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The Episode starts with Pragya crying and thinking that she thought they will unite tonight, but seems like destination is far even now. She cries badly and sleeps. Abhi wakes up and thinks if Mogambo is crying? He comes to her and thinks stone hearted Pragya can’t cry. He thinks she is ordering me even in her sleep to cover her with blanket. He thinks why he couldn’t see her pain, even though he wants to be unaffected by her. He covers blanket on her, and says you are looking like my fuggi like this. He says you are looking innocent even now, but one thing is missing? He brings fuggi’s specs and makes her wear it. Bheegi Bheegi Sadakon pe…Sanam Re plays……..He says you are looking like my fuggi now, and adores her….He thinks every night, I used to think about my fuggi, but I met her today

and is very happy. He thinks every night shall be like this with her. He sleeps there while sitting. Pragya wakes up and covers him with blanket. She thinks she has lost hope, but he gave her a new hope. She thinks to cross the path as he will be waiting for her at the other end.

Aaliya is in kitchen and thinks it is quite difficult to make omelette. Tanu comes there. Aaliya asks her to make omelette. Tanu says it is made of eggs and says she don’t know. Aaliya says I will tell you, and gives her instructions. Aaliya applies ointment on her burnt finger. Tanu asks how to break egg? Aaliya asks her to break it anywhere. Tanu breaks egg near the gas stove. Aaliya says it is good that bhai haven’t married you, and says you don’t deserve to marry anyone. Tanu gets angry. Aaliya asks her to leave.

Akash and Dadi talk about Pragya. Akash feels bad about her pain. Dadi says we shall not remind her of the night and shall give her strength. Pragya comes and asks what happened? Akash says we thought you are sad. Pragya says Abhi have cheer her up and says she can’t forget it. Dadi says okay and says we shall not forget that Tanu is here. Pragya says we shall make Tanu’s secret out through someone else. Dadi says baby….Pragya says she is talking about Nikhil. She says we shall make Nikhil speak the truth. Purab comes there. Pragya asks Purab to get all details about him.

Aaliya asks Tanu to tell her problem and leave. Tanu says Pragya and I have known each other’s secret and asks for her help. She says I have never seen such a cunning, sharp, intelligent and betrayal girl. Aaliya asks if you are giving compliment or badmouthing about me. She agrees to help her but on a condition. She asks Tanu to help her enter Mehra house. Tanu agrees. Aaliya shares her plan with her. She asks her to take Abhi out somewhere, and asks her to separate from Abhi, and call her. She says I will call my goon and asks him to drive car towards you. I will come and save you. She asks her to play emotional drama and say that she is saved because of her. Tanu says plan is good.

Pragya tells Purab that she was over confident and couldn’t get proof against her. She asks him to get all details of Nikhil to trap him. Tanu is coming towards there. Purab says okay and goes. He collides with Tanu. Tanu comes to room and says hi to Pragya. She says she have not hidden her phone in her room and asks her to accept defeat and leave the house. Pragya says you are one step ahead of me, and says I will make you lose if you stops for a second to take breath.

Precap: Pragya shares her plan with Purab, and says they will offer job to Nikhil to make him feel financial secure, then he will go against Tanu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. oye itnne comment hote hao fir bi koi faraf nhi parta in darama walo koi kitne log dekhna bad kar chuke hai

  2. for real wonders if these writers is viewing these written episode to we viewers comments .I think the they are not. they would have done some thing better for than dragging this nonsense arround AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH MONTH WE HAVE TO FIND MONEY TO OUR CABLE BILL to see what nonsense zee tv bring It’s really getting boreeeeeeeeeeed and disgusting watch this est Tanu Aliya and.the most crazy one is the leader ABHI


    1. Its 13 months now
      From last year march month to till now she is pregnant
      The biggest comedy is she is 13 months pregnant but she looks like 5 month pregnant women

      1. actually shobana according to them… and according to the days and night in mehra house, it is poyrayed as now only 5 mnths gone after the revelation of tanus pregnancy…. but one illogical thing is there….. consider holi event…. it was celebrated last year…. but only five mnths gone according to kkb but next holi they celebrated…. so this is the most illogical thing in entire kkb…. rubbish….. . i am geting irritated… alredy kkb is going mad… ithula ithu vera… we can say that much of illogical things…. this is one example

    2. Yeah exactly. Idha thanepa andu naan ketan. I don’t know anything about holi. So at last I thought that holi is celebrated by people for several times per year.

  4. I think since last year June she was pregnant it going on to be 11 months and she got a few months more to dragging her stinking lying ass arround yet

  5. please end dis series,it frustrating it was my best before.NOW MY WORST SERIES.

  6. Hey guys in the 4th April segment abhi said that its summer something good will happen in monsoon he said this like a joke but there might be a hint in it or just a joke . I was expecting this and you know guys if we all can do something is to raise our voice on ekta ‘s twitter page not on shabbir team

  7. tanu’s pregnancy will go on for ever.for writers 1 month=90days. in terms of their calculation tanu is still pregnant.just expose tanu.i hav never such a dragging track in my 15 years of experience in this world.funny right.now i can’t do anything other than cracking jokes.becoz whenever we all commented, we all asked to expose tanu.now i’m fed up.now i don’t hav any anticipations.now a days i’m just enjoying the episodes whatever they show.i’m sure onnnnnnnnnneeeeee day they will expose tanu.that one day will be commmmmmmingggggggggggggg not came yet .frnds accept my suggestion just enjoy the show whatever they show after all we should support abhigya right.they r our favourite.

    1. karthika 1 mnth=90 days….. if we consider like holi episode should come in every two years only, but here tanu is five mnth pregnant, but secnd holi epispde telecasted… its like a one year, so hw is this possible?? holi came but tanu is only 5 mnth pregnant…. very very illogical…. according to them 1 mnth= more than 90 days… then how holi can come in exact time that is every year its coming… irritating

  8. As we said almost one year is gng to finish last yr april29 they ve started this track what a stupid story now aliya is gng to enter to mm now there is no chance of takhil exposure again pragya did not using her brain nikhil is not money minded he is dng all this to get tanu coz tanu said that she wants to live luxurious life so she is marrying abhi n taking all his properties she said tat she come back to him nikhil is also a stupid all properties n everything of abhi is in pragya’s name then how can she get it she is not only fooling abhi n also fooling nikhil .she is betraying all of them what a cheap character i hate tanu i request u cvs plzz bring d truth infront of abhi soon n unite abhigya then u can bring aliya track plzz i beg u plzzzzzzz

  9. so again alia is coming back..left over is Raj..he will also change against prgya…back to the start point…another one year dragging… not less than 100 episodes for each person exposure ..gud…by the time sriti and shabbir will lose the charming look of new married couple…viewers has to watch mid age romance of abhigya…

  10. Idiotic and useless show.showing d same story for years in different situations.I think des r not writters .u people think viwers r stupid.dey can watch anything crap like dis.den let me tell u der many good programmes and knowledgeable shows which r viewed by so many of us.so writters plz shutdown ur brains unless and until u all get something really meaningful.u all made everything meaningless which nobody will tolerate.I think u show dis bullshit and lunatic shows in gaon and khedas we’re people can atleast watch some wat of ur brainy crap.hopeless entertainment and u all stars of kumkum bhagya r not bored playing d same game plz go n get something different or just leave it.


  12. Prabhi forever

    Just end this chap serial in negative way…..tats d 1ly way 2 get rid of this. …..let tank nd abhigya marry get a child of takhil nd live forever……u pragya nd crew keep workING plans 2 expose her infront of abhi……. coz no other go

  13. i’m thinking that trapping nikhil is not easy.if pragya offers high designation job for nikhil then he will surely think that why is she doing this?as nikhil is very tactic ,making him trap in team pragya’s conspiracy will not be easy.nikhil already knows that their secret was known by pragya.she is old pragya and she’s also in mission of exposing tanu.well in this case it is hard to trap nikhil in their frame…

  14. may be trapping nikhil is possible 50%.becoz tanu is marrying abhi for his legacy the second priority is only love.if nikhil planned to accept the job and take over the company slowly by that way he will become more power and rich than sequently tanu will marry him.if he starts thinking in this angle than trapping him will be easy….

  15. Pragya team just throwing arrows randomly without any exact planning and perfection..
    pragya tried alot to get proofs but at the end truth will come infront of everyone in different way..same happen for Raj situation.. wt is the point of this struggle
    Look at tanu how smart she is , with one situation she understood purab also supporting to pragya..
    pragya till now she didn’t find who actually involved in bulbul missing. no proofs..nothing..
    don’t know why she is accepting this type blind offers….
    tanu team(3) really very smart..even though ppl are very less
    but pragya team really waste and brainless…

  16. Camera kept in Tanu’s room (Tanu herself kept camera to expose Ronnie) would expose her too. Wait n watch.

  17. First few moments between abhigya were as usual treat to watch. This was just for gear up pragya’s wish to expose tanu and reunite with abhi. But for us, it was only for attracting audience. Aaliya is going to come back according to her plan and tanu is thinking that it will b beneficial for her as aaliya will help her against pragya but she is forgetting that aaliya is no one’s except ownself. She will help tanu until it will b beneficial for her only. But where she will need then she will not have any problem to ditch tanu also. Becoz after seeing aaliya with tanu and abhi, it will not difficult for pragya that tanu has brought aaliya for fight against her, by planning. And aaliya also knows it that if she will help tanu then she can’t get her revenge if pragya will get to know about it. Becoz aaliya can’t do anything until everything is in pragya’s hands. Even she can’t stay in the house without her permission. So after accident, pragya might allow her to stay until she recovers but after it she have to go and abhi too will can’t stop her as she is not trustworthy anymore. So after entering in the house, aaliya’s priorities will depend on her benefits only. So let’s see her presence affects whom more? Pragya? Or Tanu? And in these days, how much tanu is becoming intelligent to guess each and every plan of pragya that she has easily guessed about purab’s involvement with pragya, just by catching a word! It is jist becoz she is keeping her sharp eyes around pragya after knowing her truth or it is just cvs, who r trying to make track’s end more complicated for dragging? Anyways whatever it will b but Pragya’s plan about to trap nikhil seems like just for dragging as nikhil will not get easily in her trap becoz it is difficult for him to ditch tanu. And why he will ditch tanu if he himself is helping tanu and did so much crimes to save tanu and himself and to ckear tanu’s way to get abhi. Ya he is concernt for his carrier and future also after tanu and her baby so may b he will think to accept pragya’s offer but not for coming in her trap, in fact to know about her plans as when pragya will give offer to nikhil then firstly, this thought will come in his and tanu’s mind that if pragya have a doubt on nikhil that’s why she is planning to trap him. So they will want to know first to cross check about pragya’s purpose so they could make a counter plan against pragya if she is trying to trap them by planning. So chances of the success of this plan r less. May b at some point, pragya will get succeed but then also I don’t think so she will b able to take this plan for the exposure. Pragya’s plan to trap nikhil seems just for dragging and for keeping audience’s interest continue so their trp could b maintain.

  18. hey m new here…….
    I have one question frm where did abhi got his fuggis spec….in earlier episodes tanu nave broken her spec na..

  19. Yuk yuk and yuk ektas serials r all the same begin very well then become crap moral of the story never ever watch her serial again once TANU IS OVER SERIAL IS OVER THANK GOD

  20. Hello guys successfully I have completed all my exams …..thanks all my telly updates friends for supporting me and praying for me…last but not least my tamil friends too romba nandri…pratiksha sahithi razia shobana gowtham sheetha karthika swetha aishwarya everyone very thank u hereafter I will be regularly commenting and can anyone pls tell me what is going in the track pragya’s plan succeded or not!!??anything positive to pragya’s side??…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      No they are dragging and pragya phone tanu has stolen and kept here phone.. So like every time plan flopped?????????

    2. reji positive ah ethum nadakra maari therila…..

    3. Its good to hear that you have done ur exams well
      Welcome back to telly updates

    4. Hi reji?welcome back dear. Missed u in comment section. Hope u have dine well in ur exams. Nothing improved in the show, just dragging. Pragya still trying and tanu still finding ways for escaping. That’s it. But our discussion will remain continue so keep in touch by comments.?

  21. Sbs people where telling they were bringing aaliya back for increasing the trp…….crap in order to increase trp they can just expose tanu now only she is the one who is left out. …….I want pragya back in her old look……

  22. Guys u know what I don’t know I have a terrible feeling that abhi will find pragya’s phone in tanu’s room leading him to find the truth cuz guys remember in mms track he found sim card in aaliya’s room which led to her exposure ………..I am telling this because only this is left out………from the old tracks saving tanu reminds me of saving bulbul ……….and I think even in abhigya’s wedding tanu will sit instead of pragya or vise versa as everything is repeating. ……….in the same fashion……..crap I am done everytime a new promo comes I will be eagerly waiting for this crap to end…….

    1. Billu I said it many times when they repeated same things like MMS track in this track that it seems like this track will b finished also like MMS track by abhi and at that time sarla maa will too get recover completely like dadi was in MMS track and then everyone will unite abhi with pragya. So if this happens then nothing will b surprising. Tanu said that she didn’t kept pragya’s phone on that place, from where she will easily get it. It means phone is safe with that video but in tanu’s hand. And if abhi will get it unknowingly coincidentally and will get to know about tanu’s truth as u said then it will b seen in his behaviour like we saw MMS track. I wish abhi end this crap and end tanu’s chapter by himself so if this will happen then it will b treat for us becoz we want back our intelligent and smart rock star back with the bang as we got bored and annoyed by seeing him as dumb. But with many similarities, CVS showed us many different shades too in this track so let’s see what end they have decided to give it.

      1. Writers can use any method but at least expose this idiot tanu soon….it’s been more than 1year…I don’t care now that weather abhi exposes tanu or sarla or pragya I just want her to get exposed as soon as possible….sooooo fed up….

  23. Admin..could you please pin to top the original post. Fan update can be below..

  24. Hi reji well come back how is u r exams?? as usual pragya plan flop;-( and reji plz continue u r ff waiting for u r ff

  25. same story yaar since long tym…boring…hopeless

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