Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Tanu tries to manipulate Pragya against Abhi

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The Episode starts with Disha telling Pragya that she wants to talk to her about the mandap. She says jiju and you decorated it. Pragya says she don’t want to talk about her jiju now. Aaliya thinks why Disha is not drinking. Disha turns and collides with Dasi and the poison glass falls down. Dasi asks her to be careful. Disha tells Pragya that Abhi loves her very much. Pragya gets drunk after the drink and asks Mitali about Abhi. Mitali shows her Abhi surprisingly Chachi. Pragya hugs Mitali and goes to Abhi. She holds his hand. Chachi asks if she is drunk? Abhi says Pragya. Pragya asks him to come with her. Chachi asks Mitali about Pragya’s relation with this house and asks if she had any relation with her before, how do everyone know her so well. Pragya asks Abhi how much you trust me? Abhi

says immense trust. Pragya says if you need surgery then will you let me do your surgery or let the doctor do. Abhi says I will ask you to do my surgery as you are the only one who can remove all the pain. Pragya says lets marry? Abhi says you are drunk and asks her to rest. Pragya asks him to marry her first. Abhi says you couldn’t stand with me, then how you will take rounds. Pragya says you don’t want me to become your wife and you don’t love me. She says I love you so much and don’t know what you are saying? Pragya says I am requesting you to marry me and asks how much she shall plead? She says she wants to live with him else die. Abhi promises to marry her. Pragya hugs him. She asks him to go and wear sherwani and tells that she wants to be with him all life. She says we will stay together all life and asks him not to waste time.

Abhi says I will come back soon and runs. Disha asks Abhi why is he happy? Abhi says Pragya wanted to marry and wants him to change his clothes. Disha says if Di said this? Abhi comes to his room and wears his marriage sherwani. Disha says marriage is becoming special and tells that sbe will inform Purab. Pragya sees Tanu and tells her that she is marrying Abhi. Tanu says Abhi is my husband and says you can’t marry him again. Pragya says I am still married to him as the divorce didn’t happen.

She tells that she loves Abhi very much and that’s why they get married again and again. She asks him to think how many births they will be together. She tells that she shall not count her marriages with Abhi and her heart is beating dhak dhak again. Tanu says you shall remember how he has insulted her. Pragya says he is repenting so much that he wants to give much more respect than the hatred. Tanu says I will make you see the truth and first of all I shall get your drowsiness go. She takes her to washroom and asks to wipe her face and sit there. She gives her medicine. Pragya says I don’t want to have medicine. She says she wants to go and marry. Tanu asks if she wore the dress before taking the decision to marry. She tells her that Abhi tricked her to marry the dress. She tells that Disha made her drunk intentionally so that Abhi marries her by cheat. She says you were made to drink, so that he can do what he wants to do., he wants to take advantage of your unconsciousness. He wants to marry you for Kiara and not for you. Pragya is shocked.

Aaliya tells King that Pragya loves her brother since she was married to him. King is shocked. Pragya tells Abhi that she wants to marry him now itself. Just then someone calls them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Well. Well. Well. Aunty Ekta RAvi Kapoor showed us a typical day in an Indian Family. Aunty Ekta is the parent …male or female as she has trouble making up her mind about who she really is, dual personality and all that… and we all get to watch family members each take their turn in abusing the victim. The whole family watches and enjoys, the victimization, the humiliation, the psychological battering. Everyone, in the family has their turn. They all want some something different from the victim, Pragya and they are each going to get their piece of Pragya. And the victim doesn’t even know what’s going on because someone she loves and trusts has drugged her. And we the viewers , made a part of the family, stand and watch, because we don’t know what to do. The family members are having their battle and use Pragya, both sides of the family are shameless in using the innocent Pragya and turning her into a POS. Aunty Ekta Ravi Kapoor is brilliant. She is living out all of her power fantasies. The scenario is perfect. The viewers can walk away but no one is able to end the horror show. No one is able to stop the psychopath Aunty. That woman should never be allowed around children long-term. She has some serious heart/mind issues. She doesn’t have a heart and her mind has been broken into two separate pieces which can’t be glued back together. This woman cannot be near children long term. That would be like handing over a small child to a pedophile. Aunty Ekta Ravi Kapoor should be in jail. And if her loving father hasn’t figured out that this excuse for a woman, his dangerous ‘daughter’, shouldn’t be locked away from real humans, being rehabilitated then we will likely hear him announce, “But this is India. People like my daughter are powerful and are loved in our country. This is our culture. This is what we do to each other because we are Indians and this is our creativity” If Ekta Ravi Kapoor was your daughter and this is what she was doing for work, would you as a parent try to stop her? Who is worse? The criminal Aunty Ekta or the parent, who benefits because of increased status and family money? Welcome to India. Shameless greed, willing to kick, kill anyone in the way of that greed. Even the Godmen of India. Money and s*x addicts. That’s all there is. Well, and oversized earrings that would fit on an elephant. Thank-you Aunty Ekta Ravi Kapoor for the lesson. When an Indian smiles at you, run! They are looking for a way to steal your wealth and humiliate you. That is the only way they can ever feel like they are alive, by surreptitiously victimizing you. The Indian family always picks the best and the brightest child to abuse (Pragya) and elevates the spoiled, brat,ugly child (TFA).

    1. viewers don’t have a say about Kumkum kum and kundli I love both shows but pritvi and shrylen must get exposed or maybe that’s the norm in India same thing over and over and over

      1. Seems to be the norm. the top 15% want westernization and are getting it on the backs of the majority where nothing changes. Until all humans are respected for being human nothing will change. The population is convinced that they are Pragya just waiting for the next attack and humiliation. Women do not even realize that they are humans with rights.
        Thus, I rail at the ones at the top (Ekta Ravi Kapoor) who are keeping the majority population trained at regressive behaviours and beliefs.

    2. S Aki kkb is taking 25 yrs leap da so they have doubt shther Tisha will continue or not

      1. Hey Ishu! Hope you are well. I think that Shabir A.’s wife may have something to do with deciding whether Tisha will continue. If it enriches her husband, she may go along with it.
        Who knows? Perhaps his real wife and her close friend Aunty Ekta run Shabir’s life in the same way his life his run by TF and Aliyah in reel life. I would be more interested in knowing if TF will be included in the cast. If the TF still exists and this remains the Tuna Fish/Aliyah Crime Show, well, that speaks for itself.

  2. Hey guys kkb is taking 25 years leap after they will be show aged and their daughter Kiara is also there grown up kiara

  3. same as KUNDLI BAGHIA reflects how shrylin and pritvi can’t get caught yet I love this 2 soaps but getting a little board now cause its the same thing over and over till I sleep away cheers

  4. The articles say tht as per d buzz, a generation leap is in the offing. Since d artistes usually don’t like to be shown as having aged on screen & hence prefer to drop out of a project. However, d leads in KKB, are not known to have said anything about being disinclined towards that.

  5. What kind of tomfoolery is this, so now women are intoxicating other women in order to allow men to take advantage of their state!!! Ekta must hang around with a lot of human traffickers. Can’t believe a creature like her has a kid.

    1. Supposedly, Ekta Aunty is having a child by surrogacy. What? Is she trying to keep up with Karan J? Is this the latest fashion trend? Remember how elites were carrying around small dogs for a time because that was the current fad. Now it’s babies, that they won’t be parenting but dressing up, photographing and displaying, like accessories. I truly hope that the child is not brainwashed to become a transs*xual. That is happening to innocent children in the western world by whacked out parents who are easily manipulated by the latest fads. Parents are deciding that 3 year olds are trans children. Sounds like it’s right up Ekta Aunty’s alley.

      1. Its disgusting let the kids decide for themselves who the want to be. This reminds me of people who have s*x changes then decide they want to revert back. Kids are seen as dolls more and little people who will have an impact on the future less… i need a bottle of vodka…..

      2. No aki i can’t withstand that pathetic actor again in the serial can’t bear her anymore or of they give kn imp for her i wil quit the series that it no more interested

  6. hey guys.. Is it true KKB gonna take 25 year leap?????

    1. I read that it is a ‘maybe’ and it won’t happen immediately. This means it will happen quickly as supposedly they are casting for it. Personally, I think if they got rid of TF and Aliyah (but especially TF) and had the writers take a 25 year leap alongside Ekta Aunty and her director then possibly we might have a show which might focus less on the regressive criminal behaviour of TFA and get back to focusing on the 2 main leads. Putting pretty clothes on the criminals just doesn’t help their case.

      1. Thank you aki for the replay.

  7. Another article adding grist to d mill adds tht the leap is said to be on hold for d time being. I wonder if thz z to hold on to d Prime Time Slot. Some times, you know, certain lease of land runs for 99 years. 🤣🤣

  8. I m well da just i informed u that it don’t know whether it’s i true k how crctly u also say his wife and ekta might have been involoved in this because many people also started taking het name even though beforeknowing its true or not ,or not they said kiara will be 32 daughter playing the character ter and we are selecting her like neha ,but if it’s true don’t know Tisha mainly i don’t know female lead sriti to quit ,there i request her that her ti quit the show sriti how much she will h
    B ear in this serial from first ot know whose decision is tis but something rumours don’t know .

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