Kumkum Bhagya 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya takes Abhi’s sign on property papers for Aaliya

Kumkum Bhagya 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Munni coming to a hostel and enquires about Chutka and Chutki. Watchman says no and asks her to go. Munni wonders where did Aaliya keep them. Pragya calls her and asks if she found them. Munni says she is in hostel now and is losing strength. Pragya says you have given me strength and asks her not to lose hope. Munni asks what happened, you seems to be tensed. Pragya tells her that Aaliya got 50 percent property already transferred on her name and now she wants her to get Abhi’s signatures on other 50 percent property. She says they would have done something if Chutka and Chutki were found. She can’t tell her that she is pragya. Munni asks her not to tell her. Pragya assures her that she will not tell her that she is pragya and not Munni. Munni thanks her for the favors.

Pragya says you have done so many favours on me. Munni says but I got Abhi’s 50 percent on her name. She asks her not to get his sign on the papers and says I will search chutka and chutki. She says if you get his sign then everyone will be on road. Pragya says if everyone is safe by giving property then she will get it transferred on her name. Munni says no and cries. Her phone falls down. Pragya calls her name and asks her not to cry. Mitali comes and asks who is Munni. Munni thinks Pragya is right, she can’t lose strength. Mitali asks Pragya to tell who is Munni. Pragya says Mitali is a small girl and tells that her family had taken care of her. Mitali thinks to spy on her. Aaliya asks Pragya where was she and tells that she will come with her so that they can take Abhi’s signs. Abhi is with Dadi and Dasi. Dasi tells about fb likes for Purab and Disha’s pics. Pragya brings tea.

Abhi asks her how is she? Aaliya and Tanu eagerly waits to get his property. Dadi and Dasi see the pics and show to Abhi. Pragya says Rishabh sent some papers. She drops the papers. Mitali thinks why Pragya is shocked. Abhi asks for pen. Pragya gives pen to Abhi, but stops him saying pen is not working. She says she will get pen. Abhi says he has pen in his hand. Mitali thinks why sundari and Mundari are smiling and signing each other. Aaliya thinks she will have much wealth and they will be out of house. Abhi makes Pragya sit on his lap. He signs on all the papers. Tanu smiles. Pragya thinks what to do now. Mitali asks Aaliya what she is upto? Pragya recalls Aaliya telling that she will kick everyone out and thinks once she gives file to Aaliya then everything will be finished. She thinks to spill coffee on the papers, but Tanu stops and holds Pragya’s hand. Abhi asks how dare you to hold her hand.

Aaliya asks Pragya why she tried to ruined her plan and asks if she is Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now what is this agar yehi krna tha then y they show us new montage plzz tell me mythili sisy and hi pratiksha sisy eagerly wai8ing 4 ur comments what do u say about this track

    1. Seriously i also don’t know ayat after seeing the montage of abhigya i thought soon everything will be good and pragya will succesd but now i understand that they are always in a motive to separate abhigya just to run their show and if they feel kkb is not watched by us and their trps are down then they are just showing abhigya romance just to make us watch the show last week kkb was on top because all audience watched kkb hoping to see abhigya consuming their marriage but they didn’t make that happen so now we can ultimately just stop watching kkb unless they show abhigya victory against taliya but we know some fans will immediately watch kkb if they show abhigya romance and i am fed up of hoping something positive will happen but in kkb it will never so there is no hope in watching kkb when they cannot show a couple who are struggling for 3 years to just live a happy married life
      What do you think prathiksha sisy?

  2. Why can’t pragya talk to abhi about everything and get aliya and tanu arrested so that they will provide those children instead of all this nonsense.

    1. You are right

  3. I am wondering why Pragya. Is keeping this secret from Abhi. Its time for her to spill the beans about Aaliya and Tanu. I am tired of those two witches

  4. We really don’t have faith in the directors and producers.

  5. Hopeless episode….. too much dragging…… directors come to the point. ..waiting time

  6. Y can’t pragya tell abhi somethings about wat going on or give him a clue

  7. leisa morris

    u would think by now dat pragya would have learnt her lessons if past and kno d best way out of dis is talkin to abhi but no once again she does everything without his help. noone in real life does dis over snd over again only in reel life

  8. We r tierd of dx suspense nd dragging of jux one movie. De producers nd directors must sit dier ass down, we r jux sick nd tierd

  9. Hi good morning

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