading updates and from tomorrow onwards I am not going read the updates also as I already read today’s update. I don’t have any words to describe the writers of this show. I heard that Ekta had changed this serial’s writers 4 times before finalizing the current writers, how foolish she is….., I just hope Abhi shouldn’t believe Pragya and marry Tanu and live a happy life with her as Tanu is way better than Pragya, she is good looking and cunning, intelligent etc.., and lastly pragya and her brainless team should keep on planning how to defeat tanu

    • shobana

      Hi sarayumane
      I agree that pragya is good looking but I don’t agree that she is cunning and intelligent because if she is cunning and intelligent she would have thrown out tanu long back. She would have not heard dadi’s stupid advice and she would have not become as mogambo

    • Asmitha

      I don’t think so tanu is better than pragya in beauty I like pragya she is natural beauty

  4. Dolly

    Where to compliant about this headache serial…. Please let me know…. Enough of this crap??????

  5. Hhhh

    Orrr kya sheela party badal degi…pragya phir se haaar jayegi as usual b*t*h serial stupid serial

  6. shobana

    Nice drama..
    I really don’t have interest to watch it but still I saw.
    I think the person who heard the conversation was alia.
    I feel abhi will forget to spy on Nikhil with this confusion. I still believe that this drama will come to an end.

    • shobana

      Yesterday abhi asks pragya how u got samples but today he didn’t ask tanu how do you got samples

      • Asmitha

        Now abhi brain has damaged our abhi’s brain works only when pragya shows proovs because in case of pragya he doesn’t believe it fr tanu he doesn’t need it

    • Jackie

      …and how did she hear it from the hotel when Tanu was in the house and did not hear it?

  7. shaz

    Tanu said that her report is also made by the same doctor and by the same sample. But y didn’t pragya & co think about tanu’s these words. If the doctor gave tanu the report, then their must be something wrong. So pragya & co have to be alert after tanu’s words. But what they did? Went to bring the doctor without thinking. Very nice very nice..… keep it up pragya & co,

  8. sapphire

    I was asked to comment on the shit that is going on way too long in kum kum bhagha so i am back to fix you writers again why on earth you stupid writers are dragging this storyline so long make up you minds what you want to do is it you are going to let tanu and abhi end up together to raise nikhils child if not end the damn storyline and reveal the truth please it is too monotonous and dragging way too long and we the viewers are really frustrated and fed up hence the reason why just stop watching the serials or commenting on them on less a fan asks me too so here i am again to plead with you to do the right thing and stop letting the evil ones prosper now how Nikhil always know what pragya is about to rectify the situation the writers are so stupid and without a brain that if they were smart they would have revealed it this time because alls well with pragya and abhi now and this time was sooooooooo good to bring in pragyas friend the doctor to throw the news in tanus and nikhils face it would have been so nice to see the look after all was revealed anyway writers again please do something because we are not enjoying it anymore so many time it could have been revealed and you cover it up so with all the frustration end the damn serial please stop prolonging the inevitable unless you decide to really separate abhi and pragya and let him marry that evil b*t*h of a witch tanu

  9. Vishal kumar

    Ekta ko ja kar kaho ki kumkum bhayag band kar di or new serial ko aane de PRIME TIME me…

  10. Cynthia Ramrekha

    Its time the truth come out. How can evil prevail victorious all the time.Tanu should be proved to be a liar and a cheat . Praghya have been hurt and insulted to many times. Is time to cut the bull shit and bring a nice ending to this drama. Let Praghya get to live the life she deserves with Abhi.

  11. godvi

    tanu will never get exposed pragaya will leave the house and she will again plan something stupid to expose that devil but that tanu devil will always wins

  12. Khushboo Dogra

    This serial is getting really nasty now… The writters are just prolonging tanu’s truth… Damn ! Please open up the truth of tanu’s n show some other twis before people stop watching the serial…Abhipragya look damn cute fighting and argueing…

  13. Sona

    In the upcoming episode sheetla change the party n pragya loose again n tanu win abhi angry tell pragya to end relationship n want divorce from pragya.but never give up n went to tanu n nikhil n tell that one day truth come out then nikhil tell her that I know u plan something n I understand when abhi sign the contract which has too many fault n organise birthday party .nikhil tell pragya It was your plan to trap me n tanu that’s why I bribe the nurse.pragya goes to sheetla house n ask her why did u do this for money then sheela tell that my daughter is kidnapped by goon if I tell the truth they kill her daughter. Now pragya new mission is to find sheela daughter save her from divorce.
    Pragya overconfident n over exciting flop the plan by giving clue to tanu n purab n abhi contract sign n birthday party give clue to nikhil that something is fishy .overconfident n over excitement ruin the right plan.
    How the director is cheap n digusting he ruin the whole serial just for leena who met with accident he wait for her recovery that why dragging the tanu story instead of ending it.

  14. JJ

    Take this serial off the air. Who would believe such nonsense. Crap bullshit. Present era boys are not so dumb like Abhi. Writers be in sync with current situations of society. Don’t just update ur serials with ongoing festival and movie promotion events. Make sure u reflect current happenings in the story characters.

  15. latha

    Pls change the track of failures faced by pragya which is unusual. Its too irritating and disabling us to watch the serial.

  16. sapphire


    • Paul

      Right where is Sheila’s husband? And how long will they keep the girl to ensure that the truth does not come out?? Forever?

  17. Pri

    Tanu is not exposed…tried of this drama.it’s going to be yr if august comes abhigya separated.and abhis doenot believe pragya .now bye bye kkb.. CNt tolerate any more.always bad wins over good in kkb

  18. Thahira

    Still dragging this exposure scene. And abhigya, while others are expressing their grief comments,why do you want to point out me alone?? Stay within your limits. I can express my views in whatever way I like. It’s none of your business to ask me to stop commenting

  19. Reddy

    If the truth doesn’t come out n next episode.there will be no person to watch the serial..seeing all this crapp make us think is being gud n loyal person is a big mistake? ??.writer please do give good hopes to people..so that everyone can think truth triumphs. .becoz even if the truth triumph too late after loosing everything there is no use

  20. Samish

    guys we give them liberty to air this crap because there are some of us who still watch so their trps stays the same and even reading the update and writing comments like that and all turns on ekta to continue airing this bs…..i’ve never seen a show where so many people complains and yet she wickedly continue showing nonsense is there any board or email we can flood with complains to either end this pregnancy crap or just end the show altogether?

  21. Annie

    Fail to understand how this serial bagged the best fictional serial award at the gold awards ??? Also how the trps are always high never fall below ? Its not even going down below 5 spot…guess about time everyone stops watching and just read the update n let the TRP fall and give a jhatka to them.

  22. ar

    cheating publi!!
    when trp was running low they showed stupid promos and cheated people to inc their trp now pakks next time when tanu gets kicked off no 1 will watch this senseless drama
    bye bye kumkum bhagya….
    never watched such idotic crap in the world.
    guys get trp down or block this channel
    ekta is mad n thy thnk viewrs r idots
    i seriously dnt kno y trp is soo high fr this shit

  23. vigan

    pls stop tis drama for God sake… I just fade up wit tis kind of crap in tis drama… pls jst stop tis drama is director never find a way to expose tanu… How many years u want to dragging tis track..

  24. ar

    y cant purab n dadi n all opn their mouth did thy fill their mouth with b..st!.
    allways mum no sense wht so ever
    i thnk thy r reading our coments all wht v talk thy r giving reply
    lik v thought tanu allways faints when she is abt to get cought
    but still thy irritate us

  25. pooja

    I hate you ek ta kapoor & hate your worst serial kumkum bhagya. The number one show kumkum bhagya became worse then garbage even garbage is better then kkb. You kept lying to us as fans abhi & pragya will unite & tanu track will end.what the hell are you people trying to do to us fans kill us or what.we were millions who watched this serial . Now that you have seperated abhi & pragya our number jodi now hardly anyone will watch kumkum bhagya. Stupid shabhir as abhi always believes that b*t*h tanu what ever she says goes & never believes pragya his wife.WHat kind of marriage is that let me tell you its bullshit & full of crap.now abhi & pragya will get a divorce because of fake DNA REPORTS & stupid abhi good for nothing will go marry tanu now.all thanks to your riduculous writters & directors & you as producer.thank you for screwing up our ex-favourite show .We have never been so desapointed before like this. You people have broken our hearts for us.???????????????

  26. santa badaseth

    I think…Abhi sachai janese pehele Tanu ki delivery hogi…….plz don’t do like that. How long u will extend…..boooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg…make Abhi to trust pragya.

  27. diksha

    hey guy i read ur comments daily same thing u all guys hv written but no one is going to stop watching kkb thats why writer knows we all will just saying these things thst we all gona stop watching it bla bla and he also knws we all are not going to stop kkb first we hv to mean our wrds than i promiss they will serve us what we want

  28. ar

    pragya boosting dialoguez kumkum mangalsutra n crap but doesnt eear any of them
    1000s of tme same dramas n same dialogues same party same tamasha
    result ouyput 0

  29. Sudhu

    Disgusting & cheap show!! No logic!!! Worlds dumpest person Abhi Mehra!! Stupidest old dadi instead of telling what all happened right from the beginning to Abhi she is keeping her mouth shut!!

  30. Haritha

    Really its becoming worst day by day. There should be a limit to drag the serial. And the abi’s can be manipulated by anyone. And the same repeats tomorrow. Please yaar better stop this serial.

  31. Naveen

    Hi guys all are give unit for donot are the serial then directors and writers change the story line total otherwise every time tanu will only win Pragya cannot win abhi donot trust Pragya and tanu words he will trust everytime directors written like that only waste of watching serial they these week trp rating fall down to6&9 position u can see that time only kkb writter change story

  32. Ann

    Idot story writer…better abhi nd tanu get married… Pragya nd the fool team can never expose tanu..so better tanu nd abhi get married nd grow up the child…end the stupid drama soon….

  33. Pearley hobaichan

    Don’t want to see this f……shit again it is so stupid hat all of them abhi tanu used to luv it but after this the writer and all of the crew should go jump in the river because they r so stupid

  34. sweetie

    Ya true abhi will get to know after delivery and might through blood group till den tanu wil enjoy nd pragya wil be dying. A idiotic drama. Fed up

  35. shabana (always abhigya )

    just waste of time..and by this chance pragya want to say the whole truth when she entered the mehra mansion as the owner..and now abhi will conform that she is not an mocambo but his old fuggy ..just i gonna take the bitterness and going to continue the kkb..pls pls soon reunite our abhigya…

  36. Frustated viewer

    How much ever we viewers try to show our hatred towards the serial they never bother, they only need trps. never ever there wont be any serial with such stupid logics and dumb characters
    Really pity the actors for wasting their talent in such stupid crap.
    And asusual this time also pragyas plan will fail tanu will win same stupid bullshit again.
    Sick of this crap

  37. Nj

    Hahaha..really can’t believe this serial’s track..pragya nd tanu are fighting for that dumb abhi..who don’t have his own stand..no sense nd non sense…

  38. Rupal Sinha

    This is the worst serial ever made in history..tanu is pregnant since 1 year…nd serial ko pagal jesa drag kiya jaa raha…pragya and stupid dadi instead of telling everything before stupid dramA start kar diye..pragya after losing her own sistet bulbul still beCause of these people still behind abhis happiness as if only abhi is important to her and no one. Nd abhi the most idiot protogonist ever…he is easily manipulated by his stupid dadi nd tanu…no mind of his own…aur dadi inke to kya kehne…jabardasti ka natak krwa rhi shuru se…shuru mei hi agr dadi aur pragya dono milkr bata dete sach to abhi 100% believe krta bt nahi faltu serial badhane k liye itna natak.abhi to pragya ki maa ko chor samajh leta hai then pragya k affair p believe ktleta hai ek sec mei still dadi says mera potA hai..huh stupid bullshit..pragya lost bulbul nd her mother faced accusition from abhi still abhi to abhi hai…kya bkwas….nd still this serial manage to be in top 3…kudos to indian audience…bakwas ko badhawa de rhe…kumkum bhagya sucks!! :/

  39. sahitha

    Ohh noo agar is baar Tanu expose nehi hua and pragya fir se galat sabith hua na rab ki kasam ham log iss serial dekna hi band kardhoongi

  40. "Revelation "

    There’s a a trend in KKB in the pregnancy track. Every time Pragya thinks that the moment has come…the audience wld b able to predict that she wil lose.
    Whats frustrating here is Tanus dialogues. Its unbelievable how the writers can give Tanu such baseless dialogues.
    And Abhis dialogues n moods. Its like hes on heat. From the champak scene wasnt it clear that he trust her. Can the cvs make
    up their minds as to whether Abhi trust pragya. Its such shallow script
    God pls helpl the kkb viewers. These cvs are really taking us for a ride. Reduce the trps on this track pls…

  41. E sanyal

    It is actually a bullshit serial and they are just increasing the agony of the audience. I think everyone should stop watching this serial so that they can either change the damn story of Tanu and Nikhil and idiot Abhi or they should end the serial. This nonsense is becoming too much for us to digest anymore. I am not going to watch this serial anymore. Useless and waste of time.

  42. NN

    Not sure how the writers can mess up so bad. This show started good but since this year, this track is so annoying and senseless – i really wonder if any of the writers or Ekta watch this after they write the script. Looks like not!

  43. "Revelation "

    Whats also very very distasteful to watch is how easily people in India can be bribed. From the doctors(from the earliest scene where aliya was heard by pragya that she had bribed all necessary parties frm ever letting abhi kno tt the dna reports r real) to nurses to up n coming stage actors like
    champak n to abhis staff.
    KKB uses either 2 plots…kidnap or bribery in its twist.

  44. Aerly

    Sick writer.. Doesnt hav scope other than dragging the same line over and over again… Thank me i just read d written update

  45. sam

    How boring this serial is… Tanu will win again no doubt. Pragya as usual will be left alone crying.. Dadi purab akash and rachana will console her and they will promise each other to expose Tanu again but wil fail again… Hahaha repeatation after repeatation…
    Just stop this show…

  46. JR

    We are swearing how useless this serial is turning out to be; but we alll keep watching and commenting plus the number of F/Fiction is sending wrong messages to writers lets be honest, all of us are still watching despit eriting these comments.

  47. jiaa

    oooooooooo,,,,,,yaaaaaaarr,,,, , , , ,i saw preview right now…… ,dr sheela said tanu reports are true, ,then abhi breaks all relations with pragya, pragya goes to dr sheela house and said u broken my trust on frnd.. ,dr was cryingshe tells that dr her daughtr was kidnaped, , and kidnaprs warn her to kill her daughtr, so she lie,,,,,,,, , , then pragya hugs her,,,,,

  48. jiaa

    oooooooooo,,yaaaaaaarr,,,, , , , ,i saw preview right now…… ,dr sheela said tanu reports are true, ,then abhi breaks all relations with pragya, pragya goes to dr sheela house and said u broken my trust on frnd.. ,dr was cryingshe tells that dr her daughtr was kidnaped, , and kidnaprs warn her to kill her daughtr, so she lie,,,,,,,, , , then pragya hugs her,,,,,

  49. kkB-fanornot

    Have not seen the serial in a long long time …just read written details. i must say the writer of the serial and Balaji telefilms and Ekta Kapoor think audience can be made a fool of. They have a baseless story and like someone pointed out – this pregnancy drama is going on for a long long time…like an elephant! 😉
    And they have made Abhi look like such a spineless man – who cannot see right from wrong. And Pragya is made the goat each time – when audience thinks all is going to end well for both of them, they suddenly bring a twist and more drama!
    Waste of time guys – just read the synopsis and you will be fine – why give the director and the channel a high TRP rating by viewing it constantly?

  50. Diya

    pragya and abhi get divorced.

    tanu and abhu get married.

    years after the baby grows up and look like nikhil.

    abhi finally gets to know the truth.

    abhi goes in search of pragya to beg of forgivness…only to find her two days before her second marriage to some new upcoming villian of kumkum bhagya. LMAO.

    views:- abhi deserves tanu because he has no common sense and simply doesnt trust pragya.

    pragya needs to stop running behind abhi who seems to have more trust in tanu than her. her kumkum and bhagya and blah blah is pointless.

    purab and pragya actually do make a nice pair and they have more understanding that her and abhi….just saying.

  51. Xavier


    |Registered Member

    We all need to go on youtube and heavily DISLIKE all new kumkum bhagya videos and stop looking at it on tv . So the trp will fall so low to ZERO and the writers will have no choice but end the crap !!!

  52. asmitha

    Because of low trp they shown some gd episodes and promo all r thought they will show tanu exposure now it was not happend and again so many will stop watching this stupid crap then what is the need to stop her exposure

  53. vaishu

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, see this is what will happen and it will go on for one more year,

  54. Sonia

    Exactly…this s d height of stupudity nd making vewers fool.the serial has been draged to such an extent that it hs lost it’s flexibility nw.only d drama is going on with repeated incidents.

  55. Sri

    Come on guys…if anyone notice someone eavesdrop their conversation before Dr sheela arrive…..may be that man give hope to pragya…..

  56. ziya malik

    Ye backwas band karo PlZ..tanu kee sachayee nikaloo …AUR abb abhi aurpragya koo PlZ milayoo..??

  57. Amit Saxena

    Remember this serial producer ……. Ekta Kapoor… Stupid lady… Kuch aur nahi hai uske paas..
    Stupid Serial…all nonsense…10 par ek bhari… And the stupid character Abi… All nonsense… Better to stop watching this serial.. ye serial jhelna bhari pad raha hai…

  58. Shreya

    Etna ghatiya serial dekhna mtlb apna time waste krna mere khyal se meri tarah es seriel ko hmesha ke liye dekhna band kr dena chahiye aise burae ko badhava dete hain es serial me ki real life ke bure log aur bure bante jate hain kyok serial wale 90%burae ko jeetna dikhate hain ….aur achche log bs dukhi hokr dekhna hi bnd kr dete hain….wakwas mai to dekhna bqnd kar rhi hu….

  59. Shreya

    Bakwas seriel bakwas story bakwas charecters band kro a seriel pahle to bulbul ko maar diya ab pragya ko hr jagah bas harta dikhate rahte hain ….serial ensan sir apne favourate acter actress ko jetnate dekhne ke liye dekhta hai…aur abhi wow uske paas to khud ka koe dimank hi nhi hai tanu bas use jis hisab se use krna chahe karti rahti hai …

  60. adi

    just stop watching dis stupid serial…it’s d only way to get d kkb team change their storyline..seriously

  61. Triveni

    I can definetely say that d writers will make tanu victorious again. Once again a new drama will start. Dr. Sheela will help tanu as her kid will get kidnapped. Same old stupidity. They cant think of anything posigive anytime…

  62. Fan hoon

    I’m really waiting for bulbul’s comeback… Then the drama will be interesting..
    Wen they will bring bulbul character again

  63. deepa thapa.

    as I saw dr shilas daughter when pragya went to talk about dna test.I just guessed that tanu and nikhil will kidnap the little girl and make dr shila speak on their favour.I am sure it will happen . dr shila will tell pragya is telling a lie. I think shabbir and shereeti are dumb in real life too .so they are doing this seria which is ruining their image.

  64. heidi

    After a long time I am reading KKB and tanu. Is still in the picture??? Sorry writers You don, t have a clue HOW BORING the storyline is. End this drama now !!!!

  65. cutti pie

    Guys this time abhi will give divorce to pragya really what u all r thinking I think so many have stopped watching it after knowing segment

  66. Pratiksha

    SBB serial express segment- Aaliya joins takhil against pragya to make her separate from abhi. with video link- SBB: http://youtu.be/Q6sjnmBIqRg

    Alia is back…it’s a very short segment just telling she is the one who helped TaKhil against Pragya and in failing Pragya’s plan.

    And in future the 3 villains will again join hands to work towards separating AbhiGya. They showed a little interview of nikhil, in which he says that he is feeling scared as tanu is very close to her exposure and he too almost close his exposure. That’s why they trio (tanu, nikhil and aaliya) r doing further plannings that how to survive if they will b catched?

    • Pratiksha

      Guys our guesses were right. It is Aaliya who saved tanu at the last moment from pragya’s plan.

      • asmitha

        I think now we have to bear more torture again is tanu will expose r not I think kkb end with tanus exposure

      • Jackie

        Which is completely RIDICULOUS….that she would already know the doctor, what happened and to kidnap the child. what is she a fortune teller??? Just stupid.

  67. Sahithi

    So as per today’s segment, Aaliya is the one who helped Tanu. Can the writers pls bring Bulbul also back, when Aaliya can be given re-entry multiple times. Anyhow Tanu managed to be pregnant for so long, its fair to have Bulbul around when she is exposed. Aaliya will then shift her attention to Bulbul and Purab, leaving Pragya and Abhi.

    • Pratiksha

      Sahithi sbs people were saying that makers brought aaliya back just to cover up leena’s portion as villain. Becoz Leena can’t shoot for long hours becoz of her injuries. She wants some rest. She is doing shoot only for some close-up shots for tanu and rest they r using tanu’s dupe to complete the scenes. They can’t show tanu as doing plannings- plottings mostly until leena’s complete recovery so that’s why they brought back to play vamp role on place of tanu. And i heard it that too that becoz of leena’s temporary shoot, tanu’s exposure has postponed for sometimes. And nikhil was saying in his interview today that tanu is very close to her exposure and he too and adita ( doctor sheela)also told that tanu’s track will end soon. So let’s see how much this is true. But ya sahithi, before wrapping tanu’s track, they have to show that will bulbul b back or not? I m surprised that they still didn’t finalized the actress who will play Bulbul’s role at place of mrunal. Kajol is busy in Ashoka. And there is no other news came about who will play Bulbul’s role? So let’s see when they will bring bulbul back? But ya they have been made aaliya all set ,after takhil’s exposure already. So for a new track, bulbul or other actress should b introduced in the show becoz until when they will move the story and plannings and plottings around abhigya only. There is second leads also who r the part of story. Abhigya needs break for sometimes at least. Now it’s high time that they should take their relationship to next level. Afterall they have been spent more than two years with each other aa husband and wife. We got so much bored after seeing this much plannings and plottings only around them. Purab and bulbul should also get chance to show their love story too and we also needs freshness and something different and new except leaving abhigya for sometimes.

    • Sahithi

      Yup it was bad to see Leena with those bruises on face yday. Hope and wish she recovers quickly. Did u guys observe after we heard news of Arjit quitting we have been seeing more scenes for Purab, so hopefully writers realize all characters need to be balanced out. If audience are getting bored and irritated still they are not bothering as their ratings seem to be more or less consistent. But when the actors are displeased, they seem to be bringing bit difference with regards to character weightage. Glad that they are doing it atleast late, if only they could have done before, Mrunal would have stayed back.

      But we need to again wait for next segments or OLV as whatever happened so far is just recycled stuff, what needs to be seen if Pari is back to her mom and what next, from Pragya’s side, Abhi’s side, naa I am saying what next from Daadi 🙂

      As much as it is surprising to see a pregnant lady so stressed at all times with all plannings, plotting, falling, screeching, same goes for Daadi who is carrying such burden of truth for her grandson 😉

      • Pratiksha

        Ya sahithi i noticed that purab’s presence got increased since he decided to quit. And if we believe on nikhil and adita’s info that exposure is very near and soon it will happen then also it will b only becoz of actors decision of quiting. They already didn’t found the yet who will play Bulbul’s role then how they will manage two more actor’s quit and then replaced them with another in the same time . Cvs know it that one actor could manage by replacement at a time but many actors together couldn’t b possible at the same time. So they r forced to do these changes becoz of their actors not by effected from audience or trps. And ya sahithi I m also waiting for more updates regarding abhigya’s and dadi and team’s next step.

  68. Blossom

    Guyz plz jus stop wtchng dis nonsense serial kkb.. v al thot tht tanu wil b exposd.. dis is heights yaaa.. its 1 yr n stil dis crap is goin on. I realy hv no interest in dis crap. I stopd wtchng. Takhil again got saved n nw toh even aliya is bck n v cn predict wt wil hpn nxt. Shame to blo*dy ekta n d writers tht evn d viewers strtd predictng d rght thng(kidnapng dr sheela’s daughter.. shame to u ekta. Better thn dis is ekta tha raja aur ek thi rani. Its awrsom. Plz stop wtchng kkb its nothng less thn shit n crap waste of tym wit meaningless hope frm blo*dy kkb team.

  69. Billu

    Pratiksha do u still believe in exposure being postponed before when shabbir was busy with his cricket and football and Canada visit they told they had to postpone the exposure. ……..now again in order to keep viewers glued they are telling the same …….arey yaar I personally believe this is the perfect time for exposure now tanu in real life is injured she needs rest so can’t they actually expose her offf ………I get it in order to set the platform for aaliya’s comeback they have made this arrangement but after aaliya’s return the plot will become more and more complex ………..so exposure is out of the question………….I think cvs is keeping exposure as the last key when the trp falls to extremely low like say 1.6 or something like that time they can show exposure of one day matter for about a month and that month kumkum bhagya will be the highest in trp like say 4;……I think exposure is the trumpcard of cvs I must say that

    • Pratiksha

      Billu I m saying that I heard it but I m also not sure about it. Actually it could b possible exposure is a big sequence and when Leena finished her last shoot before her accident then it was from party sequence, where abhigya performs but after it she got injured in accident, so if cvs will want to expose her then also they have to forced to make it postponed for sometimes becoz if the main person whose exposure is going to happen, when she couldn’t shoot properly then how they will shoot such a big sequence just with her dupe. Leena is still not capable to do for such a big sequence’s shoot. She have bruises on her face , her right shoulder is injured, her leg is injured, even she have swelling on her face becoz of which she is unable to speak properly and mostly. She is doing shoot only for some close-up and necessary scenes. So until she will b fully recovered, we have to accept this fact. Once she will get fully recoverd we will get it that did the exposure postponed becoz of leena’s accident or they r going with just more dragging.

  70. Jess Jones

    Guys forget all your presumptions. Aliya will kidnap Dr. Sheela’s daughter and threaten her that if she says that Tanu’s report is fake then her daughter will die. This war between Pragya and Tanu will continue until end of the year, by that time Tanu’s baby will be 1.5 years old in her belly.

  71. Reddy

    Ohh God it’s waste to watch the serial now..today also Tanu is winning..ohh writers wats running in ur mind..watching this serial people will loose hope in goodnesd

  72. ashima


  73. rupam

    Ye serial nhi nautanki h. Faltu ka drama h isme story ruk c gyi h lgta h writer ko kuchh samajh nhi aa rha isliye khinche ja rha h is seriol ko.

  74. Sonam

    Ridiculous yaar. How much time more to expose tank. Dis was correct time to expose. Plzzz nobody interested nw to watch kkb. If possible plz expose tanu in dis weekend other no viewer’s will be der for ur show. Ekta ur every serial r same not exposing villan soon. Stop dis ekta..

  75. Sonam

    Ridiculous yaar. How much time more to expose tank. Dis was correct time to expose. Plzzz nobody interested nw to watch kkb. If possible plz expose tanu in dis weekend other no viewer’s will der to Watch kkb

  76. Madhu

    How come the channel people are allowing to show same filth all the way!!!! And hats off to the show from past 3 months it has been running with same story line of exposing tanu….ek serial aisa bhi…..it happens only in India

  77. Angie

    Oh gosh! not again.I want dis serial to end asap.It is making me angry same old secret bt never revealed.After seeing promising promo, I thought nw it ll improve and truth wins.But nah same scene that was shown many time ago.Please close this serial.kusum Bhagya I just hate it to much.all dumb characters in dis serial.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.