Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Pragya telling Bulbul that she gets nervous when she goes in front of Abhi to propose him. Bulbul suggests to write a letter then. Pragya says she is right and starts writing letter.

Aaliya with her puppet Tanu comes back home and angrily tells that her plan fails always and says if she does not kidnap Bulbul, Purab will not hers in life again. Corporator calls her and asks if she planned anything to kidnap Bulbul. She says no as people are all around. He says he will himself come there and kidnap her and thinks Aaliya is waste for him.

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Pragya gets down with letter and thinks of giving letter to Abhi. She

stares at Abhi. He comes and asks why is she staring at him. She gives him letter and asks to read it. Abhi thinks what if she has given Bulbul’s dowry list, opens letter and is about to read it when Tanu comes and takes him from there to parking lot. Corporator enters parking lot hiding and dashes with dustbin. Abhi hears sound and goes to check. Tanu stops him and to divert his attention starts complaining that does not pay attention to him, etc.

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Mitali sees Taiji and says Abhi is spending a lot on Bulbul’s engagement. Taiji asks her to mind her own business. Mitali thinks they have money to waste on unnecessary things but not to bail out her husband Raj. Akash gives Taiji 2 lakhs envelope and says it is caterer’s payment and to give it when he asks. Mitali tries to peep in. Taji asks her to stop staring at money and warns dare not to think of stealing it.

Aaliya goes with Tanu to parking lot and scolds corporator to come there. He asks her why did not they bring Bulbul out and says he himself will kidnap her now.

Purab gets ready and comes for engagement. Abhi says Daadi someone is looking more dashing than him for the first time (true, actually Purab is more dashing than Abhi). Purab gets shy and Daadi smiles.

Pragys nervously tells Bulbul that Abhi did not read her letter yet. Abhi comes there with letter in his pocket and asks them to come out for ring exchange. Pragya tries to pick letter from his pocket, but stops when he looks at her. He takes them out for the engagement ceremony.

Daasi sees Bulbul, Abhi and Pragya coming to the venue and jokes that Bulbul and Purab’s are No. 2 jodi. Aaliya asks who is No. 1 then. Daasi says Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says she is right and warns Purab not to betray Bulbul like he betrayed her, else she will not spare him. Abhi tells Aaliya personally took care of decoration.

Tanu sees corporator inside home and tells Aaliya. Corporator disguised as waiter wearing mask come to them and says since they could not do anything , he himself will kidnap Bulbul. He starts dancing with the dancing troupe and asks Bulbul to dance with him. Bulbul looks at Purab and Purab signals her to go ahead. She starts dancing with him and feels embarrassed seeing him touch her inappropriately. Purab comes and starts dancing with her next. Corporator then applies chloroform on cloth.

Bulbul and Purab’s engagement completes with ring exchange. Lights go off. Daasi ask Abhi to check it. Power comes back and everyone gets tensed seeing Bulbul missing. Purbi says it is her plan to make the event more memorable. Purab has to find out Bulbul and prove how much he loves her. Purab agrees.

Pragya goes and meets Bulbul in store room. Bulbul hides under shawl and asks how was everyone’s reaction. Pragya says Purab was shocked to see her missing. Seh asks her to continue hiding there for some time and gets out.

Aaliya tells coproator that Pragya has hidden Bulbul in store room. Corpoator asks his henchman to kidnap her silently.

Precap: Corporator’s henchmen kidnap Pragya instead of Bulbul.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. like seriously.. this is rabul’s engagement or pragya’s nautanki…pragya abhi’s bullshit track killed all the fun of rabul’s engagement..

  2. like seriously.. this is rabul’s engagement or pragya’s nautanki? …pragya abhi’s bullshit track killed all the fun of rabul’s engagement..

  3. Loved the episode today

  4. The track is going good hereafter pragya will be kidnapped and thi

  5. Pragya will be kidnapped and this will make abhi realize

  6. The kidnap of pragya will realize abhi that he loves pragya


    ab aayega maza jab abhi praya ko bachane jaye ga…Wana romantic scene


  9. Seriously can we have more RaBul scenes…it’s there engagement!!! Cvs I want to kill you…

  10. Correctly said Hassan…Purab is more dashing than abhi!!! Finally abhi also reallised it..yayyy
    love you Rabul!!!
    At least we got a RaBul dance..!!!
    Short one but worth watching….
    I am sooo happy for my RaBul engagement..but plz plz plz give them more scenes…..

  11. Hello engagement is not completd yet!!!

  12. In between the engagement only stupid arora sisters played the annoying hide.n.seek game…like what??? Only Purab has made her wear the ring..Bulbul still not has….
    I dunno know where they gonna drag this track…but plz let them get engaged and married soon….

  13. Really, hide and seek, what are we 16 ? i am waiting for when Tanu or Aaliya finds the letter in Abhi’s pocket so that he never sees it and he will think that pragya left him once again as i am sure he will he has zero brain power, this will give him time to set his wedding plans with Tanu…

  14. Wat the hell Pragya will be kidnap now abhi will realize his love for her omg I can’t wait

  15. I wonder what is gonna happen next

  16. Who think abhi will get to read the letter? He would get a doctored one for tanu/ aliya

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