Kumkum Bhagya 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tai ji sweeping the house and thinks Pragya has made her naukrani. She sits down. Ronnie comes and asks her not to sit else no lunch. He makes the place dirty and asks her to clean again. Ronnie asks Mitali to use washing machine only for 30 mins. She runs. Ronnie thinks to go to kitchen. Tanu gets tensed thinking about washing the utensils and asks Aaliya to help her. Aaliya eats apples and don’t care about Pragya’s order. Ronnie comes and asks them to do their work. Aaliya threatens him with knife. Pragya comes and asks what is happening here? Ronnie tells her that Aaliya threatened to kill him. Pragya asks him to go and see outside. She says she has to do which she don’t want to do. Aaliya says we will not accept your orders as I am Rockstar’s sister and Tanu

is his would be wife. She says once I get angry, it won’t be good. I will ruin your make over face. Pragya asks her to ruin her face and takes knife holding the cloth. She asks Tanu to wash the utensils else Aaliya will be accused of her death. She asks them to work.

Purab thinks about meeting Abhi. Bulbul also thinks to meet Pragya. She tells Sarla is worried about Pragya. She says she might tell truth to me when being alone. Purab says yes you are right. Mitali and Taiji curses each other in their heart. Purab comes and is shocked to see Mitali cleaning the house. He asks why you are doing this? Mitali cries. Tai ji tells she is sweeping the house at this age. Purab asks who asked you to do this. Tai ji says Pragya ordered us. Purab says why you are working as per her order, as she is not here. Mitali tells she kept ring master for us and shows Ronnie. Ronnie is seen sleeping and asks to do work. Abhi comes and asks Purab why did he come there. He sees Ronnie and splashes water on his face. Ronnie gets up and greets Abhi. He says he is Pragya’s assistant. Abhi thinks to teach a lesson to Pragya.

Tanu tells Aaliya that her hand has become rough. Aaliya says her hands are soft. She says we have to do something and calls Raj as he went to meet lawyer. Raj picks the call. Aaliya asks what did lawyer said? Raj says lawyer is asking 1 lakh per hearing. Aaliya says you have some money right? Raj tells he invested the money and will think what to do. Tanu tells Aaliya that they can’t be depended on Raj. Aaliya thinks to get money from her friend and arrange a lawyer. Pragya sees employees list and thinks 10 accounts are fake. She calls someone and asks to send employees list with their appointment letters.

Abhi comes to Pragya and asks what you have done? Pragya asks what happened? Abhi tells Ronnie is not letting his family sit or have water. Pragya says it is good and she have to promote him. Abhi asks her to fire him. Pragya refuses and says she can’t keep her eyes everywhere, so her assistant will do the needful. Abhi gets angry and says I will show you ‘the power’ of a common man. He leaves. She gets a call and her employee tells her that he sent employees list. Pragya asks who has the authority to sign on the appointment papers. He says Purab. Pragya recalls Aaliya telling that she has framed Purab. Pragya comes down and tells Ronnie that someone will come to give money loaded bag to her. Aaliya hears her. Pragya tells intentionally and asks to check whether Aaliya cooked the food for not. Aaliya tells Tanu that they will steal the money loaded bag. Tanu asks who will steal?

Pragya comes to talk to Dadi. Dadi asks her to turn her face and talk. Pragya tells her that she gets sad to order Abhi. Dadi asks her not to see his sad face and concentrate on her work. Pragya tells her that there are fake bank accounts of employees. Dadi asks did you tell Abhi. Pragya says she can’t as Purab will be blamed. She sees Dasi coming and asks why she didn’t do the work. Dadi says she would be doing. Dasi taunts Pragya.

Pragya goes to her room. A girl comes out from there. Pragya asks her who she is. She says she’s Payal, Abhi’s assistant. Payal asks her where she’s going. Pragya says she’s going to her room. Payal blocks her way saying she can’t go in without an appointment. Abhi will give time and only then she can meet him. Pragya is shocked. Dasi gets happy.

Precap: Abhi tells Pragya, if she needs an assistant, then why not him? Pragya is mad and asks Abhi how many days she will last there. Abhi is laughing. He says same as you. If you want her to leave sooner, then you leave too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Angela

      Behuda episode hai ye.Abhi jab pragya se pyaar kata hai to pragta ki kisi bhi baat ko maan lega.aur vaise bhi abhi tanu se shadi ni karna chahta hai.vo sirf pragya ke kehne par usse shadi kar raha hai.aut rahi baat aliya ki to abhi apni behan ki gandi niyat se wakif hai.faltu mai ye serial ko ghasset rahe hain ye log.

  1. Nice episode but bad precap. Now abhi is doing mistakes on mistakes. He thinks himself very smart so in his over smartness and ego, I think he has lost his mind.

  2. Oh no i can’t any more, i think we have to Change the writer .y one is under standing her abi plz try to under stand her and waiting for good movment .omg

  3. ekta

    Now this is heights of disgusting stuff …. Dey drag a small thing soooo mch dat u get pissed off…. AaliyA n tanu shud b revealed in this comng week… Or else its gonna b sick ?

  4. jeeva

    Dragging is k but too much dragging is gives irritating to watch pls writers do something interesting let abi know at least any one truth

  5. You’re Nikki.I’m very disappointed in him.he always believes the 2 whores,aaliya and tanu instead of his own wife.I don’t like him anymore.abhi is acting like a child instead of like a grown man.I’m disappointed in him and miss ekta.

    • tuti

      Anu dear, if I’m not mistaken…Dadi forbids Pragya from telling Abhi the truth. Dadi wants him to see it [Aaliyah & Tanu ugly truths] for himself. Then he will better understand Pragya’s good intention towards him and deepens his love for her…woot..woot… GO DADI GO!

  6. Komal

    Where are akash and rachana?????
    And their baby?
    Writers plzzz keep in mind of all characters in serial. U jus cannot show them missing…… i know they hav no role to play in the track ..evn thn dont neglect them.
    Viewers are not foolish that they will see wtever u show. And plzz unite abhigya!!!

  7. razia

    What’s happening? Its disgusting … A PA for abhi? This wil make distance between abhi pragya …. We cannot watch this … Jus stop doing these nonsense …

  8. tuti

    It seems that Tanu will not be spotting with baby bump in this entire pregnancy saga…kihkihkih….how months to go is she anyway, LOL…

  9. Priya $

    Again they started their dragging when they r going to end this Tanu’s pregnancy. I hate to c her. Y this abhi became so dumb. I think to irritate r to know abt pragya’s truth he doing all these things. If they continue like this it ll b bore. From day one they started to fight still fighting so sad.

    • i agree with you, think abhi is trying to make pragya jealous bringing paayal ,so that she herself says the truth out… i really wanna know the reason behind the entry of new character…wat say guys

  10. rajivi

    They will not reveal the truth of aliya and tanu soon until n unless they get other serial, after all its a daily income for aliya n tanu.
    Aj kal actors log kuch be role karne ke liye ek tang pe khade hi, like witch, nagin , evil n pregnant etc.
    These are all about fame, publicity and money.
    Its a contract , agreement, adjustment and compromise betwn actors
    n nwriters/directors/producers. they dont bother about viewers.
    Viewers ko vohi sada hua curd rice daily dete hi.

  11. This was my favorite serial before but this days it’s turning out to be a boring one. Its dragging a lot. Please end all this. Want to see Abhi n Pragya united happily with all truths revealed. Pleaseeeeeeeee

  12. TINA

    Where is the nikil??? If the serial will going like this its getting bore to everyone … plz give end card of tanu pregnancy…. atleast plz show in nxt promo pragya will get the clue of nikil and raj…..

  13. K.E.B.

    Good going Pragya come to my house please, they need some training to. Involve Purab and Bulbul to I think they deserves some just after all Aliya did.

  14. Guys new promo out. Update of new promo- Pragya slaps tanu for stealing money. Abhi was shocked to see this. Abhi was standing on upstairs in yellow jacket. Dadi and dasi were in same yesterday’s episode’s cloths. Pragya comes and slaps tanu hard and says how dare u steal the money from the house. Then pragya shows her a CD of CCTV footage, in which she is looking with stealing money. Pragya says with this I will throw u out from the house. Abhi was shocked and confused. Dadi and dasi was also shocked.

    • Sorry guys I just saw promo video. Before that I jus found it’s written update on India forums site. So there r some mistakes in written update. So now I m again giving written update of promo- Abhi is standing on the upstairs in yellow jacket. Dadi, pragya and tanu was downstair, in hall. Pragya slaps tanu hard and says how dare u steal money from our house. When she shows a CD of CCTV footage and says with this CCTV footage, u people throw her out from the house by pushing. Tanu was making poor faces.Dadi was with angry expressions and abhi’s expressions were full of attitude. He was not shocked nor angry. All those who wants to see this promo video, u can see it on kumkumbhagya websta site.

  15. chithu

    Guys..new promo is out… Tanu is trapped for this stealing the money…Pragya is having cctv footage for it and she is slapping Tanu for stealing the money with Abhi and Dadi seeing it… Abhi’s reaction am not able to understand… Pragya is asking Tanu to leave the house…Abhi is definitely not angry…but i think he will not allow Pragya to send Tanu outside…

    • Chithu did u read my comments? I also guessed same thing but with two different possibilities. Let’s see what will exactly happen in the episode becoz episodes always different from the promo.

      • chithu

        yeah Nikki..i just now read ur comments … 🙂 who knows Abhi may taunt Pragya telling , she is not much different from Tanu 🙂 she also stole the properties from them 🙂 so if Tanu has to be thrown out, then they have to do the samething for her also 🙂 though he is not telling it from heart..but he may tell it in ego or anger… we will see 🙂

  16. Guys after watching the promo and abhi’s expressions, I felt like abhi is understanding or he already knows why pragya is doing this with tanu. May b he is thinking that pragya is doing this for throwing tanu out from abhi’s life and house so she can’t get married with him becoz pragya still love him, like he thinks from day one after of returning pragya. Or may b he is thinking to go against pragya by not let tanu go out from the house. Becoz in these days, he is mostly going against pragya and doing those things which can annoying her. Becoz of his misunderstanding, he is always ready to take revenge from her. I guessed these possibilities but let’s see what will actually CVS show us in the episode.

  17. kowsy

    I guess pragya will not send tanu out of the house without exposing her pregnancy truth …….. She may threaten her now ……. What u guys think……..

  18. razia

    Abhi wil not let tanu to throw … He’ll be saying its al pragya’s drama … Hope this wil happen … He jus wants to be against pragya n don believes pragya :/ he will act against pragya … He’ll believe tanu instead itseems …

  19. chithu

    i purely hope, this time for sure Abhi will go against Pragya… though not really for supporting Tanu… he doesn’t really seem to be caring for that..but he will definitely oppose Pragya this time, either to control her attitude or in his own ego or to find out the truth…but to the people, he may put it in different way..to Pragya, he may say..she can not send Tanu out as she is carrying his baby… i hope Pragya will not do the mistake of asking Tanu to go out at this point..she will wait for revealing the pregnancy truth..but if she sends her out now, it will become more weak from her side as Abhi may act like supporting Tanu which will definitely affect Pragya…:)

    • Whatever chithu but I feel now abhi is a biggest hurdle in pragya’s way more than taaliya and raaj. He is creating problems for pragya in his ego and misunderstanding. If he will go against pragya like this continuously, then it will hard for pragya to succeed. I think pragya and dadi have to do something to stop abhi doing things against pragya’s plan or they have to tell the truth to abhi otherwise it will b very difficult for pragya to expose the evils and save abhi and their relationship.

      • And chithu about raaj, after watching yeaterday’s episode,I assumed that he only wants to fill his pockets by stealing abhi’s money and he wants to settle and secure his future with this. That’s it. He doesn’t have any care about abhi’s property or family. That’s why he is not with pragya nor with taaliya. He is just pretending help against pragya and in front of taaliya. By this he could busy taaliya and pragya with each other and he could take advantage of this situation for making his bank balance high by making taaliya fool and at last all blame comes on taaliya and he could save.

    • Maggie

      Same here nikki
      But at the same time, what if he is with pragya I mean he is not giving money to taaliya for lawyer n he just wanted to keep eye on them
      One more thing if Tanu stays back this time n pretends miscarriage ( even she don’t care of her own baby n abort him) coz of doing house work given by pragya n something happens to dadi then pragya wil b in trouble
      Then pragya wil b trap hope they don’t follow this kind of track

      • Maggie may b this could happen but i don’t think so CVS will follow same thing becoz it has already happen in meri ashiqui tumse hi and CVS have already been given a long time for this pregnancy track. So if miscarriage thing will happen then it means tanu’s truth revelations will b remain hidden forever and then abhigya’s reunion will b also impossible.

    • Priya $

      If like r not I think surely abhi ll support tanu only. Now he was against pragya and in ego surely ll do.

    • Maggie

      Ooh I don’t see any other daily soap so don’t have any idea about that
      Did u see promo
      Pragya clearly says hamare ghar I mean our house rather than my house
      That’s clue to abhi as she always refer my money my house to abhi
      So he may think that she is actually his pragya as his fuggi always use term our n not mine

      • guys and gals,i think we’ve gotta leave our hopes in case of abhi noticing that pragya said hamare and not mere and all that,because we all know that this sequence would pass for more over an year (just kidding),at least over 2 months ,so don’t think so they would show us,that abhi realized pragya’s say and all that… maybe he would have,but they’re not gonna show us……wat say suys????

    • nice in one case,and disapointing i one case… i’m a bit scared for abh’s reaction..is he gonna look pragya like his enemy and tanu as his bache ki maa,and gonaa support this dumb devil tanu

    • really???? then obviously abhi will leave ,i guess atleast end this serial by that time in case its true or else pls dont change pragya because we cannot see anyone else near shabbir except sriti..best couple in the serial

  20. Wat nonsense they show man now new entry of payal y they dragg this show I really fed up of this serial I think it wil be like meri ahishiqe tumse hai. Abhi started hating pragya n nw he dnt like her also. is this luv of abhi to pragya?

      • No chithu. It’s just a rumour, nothing else becoz before it a rumour was also had been shared on desitv forum before sometimes, ( I think it was the time after abhi’s confession) that abhi will die and pragya will take care of his property and family behind him. But nothing happened like this, as we have been seen. And I don’t think so sriti will leave the show on the time when show is on top. It could depend on story and shows popularity. If she will feel that now nothing is interesting left in this show for her then she could obviously leave the show. Or it may b also possible if she have contract with balaji with some limited period then also she could leave the show. But till then I will not believed on any like this rumours, I will only believe if it will confirmed by sriti herself.

      • And chithu which actress leaves her show when it’s on top from all over the shows? And chithu I read that comment on desitv forum. They r saying that sriti will leave the show in January 2016. If this will true then I m sure CVS r not like that fool. They will definetly end up abhigya’s story before it, for which we r watching the show. So if their story will b end then what’s need of sriti in the show? But whatever,I still don’t think so, that it is true. I don’t believe on it.

      • chithu

        yes Nikki..hoping for positive… 🙂 if she quits the show,then no reason for watching it…becoz along with the story line, it is actors who will make the show successful..for KKB all the persons r justifying their role perfectly… especially Sriti/Shabbir in the most perfect way..so hope it is just a rumor 🙂 🙂

      • even ,i believe badly that its a rumour because CVS very well knowsd that we’re wtchng this show only forrrrr..shabbir and sriti,and ll quit this serial if abhi leaves and i may quit if pragya quits too….

    • Priya $

      Ya nikki without Abhigya it won’t b gud surely they ll lose fans. All r watching for their cute fights romantic moments. Sriti too won’t leave since she is tat much popular. And good reach for her so she won’t.

  21. Pls yeh serial jaldi khatam kar digiya kuiki unnecessary ek story ko do teen mahine chalatey ho hm log bore ho rahe hai kuiki ending hi nahi hai yeh serial hai

  22. aaa

    dai ungalukallam vera vellaiyae illaya…ethana comment appadi………mudiyala…….veetukum naatukum naalu nallatha panunga……………….

  23. this serial definitely needs to end too much nonsensical bullshit going on with the storylines and it just is not making any sense you want to tell me all this simi dimi going on with pragya when all she had to do was to tell abhi the truth about Aliyah and tanu and he would have believed just like granny did nayaaaaaaaaaaa pragya had to come back with all this drama which just is not making any sense so please bring all these serials which we all know and identify as SHIT to and END

  24. this is the only serial im watching ..in week days if i on the tv ill on only for kumkum bhagya ..i guess there r so many ppl watching this serial ,so pls dot make this serial a shit…pls build up ur story line ,in any serial a hero will be having a girl friend rarely having a wife ,but a hero will definiately not be encouraged for an other girl entering who is payal shit in the present sequence.at least dont send tanu and dont get paayal instead

    • Priya $

      Ya Harini so many ppl watching from different states south Indians too. New characters r not needed writers already don’t know where is Nikil Purvi.

  25. Priya $

    I think they didn’t shoot the promo scene so only v cant get their expressions. To confuse us they r doing this. Surely this expression won’t show in episode. There ll b some twist in it. Wat ever it is pls make.it soon.if Nikil entry was there surely pragya ll find out the Tanu’s pregnancy truth. If so it ll b easy tovexpose her. But don’t know wat tat Nikil was doing.

  26. arun

    Story is little more dragging.. hope in this week, abi will see one truth,- atleast about tanu.. Then it will be much nice to watch.. but this serial is not showing many characters that will make abhi to think of naya pragya as fuggi ..

  27. sritika

    Yes.. more people from southindians also watching this show…

    Plz stop draging…. we are relly like pragya new style and blodness ..but releave the truth soon… in this new promo abhi will go against pragya. pragya’s job is much more hard to find truth…

    I don’t like that 2 PA’s … they can make much more gab btw abhigya… and tanu pregnancy episode going to reach century … its really great news.. we will crlebrate it 🙁
    when will tanu truth releave? Where is nikil? Where is purvi? Where is suresh? When pragya will know about raj? When aliya truth come out? And when abhigya and rabul jodi be unite?

  28. tabu

    Dadi might get a heart attack. Truth will never prevail. Abhi will continue to hate pragya n she wil continue to suffer..they love torturing viewers. Soon ppl will stop watching.

  29. Xavier

    This story will drag and drag. Ekta Kapoor the queen of dragging shows. She is such a filthy greedy evil b.i.t.c.h… she is dragging it because the greed for money. !

    • mary christodoulou

      You are so right …there no more interesting ideas ..maybe ekta kapoor must find new script writers..or see another serials from other countries..

  30. Guys Indian telly awards 2015 has been performed and winners has been announced also but most shocking surprise thing is that guys No people of zee TV’s shows attended award function and there were no winners also from zee tv ‘s shows. I saw segment today on news channel of this award function and searched for it’s winners list, there also i didn’t found any body from zee tv and from it’s shows.I think zee have some issues with telly awards that’s why they back out from the award function with their shows and it’s cast so I think becoz of it there were no one from zee tv. I felt very bad after watching it guys becoz of these issues our favourite deserving stars has left without award and we will miss their presence and performance also in that award function.?

    • Guys I found only niya sharma( roshni) and Ravi dubey (sid) from zamai raja serial of zee TV. Only these two people has attained ita awards but they didn’t win. Rest of any peoples from zee TV like from kkb, qubool hai etc, there were no people from these shows has attended this award function. I m waiting for more updates of this award function in this hope may b I found our abhigya there.

  31. marry

    there is toooooo much tanu.s pregnancy truth dragged???………!!!!!!!!!! now boring……… show something shocking……….!!!!!!!??

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