Kumkum Bhagya 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with inspector asking Abhi not to interfere, else he will have to be behind bars and starts searching whole house. Daadi asks why police came to her house on diwali day. Aaliya says Abhi saved Pragya’s marriage hall and went behind bars, they have come regarding the same case and searching their house. Taiju taunts that instead of being laxmi, Pragya has become menace for this house. Mitali taunts that all evil spirits enter on amavasya day. Tanu taunts Daasi that she was praising Pragya, now what she has to say. Abhi thinks what they are searching. Inspector gets the document he was searching and comes down. Abhi asks him to stop his suspense and tell what was he searching. Inspector says the marriage hall for which got stay order was illegally approved by passing

orders and he came to get those papers. Pragya takes inspector to the corner and says this marriage hall is in my mother and my name and he can arrest her instead of her husband. He says she is mistaken and he came to arrest someone else. He goes and says he came to arrest Raj as he passed marriage hall stay orders by taking bribe. Raj says he did not take bribe in his lifetime. Taiji says he did not take even 100 rs till now. Inspector says he got order papers from his room and arrests Raj. Mitali says inspector that her husband is innocent. Inspector ask her to stop her drama and takes Raj in jeep.

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Mitali starts alleging Pragya for getting Raj arrested and asks what did she speak to inspector. Pragya says she did not know Raj was involved in this. Mitali asks her to stop her drama and starts twisting Pragya’s hand. Pragya frees her hand and asks her to stop. Mitali says she will teach her a lesson and will beat her and kick her out of this house. She tries to slap her, but Abhi holds her hand and asks why is she slapping Pragya. Mitali says because of her, Raj went to jail. He says it is not her mistake. She asks if he loves her so much that he can let his brother go to jail. He says he has started loving her, so he is taking her side and says she will held even him responsible. She again tries to slap Pragya, but Taiji stops her. Mitali says she did not love Raj as a son at all, so she is taking Pragya’s side. Taiji says Raj went to jail because of your greed and she wants to know the reason behind Raj signing documents first, asks Mitali to walkout from there. She then apologizes Abhi and Pragya and asks them to forgive Mitali.

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Mitali comes to her room and calls her dad. Dad wishes her happy diwali. She informs him that police arrested Raj and says because of my greed, I got Raj’s signatures without his knowledge and sent him to jail. Aaliya comes there and hears her whole conversation. Mitali gets afraid and says she was talking to her dad. Aaliya says she heard her whole conversation. Mitali says she did this as Raj does not give her much money and she did this for her children.

Pragya thinks if Mitali is telling truth, that means Abhi has also started loving her but does not know how to express it. Abhi comes to room and sleeps without talking to her. Pragya then thinks she must be thinking wrong and thinks Abhi is so good that he helps everyone, but hates her. She thinks even she used to hate him, but now loves him a lot, hope even he also loves her. Abhi looks at her and sleeps.

Precap: Abhi says Raj he does not believe him and even he betrayed him like others.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. hawa

    what a show i loved this show it is the best i just hope pragya does not talk to abhi or she will get taunted by him all of a sudden

  2. hawa

    exactly abiha i agree with you but i think they just don’t know how to express their feelings to each other shabbir was my first crush …….. no actually shahrukh khan was

  3. hawa

    mithali is doomed but i don’t think aaliya will expose her because she would probably use this opportunity as a advantage to hurt pragya

  4. Kristelle

    Is everyone except the old heads in this show wrong and strong?!!?! Mitali knows that she did a bad deed and attempted to put it on Pragya?!?!?! Was planning to to watch tonight….but I guess not…..again.

  5. Sea

    abhi all tis and yet u wont defend her when it comes to ur sister. ….jus now will be the biggest test to see if u luv her when aliya accuses her of havin an affair wit suresh I really hope it wont be like how u reacted wit the purab/bulbul thing then the show will be goin in circles….and for sure I ll quit im still hopin for the best only cuz I luv tis show….somewhat

  6. millu

    Happiest moment :: When Abhi came forward to stop Mitali from slapping Pragya. Reveals he has concern for Pragya. Great Abhi.

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