Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab apologizing to Pragya. Pragya says you have lost brother like friend and feels bad. Dadi says even we have 1 day and we will stop the marriage. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya is planning and plotting and says two day shall pass. Aaliya asks her to relax. Tanu says we shall be alert. She says 24 hours shall be torturous to her. Aaliya asks what is your plan. Tanu shares her plan. Aaliya says not bad at all and appreciates her plan.

Abhi thinks why did I scold Purab and why did I believe on that report as if I want to believe on it and why I was looking at Pragya again and again. He reminisces dancing with her. He thinks I agreed to Purab as I want to stop this marriage as I love pragya and don’t want to marry Tanu. He thinks he couldn’t tell his feelings to Pragya.

Pragya comes to his room. Abhi thinks he is imagining her again and thinks who will help him now. Pragya tells him that she is thinking to go home now.

Abhi thinks she is here and thinks to apologize to her. Pragya asks why he is ignoring me and says listen….She slips. Abhi holds her and falls on her. They have an eye lock. He thinks why his heart is pumping heart. Pragya also thinks the same. Abhi asks did you hear anything. Pragya says no. They laugh saying music must be playing. Aaliya comes there. Abhi and Pragya make an excuse. Pragya says we fell together by chance and says good night. Aaliya is irked and asks her to stop. She asks Pragya to stay here tonight, and tells that Tanu’s parents are coming and asks her to arrange a nice dinner for them. She says Robin is not seen.

A fb is shown, Aaliya asks Robin to take leave and switch off her phone. Fb ends. She asks Pragya if she can do. Abhi says why Pragya will do servant’s work. Pragya says she will do anything for his family. Abhi thinks she is ready anything for me and if she turns then it means even she has feelings for me. Aaliya asks Pragya to supervise the cooks and see the decoration. Tanu’s parents come. Tayi ji greets them. Tanu comes and takes them with her. Tanu’s mum asks what Pragya is doing here?

Tanu says she is here as a secretary and asks Pragya to serve drinks to her parents. Abhi sees Tanu treating Pragya as a servant. Tanu smiles. Aaliya also smiles. Dasi looks on upset. Tanu tells pragya that she is marrying tomorrow and is the chief guest for today and asks her to serve drinks. Pragya serves her drinks. Tanu thanks her and goes. Dadi is upset and says I won’t let this happen. Dasi hopes some miracle happens and says Pragya will not be dominated by Aaliya and Tanu and will reply them.

Pragya serves drink to Abhi. Abhi looks at her and says thank you. Dadi says it seems Abhi will confess love. Tanu parents talk to each other. Abhi asks Pragya not to do work and says he can’t see her doing servant’s job. Pragya asks why? Tanu introduces her cousin Shonali to Abhi and says she is your Saali. Abhi says I forgot. Abhi says even wife shall have a name and says she shall be called as kamini. Dasi laughs. Abhi says if wife don’t work then she will be called kamini. Tanu is irked. Abhi asks them to have food.

Abhi takes Pragya to side and says he felt bad because. Pragya asks what? Abhi says he can’t lie? Pragya asks her to tell truth. He looks at her dupatta and covers her head with it. Pragya smiles. They have an eye lock. Music plays…..

Abhi asks Pragya to add some more gravy in his plate. She serves him and smiles. Tanu gets angry and shouts saying what is happening here. Pragya spills gravy on Abhi mistakenly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. had hoti hai har cheez ki mujhe nahi lagta next week se pehle abhi apna love confess kare ga mujhe to lagta hai ke abhi 3rd anniversery se pehle kuch nahi kare ga draging serial

  2. Guys I am exciting for the marriage day to come. I think they will plan that day as sri rama navami and on the very day abhi will gain his memory while marrying tanu and at the end will marry pragya again with full heart.

    1. If this is the condition in which he will marry pragya then that does not excite me because that only shows he accepted her just to honour their previous marriage.

  3. What bullshit is this. 1 day before marriage still thy r having eye locks n muisc plays…how many years will thy take to propose do thy hv shit in their mouths.
    Wht is pragya still doing there next she will change diapers of tanus baby n hv eye locks n music plays.
    Abhi dumbest person in d world
    1day will commense 1 week thy will drag this 1day 2 weeks m sure

    1. savita bhabhi

      Oh arpitha , tumane mujne hansaaya with your comment yaar…your r absolutely right didi! Abhishek aur pragya ek saath rahana hoga till tanu has 2 kids with abhishek…total bakwass

  4. pallavi kumari

    Bakwas they are going to spoil the live between abhi and Pragya.what the hell is this serial as the end they will marriage idiot Tanu with abhi.

  5. I think writer has taken my words seriously!!! I just said that y r u still on allah wariyan song? Then after that no allah wariyaan played.Aaj toh haadh hi hoyii ilock phir no song and then only music plays????

  6. “They are magical” nothing to talk about the story line , because nothing is going to change in this serial but love shabir and sriti to the core
    they both are till now acting like child’s their expression’s was hillarious while shooting , they both are magical pair
    just watching this serial only for AbhiGya / TiSha

  7. Abhi will remains brainless idiot

  8. GUYS….. I know that kkb writers are testing our patience. A true fan of abhigya supports them even when they are falling. The meaning of fan is not only praising them at their success. How mean you people are… I doubt whether u people deserve to comment.. I know its ur opinions but it doesn’t mean that you can sh** about them and their hard work. so chill. Haters gonna hate. We real fan of kkb support kkb team. May u be best forever…Love u loads…

    1. Excuse me being fan does not mean u blindly follow and again the reason their is a comment box here is so people can put down their opinion.

      1. Chutiyea dekho ??? mein toh kehta hun ek nayi party bana lo , wahan politics India ko chutiya banati he yahan ekta ???? or yeh toh chutiyagiri hee hogayi k as real fans we will support kkb, chutiyea ban gaye ho sab ???

    2. Hi Choti…we love Abhigya, we hate EKTA KAPOOR for ruining them, simple as that

  9. Leapinlizard

    All you fans who complain about the slowness of the script.
    Nothing is going to change.
    Thus Ekta Japoor’s best TRP show after Naagin2
    She will I’ve at her pace. If you don’t like it stop watching the show.
    Abhi is going to get his memory back during the Pheras.

  10. how can you say we are mean does this serial put food on your table? and who do you think you are telling us you doubt whether we should comment or not are you co owner of TU? people are entitle to their opinion we do not have to pay for it so mind it girlfriend if you are pissed by my comment i have no apology

  11. I’ve been reading these updates, and looking back at all of the wedding rituals none of them was completed with Tanu but with Pragya indirectly. So too will be the actual wedding.
    Sadly though, that these writers have to messed the show up with this “round the mulberry bush” version. I wonder when the weasel will pop?! Pragya and Purab are always losing or getting minor wins over the evils.
    The show has become so predictable that nothing will come as a surprise now. The spirit of the show is dead.

  12. Cathy

    I no longer anticipate, only wait, there was so much they could have done with this story, mainly give Pragya a backbone instead of the wet noodle she usually is..i miss her Mogambo days at least she was a diva with a plan.

  13. Waiting for the marriage to take place. Wanting to see all the excitement of Tanu n Aaliyah come to an END. Thank you.

  14. Shashi duggal

    I am not sure that you have ahi. The hero is very intelligent or he is blind and a two timer.

  15. Shashi duggal

    I think abhi is blind and not intelligent or he is two timer.

  16. Its been almost a year since pragya n them are trying to uncover Tanu n aliya.. n guess what evil wins… this is real kaliyug..

  17. Its been almost a year since pragya n them are trying to uncover Tanu n aliya.. n guess what evil wins… this is real kaliyug..get us some new n good episodes

  18. Tanu and abhi don’t belongs together is pragha and abhi is wonderful together so tanu get the hell out of abhi life oh gosh man

  19. oh my god priyanka priyanka u r 100% right my dear
    love u sooo much and love AbhiGya to and yes we will support them

  20. Bullshit and ticking ass ekta serial

  21. Bullshit and f**king ass ekta serial

  22. Good episode.abhigya should get married. Enjoy for a while.then accident. Abhi should return with a make over take revenge.

  23. Hii prathiksha sis.i m fine n guys i ve saw 2new posts in favebook one is that tanu evil is wearing bridal dress n guess what it was d same dress which pragya wear in her marriage i cant see that characterless tanu in that dress n another is pragya is wearing bridal dress n it was not d same dress which that tanu wears we all know that tabhi marriage will never for sure as per d story n title as pragya’s kumkum is only her bhagya but what will happen guys plzzz share ur views frns

    1. Hi Aishu? These two posts or pics which u saw on fb, these r old pics of tanu and Pragya’s, which they wore for promo shoots for their marriage track in season-1. But in real, still no news regarding Tabhi’s marriage sequence came. They r shooting for some kind of function, which could b related to marriage but it’s not marriage function, it’s sure becoz Leena and shabbir both haven’t wear marriage costumes but they wore some traditional function related costumes. In yesterday’s episode, they showed the decoration in mehra house, it is related to that function. But what about marriage, nothing is revealed yet. And Aishu, to b very frank, I m not interested to know about it as i have no expectations from the CVS. Yes they can stop Tabhi’s marriage somehow but they will throw tanu out or they will unite abhigya, it is unbelievable to believe soon. I m just reading updates and that is enough for me. I m still here only for my friends like u.

  24. Abhi and Pragya are getting married and this serial is going to end. I will miss Abhi andere Pragya ?

    1. This show is boring now!!!
      Please end it soon and allow us viewers to look forward to another great show by these writers. It has run it’s course. How much longer would we have to put up with Tanu, Aliya and Nikhil plotting…A whole lot of crap!!!



    There’s some ‘Shocking’ drama lined up for viewers in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya (Balaji Telefilms).
    As viewers recently witnessed, Purab (Vin Rana) and Pragya (Sriti Jha) once again failed to bring Nikhil (Rajat Dahiya) and Tanu’s (Leena Jumani) truth in front of Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia).
    Now in the coming episode, Alia (Shikha Singh) and Tanu will plot against Pragya and try to kill her. As per their evil plan, they both will give Pragya an electric shock.
    So will Pragya die?
    Don’t worry guys!
    In true filmy style, Abhi will come as the saviour for Pragya and express his feelings towards her.

    1. Lol?Guys of anybody wants to know about 100 ways to kill someone or to do conspiracies against someone, that person needs just to watch kkb. It has full material for criminals. ? A love story cum crime show??

      1. Hahaha tats 100% true dear…all d evil things are showing in dis serial

  26. KKB is lyk a bad episode of 1000 ways to die! So that is d latest now? Electric shock? Are baap re…give ekta kapoor some buddhi but more so,to her loyal fans who share a sort of love/hate r/ship with her,u guys keep insulting d show,yet they can’t stop watching..u guys and ekta r d real lovers here…u and her united forever. And I am sure 90% of you r girls here…naturally dumb…I can’t expect you guys to watch anything better

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