Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sarla turning back and looking at the goons. She gets doubtful. They take Pragya from there. Sarla sees ring on the floor and thinks Pragya brought this for her and me. A fb is shown, Pragya telling Sarla that some uncle was selling rings on the streets, so she brought it. Sarla says I understood. Pragya says one day I will bring gold ring for you and asks her to wear ring. She runs towards the tempo. Janki asks Sarla to come. Sarla runs outside. Pandit ji asks Abhi to make swastika apply on something. Abhi recalls promising Pragya and looks at her hand kerchief. Main Tumko Chahunga plays…..

He imagines Pragya and thinks how can I stay without her. How I will meet her tomorrow, once I marries Tanu then how I will meet her and with which relation. He thinks he will lose

all his happiness because of one promise. Sarla sees goons taking Pragya in tempo and is shocked. She shouts….and tries to fight with them. Janki also comes there. Goons catches Sarla and Janki. Damru hits on Sarla’s head and escape. Janki holds Sarla as she is about to faint.

Aaliya asks Tanu who had made her unconscious. Tanu tells that Purab made her unconscious and made her smell something. Aaliya tells that they got you unconscious and then tried to make Pragya marry Abhi, and made her wear your bridal clothes. Tanu is shocked. Nikhil says their purpose is to get them married. Aaliya says we found you in the bathroom. Tanu says I can’t leave Purab. Nikhil says he could have killed you, but thank god you are saved. Tanu says she will not leave him. Aaliya asks them not to tell them anything and they will be punished if you marries Abhi right infront of their eyes. Nikhil says they thought Abhi will marry Pragya, but you will marry him. When marriage happens, then their dreams will be broken. Aaliya says we will get enjoy double seeing their defeat. She says when you marry Abhi, they will think that Pragya is marrying him, but when they come to know that you have married him, they will be shock. Nikhil says by the time, they come to know this, you will be already married. It is like making them defeat in their own plan. Tanu, Nikhil and Aaliya shake hands.

Pragya wakes up in the tempo and asks goons who are they? They hold her while she asks them to leave her. Janki cries and asks auto driver to help her take Sarla to hospital. Aaliya and Nikhil are taking Tanu downstairs. Tanu feels drowsy. Aaliya tells him that she will take Tanu else Dadi will be doubtful. Tanu asks her to tell Panditji to hurry up marriage. She says she will settle scores with them. Pragya shouts for them. Nikhil thinks Abhi will marry her only. Pragya bites goon hand and shouts for help. Goon hits on her head and she falls down.

Mitali asks Abhi see Tanu coming. Abhi looks at her. Mitali says Tanu is here. Dasi says our bahu came. Pragya falls weak…hamari adhuri kahani plays…..Aaliya makes Tanu sit with Abhi. Goon ties Pragya’s hand. Abhi recalls Pragya telling him I love you. Suddenly Pragya’s handkerchief falls in the havan kund. Abhi tries to take out the watch. Tanu wonders what happened to him. Purab asks him to tell what happened? Mrs. Mehta and others ask what he is searching? Abhi burns his hand while trying to get her watch. Tanu thinks what he was doing and thinks to act like Pragya for sometime. Janki brings Sarla to hospital and admits her. Doctor takes her to emergency. Dadi asks Dasi to bring ice. She asks Abhi why did he put his hand in agni. Abhi says Pragya’s watch and says how he could let it burn.

Aaliya does their ghatbandan. Tanu smiles. Aaliya says finally ghat bandhan happened? Dadi, Dadi and Purab are happy thinking Abhi is marrying Pragya. Pragya is held captive.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hell is going on.from today m not gonna watch this.

  2. I think abhi will get memory back and stop the marriage and at the same time pragya got memory loss becoz two heavy attacks on same place on the head now this is abhi turn to get pragya memory back…………I think so

  3. Illogical nonsense….basic things like police system for criminals and crime like kidnaps etc, marriage certificates or bank documents, joint accounts etc, Does Abhi not know all these ? Whatever accident happened, Pragya was her legal wedded wife, there will be documents and relatives and friends and Press to prove that….Why Pragya, Dadi and Purab need to do drama?? This is height of crap…that the writers are dishing out…all of us fans are watching for a faint hope of the lead pair come together and this stupid serial ends….

  4. With 54 comments, Producers know they have us in their hand. We grumble YET most of us watch. I don’t watch but read updates and love your comments. Why shd they change the script?

    Even tve upcoming updates are titally wrong. So I wonder who is feeding “fake upcoming stories”? Only Indian marsala serials producers do childish things. We fall victims?

  5. Oh no !It’s boring and boring .Pls change the story

  6. Oh no !It’s boring and boring .I don’t want to see job hereafter.

  7. Repetition of same plan for how long. I still don’t understand the show name relation with the show anymore. what do these writers take the viewers for? Dense or stupid?

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