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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she loves him and can’t see him in trouble because of her….Abhi keeps his hand on her shoulder. Pragya stands up. Abhi hugs her. Allah Wariyan plays……Abhi says I believe you…and I know you will not break my trust, you loves me so much and your truth is seen is your eyes. He says if I love someone after my music and Dadi then it is you. He says it is you with whom I want to live with my family. He says even I can’t see you in trouble and asks her to come with him. He says I will take back the case and tell Aaliya. He asks do you trust me..? Says you was my friend before, but now my responsibility too…Allah Wariyan plays……He holds her hand and take her outside. Constable stops Pragya and asks where is she going? Pragya says he came

to meet me. She sees Abhi gone, and it was just her imagination. Constable scolds Pragya. Sarla and Purab come to meet Pragya. Sarla hugs Pragya. Pragya says I didn’t do anything. Sarla says why Abhi didn’t stop your arrest. Pragya says he tried to stop my arrest, but in vain.

Sarla says if he had trusted you, then he would have come and meet you, or send lawyer to bail you out. Pragya says I don’t know why he didn’t come, but I am sure that he trust me. Sarla asks until when she will cover up his doings and says he has done wrong, I don’t expect this from her. Constable takes Pragya again to lock up room. Abhi is going to Police station. Aaliya and Tanu stop him. Abhi says he is going to Police station to bail out Nikita. Aaliya asks how can he believe her. Abhi says I will talk to her and says he can’t believe that she can’t lie to him. Aaliya says you have to control your feelings. She says I got a call from investors asking why did we put our shares on sale. Abhi is shocked. Aaliya says Nikita has done this and made you emotional fool. You are thinking about her, but she didn’t think about Dadi or you. She says it is not right to give a chance to others to fool you. She asks him not to favor her. Hearing this, Abhi goes back to his room.

Sarla comes there. Dadi asks you are here? Sarla asks about Abhi. Dadi says he is in room. Tanu comes and stops Sarla. She says you can’t meet him. Sarla also insults her and threatens to tell her truth to Abhi. Tanu says you can’t do this and play with his life. Sarla asks what about my daughter? You people are playing with her life. She says Abhi lost her memory, but not me. I will shout and tell him. She asks her to move and goes to his room. Abhi gets a call. Sarla goes to his room and claps. She says you have really appreciated my daughter well. She says my daughter worked for you with hardwork and honesty. She tells about Pragya’s doings and tells she had saved you on Dussera day, but you couldn’t protect her when Police was arresting her. Abhi says I tried to stop Police, but all proofs and evidence was against her. Sarla says proofs are needed to know a stranger, and not loved ones. She asks why didn’t you see in her eyes, and says honesty is in her eyes. She tells she has taken care of your family, and you didn’t think that she is proved guilty because of the proofs. She says you would have stood at her side just because she is your Pat…and stops. Abhi looks on.

Tanu asks Aaliya why did she not stop Sarla? Aaliya says she came here as a wounded tigress and that’s why she didn’t stop her. Abhi asks Sarla to speak. Sarla recalls talking to Pragya and asking her to tell him that she is his wife. Pragya telling her that sudden shock can harm him. She says Pragya trusts you. You might be thinking that I am lying. She says I have my hopes pinned on a wrong guy. She goes. Dadi tells Sarla that they couldn’t do anything for Pragya. Dasi also says the same. Dadi says we will try to bail her out. Sarla says you all are liars, and was not with my daughter else she wouldn’t be in jail. She says you didn’t lose anything, but I have lost my everything. She says I will do whatever is needed. Aaliya tells Tanu that it is good Sarla didn’t slap her.

Tanu asks someone (may be new Nikhil) that she wants to see Pragya’s death and asks him to kill her today itself. She says Pragya’s death have become more big dream than her marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. O god i dont understand what is in writers mind r they really enjoying making us a fools….actually there is no writer for kkb bcoz if there is a writer then there must b a story but there is no story actually i think the director shoots what ever the people on the set of kkb said,,,and we all dumpo watch it and daily at 9pm hope that may b today there is a stroy in the episode but there is nothing then the waste of time actually,,,,,,,,,,,,i really
    well done…u all till writting a story of kkb in your dreams well done bcoz writer is even not making the story in dream,,

  2. Well said Sahithi & Pratiksha. And Raju loved the wsy u pre emped the future storyline of KKB. Hilarious.?.

    WAt really bugs me is….Abhi the least bothered to look into his past of 2.5 yrs.

    I haven’t watched for a mth or read any updates. BUt yest i jus had to watch sarla ma in action. POWDER FULL in deed!!!
    Its sickening to see pragya forever clinging on to her dumb hubby n her hubby’s dadi.

  3. i think this serial should wrap up hate u abhi tanu ka hi name tumhare name ke saath ana chahiye kiunke tum usko hi deserve karte ho aur agar pragya ko aese hi rulana tha to accident se pehle kiun itni lambi lambi bakwass kar rahe the pragya i think tumhen b is show ko quit kar dena chahiye wese bhi now there is nothing in this serial

  4. Hey I saw shabbir new instragram vedio and I think it’s look like railway station scene if any one knows please give a brief


    PRAGYA comes back to her home after getting free from jail. She tries to go to meet abhi but Sarla Maa stops her. Pragya argues with Sarla Maa that she can’t leave her kumkum l, her suhani just like this. But Sarla Maa doesn’t listen anything and takes a vow or promise from her that she will never meet with abhi and will not go back to Mehra house. Pragya gets helpless as Sarla Maa gives her, her Kasam. Sarla Maa and pragya decides to leave the house and city to go away from abhi and his peoples with heavy heart. Pragya hugs her dadi and cries a lot. Rockstar Dadi too cries a lot. Sarla Maa too hugs pragya from back and trio dadi, pragya and Sarla Maa cries a lot with hugging each other.
    Supriya ji/Sarla man’s interview –
    She says that when children doesn’t think for ownself then parents have to take decisions for their well and that’s what she decided for pragya and that’s why she is going from here with pragya and her family for pragya’s safety and future.

    Abhi comes to meet pragya at Arora house but she gets surprised seeing nobody in the house. He searches for pragya and her family all over in the house but doesn’t find anyone. At last he enters on pragya’s room and looks all over there that things r scattered and stuffs and cloths r missing from room and wardrobe. Abhi gets understand that pragya have been left for some other place with her family. Abhi gets dad’s call and tells her that he has been reached Nikita’s house but things r missing and wardrobe is empty and nobody is here in the house. He tells that it seems Nikita has been left the house with her family for some other place. Dad gets shocked and panics after hearing it and says to abhi to bring Nikita back. Abhi assures him that don’t worry, he will get Nikita back sure. After finishing the call, Abhi looks the things of the room again and moves towards the dressing table. He finds pragya’s earnings. He picks earnings and starts missing her. After few minutes, he leaves from there to search for Nikita/ Pragya. He comes outside and calls Purab to take his help to search Nikita/ pragya to get her back. He goes to sit in his car to leave from there.
    Behind his car, Nikhil is waiting in a truck to kill pragya but after seeing abhi, he tries to hide by doing his head down. He says to driver to start the truck but truck doesn’t start.

    1. Sorry some typing mistake-
      It’s suhaag not suhani, pragya says that she can’t leave her kumkum, her suhaag like this.

      It’s dadi, not dad, ABHI gets call from his dadi.

      1. There is some addition in updates and it is from Sbb segment-
        Sbb update:

        purab got Pragya released and brought her home. Maa packs all stuff and wants Pragya to leave.
        Pragya angrily says you were the one who told me I should be with the person who filled my maang always and you also put your life in danger for my Suhaag but now you are saying this.
        Maa forces Pragya.

        She hugs crying Dadi, Maa joins too and all the 3 hug and cry.

        Sriti’s interview –

        She shares how Pragya doesn’t want to leave Abhi and it’s tough for her to decide.

      2. There is some addition in supriya ji/Sarla man’s interview –
        She says that pragya is responsible but she thinks from her heart not from her mind, that’s why as a mother she had to take decision for her well on behalf of her.

  6. I saw 1 vedio in instagram that abhi found pragya and pragya was sitting in the train

  7. Good that sarla ma took wise decision. I dont understand why they are paying for other characters like raj, his mother and father, mithali. They are just numb watching whatever is happening around not taking any side, one can advice abhi (raj paa), one can follow truth (raj) he can see sister in pragya and help her to expose taliya, other two as they are not regreting for their deeds can involve in taliya plans, why simply standing and watching the drama just like viewers. Feeling good for sarla maas decision. Why only pragya suffers everytime let abhi too suffer by feeling loved ones away from him. Atlest ektha mam introduce a new bulbul where pragya going to new place or new character which supports pragya in new place and for purub to fell for her goodness. Why he should be alone wasting his life. Its just a serial we knew that but as a die hard fan of abhigya and purbul we are not digesting this plot. What are you showing in this serial ektha mam not even single pair is having healthy relation abhigya, purbul, raj mithali, tanu nikhil, aliya.

    Show some generosity towards the viewers who are watching serial with only a hope that something twist showing get back abhis memory. Put some sympothy towards purub who is wasting his life helping truth over evil thinkings of his di and friends life. Let him think about his own too.

  8. Abhi found pragya! Saw her in train!
    Arjit taneja visited on the onlocation of kkb, where pragya’s leaving scene’s shooting is happening at a railway station’s location. Arjit shared an insta story in which he is making a video of shooting camera. In which pragya is in a train and abhi sees her in process of searching.
    Link for Arjit’s insta story-

    1. Blah he gave away the twist n no suspence now ?

    2. This episode seems like it will be without Tanu or Aaliya so I will watch it. I know you have not been watching Pratiksha for a month now but I wonder if you will watch this one. It remind me of DDLJ with the train scene idk lol

  9. Hii guys how r u all prathiksha sahithi shobana reji gowtham anna n all others after a long time that something good is happening for the first time my guesss got true that pragya is leaving the town but abhi found her i wish that in the process of killing pragya accidently abhi to getback his memory i wish this also should come true n sarala maa is a gud mother she had taken a good step i wish that if abhi memory is not back then pragya should leave n a new male lead should come who is a competitor to like tanu to pragya but atlast abhigya love will win i m damn sure abt that

  10. i love this track so much

  11. Just for fun guys

    The episode starts with Tanu’s phone is ringing. She got Nikhil’s name on the screen. She thought what Nikhil want to talk. She got tensed and need a few minuted to take call. Nikhil asks how are you? Are you missing me? Tanu asks what do you want? Nikhil says take it easy, i just want to know are you happy with this situation? Tanu asks what do you mean? Nikhil says I know that Abhi loosing his memory and you take advantage. Tanu asks how do you know? Nikhil laugh and says i know everything about you and your wanted even your crafty trick. Tanu got tensed and asks what do you want? Nikhil got angry and says you are arrogant as you don’t need me anymore. Nikhil says I just want to my baby is back. Tanu got tensed and speechless. Nikhil ask why are you silent? Are you worried? Tanu worried. Nikhil says take it easy, i wouldn’t tell to Abhi about it. I just want to taking back my role and gains. Tanu says I am not afraid with your threats. Abhi will not listen to you. He is do not recognized you instead will kicking you out as i am his beloved future wife. Nikhil laugh and says Abhi never loving you, he just fall in love with his real wife and asks are you ever get your shot to separate them even all your crafty tricks has defeated by their love. Tanu got angry and ends call. Nikhil smirked.
    On his mattres, Abhi reminisce Nikita saved him from sharp shooter and thinks even Tanu as his future wife reluctant to nearby by his side. He reminisce sees Nikita’s eyes and found so much love and honestly. He thinks Nikita couldn’t thief from him even deceive him. But he trusted to Aliya and thinks she is my beloved sister who can’t lie to him. He felt confuse then stood and try to reach book on rack. He is open the book and found paper with good poetry. He is read that paper and got emotional.
    In Aliya’s room, Tanu tells to Aliya that Nikhil is back for his gains and planned to squeeze me. Aliya smirked and Tanu asks why are you laugh? Are you know something? Aliya says Nikhil is still our friend and weapon. We will increase the power to get rid of Pragya from our life. Tanu says but Pragya in the jail and she will take a long time to freed out. Aliya says I am not sure because my brother still have sympathy to her and he looks like not trust to me. Tanu got angry and asks why should we do? Aliya says i calls Nikhil and tell to him that he must kill her. Abhi open Aliya’s room door. Aliya and Tanu got shocked. Abhi asks what are you talking about? Aliya speechless and Tanu got tensed. Abhi looks on Aliya and Tanu for few second and then smile. Abhi says he was happy that my sister and my future wife have good chemistry and says we’ll be a good family if my sister receives his wife. Aliya and Tanu smile each other and Abhi leaves.

    In Arora house, Purab comes to Sarla’s family and Sarla greet him. Purab says that I know who is trapped Pragya. He was corrupt accountant in Abhi corporation. Sarla asks how do you know? Purab says i was hiring one of employer to spy on him and she was sees Aliya comes to his room for hours. Sarla says that good news to freed out Pragya. Purab says but we haven’t any proof. Sarla felt sad. Purab says I’ll keep to find way to exposed the truth. Sarla hopefully.
    In hall of Mehra’s mansion, Dady feeling sad about Sarla’s talk and tell to Daasi that she don’t have any ideas to exposed the truth. Daasi says you should tell to Abhi about the truth that Pragya was his wife and as always. Dady says I was affraid if Abhi going to critically condition. Daasi says we can’t keep doing nothing anymore if we want to Abhi and Pragya unite. Sarla was lost a lot of her happiness and family because Aliya and about this situation must be have way with risk as pay. Aliya and Tanu comes and asks where is Abhi? Dady says I don’t know and if I do, I wouldn’t to tell you. Aliya and Tanu leaves.
    Get off from his car, Abhi going to producer office. He asks to receptionist what if producer going to office today?Receptionist says he just get to his room and asks what are you want if I call him for you? Abhi says of course, please. Receptionist then call the producer and tell to him that Abhi comes to meet you. After few minutes, receptionist then tells Abhi that producer was waiting for you in his room. Abhi says thanks. Abhi going to producer’s room.

    Pragya looks not good in the prison. She felt sad reminisce all beautiful memory with Abhi. She is thinks why couples can’t unite even if they loving each other. She is crying and thinks if her fate just like it. When she loves someone then she must loses everything. Inspector comes to her and bother her reverie. Inspector says you have good news, someone bail out you and now you’re free. Pragya asks but who’s that person? Inspector says I can’t tells you. Pragya smiles and thinks if Abhi may done all this.

    Abhi shouts to Pragya Fuggi. Pragya look towards Abhi and got shocked. Abhi aapproached Pragya and then says if you ever says loves me then why you’ll leave me. Pragya stares Abhi.

  12. I think it’s going to a good track but they can do a lot with the other characters like Raj .Raj ka papa .. wer is akash rajana

  13. plssss come bulbul i requst you i love mronal thakur and bulbu cherecter is mronal thakur is best.

  14. P.N. Bhargava

    Rubbish. How many times Aalia and Tanu attempt to kill Pragya and nobody does anything to the duo.Aalia and Tanu are ruling the show. Neither Abhi nor Dadi can control them.


    Abhi reaches railway station to stop pragya/nikita from leaving and to apologize from her.
    Abhi has shown as running with a bouquet of red roses with shouting the name Nikita. He runs towards the train. Train and station is totally empty. No one else was there except abhigya. Pragya comes out from the train after hearing Abhi’s voice. Abhi looks her. Both comes towards near of each other. Abhi gets sit on his knees and gives bouquet to pragya. He holds his ears and apologizes from her. Pragya makes him stand and they both hugs each other. ( It is probably a dream sequence of pragya, she is imagining it in the train.)

    In next scene which seems probably real, Abhi sees pragya in the train and comes to talk to her inside the train. He sits near pragya and starts scolding her and complaining from her. Pragya sees him. She gets angry on abhi and starts scolding him and argues with him. Abhi wants to take pragya back but pragya is not ready to go with him. Then abhi holds her hands and takes her out from the train. Pragya looks him emotionally during the walk out from the train with him.

    Interview of sriti and shabbir-
    Sriti says that she didn’t expect it that abhi will come to stop her so she gets surprised after seeing him.
    Shabbir says that he comes to stop Nikita as he misunderstood her becoz of circumstances. So he comes to apologizes from her, to regret for his mistake and to stop her from leaving.
    Sriti says that abhi wants to take her back but she don’t want to go back so he holds her hand and takes her out from the train. But let’s see what happens after it.
    They didn’t reveal that if abhi will get succeed in stopping Nikita/Pragya or not or will pragya get stop or not?
    There were no Sarla Maa and pragya’s dadi has shown in the scene. Only abhi and pragya has shown.

      Trp got decreased and kkb has reached on 4th position in trp chart ratings of BAARC.

      1. One clarification – these ratings are not for last week – these are for week prior to that i.e.
        before Diwali week when Tabhi marriage was fixed, Abhi invited Aurora family and Tabhi mehendi function started and Purab’s plan to expose Aaliya/Tanu with a fan who attended Tanu’s party failed.
        Falling kumkum and kismat connection of mehendi on Pragya’s hand by Abhi etc. happened on Friday episode. Since promo of ‘Mohabbat ki jeet’ was released very late on Sunday may be it didn’t boost trp’s heavily.

        Last weeks BARC ratings will be issued on this Thurs i.e. Tabhi Mehndi successfully done, Aliya trapping Pragya in fraud and sending to jail, Sarla blasting Abhi episodes.

  16. Watever happen pragya again will go to MM n getting taunted by those evils n get insulted. ..for pragya it is not new…n she will go to MM N DO ALL HOUSEHOLD WORKS…
    anyway she doesn’t have any SELF RESPECT..evn the evils kill saralama also….she doesnt want to leave Abhi…so called husband. ..

    Omg…please save us

  17. For an idioitic bakwas serial, the writers and producers must be pleasantly surprised that KKB can attract some 75 comments – this will indicate very strong interest by viewers and hence Ekta and dumbo writers/cvs are so thrilled that they will continue to churn the exact illogical rubbish for the next 200 episodes to continue to garner such high outflow of responses and hence significant following by these die-hard viewers – the ML will continue into next year and then as someone has suggested this time Pragya will get ML which will further help to drag the serial. Don’t mean to offend anyone but I am trying to think how our comments may be interpreted as compliments by dumb Ekta and team hihihi.

  18. since v r replying a lot they show us the same crap again again n again….

  19. Wow so many comments on this episode that it must be very flattering to the mentally retarded writers who will take it as strong support and treated as compliments for their fantastic storylines that they still have a huge fan base for this crap serial.

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