Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Mitali that Tanu is taking revenge on him as he couldn’t give her time, and that’s why she haven’t come here. Mitali thinks Abhi will take Tanu’s class. Pragya and Purab in the car. Purab sees Abhi in his car and hides in the car. Pragya also hides, but Purab says you are in disguise of watchman and asks her not to hide. Pragya thinks Abhi will get to know about her truth. Abhi looks at watchman pragya and wonders why his eyes are looking like of Pragya. He misses her…..and recalls her in flashback. Hamari Adhuri plays………..Abhi asks God, why he couldn’t marry Tanu. Pragya says if you have married Tanu today then everything was finished. She says God wants us to be together. She thinks she will give immense love to him once they start their


Janki tells Dadi that Sarla will take tension until Pragya returns home. Dadi explains to Sarla that Pragya will come as a winner. Sarla says it is okay, but just now I lost Bulbul and can’t lose Pragya now. She says she heard that man conspiring against Pragya. She says my heart is shaking much and I can’t anything wrong. Janki asks her to trust on God and says I told God that I have no one except you and Pragya, and prayed for your safety. Dadi says our family is one, and you have sons like Abhi and Purab. Sarla says Abhi and Purab are her son in laws, but they are more than sons. Dadi says happiness will return and asks her not to worry.

Purab calls Ronnie. Ronnie looks at Pragya indisguise of a watchman and says where is Pragya. Pragya says I am here only. Ronnie says he couldn’t identify her. Pragya asks him to go home and says she can’t keep his life in danger. Ronnie says I regard you as my sister and will support you. Purab says okay, and says but your life will be in danger. Ronnie says I can do anything.

Abhi comes home and calls Tanu. Rachna says I have seen her going sometime back. Dasi and Tai ji say the same. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Abhi says only my loves ones betray me. He says I have convinced myself to marry Tanu, but now I will not marry her. She don’t care for me. I will not marry her. Dasi says she might be stuck in some problem. Dadi says we will think of something. She asks him to sit and talk. Abhi says I will not marry. Mitali asks Rachna about Raj. Rachna says he went out and asks not to disturb him. Mitali thinks what happened to her.

Tanu comes to the place and thinks it is strange place. Pragya calls her and asks her to come inside. Tanu refuses to come inside. Pragya blackmails her. Tanu wonders what to do as Nikhil instructed me not to go inside until he comes there. Abhi comes to room and thinks he can’t act infront of Pragya. He sees her nowhere and thinks it is good that she is not here. He wonders where is she? Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays………Purab tells Pragya why she is not coming inside. Pragya says don’t know. Purab says her boyfriend must have told her not to go inside until he comes.

Pragya gets Abhi’s call. She thinks Abhi is sad so she shall talk to him. She tells Purab that she will talk to him. Abhi thinks Pragya doesn’t care about him and that’s why didn’t pick his call. He looks at the wine and thinks only it is with him always.

He gets Pragya’s call and wonders what to talk. Pragya says you have answered the call and now not replying. Abhi says I haven’t called you. Pragya says you called me. Abhi says it is touch screen phone and call went just like that. Pragya says you are phone is smart to call me. Abhi says my phone is stupid else it would have blocked you like I blocked you. He asks her to stay there, as he don’t want to see her face. Pragya says I can understand your situation as you have no one to take out anger, to talk to someone and to love someone. Abhi asks her to say what to do? Pragya asks him to hear Santa Banta jokes in this condition. She tells him jokes. Abhi says it is not a joke and tells joke. Sarla thinks she can’t leave her daughter alone. Purab thinks Tanu is waiting for her boyfriend who is her baby’s father. Nikhil comes wearing burqa with goons. He asks her not to worry and says he will kill blackmailer and come out. Purab thinks they are going inside, and thinks to alert Pragya. Pragya is busy on call with Abhi. Nikhil takes out a knife to stab Pragya.

Pragya calls Tanu and asks her to come inside with her baby’s father. She asks her not to worry as she knows everything. Tanu gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. no comments yyyyy? guys

  2. Guys new promo out for valentine special but with other shows promo. Promo is for 12-13 feb , 8 to 10:30 pm. They shows no new scenes of the shows in promo but they showed pics of couples of their show, ek that raja, ek thi rani, kumkumbhagya, tashan-e-ishq, ye vada raha and Jamal raja and defines their love with a particular word. They shows couples of these shows and voivecover says in the background of all these show’s couples-
    For gayatri and ranaji- red is the colour of love
    For abhi and pragya- red is the colour of dedication
    For twinkle and kunj- red is the colour of jest
    For survi and her kartik- red is the colour desire
    For did and roshni- red is the colour of insanity
    But this valentine red is the colour of threat in all these couple’s life. Then they shows blood falling on every couple’s pics.
    Then voiceover says this valentine trial of love will b happen.

    1. so it is confirm tanu escaped this time…

    2. Actually wat they r trying pratiksha any guess… I don’t understand anything from this promo..

    3. wt can we expect by this promo…any guess pratiksha

    4. guys i tried to comment yesterday night itself but i can’t able to comment becoz of some mistake in the comment box but now pratiksha now i think tanu will not going to get married to abhi but i think with this valentine’s day promo pragya is going to get some big clue or hint about tanu’s baby father so i think something big is going to happen !!!!!!!! but i think it is not going to be a valentine’s day for all couples now some big strange thing is going to happen which will turn of their future but i didn’t watch the promo can anyone pls share the link

  3. So valentine’s day celebration ll be there, but still tanu’s tummy flat?

  4. So valentine’s day celebration ll be there, but still tanu’s tummy flat…

  5. I think Prateeksha nikhil will try to kill Pragya or may be Tanu it is quiet possible that they both get caught in these two episode but one thing is clear from that promo that there is no Valentine’s day but the twists full of conspiracy……. aahhhh what next just another dragging..

  6. Guys anyone in Kala Tika new promo song?? Which movie it was?? Anyone pls help me..

  7. Anyway this tanu will manipulate abhi using her baby blackmail n give reason fr not coming to court..n after tat Abhi will beleive her again…Ooops nothing new will happen

    1. i agree with u nithi

  8. I have seen new on location video in which sarla ma gets kidnapped or something like that bciz no one can find sarla ma

  9. New on location video- sarla ma is not seen anywhere so pragya thinks tanu is involved in this so she thinks to call her but worries about how to see her expression so purab gives idea of video calling through purabs help then she calls tanu &tries To blackmail her bat tanu says they had caught the blackmailer so the caller is fraud so pragya tells her that she will give the proof through parcel to abhi then tanu gets scared she then calls her goons for enquiring about person they caught they ask her to meet behind some church while all this happening purab was sitting in the stairs in mm and showing the expression of tanu to pragya then tanu comes to him ask what he is doing he tells that he is capturing the photos of mm
    I think person they caught assuming blackmailer will be sarla ma

    1. Too many twists. Why r they making a simple family story into such crime drama.

      So no positive outcome in current sequence we r seeing from 2 days.

      If thr r goons who caught Sarla, do they plan to involve Abhi finally for a fight sequence for which they r adding more drama.

      Pragya shud take help from Raaj, Akash n may be then hire Vijay 😀 😀

      1. There might be chances that sarla may have seen Nikhil or just like she was remembering that she had heard the voice of person talking to tanu &she may have identify him although chances of happening this are very less but there may b chances that while getting sarla freed they comes to know about Nikhil let’s hope for the best

      2. Other possibility is that if abhi find’s out about sarla absence & he tries to find out her then he may come across tanu or Nikhil. Or if he catches some goons& get him to tell the truth that way also truth can can come out or at least doubt against tanu will create in her mind

      3. But if Tanu meets the goons n sees whom they have caught she will identify Sarla. If that happens, will Sarla tell some lie n escape, can she do that or if she gets emotional n spills some beans, wont Tanu realize Pragya was behind this blackmailing. Nikhil already suspected Pragya when Tanu mentioned she didn’t have any other enemies.

        We shud think possibilities from Tanu n Nikhil side also, what can be their next step, as this is becoming more complicated. We thought Tanu will be alone n caught easily without Aaliya but now got a better company in form of Nikhil.

      4. Yes Jaydeep, if Sarla is caught by goons that means we can expect more twists. And getting her back wont be easy n cant be done by Pragya n Purab alone.

        And if it is Sarla, Abhi doesnt need any pushing like while exposing Raaj, Pragya n Purab had to force him to reach that place. If writers plan to have Tanu n Nikhil exposed in front of Abhi without any cameras or proofs then to involve him, Sarla was brought in between this drama n thats why Pragya’s truth must be revealed now suddenly to her mom. He will readily go to save Sarla. If not for Daadi or Sarla, Abhi wont be serious now.

        But we are again hoping atleast now Abhi will swing into action, but let us see if writers want that to happen or not.

      5. I just hope sarla don’t spill the beans getting emotional but as we all know sarla is very weak in telling some lie instantly gets emotional very easy so there are high chances of Nikhil gets to know about pragya behind all this because they are also showing his character way too smart then we thought & he is handling the situation very smartly compared to aliya &raj

  10. i didn’t watch the promo can anyone pls share the link

  11. Guys new segment’s update-
    Tanu in abhi’s house talking on phone. Purab records all this in his phone hidingly and shows it to pragya later. Pragya sees recording and gets puzzled. Pragya calls tanu again as blackmailer. But their voice were mute, nothing was audible. Srotis says in interview that they r continuously trying to bring out tanu’s truth in front of abhi and everyone but still not getting success. She tells that pragya is worried becoz sarla maa is missing ?and pragya have a doubt that tanu could b behind this. So she is spying on tanu. Purab says in interview that after exposing aaliya and raaj, tanu is left to expose that’s why they have become detective. Reporter says pragya has become detective to expose tanu and purab is helping her in this so hope pragya will expose tanu soon in front of abhi.

    1. I guess from this segment that now Pragya will be searching sarla ma and in this all ups downs she will get to know about Nikhil and i am sure that this is Nikhil who has kidnapped sarla ma in feb 2015 Pragya was kidnapped and now in feb 2016 sarla ma what a story …. Keep going the draggingggg….. 😛

  12. very dragging but nice bcause of abhi thinking of fuggi n the happiest thing is abhi tld dadi he dont want 2 marry tanu yeh n dadi was very happy just cannot wait to c the romantic moments of abhi n pragya n always c the old episodes frm 343 to 347 really very nice.

  13. Haha what a foolishness…..they are finding all the way to stetch the story..sarla knows well purab and ronnie wit her..she doesn’t hv brilliance to see nikhil in market…but she will go all alone to catch such dangerous tanu…..and did pragy giv the address to sarla….wbf she is going?…thn dadi willb missing.thn purab will b kidnapped….Ronnie as usual he himself will vanish….only pragy will talk with tanu as blackmailer for 100 more episodes..they will not expose tanu after 100 episodes also…tanu baby will b calling abbi papa…..then finally after 1000th episode tanu daughter or son will expose the truth abbi is not father…

  14. The best part is watchman dressing,rupkala studio,all the hard work is going to tell not to catch tanu…to miss sarla..if they r not revealing wit in a week..ektha is one person is going to watch t serial…

  15. Mad writers! Mad director! N v viewers are also mad people to watch this stupid crap story. Actually m a silent reader who just enjoy reading comments. I don’t think so that dis tanu will b exposed anyway. I actually like pratiksha’s n sahithi’s comments.

    1. Thanks Shibu, glad to know u like my comments.

  16. Mad writers! Mad director! N v viewers are also mad people to watch this stupid crap story. Actually m a silent reader who just enjoy reading comments. I don’t think so that dis tanu will b exposed anyway. I actually like pratiksha’s n sahithi’s comments 🙂 .

  17. Mad writers! Mad director! N v viewers are also mad people to watch this stupid crap story. Actually m a silent reader who just enjoy reading comments. I don’t think so that dis tanu will b exposed anyway. I actually like pratiksha’s n sahithi’s comments 🙂

  18. After watching the new promo, new on location video and segment, I think nikhil and his goons will end up catching sarla maa as blackmailer. After catching sarla maa, nikhil will get to know that pragya could b behind this blackmailing as sarla maa reached that place where blackmailer calls tanu. That’s why while talking with nikhil on the phone with tanu, he was saying to her that he have a surprise for her, after seeing which she will get her life back. So I think takhil will get to know about pragya’s attempt and they will get to know that pragya knows about them and calling them as blackmailer. So I think then they will blackmail pragya by using sarla maa. So in process of saving her mother from them, pragya will put her life in danger as nikhil and his goons will try to harm sarla maa or most probably to kill pragya. Pragya’s life will come in danger and as usual on purab’s insistence, abhi will b the savior at the end and will end up saving pragya. And like this it will b the trial of abhigya’s love, on which they will win as abhi by savior of her and pragya saved by him.

    1. I think this drama is just for stretching. I feels nikhil will get suspicious on pragya and to b sure, he will use sarla maa. Obviously sarla maa will not speak up anything and obviously nikhil will also not come in front of her becoz sarla maa knows him so he could b trap. So he will not ask anything from sarla maa directly and nor with pragya. He will try to find out pragya’s involvement through his goons. Now it’s up to pragya that how she will save her mother from them with her hidden truth that she is doing all this with takhil. But it is sure from promo that pragya’s life will come in danger becoz abhi’s life is precious for everybody in present time but pragya have lots of enemies around her and the promo is about threat in couple’s life so definetly it will b pragya who will face threat and abhi will pass his trial of love by saving pragya from her life’s threat.

      1. And all this dragging, I think becoz of busy schedule of shabbir as he is busy in ccl and bcl too and now in this month her wife’s kaanchi’s delivery is going to happen at anytime so I think becoz of all this, shabbir is unavailable for shooting of any big scene’s shoot. And as we have seen in previous segments also that CVS r using his body double mostly instead of him during these days for shooting. So I think that’s why they r stretching the story like this so they could manage their shoots and as well as it’s audience also by bringing these small twists and turns in the story. So I think we have to wait more for tanu’s exposure and abhigya’s reunion. Till then we will see only this type dragging.

      2. 🙂 🙂
        Pratiksha thats true, Abhi character not much involving these days because of CCL matches. Knowing that why do u still blame Abhi as being dumb 😉

        But for me, thats okay as I enjoy watching Shabir as crickter much much more than as Abhi.

      3. Well sahithi it calls passion to the show after all it’s a passionate love story na.? So I gets lost in it and gets attached with it emotionally ?but when I shows segments and off screen news then I reminds yaar ?it’s just a show based on only drama, in which everything is scripted according to CVS, not based on some inspired stories.

    2. and according to me this killing and saving drama will be on 12 and 13 february.. 😀

  19. Toooo boring. Pratiksha or Jaydeep do you have highlight of today episode

  20. I am really fed up of flashback of abhi and pragya,bco past 200 episodes nothing happened. Kkb will reach 500 episodes nothing happened between pragya and abhi. How long kkb cheat us by showing old romantic eye locks between ahigya along with romantic music???

  21. Everything there is limit. But they stretch more and more.really really fed up.abhi become real father in his life. But tanu belly won’t grow up.I think it will happen in when abhi 2nd child go to school.

  22. In new promo they are telling about sacrifice.. So will pragya sacrife his love in rescue of saralama ???..

    1. Sheetha the word which they have used to define abhigya’s love in promo is samarpan means dedication. It’s not about sacrifice. Dedication means how abhigya r dedicated for their well for each other. Abhi is dedicated to safety of pragya from any danger and pragya is dedicated to saving abhi from his enemies for his well. They both can cross every limit for each other’s gud and that is their love, a dedicated love.

      1. Ho thank u prathiksha

  23. So will there be a Valentines Special for abhigya??
    Still too much dragging!
    This series is not going nowhere, why can’t they do like tashan e ishq the truth is always out for them so quickly..

  24. I hate this serial.i am not have patience to watch.they always draging.hereafter i won’t watch

  25. Prathiksha do u hav highlights of today episode

  26. Pratiksha i like the way you n Sahithi decipher KKB plots. It really makes this comment space interesting. N i look forward to reading them. Love the way u explained the meaning behind dedicated love of Abhigya.

  27. How many years did it take walia to get bani? Archana to get manav? The writers are superb as long as they have viewers! If you can’t quit watching and they are rated high on the chart , why should they care about your views. Sit back relax and enjoy the show or quit watching. Very easy. Abhi is going to marry Tanu. There must be another marriage.

  28. i love this serial.this one of my best hindi serial drama…i am never miss its every episode…………….

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