Kumkum Bhagya 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: King falling for Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

King is day dreaming about Pragya, Sunny asks the driver to go fast and they follow the car, the driver asks both of them to be sated as their safety is the most important to him, Nikhil says that Kiara only saw him and if something happens then he will be responsible so she must not worry, she says that it is the reason she asks him to go underground, Kiara says that she will call King and tell him.
King is thinking of Pragya and when Tarun passes he stops him asking if he loved someone, he says that he loved a teacher, King smiles and asks him to go and cancel the meeting s as he is not in the mood, he wonders why is he thinking so much about her ad even when she is not her type. He gets a call from Kiara who says that she is chasing the murderer, he gets tensed and says that she must only

note the number and not follow her, he calls them and hires a private detective to find out abbot the car, he says that they will surely call the police over the matter.
Tanu is very happy and meets Aaliya she says that she is in a very light mood and wants to be properly for him, when she leaves Aaliya wonders why he called her Jaan and ten says that he is meeting Pragya, Chachi comes and asks Pragya why did Abhi, came she gets confused and says that he came to check on her as she got injured at his house, she leaves when Chachi thinks that’s he has saw the world and knows that something is going on between Abhi and Pragya.
Savarin Dasi calls Dasi just when Abhi enters and they both start to stare at him and laugh out loud at his dressing, he gets nervous and leaves, they both get happy to see his face.
Abhi enters the room and asks why has she decorated the room, she ask him why is be wearing Kings Clothes, he starts to make excuses
She says that she did this for him and he was with some else, Abhi says that he is not like this, she says that she has made him his world then why does he not accept her, he says that she must not talk about her a she is not like her and she tried to made him think that Nikhil’s so was his and that’s why Pragya left him, he says that she must not say anything of her, he leaves she thinks why he talked of Nikhil and if he saw her with him, she thinks of not letting him find out.
Kings dressing and then picks Pragya ring. He starts to think of her and the moment he danced with her, he gets into a romantic scene and wears the ring, Chachi knocks and he asks her to come in, he hides the ring but then wonders why he is hiding the ring, she asks him that why is she living differently from other women and is not acting like a wife, he says that he does not understand what she is saying, she says that why does she not live with him, he makes her sit down and says that she must not worry about him and Pragya, he says that she does not know all of the story and when she will know it then she will say that Pragya was right, she says that she does not fell right and just then Tarun comes in saying that he fixed the meeting the next day, he asks his mother to prepare something for him and then King also asks her, she wonders what if what she saw was only her imagination.
Abhi changes and finds Pragya ring, he wonders how he brought it with him and then decides to give it back the next time he meets her. It starts to rain, he goes to stand at the window just to enjoy the rain just like Pragya who is doing the same,

Precap: Kiara asks Abhi why he is sad, Abhi meets a lady who says that Pragya met her and told her that the child belongs to her other husband.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kalika: Thank you for posting that link, i found it very informative and hit the nail on the head regarding the violence against women in Indian soaps and it echoed my thoughts on the subtle indoctronation geared toward vunrable young women watching these shows and accepting it to be the norm of how their Husbands/Inlaws will treat them, When did this become okay where you can hit a woman and degrade her, threaten to take her home and children away or as you so rightly pointed out beaten so badly that you miscarry..this is not entertainment this is telling women that your no better then a piece of furniture or a rug beneath someones feet that your thoughts and feelings don’t matter as long as you sacrifice your identity for the good of the family..by protecting the shameful acts that the family does to you because it might bring shame..it’s unbelievable, I know that Akituster wasn’t serious about starting her own production company but really Indian tv needs some strong female voices out there for change..you can change the landscape on television it just needs that one show to be the ground breaker, you can have conflict in the story but there has to be resolution whether it’s someone getting away with a bad act or a crime to justice and the consequence of the bad act..but these show always seem to miss the mark…Anyway thanks for the link i urge everyone to read it and add their own thoughts.

    1. Regarding the fantasy production, it is said that if you begin the building of your project your needs (funding) will arrive. I already have begun the file, organized a way to meet and organised the matters which must be first, taken care of. I won’t share it here, but will soon find a way to share the ideas and ask for the input from all team members. Co-operative endeavours if nothing else are fun and offer a purpose for communication. Whether it becomes a week of hilarity for the team or something more, who knows. There is talent everywhere! I will keep you updated and am wondering if now is the time to do the profile thing and enter into some private conversation about the project. No hurry, really.

      1. Akituster..i know if you sign on to this forum you can communicate by private message…i do occasionally, you’ll find my name along with the wording “registered member” i think..if you want to communicate privately i can sign on and have access to PM privileges.

    2. Thank you Cathy, I am glad you read it. Not many people understand how the mind can be subtly brainwashed. This underlying propagation of the idea that women are trash are prevalent through all these serials and the rare occasion where they have women strong shows those shows are quickly cancelled because they don’t garner attention from the people who are now addicted to this subtle abuse.

      1. Totally agree, one of my favorites was cancelled about 7 months back, she was kick ass but they “the show” completely ruined it…i was very sad to see it go.

  2. Naz! This situation with the forum trolls is just ridiculous the name calling and the threats to continue this confrontational interaction between “concerned” and “dannycomments” has to stop soon, i suggest contacting the admin and have them look over whats been going on the last few days and have them either delete suspect accounts or the confrontational nature of their conversation, it adds no value to our debates about KKB but rather adds a sour toxic flavour to our discussions. I’m not advocating censoring anyones opinion but rather stopping anything before it gets out of hand..Thoughts?

    1. Hullo Cathy,

      I have once again been having the security problems. No other site but this one. Now it’s a coincidence. Not a pattern as yet. But it has happened immediately after Dannycomments ….comments, again. I’ve just copied the comment I made but was unable to send… before I had read your comment. Hopefully, my words will add to the conversation. btw it is a fact, that those recovering from abuse sometimes still continue to protect their abuser(s) because they are still deeply within, often struggling to understand that what they were taught to experience as ‘love’, isn’t, wasn’t and never will be ‘love’. Some cultures are currently based on abuse.

      Thank-you Naz and Cathy for standing tall. I stand with you and I know others do as well. Kalika, that was a perfect article to link! Jodi, never ever stop asking questions. I suspect that you will ask more and more questions of yourself and the world. That’s a sign of a human illuminating themselves. And it remains appropriate that every voice is heard. I am certainly learning/appreciating every comment that I read… I read them all! They are truly interesting. And look at this, we are so good at comments, a drama has developed here. I’m sorry, but in the end this is just all too funny/sad. To quote Concerned, “it is only a soap opera.” I see it as much more than just a soap opera, as do others. Jodi, I hope more and more people join you in asking those sometimes difficult questions. And when/if the moment comes when you feel deep emotion or feel ‘triggered’/reactive, then you’ve hit a deep nerve where some hidden truth about yourself still lives, waiting for light (knowledge/understanding) to quell the darkness. Don’t look in a mirror, look within. You’ll find your own answers as you resolve and release your own painful stuff. It takes a special kind of courage to look within. The freedom/joy you earn from this difficult mind-bending exercise is well worth it. I figure, you’re already doing this. I do believe that’s Ekta’s ‘stupid little show’ has triggered some more people into thinking and that is a very good thing.

      Every viewer, rightfully, has a different perspective. And since some here seem to have their own abuse story, each survivor will have learned different truths and different ways of expressing that truth. The tone is set by the actual serial, which has brought the viewers together. I know that I joined a conversation which was already ongoing and very different than the original commentary in the beginning of the serial. Individuals who work with victims know that before you respond to a victim/anyone you must have the patience to honour their story and to hear it fully, consider it sincerely before offering a response. Cathy also pointed that out a few days ago. Critical Thinking. Critical Thinkers are emotional as well. They are humans. What I see here is a difference in thinking styles. And that’s fine, all voices have the right to be heard. I won’t bother to say yet again what others have already been trying to repeatedly point out.

    2. Cathy, maybe I’m reading this differently but the last comment by “concerned ” yesterday didn’t sound like the foul language comment posted previously by “concerned “…somehow it feels like two different people wrote both comments….one got pissed off and the other came across like a level headed viewer…only meant to draw your attention to that because of your observation yesterday…. Cathy, I know that comments are viewed before they are posted and I wondered why that caustic comment was but I’m happy that it was posted because now we get to see into the mind of this particular viewer…i think she still needs help and hasn’t gotten over her ordeal but we are the last people whose advice would be welcomed by her, so I’m going to drop this issue and if these remarks are made again, I’d personally send a message to the Administrator… This cannot continue. Look at today’s episode, so much on a lighter mood and positive energy. I’m not even complaining today… I don’t want to see King hurt but he’s going to be. I really like this character, he’s been a wonderful father to Kiara and supportive friend to Pragya and now when he’s thinking romantically about her, Pragya’s past is about to insinuate itself in their relationship, there’s going to be heartbreak coming…

      1. Agreed Naz, it’s best dropped and we’ll carry on…Oh and i adore King but i can’t see a happy future for him in this show, i can only hope though.

      2. Naz, thank-you for your thoughts. I had the same impression but did not think it would be wise for me, specifically, to share… as the vitriol has been aimed at me, personally. As well, I’m starting to believe that the first ‘friend’ is female, not male as I had assumed, simply because of the way they use language. And have you noticed that Tanu is behaving more like an adult woman (very tense) rather than a s*x kitten? Rather refreshing. I won’t be able to call her a Toy any longer! : )

    3. Sounds great! Do I need to sign in as well? or just wait until I see the registered next to your name?

      1. I think you have to sign up too click the ‘signup/join’ link at the right hand top of your screen.

    4. Honestly we should just pretend he doesn’t exist at this stage. Shut him out the convo let him go take a *iss in the wind somewhere.

      1. Cathy

        I was thinking the same Kalika, nothing a troll hates worse then to be ignored.

  3. Yes Cathy you’re right.

    1. Geeta!! where you among the few that were watching Pakistani dramas with Lakshmi and i and a few others some months back, was it you that recommended me to watch Khanni? if it was you THANK YOU omgod what a great show i haven’t enjoyed myself so much since Bashir Momin..

  4. Quieter and softer look today. The vaunted romance returns! Drama seems to be proceeding at a more normal human pace. And for now it appears as if it is not the Tanu/Aliyah show but we are back to KumKum Bhagya. It was delightful to see the small bursts of comedy and Abhi finally being humorous with family members. I liked it that King showed the viewers where he stands regarding Pragya. And what he is considering. A script where he was given more screen time and his story is beginning to matter. I am looking forward to the next episode and trusting that the ridiculous abuse dramas will come to a swift end, with a preference for the original comedy-drama.

  5. OMG!!!!! I read yesterday’s comments and boy oh boy I thought everyone had given up on KKB not realizing that venom were spewing here gawd it’s really spicy here I have to come on more often na just kidding. Everyone are entitle to their opinion but it does not give anyone the right to cuss out here we are adults so please behave like one and puhleesee don’t start with me I am just stating my precious opinion,will comment on this topic on a later date me want sleep bad goodnight.

  6. Thanks Akituster, I know I could count on you when needed… All of us can’t be wrong at the same time especially when we see something wrong happening and not speak out about it… Have a wonderful day or night..depending on where you live…

  7. Oh yes I did Akituster. .. Tanu is coming across softer than usual, I was pleasantly surprised but if it was for this episode only, it shows that the writers could shape their characters in a positive way instead of making them look like they are born vamps incapable of change. If Tanu were to become less vindictive, more human and a bit compassionate, we would understand that now as she had been able to have Abhi as her husband, she’d want to protect her space, so hence Pragya’s return, she’d feel threatened and try to keep him away from Pragya’s immense attraction. We do remember that Tanu was Abhi’s boyfriend first, before Pragya came on the scene because Dadi saw Pragya and liked her for her grandson and Tanu always resented this and that’s why she became so bitter and vengeful. On Abhi’s wedding night, he went to Tanu but nothing happened, so this brings into focus the issue of destiny and whomever one is destined to marry, the universe conspires to bring them together whether we like it or not. I’m a “victim “…if I may use the word… of such a happening, and even though I’d like to turn around the hands of the clock, I can’t imagine my life being different from how I’ve lived it… Things do happen and it’s always for the best it’s only after time has passed, we see life’s wisdom.

    1. helo can i join ur grp fr turning tanu positive y bould they even made her negative.if abi and tanu are to be destined togater and if tey are souls of the shw ten fr what dumc purpose sriti bing pragya is tere in the story.honestly to sby cant tolerate teir forced romance fr trp sht disgusuing series.as said 4n ganb by abi and aliya tey boti made tanu fr temselves by planing and sending pragya out.

    2. I thought something did happen that night. Abhi was dressed in a dressing gown. His feet and legs were bare and he had no shirt on underneath the gown. That is why Prgaya was in tears. I would think that missing clothes in an Indian serial would indicate something had happened. As well Dadi chose Pragya so that Pragya would /could grow her grandson up. Hr grandson had a good heart, she claimed, but was an idiot when it came to telling the difference between good or bad people. Pragya was first used by her mother then by Dadi. She never even questioned or thought about the fact that she was chosen so she could be a mother to Abhi. That is a set-up for future abuse. I never saw this as a ‘love story’ but rather as a story of a very naive, obedient woman being used by her elders, to suit their needs. The elders simply did not consider Pragya’s needs ever. She was never a person, only a tool for the pleasure of others. That was the role she was trained to accept by her sanskari upbringing. At that time I wondered if the production was going to give me a story of a female ‘servant’ becoming a woman. Instead, the most ridiculous abuse story unveiled itself

    3. Sorry Naz, last time I was here I was distracted. Destiny is a real thing. Everything is purposeful. I see that the limits/some false beliefs we receive, mostly unconsciously, as children, become the very challenges that we must survive, heal and understand. That ‘exercise’ if you will (keeping it clinical draws the boundaries) is our opportunity to discover and develop our own innate talents and gifts. You become yourself, through the process. You are fortunate that you found balance. So many victims everywhere who are not even aware. that there is a way out… because they have been caged. They don’t even know that they are victims. Our free will is how we navigate the places that destiny insists that we visit. (gee, I want to copyright that sentence! but likely it’s already been said) Too many, have purposefully never been allowed to find out that they have free will. Some victims know. ‘Slavery’ may arrive in many diverse forms or costumes. I am very glad you found your peace. Just think, all the freedom you now have, to create and express! : )

  8. Friends… Cathy, Akituster, Kalika, Jodi, Geeta ….lets carry on with our conversation, no one needs to respond to those who don’t agree to our views, you all can see that it gets us to nowhere and the discussions become unhealthy. I’m sure that there are other viewers who’d like to join and they are all welcome to post their views, we don’t purport to own this forum, all we do is try to have healthy dialogues, appreciate others views and try to not denigrate the contributions of others, we didn’t start it… I clearly remember DannyComments being the first to attack Akituster’s contributions and everything went downhill from there. I enjoy reading comments more than watching the actual episode, I enjoy getting into the minds of others, I learn so much.. Thank you friends… This forum is exciting and stimulating…. Jayashree, I’m happy to see you back here, even I was away but since the new season, I returned. Enjoy the discussion dear and I’m sure when you get time from watching the CPL matches, you would put in your two pieces..we have 3 more games till the qualifiers… 2 games with your team and 1 with Barbados… Let’s see what tonight game brings…

    1. Cathy

      Agreed Naz, i think i recall something similar happening on the Piya albela forum some months back, i guess this kind of thing cycles every few months.

  9. Leisa s morris

    Damn I didn’t realize all dis hate was takin place until I read comments after dis written episode and had to go back to d previous episode. I was sure everyone has their own view and could respect other’s and have healthy discussions on wat is goin on in these soaps instead d abuse came offscreen into this forum. Firstly Akituster u r completely within ur right to put pen to paper to voice ur viewpoints on dis disaster of a serial and noone has d right to try and abuse or bully u because dey dont agree or like ur writing,all dey gotta do is not read ur comments cause as soon as dey see ur name dey should kno wats coming. kkb was very promisin and had everyone enthralled with d main leads until writers butchered it.Yes I do believe dat concern and danny comments r one and d same could b wrong but dats d impression im getting. Y wud someone who says dey have been abused and wrk with abused victim has a problem with us calling out and askin for change is beyond me and totally unacceptable. All indian serials dat ive seen teaches a woman to forget herself and only think about her role as wife, daughter in law and aunt in other words a hands on maid who has no rights to feel or think or want. Many ppl say indian marriages last for yrs, yes because at an early age a girl is thought dat she has no value outside of her marriage and she had to do everyting her husband and inlaws say else she is not a gd wife. She cant even go back to her parents home if d situation becomes intolerable cause her parents will disown her and society will shun her blaming her for everyting dat happened. So alot of them stay and bear d torture rather than face d wrath of leaving. In some instances women r even told it is better if she commits suicide dan leave her husband. If a man leaves his wife noone blames him but put d blame fully on d woman. With these serials we’re seeing abuse everyday and we want change and d only way to get dat is by voicing our concern so u go on girl and keep expressing urself,those of us who r crying out for change r 100% behind u and we dont have to b abuse victims to know d ramificaton of these serials on young impressionable minds

  10. i want to say something here, this comment is specifically aimed at Akistuster’s comments, and to rest who support her in general. While many of you who comment here might find Akituster’s comments hilarious and wait to read her lengthy view points, it is very much possible that others dont react to her comments with the same positivity. and i here i must say, neither do i. sometimes her comments can be funny (like when Abhi suddenly realises he has to be in the scene or the air around Aliya suddenly getting magnetized about her) when they are not focused on bashing Ekta, Tanu or Aliya. Aktuster has been commenting here for long now, and her analysis is often a lengthy breakdown of Gemini personality or astrology. has anyone thought that Ekta is not the only Gemini in the world? (i am not Gemini btw). or that readers might find repeated mention of astrology and moon arrangements as tedious and sign of trolling. regarding Tanu and Aliya, i dont understand how calling someone repeatedly sl*t or pr*stitute is funny? how saying that just because someone is wearing red dress, she is trying to be a sl*t? Akituster doesnt just attack the acting or the story lines. her point of ridicule are the actors themselves, their looks, their dresses (which i agree can be ludicrous), their body mannerism. she has repeatedly talked insultingly not just about Tanu but even about the actress Leena. about keeping the directors or producers bed ‘warm’. same goes for Aliya. that she is too ugly and always trying to hide it with make up. that Ekta hasnt chosen actors, but such persons who actually have the personality of Tanu/Aliya. in essence, allegedly, the actors for Tanu and Aliya, are just like that in real life, child torturing, elders disrespecting, brother hating, husband snatching, gold diggers.
    I ask, how can someone, sitting here and based on the characters portrayed, can say such thing about the actors? you all can say that you are protesting against the shoddy treatment of women in Indian serials, but protesting shoddy treatment of women by calling cuss words to other women?
    No one, i think, is still interested in Kukum Bhagya’s storyline anymore. everyone agrees that it is regressive, Abhi is spineless, the whole Mehra family is useless (still wondering who could have attacked Pragya, like seriously), Tanu and Aliya are worst characters, and Pragya will stay better with King than she ever did with Abhi. those reacting to Akituster are not because they feel Kumkum Bhagya’s storyline needs to be defended. but it is still a fact that her comments had repeatedly crossed the line between criticizing the characters and the actors, in the most s*xist, misogynist, abusive kind of way.
    you all can still comment and discuss among yourselves that how stupid these reactive comments are, you all can counter comment that the admin needs to interfere, or stop dannycomments or other commenters from ‘trolling’ here, or that you all are absolutely right, or that your debates are somehow productive and anyone with counter view points are spreading toxicity. the truth still exists that a large no of viewers read the comments here, go through them regularly even if they dont comment back, and many may find Akituster’s comments offensive (not without reason).
    i dont know why i commented here today, never have done before in KKB forum. but i just felt that the way Dannycomments and ‘concerned’ were replied to before was like grouping up of like minded persons and cornering and pressuring 1-2 ‘outsider’ to shut up. (i dont actually support all of Danny’s comments or the allegations that Akituster has made multiple accounts but neither do i feel that Danny himself has done so as well.) i just want to make a statement that Danny and concerned are not the only one.

    1. Cathy

      Dhara i will keep this short…it was an attack on Akistuster and the use of foul language and general disrespect that is being objected to…i myself don’t follow astrology i don’t believe in it but millions do, and I generally don’t care about ekta maybe in the most minor way as in finding out if she’s involved in other show which i’ll happily avoid, And i don’t believe anyone said we read her comment because they were funny, yes she has made comical observations along with insightful thoughts about writing and the creative aspects of serials…look the point here is if you don’t like her comments then don’t read them this is not a hard concept, if you must read her comments then just roll your eyes and move along, i do it in other forums…so join us we are not the mean girls, all opinions are welcome and we all agree to disagree without name calling.

      1. hey Cathy, i debated whether i wanted my comment to be just a single one or should i carry forward the conversation. but since i broached the topic here, it is only fair that i give a reply. i read the comments here everyday and believe me, many times i have done exactly that. rolled my eyes and moved along. every opinion will appeal to someone or the else, and if people who normally comment here find Akituster’s comments as insightful or nothing seemingly wrong in them, then to each their own. i am of course not passing a judgement here that the comments are actually wrong or correct… thats not an area that i think i have any authority to comment on. its a subjective matter and there’s no point denying that Akituster’s comments do appeal to a lot of persons.
        but this forum still remains a public one and everyone has a right to keep their views forward. and another truth is, many people visit these forum to read the comments. the views from various people from various backgrounds can be deeply interesting and stimulating that the serials often fail to provide. i personally may watch only 3 shows, but i do follow the comments everywhere. and yes, i read the comments that i like as well as that i dont. i think that’s part of the joy too. seeing the comments, the replies and reactions to those comments and then forming my own opinion about the whole situation. and i believe there are many others like me.
        Now in such a public platform, one has to be open to critical and opposing view points. i dont remember Danny’s first comment, but i can just go back and check yesterday’s first comment of ‘concerned’. while it was critical and hard, no where was it abusive. yet people descended on her. and with high moral attitude of hey ‘we are opposing abuse, what are you doing? prevention is better than cure’ Akituster’s lengthy comments were grandly worded, but they were condescending. with how with time ‘concerned’ shall achieve ‘growth’ and ‘deeper understanding’. and the moment Danny supported her, everyone made up their mind that they must be the same person, further discrediting ‘concerned’s’ points among themselves.. Concerned reacted, and then gave another lengthy justification…
        i myself am no judge. but this is how online platforms gradually turn toxic. and i felt, i should make a statement. that i did. 🙂

  11. You are so right Leisa, I mean this still brings me back to my question, “what is the moral behind this series?”. I should expect there has to be something we need to take home from this show. It’s sad to see that the India culture is so biased and demeaning on women and to think that their God is a woman I honestly expect more than this dictatorial way of life.
    I understand that in the real world things are not all fairy and sweet, but we still expect good out of every evil. I also believe in the real world nothing easy comes cheap, you need to fight. But am a strong advocate for “if it isn’t working, it’s not working”, why kill yourself when the person you are dying for is not fighting with you but allows himself to indulge in what people or others say. Its infuriating to think that before you even get a chance to speak a judgement is already formed
    In my country we have our cultures and traditions and believe me when I say they do not favor women, but we fight and keep fighting to be heard, we keep fighting to have a voice and not take any bull and s**t from the men folks, we have been beaten, abused, and even killed in the process but we still fight. It’s troubling to think what this series is doing to the young minds. Its more troubling that the brain washing is still ongoing.
    KKB is still one of my best series, basically because of the two leads, I hope for some romance, some peace, love and kisses, gosh!!!…. some happy ever after… (seriously is that too much to ask, am sure this is what we all silently hope for), after all, according to some “It’s entertainment”.
    Am not one to talk too much…just had to say something after reading everyone’s comments today…. thanks guys – Akituster, Naz, Kalila, Gretta, Cathy, Leisa and many others who are not afraid to say it as it is. You guys rock!!!

  12. Dhara, Cathy and Jodi,
    Thank-you. I am paying attention. When I began to comment, in my mind, I was simply replying to the abuse already on the show. In the same tone, the same level, or standard that this show was already using in it’s abuse of men (Abhi is a very abused man) and women. In North America I accept that comments about the actual celebrities are very forthright, sometimes unpleasant and a normal occurrence. It comes with the job. Sarcasm, cynicism are considered humour. I truly believed that I was exposing another perspective, some of Ekta’s issues (her using astrology etc. to pick her actors and utilising their actual personalities to enhance her work )… at the very same level of respect that the show was giving me, the viewer. Ekta, in my mind, had already opened the door to comment on their personalities. She was using her actors horrifically. My intention was always to reply/mirror back, to the disgusting abuse of the show. I truly wanted to expose Ekta’s abusive mind. Dhara, please note that your comments are fair and you will have seen a change in my tone since the first time that ‘our friend(s)’ commented. You are a more effective, adult communicator. Thank-you for being honest which I honour and respect. My intentions are always to expose and bring in the information that can support the exposure. This is not a justification. I am truly trying to explain where my intentions reside.

    1. yes, i have noted the change in tone. and i believe, with more feedback, negative as well as positive, your comments might evolve further. it is possible that due to cultural differences, what is accepted at one part of the world might seem abusive at another part of the world. and i suppose, you didnt realise the huge audience you were having either (it seems, from your replies, you are new to internet and still dont have a full grasp of it’s ways and reach…)
      and if i go to the content of your earlier comments, while it is okay to judge and criticize the characters (my opinion) it is over-stepping to directly turn on the actors (again, my opinion). Ekta Kapoor, sadly, is one of the most influential producer of television in India. it is believed that she can even make or break an actor’s career and actors do not normally leave her show that easily. else, even the actors of Pragya and Abhi should have left the show, for their characters have literally no growth (well, negative growth yes). Besides, again sad to say, Indian serials do not give the actors opportunity to try something different, not often. most shows are filled with the same cliched plot points of marriage, breaking marriage, remarriage, leaps of years and separation of leads for no logical reason, back stabbing, coming back from death, abuse of children, abuse of elders, abuse of women, amnesia, double roles for no reason….. theres just too much. and these shows run for years. it is difficult to get a lead role, either positive or negative, in a serial that has already run for five years. and if you leave one role, god knows when you might find the next one. i have seen actors playing leads in one show, and then in their next project playing some nonsensical side character. Look at King here. no body has much hope for his character, at least i dont, but the previous show that the actor did, was a lead role in a very popular TV serial. i am just saying its hard. and the actors have to make a living. working through grueling hours. the producers, writers, directors… they are the real culprit. no one is stopping them from making new storylines or at least finite shows. viewers do appreciate something new, strong casting and progressive storylines. but no. everything is stuck in a rut. with just a handful of persons owning all the production houses. its a pathetic scenario over all.

  13. Dhara, thank-you for conversing! I wanted o add that as well, I had noticed the language of other commentators and did not think I was being any different. I was joining in! As well on three separate occasions I wondered if I had gone too far and felt well, if I have gone too far then the moderator will stop me, will stop the publication of my words. That did not happen. In the real world, I am welcomed for my astute and accurate observations even as they pinch someone’s emotional well-being. The intention is always to expose contradictions in order to resolve the contradiction (fear, pain,anger) and have all parties experience a more clear, honest environment to resolve differences where people have been held back …from resolution… because of the so many hidden emotions that society often insists must remain secret… and unhealthy for all concerned. As well Dhara, Last week my physical therapy appointment unfortunately has left me with a tremendous level of pain. I have asked myself if the softness is because of the high level of pain that I am currently enduring. We’ll see. But obviously, the production team has had a shift. I would like to believe that my voice alongside the many other voices (twitter and other forums) are having some bit of influence. I believe that the production team has taken notice. Truth or at least a shift often arrives after a trigger has been applied to ‘push’ the truth out. My methods are unusual but they work and generally leave participants communicating like adults who are co-operative versus remaining in competition. That is always my goal/intention. Thank-you for accepting that truly, I am learning, here.

  14. Cathy

    Okay then…..((((GROUP HUG)))) everyone good? then lets carry on. 🙂

  15. Leisa and Jodi, please know that you are both included in my replies!

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