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The Episode starts with Raj and Aaliya’s conversation. Aaliya tells Raj that we went to concert to spoil Abhi’s concert, but it turn out to be hit. She blames Pragya for it. Raj says it is good for us, the more he goes up, the more he will be hurt when he falls down. We will attack on his base. Aaliya asks what you are saying? Raj says you can get your love, but I will never get my respect and identify. He will be my enemy always and asks her to decide. Abhi asks Pragya, did she like the saree? Pragya says she liked it. Abhi asks did you like my performance, especially last one. Pragya asks when we will reach home? Abhi says never. Pragya asks him not to joke and say. Abhi shows her the way and says don’t know where it will take us. We have to go on this way to know the destination. Pragya says

today I am unwell, we can go some other time. Abhi says I have decided to walk on this path with much difficulty, and now he can’t back off.

Nikhil asks Tanu, why did she fool him and sent him to Delhi. Tanu says she didn’t know that her parents will come there from Delhi. Nikhil tells her that he knows everyone came to know about her pregnancy. He asks her to tell Abhi about the baby’s truth. Aaliya hears them. He asks her to tell Abhi that the baby is his (Nikhil) and if he agrees to marry her even after knowing the truth, then he will go away from their life, and if she marries him without informing the truth then she has to face him. Aaliya is shocked. Tanu thinks to murder Nikhil.

Aaliya comes to room and calls her characterless. She says you are in love with my bhai and have a baby with someone else. She says you are carrying Nikhil’s baby. Aaliya says I will call him to get confirmation. Tanu stops her. Aaliya asks did you sleep with him? Tanu says yes I did, but I was not in my senses. It was a weak moment for me. Aaliya asks are you still not in your senses. She says she will inform Abhi. Tanu stops her and says Pragya will get Abhi then. Aaliya says Abhi is not her brother now, and it will be a punishment for him to give name to other’s baby. She says I know that you don’t love him and just want to get him. She says I won’t let your dream break, to ruin Abhishek Mehra. She says I know your secret, and warns her not to double cross her. She says I will help you to marry Abhi. Tanu says what about Nikhil? Aaliya says she will take care of Nikhil.

Abhi brings Pragya somewhere and asks her to bind cloth on her eyes. Pragya asks him not to joke and take her home. Abhi says he is not joking and take off her specs. He binds cloth on her eyes. Pragya asks what you are doing? Abhi jokes that he is going to kiss her. Pragya says you can’t take my advantage. He asks her to step out of the car. Pragya steps down and says her legs are paining. Abhi lifts her in his arms. Pragya thinks what is going on in his heart.

Abhi takes her somewhere. Pragya asks him to come back and is scared. Abhi asks her to promise that she will never leave him. He takes out the cloth from her eyes. Pragya sees the decoration and the artificial moon just for her. Abhi says he organise all this to make smile fixed on her face. He hugs her. Pragya thinks to stop her heart. She breaks the hug and asks why he is doing this? Abhi gets closer to her and asks her to say the first thing which is coming in her heart. Pragya is surprised.

Abhi asks Pragya, will you come with me, hold my hand and come. He says he loves her very much and his love is genuine. He says he has no confusion now and he is sure about his feelings. He says I love you. I love you very much. Pragya is emotional and cries. Abhi asks her to say that she will support him. Abhi says I will wait for your support, until I get it. I can’t stay without you now.

Pragya tells Abhi that we can stay without each other, but how can a baby stay without his father. She blames herself if a father stays away from a baby. Abhi says baby is important, and if love is not important.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Serial is getting very boring , they are simply dragging the story, God know Pragya & Abhi will be together or no ??? Also this Aliyas is not getting caught for what she is doing & speacially the Neils episode Aliyas is still not caught for that as well, what nonsense…;.

  2. Very Nice episode.. Hi guys I am new here..I recently started watching the show and got completely hooked on to it.. I really enjoy reading all your comments.. Like Nikki said I think Pragya will not hurt Abhi’s feeling but might try to force him to marry Tanu and accept the baby saying thats the right thing.

    Few thoughts.. 1) Aaliya so easily overhears Nikhil and Tanu’s conversation but even when Pragya has seen them (Nikhil and Tanu) together and had her doubts she never acted on it.. Even though she was always around them she never over heard their conversation.. Usually when Aaliya plans something against Pragya and Abhi it backfires and they get closer so I hope she does something soon which will favor Abhigya.. 😛 – Here initially they showed Pragya suspecting something between Tanu and Nikhil but doesnt go ahead with it.
    2) There were 2 times when Abhi was really drunk and ws with Tanu, once during the MMs track and once when Pragya said her love confession was for fun and Abhi was drunk and Tanu goes to him. But Tanu is pregnant cos of spending night with Nikhil on valentine’s day. – Here they show Tanu telling Abhi it was d night when he was drunk and then they show Tanu telling Nikhil it was Valentine’s day.
    3) Other than Aaliya, Pragya is the only person who knows that Mithali is the actual reason why Raaj went to jail. I always thought why Pragya never tried to help Raaj as she knew about this.. May be now that Raaj is trying to ruin Abhi, at later point Pragya might revel the truth.. – Here also we know that Pragya and Aaliya knows the truth.
    Have the writer’s forgotten they have shown these things or are they saving it to reveal at the end moment ?

  3. Nikki and chithu I m having one doubt. Really pragya going to confess her love ah r it alone may b a dream ah. I mean I know these whole sequence is not a dream but pragya hugging part can b dream na. Wat do u ppl think

  4. And guys did u remember all that in MMS track three witches Aaliya,Tanu and Mitali were together against pragya but all these three were fail at last. In this track also now the two witches r together and this time also they will fail like before becoz they can never win from abhigya’s fate.

  5. love it …

  6. Guys shocking promo? is out and it’s very scary ?with gud news. Pragya gets to know about both tanu and aaliya’s truth but later meets with an accident. Full update is here- Pragya listens tanu and aaliya’s conversation. Tanu was saying from the photo frame of abhi that she is going to become a mother of someone else child then aaliya says we will destroy abhi mehra. Pragya thinks to tell about this to abhi that how’s his family cheating him. She runs to meet abhi. Abhi was leaving in his car. Pragya runs to stop him to tell the truth but she hits by another car. She gets injured on her head. ??

    1. kyaaaa!!!!
      and then she will be injured so much and abhi will pray to god… for saving her and then her critical condition wala twist will go on…..

    2. Really..this writers are beyond expectations yaar..they are leaving no stone unturned to confuse the viewers and drag the track… but anyway since promo is already done, i hope we will see this story lines within next week… but still, marriage will happen or not… that has become the BIG question now…………

      especially after this promo, it has become the biggest one 🙂

  7. in the starting of the show when abhigya get married I never imagined that abhi will propose him like this… loved the ending … and pragya plzzz ab toh haan kah do na… see the rockstar proposed u first to whom u loved first….

  8. I think this pshyco, criminal minded aaliya is behind this becoz i think she will see pragya listening their conversation and she is only who is expert in giving big injuries in kkb.Omg! Now I m scared if cvs will end up this on pragya’s memory loss. I know after watching and reading this promo, everybody will think it but I m still sure that pragya will not loose her memory ya but will b unconscious till then tabhi’s marriage. Tanu will b take advantage of pragya’s unconsciousness and will hurry to marry with abhi before pragya get in her senses. Then at last moment like in all ekta’s serials, God and abhigya’s fate will help true lovers and pragya will get in her senses and will come to marriage venue and will tell about whole truth. O god! O cvs! Plz don’t crush our hopes becoz if anything will b bad happen by crushing our hopes then I will definetly stop to watch the show after tabhi’s wedding.

    1. Nikki..now u also got doubt that this marriage will happen???

    2. s nikki.u r ryt…tanks for the promo update….tanu will hurry up to marry with abhi..she take advantages of pragya accident…i think while marriage r gng on tat time purab will be entry in this scene he should told pragya’s accident..hole mehra family rushing to hospital..

  9. Guys I hv’nt watch the promo yet but I have seen promo pics on Facebook. Tanu is in same bridal wear in the promo which pic Leena posted on her instagram account. Guys it means Leena wore that bridal wear for promo shoot or it means pragya’s accident will b happen on tabhi’s wedding day. Now I m so much scared from what will cvs up to and what is cooking in their mind.?Plz cvs cancel tabhi’s marriage due to pragya’s accident but plz don’t let them married.?

    1. Nikki …….if we see in the promo, Abhi seems to be angry actually and Tanu is in bridal wear..so i think Abhi is not ok with the marriage yet so he is getting out… and this accident seems to be inside the Mehra’s house…so should be Aaliya/Raj/Tanu or might be Nikhil also who might have joined with them… and one morething is Abhi who was still shown as angry during marriage day and he is very much in love with Pragya … so even if Tanu convinces or his career is about to ruin if this marriage is not happening will not be ready to marriage Tanu ….

      Only one possibility is..if they are convincing like Pragya is the one who wanted this marriage to happen ..so he should do this for her to be happy…something like that…hope this one will not happen…

  10. I think Leena wore this bridal wear only for promo shoot becoz if wedding sequence is shooted then we get other casts off screen pics also from the on location of kkb in party wear dresses like always but we haven’t any other pic except of leena . Even in promo abhi was in his casual jeans T-shirt and jacket not in groom’s wear. And if pragya will meet with accident and she will b unconscious so it means no divorce of abhigya and as we know without giving divorce, another marriage can’t happen and our abhi, if he will get to know about pragya’s accident then how he will ready to get married with tanu. I hope she will get to know about pragya’s accident. I know he will b devastated from this but it could help him to postpone this marriage. So more wait for truth revelation and more dragging guys. Why cvs r doing all this? How much they will dragg this pregnancy track.

    1. Niki I told u that Aaliya will separate abhigya to take revenge from abhi

      1. Maggie aaliya did this to hiding truth, not for doing abhigya separation.

    2. Did u noticed that pragya n abhi wore causal cloths n Tanu n Aaliya were in wedding type cloths

    1. thank you for the link Maggie and Kavimay 🙂

  11. Now one thing is clear. The writer wanted abhi to suffer like how pragya suffered now it will be very interesting. After that accident I think so marriage will stop completely, then abhi will take care of pragya so romance will be nice. If she lost memory means they will nearly drag up to 40 episodes and this witches will get caught while they were talking while abhi will know all.

    One more doubt in promo how pragya is knowing both truth at a time first tanu truth then aaliya and raj truth then why abhi is going outside? So many confusion. Let hope for the best

    1. What if Pragya looses her memory and forgets that Tanu is pregnant.. then it will be nice.. Abhi and Pragya have some romantic moments..

    2. yeah Priya…but onething CVS would be clear about now is, with Abhi and Pragya separate..they will lose the TRP..so they can not drag this accident track much.. we will hope for the best…

    3. yeah u r ryt priya…definitely they r dragingggg…we wil wait and watch how abhi take care of pragya…

    4. Priya ..i think by the time Abhi and Pragya re together..Abhi will lose all his money and fame..and these all people will leave him except Pragya and Dadi i think..Abhi and Praya would be starting their life from there…

  12. Thx niki for the informations.Why cvr are doing all this to us.how much they will dragg this pregnancy track.I’m sick of these.writer stop this matter plsss and give abhi and Pragy their victory.expose the evil ladies.I know their plans will failed but stop it now plsss

  13. And one thing which needs to b noticed in promo guys that pragya was with her mangalsutra in her neck. It means divorce will not happen before accident. So if divorce not happen then how could marriage happen. So i think they have shooted for only promo scenes in wedding wears for disguise and confused us. Well for this, we have to wait for next week. But for now cvs have spoiled all the happiness and gudness of abhi’s fab and beautiful confession.

  14. plz jaldi se tanu ko abhi or pragya ki life se bahar kar do….
    i love u abhi and pragya they are very good……….

  15. Hope abhi will get to know about pragya’s accident becoz in promo she didn’t saw and noticed her and moved with his car in anger. If he will get to know about this then it will help in postponing this marriage or if becoz of accident, pragya will lost her memory then it will also b helpful for him becoz like in every shows after memory loss and accident doctor gives advice to not give any stress to patient. So no body could forced her to remind anything and we will also b saved by tanu and tabhi’s marriage torcher at least for sometimes and could see only abhigya’s scenes mostly. If this kind of situation will happen then only it will b fine but if cvs will end up on tabhi’s marriage or pragya’s missing then it can’t b tolerate. I still just don’t understand what’s the need of this accident? Why more dragging?

    1. Nikki..wat i feel is since Pragya is not well..Abhi will refuse for marriage and Aaliya/Raj will use this Tanu’s matter by that time to spoil his name and he would loose all his wealth by when Pragya becomes ok i think… and Tanu will also leave him if he has nothing… later Abhi realizes his mistakes and will start loving Pragya more i think…they will start their life from that point i think..

      And NIkki..one more thing am sure is..they can not show Pragya as unconscious for long time..as with no Abhi-Pragya scenes they will definitely lose TRP… may be memory less they may go for..but not sure how it would help them… we will see..

  16. Sorry guys am really upset with pragya doing. She is bogath bada beyfaguff hey. God help her to accept his true love and affections.

  17. guys in kumkum bhagya first time i saw pragya so beutiful….she is just the most prettiest.

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