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The Episode starts with Abhi misunderstanding Pragya and thinks he was right about her. Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi got the lighter with which she burned the rope and he sent it for forensic lab. Tanu asks her to do something so that finger prints doesn’t come on it. Sarla cries and gets emotional. Bulbul tries to look at her face. Pragya recalls Bulbul saving her and recalls Abhi’s words that he prays to God to keep him away from her. She thinks Abhi’s hatredness might increase and Bulbul’s is in this condition because of me. Abhi thinks who can fall to this level and who tried to kill her. He recalls the recent happenings, and says someone has planned big and wonders who could be. Pragya prays to God and asks why did you do this with Bulbul and asks him to make everything fine.


comes to hospital and thinks he has worn Bulbul’s favorite shirt. Someone gives him a letter. Purab is shocked to read Bulbul’s letter that reads that she is going far from his life, as she can’t see his life getting spoiled. She adds that he might adjust with her, as he loves her, and she also loves him but she is not at all suitable for him now. Purab runs to ward and cries. He calls Pragya and tells her everything. Pragya is shocked and asks him to calm down. She says I am coming there, and will do something. Purab cries miserably asking her to return. Sarla comes and sees Purab crying. She asks where is Bulbul? He handover the letter to her. She reads and is in shock. Pragya is leaving from home. Abhi asks where she is going in a hurry. Pragya says she will tell after coming home and leaves.

Bulbul is in auto and calls Pragya. Pragya asks what is this stupidity. She recalls Bulbul can’t talk, as her vocal cords are cut. She asks her to message her. They chat via sms. Pragya writes that she is doing wrong and asks her to message where is she? Pragya calls Purab and asks if there is some special place where he would meet her. Purab tells about the café and tells about the garden behind the temple. Sarla takes the call and says you should bring her back safely. Pragya promises. Sarla asks Purab why did Bulbul message Pragya. Purab says he will tell later and asks her to come. Pragya gets down the car seeing the traffic jam and requests to clear the road as people are fighting. Sarla asks Purab to drive the car fast.

Abhi thinks why am I feeling strange as if someone is in trouble. Pragya comes near the place and asks a person. He says he saw the girl going near the cliff with bandage over her face. Pragya cries and shouts. She asks her not to take wrong step and asks her to come back. Bulbul jumps from the cliff leaving her dupatta. Purab and Sarla comes there. He looks at the dupatta and says it is of Bulbul. He asks where is she? Pragya says I was talking to her. She didn’t listen to me and jumped from there. Purab and Sarla are shocked. Purab shouts asking her to come and cries. He says he won’t let anything happen to her. Pragya tells Sarla that Bulbul left them and will never return. Sarla says you should be happy and asks why she is crying.

Sarla says your enemies wanted to kill you, but Bulbul saved you and got injured. She cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I don’t think her character will die..she will.be replaced though sincenshe has signed for a movie with Salman Khan I think. Really sad to see her leve..she brought substance to the show with her witty character.

  2. According to latest news, it is aaliya who provoked bulbul to commit suicide….. Aaliya tells bulbul that purab will no longer love her as het face is changed… But pragya saves bulbul n scolds her for doing such thing n says purab loves her n not her face….

  3. The people who all have to jump from the cliff should be the stupid writers and director!!

  4. Kkb The crap

    Wat rubbish iz going on in kkb. This tanu and aliya & raj truth is not coming out but someone or the other is dieing in the show

  5. really a boring…what a stupid writers

  6. OH MY GOD.. How many days they drag this track dammit ?? It started before Ghost drama in YHM and even that too is completed there but in this serial there is no any improvement… End this track soon..

  7. Very sad in this episode.don’t like bulbul die

  8. Sss…..

  9. This is a very boring show just end it up.

  10. What nonsense atleast dey would have replaced bulbul by someone else n continued da role of bulbul and dey wouldn’t have given her dead sequence…now da show z no more interesting it seemed 2 b interested only with purab and bulbul

  11. What the hell is that. why the writers makes it more difficult. what is the need to kill bulbul it will be more difficult for pragya. very sad epi

  12. What happen to writers?? Yuks episode.. K series kke mam ko kya hua hai.. pahele to aise nai the..plz do some thing..day by day serial is becoming boring

  13. Guys don’t know but why I have a gutt feeling regarding yesterday’s Bulbul’s death sequence that it will b pragya’s dream. I think after receiving call from purab and talking with srala maa when she will b in taxi to search for bulbul then she sees this dream that bulbul has fallen from the cliff and sarla maa is blaming her. I think after coming out from her dream, she will somehow manage to make bulbul understand and agree for best treatment o her face, through which cosmetic surgery matter will come and they will end up introducing kajol as bulbul through cosmetic surgery with changed face. Becoz cosmetic surgery has not discussed yet in the show by doctor or any other family member and they r showing bulbul with same injured face becoz of which bulbul is feeling exhausted, depressed and embarrass. So it means after this bulbul will go through cosmetic surgery through which her face will get normal but totaaly changed and then we will see kajol as bulbul. I just understood only this reason of yesterday’s sequence. Otherwise no logic is seeing in bulbul’s death like everybody is predicting that it must b someone’s plan which was not looking like or bulbul will come again with new face to help pragya I’m exposing evils becoz no one could identifying her. I think all this will make things more massy becoz pragya is already in that situation and surrounded with lots of probls and troubles due to her makeover now if bulbul will too do same then it will b impossible for both the sisters to come out from all this and their mother will go in coma if they will lose their both daughters together. So moreover I think it is pragya’s dream to bring cosmetic surgery matter between all this so they could introduce kajol as bulbul in place of mrunal through this logically.

    1. And one more thing guys I assumed that in yesterday’s episode abhi wore same night dress of black T-shirt and grey trousers which he wore in that pic with rachna akaash mitali bhabhi and raaj, which ankit has posted on his instagram account to giving info of his come back. So I think in today’s episode, rachna and akaash will b entered back in the show.

    2. U r right prathiksha. . Bt d makers are giving un relevant twist which make d audience to lose their patience. . Again again story is complicating. Hope for positive happenings after akash and rachana entry.. again they should not complicate it.. last week itself v expected a lot bt d writers end fuggy’s track all of a sudden without revealing d truth.. bt abhi he himself catching d culprit is good that he believes it.. bt duno wat d writers are going to do with bulbul’s death.. I hope if this too is a dream or she will b revived by akash and rachana or as like u say pragya will talk to her about cosmetic surgery. . Bulbul is not that a coward to commit suicide la.. lets wait for next segment. .

    3. If not pragya’s then may b it will abhi’s dream but I feels it is someone’s dream of Bulbul’s death.

  14. I read somewhere that pragya ll save bulbul and she scold her for committing suicide. After the new year the story is complicating day by day!!

  15. And I saw some pictures where Abhi and Pragya was in same costume. pragya was sitting in bed andcrying badly by hugging Abhi but Abhi didn’t hug her first then Abhi tooks her and tried to console but she was crying badly Abhi hugs her and cries!! After seeing this I thought clueless about Bulbul

  16. Guys today’s news segment- Pragya hugs abhi and cries a lot. Abhi also tries to console her by hugging her and he also cries. More update will get on 2:30 after the telecast of segment.

    1. wat do u think after seeing this pratiksha any guesses

  17. just saw spoiler pic in IG . pragya hugs abi and crying… means bulbul died really ah.. omg……..

  18. abi also crying.. awwwww

  19. prathiksha wat do u think any quess ???

    1. sry *guess

  20. I also used watch kkb in zeetv.com but now there is no full episode. Julia I have the problem same as you.
    In my country(sri lanka) cable tv telecast these dramas after one day. So I read first. I watch missed episode in zeetv.com
    But now its not possible. Any one know another link to watch kkb in internet.

  21. Is it was a dream then why abhi & pragya crying badly

  22. Boring boring boring…..I dnt watch kumkum kumkum nw cnt bear it

  23. Look at this stupidity..writers are hurting kkb fans a lot..gp to hell now..no one will watch this serial..see yesterday’s comments..fans even dnt want to see atleast writtens episode also…so sad of u….no miracles nothing..always crying crying crying……or hatredness…….gud bye…


  25. who asked you about your view on our abhi pragya haan? they are the best. please don’t compare abhigya with small actors like barun sobti and sanaya irani. shabbir and shriti jha are famous and reputed actors. they are loved by everyone. many people doesn’t even know who’s barun and sanaya. so please stop calling abhigya as disgusting and worse couple
    Abhigya rocks remaining go to hell ????????

    1. I agree with u shals.. Gud..

    2. Shabbir and Sriti’s are famous… I agree but you should not talk bad about barun and sanaya.. They are always the best .. And always they will be… If u hv any doubt in it,go and log into indiaforums websites… They will show you his famous they r!!! See celebrity ranking… U r really annoying… Small actors barun and sanaya!!! Hilarious… If you don’t like someone,don’t comment on their popularity.. Go and watch ipkknd… It’s 1000000 tyms better than this crying kkb

  26. Pls unite abhi and pragya I have commented 50times totally pls unite them

  27. New segment update- Pragya cries becoz of losing bulbul, abhi taunts for her crying. He says not to do drama becoz she doesn’t have any care of anyone. Pragya scolds him to misunderstand her. She says to live her alone. She don’t want to give explanation to anyone becoz she is in so much pain of losing her sister. Abhi understands her pain finally that her pain is genuine and she is guinenly crying. He hugs her and tries to console her. Shabbir says in interview that things going to b changed in upcoming episodes, peoples will get changed and their priorities will also get changed after this. Overall this January big changes will happen.

    1. Looks like it was not a dream and Bulbul’s jump from the cliff was real but the question is that has bulbul really died? So I guess no as everybody r predicting that she will come back with totally changed face as kajol and will help pragya to expose evils. Becoz they still didn’t say that Bulbul’s character has finished in the show? Bulbul is second lead of the show so her character’s end is a big thing for the show for which channel have to shoot a promo and an official news on news channel’s segment regarding it about which we haven’t get any news like this regarding this matter, except this that kajol srivastava is replacement of mrunal thakur as bulbul in the show and kajol own self has been said it already about her entry in kkb. So it means bulbul will come back again.

      1. One thing has happened gud that at least abhigya has came closure and together becoz of all this and we can expect that abhi will believe her from now at least and soon will get to know her complete truth and as shabbir was saying that everybody’s priorities will get changed in upcoming episodes so just hope his priority will get changed from getting property into knowing pragya’s truth, help her and unite with her.

      2. wat an awesome acting by sriti pratiksha
        mind blowing…………………
        bt dadi shld not come in between their feelings
        this time if dadi comes v ourself ll hang u old lady
        im sure pratiksha

      3. Ya nivi sriti’s acting were awsum. I had tears in my eyes literally after seeing this fully emotional scene. These actors r doing there best but why the hell these CVS r ruining their hard works through their rubbish and illogical storyline. Sriti as pragya has tolerated a lot from the starting of the show and still. Come on CVS it’s time to bring happiness at least one lead’s life. Pragya’s or abhigya’s story has taken long time so I think CVS should give break to abhigya and move for Bulbul’s or purbul’s story.

    2. He hinted na, ppl will change, priorities will change, big changes gonna happen, leap may also happen. Will Tanu get a baby bump before getting thrown out is the big question..

      1. I just saw SBB segment. They said in last that bulbul will come again with changed face as kajol with a big twist. So I think if Bulbul’s story is going to start from here then no use if pragya’s truth hidden drama in front of abhi becoz now pragya is all alone without bulbul, purab even she don’t have anyone for moral support now which is her mother. Dadi is useless we knows. So I think now this is the time when abhi gets to know pragya’s truth finally and give her his full support and help. And after seeing pragya’s this face and her feelings regarding bulbul, abhi should understand now that pragya’s feelings r still same and there could b some reason of her change. Frankly in my point of view now at this point I want pragya to confess everything and every truth to abhi becoz limits has been crossed and still hide truth to abhi will b rediculous. If not pragya then I hope at least now abhi himself find her truth. Then they move for Bulbul’s re- entry in the show otherwise things r already cimplicated and after this it will become massy. Nothing will get solved. Well let’s see what changes r going to happen as shabbir said. Will it positive or negative?

  28. Feeling hell…. Plz give a happy ending yaar…..

  29. No comments
    No guess
    Cuz CVS won do wat al v expect
    They ll go fa the nth option

  30. Sriti and shabir was just mind blowing. Just nailed with the scene. By seeing this segment I get teary eyes it ll be more painful to see the episode.
    Apart from this shabir and all clapped for sriti’s awesome performance after the scene. shabir adds that this January ll be the mile stone for kumkum bhagya major twists are there priorities ll be changed.
    And sriti was even in the same mood of crying while having the interview. Both shabir and sriti gets emotional when explaining the sequence.

    1. Yup I too feel same, it would be emotionally exhausting, how much ever it is acting and they know it is not real, but to get into a role and play it so convincingly.

      Its been sometime we saw such high emotional content, last time I felt was when Abhi n Aaliya had this show down when Aaliya gets into Bulbul’s getup during marriage.

    2. Send me that link pls

  31. I just want story should move like this from now that abhi get to know pragya’s truth and everything about taaliya and from here he start helping pragya. Pragya remain in mogambo’s getup but in front of others not for abhi. Aakaash and rachna’s comeback give more strength to abhigya and between all this bulbul re- enter in the show with changed face and different identity to help pragya in exposing evils. So aaliya will b busy in solving Bulbul’s mystery and finding it’s solution and tanu will all alone so things get easy for abhigya to finish all the problems. If story will move like this then it will b very interesting and this will make it’s trp on top also.

    1. can yu send the link of those segments

  32. Shraddha Sharma

    Toooooooooooo much torture on public….
    Abhi tk bulbul ko chnage kr rehe the yeh shok kam nhi tha k ab sucite dikha diya..???
    Writers me dimag naam ki cheez h hi nhi…
    Abhi Pragya to dur the thi or ab Bulbul Purab ko b dur kr diya…
    Kumkum Bhagya and all other zee writers have lost their mind… sb public ko bore krna aata hai in logo ko… kuch accha nhi dikhate bus sare shows k sare villians jayda hi powerful hote hai….

    1. Totally agree. all serials are mindless. The main thing in almost all serial is that the villians are ladies. Good character always praying to god and always happening wrong with them writers are not sending good msg to public. We get hyper watching all this stupidity. Pls our request to all writers show positivity in the serial. Life is already steessed in today’s world. Bring some happiness not sadness.

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        Sahi kaha h

  33. Hei shals mind ur words.If u lik shabir and srithi fine.But fr tat sake u cannot insult others.It doesnt mean i dont like shabbir nd shrithi.They r really awesome.But the fact is ipkknd is innumerable times better than kkb.

  34. pratiksha in what ways the changes will come in the month of jan will aliya and tanu be exposed or bulbul is not died or sarla maa knows the truth i think somebody will save bulbul from the cliff sahithi and srimathi anybody is saving bulbul from the cliff

  35. Great ha… Wat more …????? Get aliya n purab married now n even abhi n tanu. Really… Its so disgusting…. All the serials r turning from bad to worst.

  36. itna again boring, bakwas kar diya hai serial ko ki lagta hai writer ka dimaag kam nahi kar raha hai. Ho sake toh closed the show and do something normal. Again its stupid, borind and bakwas show.

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