Kumkum Bhagya 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abhi thinks if he is doing wrong and recalls Dadi’s scolding him. He thinks he is doing this for his family and it can’t be wrong. He comes to Tanu, and says I want to talk to you, but before that I want to apologize to you. He says I never misbehaved with anyone, and my intention was never to hurt or ruin your respect. He asks Tanu to forgive him. Tanu thinks why he is not proposing me. She says what I will get with forgiving you. I will not get back my lost respect. Aaliya stops Pragya and asks where you are going? Pragya says she is going home as working hours are over. Aaliya tells her that Abhi didn’t like her bad decoration. Pragya asks her not to lie and says Abhi liked the decoration. Aaliya tells her that she will be happy when Abhi kicks her out and says she

is going to have dinner. Pragya thinks to go and check. Aaliya thinks Pragya is a fool and believes my talk. She thinks it will be fun now. Tanu says now nothing can happen, I am finished. You are a rockstar, and will not be bothered, but my career is ended. She tells that her parents are suffering in Delhi because of that incident, sheds some fake tears and asks why did you call me and asks about the decoration.

Abhi asks did Aaliya tell you anything? Tanu says no, and asks why did you call me. Abhi thinks his proposal should be good so that Tanu agree. Tanu asks him to tell. Abhi says I was thinking how you will react after hearing me. They sit. Abhi apologizes to Tanu again and says he wants to correct the mistake done by him. He says I never told this to anyone, I like you and want you to be my girl friend….we can be friends too. He says this is the right time to get back together. He asks her to give him a chance so that they can build a beautiful and meaningful relationship. Pragya comes there and sees Abhi proposing Tanu. Abhi holds a flower in his hand and proposes Tanu for marriage. Pragya is taken aback, shattered and walks off.

Tanu is very much happy at her heart, and thinks my dream is fulfilled today…Abhi is proposing me. Tanu tells him that she is very much happy and waiting from many years to get his proposal. Abhi says what do you mean by years, as we met just few days back. Tanu says she feels connected with him since births and says I like you. I thought I was wrong about you, after party incident, but now I understand that you cares for my feelings and we are made for each other. Abhi says you like this…I am proposing a girl for the first time. Pragya runs thinking about Abhi’s proposal to Tanu, recalls Abhi practicing on her and cries. Aaliya sees Pragay crying and smiles, thinking she saw what she wanted. She thinks I want to scratch your wounds, but will not ruin my plan. She takes Pragya’s video and thinks this will help us in our celebration. Pragya thinks Abhi has nothing in his heart, and he loves Tanu only. She thinks I am just a past for him, and Tanu is his life now.

Tanu comes back to Aaliya and tells that Abhi proposed her. She says she is very much happy, and it is the best day of my life. Aaliya asks her to get ready and see the double doze of happiness. She shows Pragya’s video in which she is crying. Tanu is very much happy. Aaliya says I am sure that Pragya will cry all her life and boast about her plan. Tanu thanks Aaliya and says you have done right. Aaliya asks Tanu to keep Abhi in her control and says Pragya is wounded tigress now. She shall not know how we have fooled Abhi and made him propose you. Tanu asks her not to worry and says she is expert in fooling people.

Sarla tells Beeji that she is tired of bringing ration of the month. Pragya comes home and says she brought vegetables. Sarla asks about her day at office. Pragya says she did decoration today and tells that she got much importance from her boss. Sarla says we will have food together now. Pragya says she had food in the party, and is now tired. She says good night and goes. Beeji understands something is wrong. Abhi thinks I thought Tanu will not agree, but she agreed. He thinks she agreed because of Nikita’s decoration, but Nikita got upset with me. He thinks he is happy, but his heart is sad. He thinks if he did a mistake by proposing Tanu. Pragya cries in her room thinking about Abhi proposing Tanu. Beeji comes there. Pragya asks when did you come here. Beeji asks what did you do today in your office. Pragya tells that she did arrangements for the event. Beeji asks her to tell clearly what happened? Did Abhi tell you anything. Pragya says nothing. Beeji asks her to tell clearly. Pragya looks on.

She tells that she is living with fake hope that Abhi will remember everything and then they will stay together. She says I am not his wife anymore. His love and life is Tanu now. Beeji asks her to tell clearly. She says Tanu will try to trap Abhi. Pragya says Abhi proposed Tanu today, and says I am just his secretary and nothing else. Beeji is shocked too, but asks her to have faith. She asks Pragya not to worry and says nobody can separate you with Abhi until you have sindoor of Abhi’s name. Pragya hugs her and cries.

Beeji shows the newspaper pic in which Abhi and Tanu are together. She says this is actually had happened in the party and that’s why Abhi proposed Tanu. Pragya says you are saying right. I can’t lose hope, and determines to defeat Tanu and Aaliya.

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  1. anna


  2. Ivan

    Abhi should focus on what he missed out on for the past two years and then he can make a decision like this one because he see him self in wedding dress he should ask people questions and he will get answers doesn’t he go to doctor for his check up why he doesn’t have his medication and his smart sister has it i feel bad for Pragya

  3. Leila

    I think pragya should write a letter to abhi n don’t say who it from n tell him the truth in the letter n let him no that is aaliya plan

      • Rucha

        Exactly…then instead of Abhi,Alia would get that letter and then hand over changed letter to Abhi…all Shit!!!!

  4. Kavi

    Oh god sathiyama enala mudiyala . I am really feel bad for pragya. Arivu ketta muttal abhi finally propose pannitan. Abhi u dont deserve pragya and her love. Better u marry that devil tanu. How stupid u are. Intha senseless storyala enaku heart attack vanthurum pola.Pragya alum pothu etho nan emanthu pona mathiri nanum ukanthu aluthathu than micham. Director do something better storyline always doing ruppish

    • sasikumar

      paka maten pakka matenu sollitu dailyum pakuringale baby what is this…every one says same thing but no one won’t stop watching…

  5. Sweety

    Why ektha mam alwayes do like this she not ruin in story line at the same time she is ruin our happy to because she always made pragya cry evil to smile wht abhi purpose tanu i can’t take any more please we know u definitely you made them abhigya unit i thing this also end like meri ashqi tum hi ho your move to story line this pls make some logic and interesting task mam this hamble request mam.

  6. vashti

    Ban this serial with immediete effect!!!@):- Cheating people to d core…making money……selfish@):- !!!

  7. steffyrao

    Gosh! This is soooo tiring even to read. Is Abhi really a a Rockstar or a Rockless star. And Pragya what on earth have the writers & director turned these lead characters into. The nok jok & romantic scenes have lost their attraction & essence.
    And holy COW!!!! Tanu is back!!! This is gonna painful & frustrating to watch her.
    Is Abhi really that worth it Pragya????
    Common Sriti Jha leave KKB pls. You are too talented for this crap. Only Leena shld stay in KKB. Her role has been consistent like a dead mans indication on a HEARTBEAT monitor. Sorry but even Shabirs character has NOT moved since his
    Its truly UNBEARABLE & UNBELIEVABLE that the writers can rewrite the same old SHYT. Gosh can they smell this SHYT they
    have rewritten? ??
    Absolute lack of dignity & self respect to female roles in both the negative n positive roles. Terribly regressive. We are in the 21st century CVS!!! For gdness sakes!!


    Serials after started with kkb serial,some serials ended and some part 2 some generation later,some children’s for hero and heroine but this serial seems nothing happens between hero heroine till date.kya logic???ekta go to die.then go to hell.bettr watch serials like kkb it will kill u.

  9. pari

    This is stupid show ..never ending,,,all the time good with bad people..what kind of tracks is this.that Aliya and Tanu characters are worst…

  10. Majella

    Not only Abhi entire world around abhi lost memory. Even when the pic of tanu And abhi are published on news paper how they did not mention about his wife ( Pragya) . At least the media should know that Abhi is married

  11. Jyoti

    We are done with this serial, can’t we just report Ztv to please end this nonsense, We r fedup of so much drama. Still old 19ies concepts…. :X..


    We will be having a rerun of Tanu’s fifteen months pregnancy. Now they have given Abhi alcohol and made him feel so guilty that he is ready to marry Tanu on Aliya’s saying. They will once again give him drinks and make him believe that he slept with Tanu.
    Such stupid creative writers there are that a big Rockstar has lost his memory but along with him,the whole city and his many fans too have lost their memory and cannot remember he is married and has a wife. Maybe Aliya has so much power that she can prevent everyone from bringing up Abhi’s past.
    The most selfish of all is Dadi. Inspite of all Pragya has done, and knowing full well that Abhi is not having any problems with her around and is happy with Pragya, she wants her to stay away. Why is she do scared of Aliya, I don’t seem to understand.
    I think it is high time Abhi gets his memory back and throws these two cheap Bs – Tanu and Aliya out of his life and Home OR we all should quit this stupid crappy serial or they should end it if they can’t find anything interesting or good to add to this serial.

  13. Mimi

    Tired of watching this drama…why always pagra fighting for abhi while he does nothing… Now I need to see abhi fighting for pagra…

    • savitavidya

      honestly. i want Pragya to do nothing. but now we have to see her fight for Abhi again while the idiot does nothing but be bad and mean to her. He should fight for himself ad get himself out of this mess. Not pragya. for once let Abhi fight for Pragya. they make it even look like Pragya loves Abhi more than he loves her. AND STOP DRAGGING THIS STUPID SHOW. END IT ALREADY WE ARE TIRED. Thats why u cant find any more actors to join yo cast. Sriti is too good and so is Shabbir. but the writers have failed to maximise their actors potential. i want Sriti and Shabbir to leave too, then the stupid Cvs will know whatsapp

  14. K

    This serial already tourcher the viewers with tanu baby for whole year and half and now another crap of tanu marriage bullahit tried of same story for over and over again boring whatever pragya do she always fail sorry for her and gate tanu as Nd alluya

  15. Vahalya

    Stupidity to a different level.. jz becos u all want 2 extend ur episodes we have 2 bear this kind of crap…

    • savitavidya

      Sophia your 8 years old, stop with the suicidal comments, they are not healthy. but yo funny for a 8yr old and i love you hahahahah

  16. Saathu

    hi guys, i think abhi may gain his memory during his marriage rituals with tanu, what do you say guys pratiksha, shobhana, reji, sahithi?

    • savitavidya

      i think so too. it would be a good way for him to gain his memory when he is doing the pheras…problem is…it will take a year..or maybe five years.

    • Pratiksha

      Sorry saathu, I don’t want to comment or discuss anything about it as I m not the part of this bullshit disgusting crap anymore. My part will b from here only to post updates and this is also just for u guys, but i will not b part of any discussions and comments about this bullshit as I can’t make myself fool anymore. Only feels bad for sriti and shabbir and fans of abhigya becoz such an amazing couple has ruined by such worst team of CVS and writers of kkb. Hatts off to the onscreen chemistry of sriti and shabbir as love birds but Hands up for their show as it has become such a waste show. Feeling very disappointed. That’s it.

  17. Sahithi

    What is more scary and irritating is the precap, Pragya seems to be starting again a mission. How many times we heard her say the same thing about the same evils and she finally gave up. Seems like she also has ML and so again thinking she can eliminate those 2 from Abhi’s life. Reality check time for Pragya, they both have eliminated her from his life and she dumbly walked out. If only she can come out of her illusion and not think Abhi needs someone to save him. NO.. he needs to know the truth. And that will happen in the 1000th episode. As we are not seeing Abhi getting any flashes of past.

  18. jerry Justice

    What bullshit.? pragya has to start another mission again.? why should it be pragya always fighting for Abhi.? damn the CVs

  19. Itsme_reji


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys ! Thank u Evryone for ur wishes and appreciations !!….Thank u Pratiksha (Love u too😘😍) Aishwarya , Di , Abhigya , Geetha . LOVE U ALL GUYS !!..i think some of them didn’t notice yesterday’s comment section . Actually i got 1st rank in my exams . 😉😄😃 ..So once again thanks for ur wishes ..Loads of love from Reji . 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️😃😉😊 ..

    Coming to the episode . So finally now Abhi stucked in a relationship with Tanu but he didn’t love her .And Pragya also come to know abt Taaiiya’s chaal/plan ..!..So i hope Pragya will do something and get her love back .In season 1 Abhi was in a relationship with Tanu but married pragya and had hatred for her in season 2 atleast he doesn’t have hatred for her .In precap Pragya’s dadi told abt the news to Pragya . But in Pragya’s home no one knows that she is working in MM.But how dadi knows ?..Did i missed something in Yesterday’s episode ?..What will be Sarla’s reaction ?..Pls tell me guys !..

  20. Radha

    This is really really irritates me. Every time I hopes that They will unite Abhi-Pragya, but every time they just show their crap scenes again and again. Surely they gonna loose their viewers.

  21. Jaya

    I dont understand why the writers dont get the point that we r tired of tanu and aliyas stupid plans!!! Please ……. Get rid of ’em..

  22. P.N. Bhargava

    if Abhi marries Tanu it will mean victory over evil . Aalia has killed Bulbul and Tanu with the help of Nikhil kidnapped Sarla and Abhis memory loss is due to them. What else can be more evil. Abhi should realise his mistake ans propose tom Pragya and marry her otherwise discontinue this serial forthwith.r

  23. P.N. Bhargava

    I mean victory of evil over goodness of Prgya which cannot be right.

    i mean victory of evil over good of Aaliya.

  24. KSJ

    Breaking news fr kumkum bhagya fans

    Abhi will gain back his memory during during his marriage with tanu n kick out both Tnu n aliya

  25. Gaurav Mittal

    I think that all problems of pragya will end now she us happy with pragya but this show is bad always enemies wins

  26. abhishek

    Guys just relax why you people are blaming abhi i think who are commenting have memory loss like abhi abhi has already lost his memory and for him now he is a bigg rockstar and pragya is just is sceretary and he is purposing tanu to safeguard his respect in public he doesnt know that he is married to pragya and tanu had cheated him its dadi responsbility to tell truth to abhi he even doesnt know that pragya atleast now pragya can tell truth to abhi to save her kumkum rather than fighting against aliya and tanu so please stop blaming abhi

  27. Ronita

    I think ekta is losing it. She thinks people will like this if she keeps on dragging this show. By the time the show finishes viewers wI’ll remember kumkum bhagya as a boring show. Kkb only shows that bad people always wins. So sad.

  28. jay

    This time KKB shouldn’t be included to top 10 in TRP. As per viewers comments it shows that so many of them already left the show. KKB team deserve this for their poor ,recycling,cheap, brainless story line

    Season 2 contains the same crap. earlier Abi hatred pragya. This tym he doesn’t. Thats the one n only change thet writers could do with the season 2. Other than that r same bakwas.. shit

  29. pujitha meda

    pls complete the serial as soon as possible…….
    this is one of the stupid serial that i have seen……

  30. Jessy

    Such worst serial….still ppl watchng this bullshit how it’s possible…all will get mad if keep watch this serial….

  31. Pearley hobaichan

    This is f**king shit now what the hell wrong with the writer evil always win hate those b*t*hes tanu and alyia hate hate hate them

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