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The Episode starts with Aaliya and Tanu come to the hospital and ask about Abhi. Pragya tells that he had an accident and is in the OT now. They go there. Purab asks Pragya, why did you tell them? Pragya says Aaliya is Abhi’s sister. Purab says they are the reason for Abhi’s condition. He takes her to side and tells that Tanu, Aaliya and Nikhil have failed the car brakes and landed him here. Aaliya asks Dadi to tell how is Abhi? Dadi ignores her. Aaliya tries to ask Mitali and others. Nurse comes out. Tanu asks how is Abhi? Nurse says he is critical. Tanu orders her to call doctor out and says she will talk to him. Nurse asks if this is a joke, doctor is operating. She asks them to maintain silence. Pragya comes back to Aaliya and Tanu. She slaps Tanu and Aaliya. They are shocked. She says Abhi

is in hospital because of you both…and asks them to get out. Sarla is worried for Pragya and Abhi. Purab informs her that Abhi met with a serious accident and asks her to come there. Sarla cries badly hearing about him. Beeji tells that we shall go there and asks her to come.

Pragya holds Aaliya’s hand and asks her to get out. Aaliya asks what do you want? Pragya asks what do you want? She says I don’t understand how can a sister do this with her brother who is so loving and protective. She says he was ready to ruin his life and married me for your revenge. She says all my problems are because of me, shall I murder you? Aaliya is shocked. Pragya says your destiny is so good and have a family. You tried to kill him. Tanu says we didn’t come here to hear your lecture, but to see Abhi. Pragya says you came here to see that if he is dead or alive. Tanu asks her to stop nonsense and says we care for him. Pragya says you would have told him that the baby is not of him, and was partying with Nikhil and planned his death. Aaliya says how can I kill my brother? Pragya says you have failed my car’s brakes to kill me. Aaliya accepts to their crime and says we didn’t know that bhai was with you…Tanu recalls hearing Dadi and Purab’s conversation.

Aaliya says this is just a coincidence. She says you should had been in that car, but your destiny is good and you was saved, but he met with an accident. Pragya cries and says my destiny was bad……Purab consoles her. Pragya says I should have died. Purab says they can’t feel any emotion or see your pain. Pragya says I don’t know what you people are feeling, but you will now feel what I will give you. She says I will punish you for doing wrong with Abhi. Aaliya feels bad for Abhi, but Tanu stands carefree. Nurse comes out and says operation is done. Doctor comes out and says he is out of danger now. Pragya thanks him. Doctor tells we have failed, and declared him dead, but you brought him back to life. He tells that they have put many stitches as the wounds are many. He tells Dadi that she is lucky to have bahu like her.

Pragya, Purab and Raj insist to meet him. Doctor allows only Pragya to meet him after he gets consciousness. Pragya thanks him. She comes to ward…..Tere liye duniya chod di hai song plays……………..She sits at his bed side. Sarla and Beeji reach there and ask Dadi about Abhi. Dadi says if Abhi is alive, then he is alive because of Pragya. She says Pragya’s love and strength gave him new life and praises Sarla’s teachings. Dadi praises Pragya. Sarla says our kids are with us. Dadi says they will be together always and prays to God to unite them. Sarla says I pray for their safety and unity. Beeji asks where is Pragya. Dadi says she went to see Abhi in OT.

Pragya tells Abhi how can you heart stop beating..she holds his hand….and cries. Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays…………..

Pragya tells unconscious Abhi that all his wishes will come true and they will celebrate occasions together.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi, friends Happy Friendship day,Iam a kkb addict. I used to read all ur comments, Especially Pratiksha’s comments.We all missed u Pratiksha. Keep watching kkb. I think they will bring back Abigya’s relock and romance in different way. As viewers we like their love story.For our interest only they are renovating their love.Hope for the Best. Another think writers have satisfied us by Abi’s phone speech to Tanu that insult and scolding no woman can tolerate and live.Pragya’s slapping Tanu and Aliya,is really good. So we will suppress our anger in these scenes and wait for something new, A New beginning.

  2. Leema Selvakumar

    Hi, friends, Happy Friendship day,Iam a kkb addict. I used to read all ur comments, Especially Pratiksha’s comments.We all missed u Pratiksha. Keep watching kkb. I think they will bring back Abigya’s relock and romance in different way. As viewers we like their love story.For our interest only they are renovating their love.Hope for the Best. Another think writers have satisfied us by Abi’s phone speech to Tanu that insult and scolding no woman can tolerate .Pragya’s slapping Tanu and Aliya,is really good. So we will suppress our anger in these scenes and wait for something new, A NEW BEGINNING.

  3. new storyline abhi should love pragya a lot but sarla should be the obstacle.so abhi comes meet her secretly at night.it will comedy

  4. Guys as they showed in promo chashmish, Fuggy n mogambo all are gonna be forgotten by Abhi. as in 3 variations of Pragya.

    Not immediately but may be in a month’s time I am sure he will come up with a new name for Pragya. Do u also think so? If he again says chashmish or Fuggy then chances for him to recollect past.
    Else any guesses how he would call her now?

    1. promo was nice so it going to be a new love story but let’s see how it will be

    2. Asmitha, saw the new OLVs? Aaliya and Tanu are over the moon celebrating Abhi’s ML as they are safe till he doesnt remember past. And looks like doctor will say he may never remember past. Joke of the year isnt it? I didnt watch the recent episodes but I understand he was unconscious may be for some hours, not even days. They could have atleast shown him in coma for some days and said he lost his memory.

      As much as we want to see the leads new love story, we will have to bear Tanu and now Aaliya will act as if nothing happened, and will definitely chase Purab. He cant even show Bulbul and say I love this girl, so I wont marry Aaliya. I know am being pessimistic but I feel we will see good scenes for 2-3 mins and Tanu, Aaliya for the rest 20 mins.

      Anyhow this whole new track is to retain Tanu and Aaliya characters.

      1. after olv I am not happy so I think it will be better to watch this one from next week r next month but how dadi will let pragya out of abhi’s life what is ur opinion

      2. sahithi may pragya will totally feel that abhi will not recognize her so she lost her hope but one thing am not getting is how abhi will love pragya again when tanu aaliya is with him r they will bring any new hero fr pragya it shouldn’t not happen I can’t see pragya with another when abhi is in show so pls CVS what story u r going to start bwn abhigya start as fast as possible but don’t show tanu abhi scenes I can’t see it not even me no one will see it

      3. Dont know Asmitha, see the moment ML is known to Tanu n Aaliya, it again became irritating to us. We waited so long to see Tanu thrown out of Abhi’s life. But the writers are doing that to Pragya and looking at promo she will be out of MM also. Daadi and Purab may try something to bring her back to MM, but Aaliya will be strong opposition.

        Because even if doctors say he will never get back his memory, Aaliya will have her own concern what if Pragya moving around Abhi will bring back past. Then it is story closed for the evils. So as much as Pragya, Daadi, Purab will try to bring back the past, Aaliya will mainly try to resist Pragya. But how will Rachna and her baby be introduced or will they along with Akash be sent away somewhere not to confuse Abhi.

        Based on next segments, I will try to see from next week, if there is anything interesting, but for now, seeing the new promo, I am very disappointed. Its very cruel of writers to take things back to start when finally they started moving after more than an yr.

        Its quiet tricky to say how will things be if Abhi and Pragya were never married and if instead they fell for each other. How will that love story be. I think the writers thought to themselves like that, so they are again starting it from level 0. But think about it, the characters, people change a certain way and their behavior, attitude, everything changes in 2 yrs and now we take them back again 2 yrs and see how they will respond given a different set of circumstances and if they met in a different way.

        Its like a nice dream, what we keep saying, like what if I met this friend when I was in college, what if I met my partner 10 yrs back, you know, the way we keep imagining what if life was different 10-15 yrs back. I think writers will make us relive such a dream but in this dream only one person Abhi went back and Pragya is left to suffer n live with a horrible hope. Its like Pragya is struck at a point where u cant go back or move forward. Frankly there is no Bhagya with Pragya’s kumkum, a more apt title will be ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahaani’.

        After Pragya, Purab will be next loser with Bulbul gone and the outcome after the Mogambo drama is Aaliya is at a gain. I hoped till recent times that Bulbul will be back someday but with this ML, came to conclusion Bulbul may never return back.

      4. I think we better watch it from next month we can see any progress but this CVS r disgusting y they did ML fr only abhi better if both got ML then it will be interesting to watch and there will be no tauntings of tanu aaliya with pragya

      5. sahithi one more thing is sriti shabir both in their INT they said it will be a fresh story so let’s see how much fresh it will be but I decided to watch this from next month and what am I expecting is this time it will be different and they both said that it will be entertaining I think we can trust them this time

      6. Completely agree with u sahithi. I m unable to make myself ready for this track but sritu and shabnir were saying that further plots will b interesting and enjoyable so I will wait for only that part. But for now and before that interesting plot’s coming,I will not watch kkb. I can’t watch annoying stuffs like taaliya around of abhi every time and doing enjoyment with him. After tolerating so much we and pragya both left as empty handed. If they wants to do some different then why not with pragya’s memory loss, why with abhi’s? Why pragya fight for get back abhi? Why not abhi ever? And why taaliya r needed everytime to create storms in abhigya’s life and why tanu is needed whole life to keep abhigya seperate from each other. They r claiming to show some different and new but it doesn’t looks like yet. What happens from next week?, it will b really interesting or annoying, let’s see. But not until then when it will not b turn really interesting, atleast not this week. Poor pragya, poor purab and poor us. Let’s see how we all get mercy and how much?

      7. Asmitha, Shabir said there will be no ML also. But thats not the case right. They wont say negative about their own show right; they will only say positive things. When there is going to be such a huge change in track, obviously they will say things to cheer up the audience and give them hope that it will be interesting.

        Also, it may have been boring for them also from last couple of months to play same thing again n again, say same dialogues again n again. Remember Pragya saying I will bring Tanu’s truth, Abhi saying I will find Mogambo is Fuggy or not. Or else both crying. I hope atleast Abhi is spared the crying for sometime, he had become this cry baby Rockstar for past so many months, feeling guilty for baby, not sure whether to marry Tanu or wait for Fuggy, then for baby death. So for Shabir n Sriti it will be change, for Sriti even her look will be changed like exactly after 1 yr.

        So their excitement, i understand. Are we audience also equally excited, after 1-2 weeks we can comment. We will see the general audience reaction after a month or so.

      8. Ya sahithi u r right. They always says positive about their show so they couldn’t loose it’s audience but actually whatever they says, it never happens. For me like previous tracks, this track also pointless and not necessary. I m unable to make myself ready for this memory loss track. It is totally unfair for us, if insteas of giving gud results, it turns out to b annoying, irritating and useless. They r saying that they wants to do something different from others but really they r? Well I don’t think so. Sahithi even sbs people told that they r going to bring this memory loss track becoz kkb’s star cast doesn’t want to do leap. That’s why they r going back and taking reverse instead of moving with leap and progress. But sometimes news peoples also doesn’t give right info so we can’t trust on anyone. We have to and decide by ownself that is this memory loss track really interesting and worth to watch or not? And sahithi is right. We will get to know it in this whole month that his much it will b interesting and how it will unfold further and for how much long.

      9. Pratiksha, that is the problem with shows, they want to stick to a given format. If Tanu is out of their lives, why should there be a leap. They could have brought someone else as Bulbul and showed Purab-Bulbul-Aaliya triangle. Just because Mrunal decided to move on, ending Bulbul character like that is so unfair, more unfair for Purab to keep him like that without much purpose. Bulbul ending her life abruptly was meant to bring her back with new face.
        They could have explored Purvi’s story, Suresh’s story. Changed Equation between Tanu n Nikhil. Could have brought in new characters. I think other than Nikhil we didnt see any new characters in ages. We see same faces again n again.
        There is so much more scope to explore. Agree the leads r too good in their roles n performance n thats what audience want to watch. But for me, that shouldnt mean they always keep the focus on them, by separating them again n again. To keep audience interest on how they will come together again.

        With new track also, they will definitely get good ratings as with Mogambo track. It may be interesting also, like how initially in Mogambo track, Pragya making ppl work, being rude, showing that new attitude was fun to watch. We wondered how she will expose the 3 evils. Mid way the whole track lost sense n worth. I feel they may start well now also, once ratings r steady, writers will be lazy. Then ppl will again wait n wait n wait hoping for a positive turn.

  5. Very clever writer. everybody want our old rock star back. The writers are bring the same with a different twist. I like it. hope kkb will be rocks

  6. P.N. Bhargava

    It is unfair\h to stop teleccast of this show on saturday

  7. Today the trb rate is down because of the story

  8. Sometime I feel that abhi is acting like he lost his memory.And trap tanu and nikhil.

  9. Guys anyways starting a new love story is fine but I don’t want revengewala love story now something unique …….i want them to fall for each other naturally like any other two people with difference and nothing in common. ……

  10. New on location update- Abhi has lost his memory which may b never come back as doctor said, Pragya is shattered but she has hope that abhi lost memory’s come back, taaliya r happy that abhi forgot everything even pragya too, they taunts pragya. Full update- Tanu annoyed as to why Aliyah didnt let her go in the room to meet Abhi, but then she’s okay with it, fearing what if Abhi’s forgetten her too? She says she wishes she could have gone in, given him a big hug in front of Pragya just to see her face. Pragya walks towards them and tells them that even though they’re happy right now, “har andhera ke baad savera hota hai” (after every night comes a morning). She says he might not remember her today…but they should fear the day his memory will come back. She says that alongside their current happiness, they should also prepare for doom when he remembers what they’ve done.

    Aliyah retorts back, saying whos going to tell Abhi? Her, Tanu, or Pragya? She says remember that the doc has said this is no ordinary ML. (*facepalm*) She says doc has said Abhi has retrograde amnesia and the memory might never come back from shock. Pragya argues back that her heart says his memory will revive one day and Aliyah says if your heart says you want to become prime minister, will you actually become one? Nahi na? She says Taaliyah dont have a heart, but fate always ends up in their hands.

    She says now the only people that matter in Abhi’s life is them…and that Pragya has entirely been erased. Her identity, her kumkum, her wish to live as Pragya Mehra, etc etc. She says “Mera bhai ab mera hoga. Aur woh tumse nahi, Tanu se pyar karega.” (My brother is going to be mine again. And he’s not going to love you, he’s going to love Tanu). Aliyah excuses them and they leave Pragya alone.

    Another scene where Taaliyah are going crazy in happiness that he’s forgotten everything. Tanu talking nonsense of how he’ll love her and they’ll get married (story of her life). Tanu says she can’t contain her excitement and that this is the happiest day, because Taaliyah get “their Abhi” back. (LOL at us thinking Aliya changed and regrets what happend with Abhi).

    Aliyah is happy Abhi is alive, but even more excited he’s forgotten everything. She’s excited that Abhi is going to back in her grasp and that from now on, he’ll do whatever she says and whatever she wants. HIS LAST MEMORY IS THAT SHE JUST RETURNED FROM AUSTRALIA!! WHICH MEANS THAT HE DOESN’T REMEMBER “THAT ME AND PURABS ENGAGEMENT BROKE AND HOW I GOT HIM MARRIED TO PRAGYA. HE DOESNT EVEN REMEMBER ANYTHING ABOUT HER ” (OMG!!)

    Aliyah says that for Abhi to love her again, she needs to become that supermodel she once used to be. Tanu gets offended and Aliyah says that Tanu from her supermodel days was very different from the Tanu she’s become today. Guys I didn’t give video links as it is very irritating, annoying and heart breaking for abhigya’s fans. Written update is enough in itself to get what is in these videos and how much they r annoying. So I think we should satisfied with reading written update by leaving it to watch.

  11. Shriti

    leena wow wat a idea superbbbbb

  12. I hope so Tanu , Nikhil and Aliya chapter should close it should be something interesting nd not the witch Tanu should enter again we can’t tolerate it

  13. pratiksha if he forgot Tanu too that’s more than enough? what do u think?

    1. Well sakshi I hope I could wish but it doesn’t seems. Well let’s see.

  14. hope this serial wont become like MATSH in colors channel..it was aired off.and i noticed the similar twists in this again….

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