Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Abhi asking Dadi what is in that report? He thinks when I brought Nikita here, Doctor declared her pregnant. Dadi gives example to Abhi, and says even she thinks her life can’t run without you, and she might think you more than a boss. Abhi asks do you think like this? Dadi says I can see and says she has same respect in her life for you, which she has for God. He says she doesn’t know that you are God of her heart and that’s why she does your aarti and comes to your house to see you in the morning. Abhi looks on surprisingly and says you are making black and white film in this era. Dadi says she might see her hero in you and that’s why she cried when you scolded her. Abhi says I did wrong with her and have broken her trust. Dadi says she cried a lot. Abhi says Nikita’s

mum have rectified her mistake, and now it is my turn. I will not leave that person. Dadi says her image is ruined and asks him not to let his image break in her eyes. She does his tika in air. Abhi thanks her and says he will become her raja. Dadi thinks what Aaliya and Tanu will do now.

Pragya comes there and sees Abhi waken up early in the morning. She gets impressed. Abhi asks what do you think of me? Tell me. Pragya sees cockroach and shouts cockroach. Abhi says you think me as cockroach. Pragya says it is there. Abhi also jumps seeing cockroach. Both of them get scared and sit on sofa. Pragya takes out her chappal and says she will beat cockroach. She throws her chappal and then asks her shoes. Abhi asks do you want cockroach to bite me and I shall die. Pragya says it is cockroach and not scorpion. He gives his shoe. Pragya hits cockroach and it runs away. Abhi is glad. Pragya brings his shoe and makes him wear it. She falls on him. Abhi says I will get drown Sanam with you and smiles. Pragya also blushes. Tanu sees their romance and gets jealous. She says their romance have started. Abhi says you looks good when smiling. He says Dadi told me so much about you, that you idolised me as God, and when I don’t respect you then you cry. Tanu thinks what they are talking? Pragya asks what else? Abhi says much more and goes. Pragya thinks what did she tell him. Tanu thinks to follow Pragya.

Pragya comes to Dadi and asks what did you tell Abhi? Dadi sings song. Pragya asks what did you tell him? Dadi tells everything which she told Abhi. Tanu hears them. Pragya and Dadi hug each other. Tanu thinks Dadi wants to cut her wings.

Abhi talks to Purab and says he will meet the doctor. He says she have to tell me who is the person behind the conspiracy. Aaliya thinks to do something else she will be ruined. Tanu comes there and collides her head with hers. She says she has a shocking news with her. Aaliya says she has more important news and says Abhi will not listen to them now as he went to meet Doctor. Tanu is shocked. Aaliya says I have done this to get you married and is trapped. Tanu says we both are trapped. Aaliya takes Tanu’s phone and calls him, but he don’t pick the call. Aaliya asks Tanu to come with her to meet Doctor. Abhi and Purab are going to the doctor’s house. Abhi says that doctor have to tell me else I will make her say everything. Purab says once we get her enemy’s name then he/she will not be saved. Abhi says how did her enemy know that I brought her home. Purab says that enemy is our family member. Abhi suspects Aaliya and Tanu’s hand and recalls how they illtreated her. He says only Aaliya and Tanu hates her. Aaliya and tanu come to the doctor’s house and forcibly enter her room. They see her talking on phone and planning a holiday.

Aaliya scolds her for planning a holiday after ruining her plan. She tells her that Pragya’s mum came to her house with spycam and did strong operation with her. She asks why did you open your mouth infront of her. Doctor says I did a mistake by helping you, and says I will tell truth to your brother. She says your friend have spoiled her life. Aaliya looks tensed.

Purab tells Aaliya that Abhi will get to know about their truth and will punish them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Haripriya

    This is true love….being with ur love even in stage of memory loss…love abhigya

  2. i came after long time..still this show is beating around the bush??funny show..all tamil guys watch vijay tv mapillai..atleast that show is running little decently

  3. Inimelavathu abhi aliyavaium thanuvaium vidakudathu…

  4. Good I’m glad to hear the doctor will tell abhi the truth before aaliya do something to her

  5. Abhigya always rocking. That devils oh my god their dressing sense irritating, disgusting, rediculus ivalugala ena solli thidurathunu saththiyama enaku therila. Guys you al are see the new promo . I am really disappointed. How many time he will suffer like this again gun shot. I think storyoda final episode is abhigya union. Namma expect panna mathiri abhigya family storylam parka mudiyathu pola. I wish to see aliya is positive charracter. Good sister of abhi good sister in law for pragya , loving, caring , good suporting charractera parkanumnu rmp asai. Beacause brother sister relationship is wounderful thing, but intha cvs guys atha mosama demonstrate pandraga athan konjam kastama iruku. I like my brother so much. We always fight with eachother for simple things especialy this kkb serial. Annanuku intha serial pidikathu because taliya charracter.Adikadi ena verupethurathukagavae abhiya thiduvan athanalae sandai poduvom.We disguss lot of things about our personal or random thing. Sry for poring u guys. Bye

  6. Ini aliyava summa vida kudathu…

  7. Finally…after a long time, todays episode was good….Please CVs continue the good episodes….we all are fed up from this “Taaliya” scenes….please end this crap…and please do not succeed taaliya this time….it’s a request..?? and also reunite abhigaya..❤❤

  8. Omg god.. these writers mental Again started next drama!!! Ponga da neengalum unga serial!!

  9. Not a viewer anymore

    Hello all,
    Please don’t expect any positive thing in this serial.. positive things will only be shown in dreams…its even disgusting to read the story update now a days..such a logic less story.. more over my kind request s , please kill both abhi and pragya.. atleast let them die together.. anyways i have no hope of seeing them living as a husband and wife..

  10. I want to abhi and pragya together.plz stop this topic and lets move to unite abhi and pragya…

    1. Hi Priya, please tell us what “move to unite abhi and pragya” are you going to do that ALL the other viewers and people who comment here have not done to improve this bakwass serial. Have you got any new ideas or same old same old crap???

  11. This is the best show. The only problem is why the show is taking so long to bring back Abhi’s memory?

    1. Abhi memory loss is not at all a long time track bcoz nothing becomes a long time track when compared to tanu pregnancy

  12. @priya
    So tell us – what is your move or the move to unite abhi and pragya!!! Pls explain the move so we understand what you mean.

    This is the best show – wow are you from here or from Mars!!! Why best show? Are you part of the mentally retarded team of writers with Ekta?

    Now must also give up reading the comments which is getting meaningless besides not watching the serial and not reading the updates. RIP KKB & Ekta


  14. Yeah Yeah exited episode today then the sh*t will start all over again..question.? When will Pragya ever gonna grow some b*lls.and hv the guts to smash those two fart in the face.!

  15. It is shit bag

  16. Next update pls

    1. WTF!!!! What shit do you think of yourself!!!!

  17. Liked convo between Daadi and Abhi. Daadi speaks with Pragya like she is from a back century, all those kumkum dialogues. But with Abhi she behaves like the coolest Daadi around.

    And not much expectations from doctor scene. As per new promo, this Tanu marriage drama will go further and thats why they are doing shopping for MS.

  18. I wonder what you guys are excited about cos nothing good comes out of KKB, always unrelenting evil plans. What good do you expect from Abhi being shot again? Even the cockroach thing has become boring, aren’t there better things to be scared of. Is indian romance all about eye-locks only??

    1. Sometimes I too wonder whether the viewers that get excited are seeing the same serial as us – these people are on a different wavelength – maybe on the same stupid frequency as Ekta and her mentally retarded writers & producers!!!!

  19. Omg dats terrible..fed up of zis serial pfff..
    Plz create sme exciting scenes ekta

  20. Everyone have different views. You can learn patience and trying untill you reach goal. I have faced many things. The good deeds of Pragya and good personality of well behaving with their own family members of abhi is attracting people.

  21. kumkum bhagya

    boring drama kitni baar tanu aur aliya ka sach abhi ke saamne laayenge ab bass bhi karo yaar abhi ka memory loss ka drama aur kitne din chalegi we want to see purane abhi jo pragya se pyar jo karta tha plz end this memory loss boring drama

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