Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya catching Aaliya red handed as the latter steals money from the locker. Pragya asks what are you doing? Aaliya says I am taking money from my house with my right. Pragya says I know your habit. Aaliya says if I would have asked you, then you must have surely rejected. Pragya says you was worried about your ego, and says this house is mine, and asks her to leave. Aaliya says this house is mine. Pragya says you never loved your brother or family and lied to them. Even now you are cheating them. Aaliya asks what is your relation with Bhai now, and asks why you are staying here. She asks her to pack her bags and leave. Pragya says this house and this money is mine. Aaliya says I have taken money, and don’t care about you. Pragya takes the money from her hand and says not infront

of me. I won’t let anything wrong happen infront of me in this house. Aaliya goes angrily. Tanu asks if you are worried about my marriage. Aaliya asks her to come out of her self obsessed life.

Tanu asks what happened? Aaliya says Pragya can say proudly that she has everything. She says Pragya said that everything belongs to her, even though I am Mehra and not her. Tanu says she can say this. Aaliya says she thinks of herself as an owner, and says she will kick her out of house. Tanu says I used to say the same things, but failed. Rachna comes to room and asks Pragya about the money on bed. Pragya says she saw Aaliya stealing money. Rachna says you would have informed Abhi. Pragya says I felt that she is in trouble and desperate to steal the money. She says Aaliya was in some trouble and thinks to find out as Abhi is related to her. Aaliya calls her friend and asks for money. Her friends refuse to give money. Tanu says I am only your best friend. Aaliya asks her to give money. She gets Neil’s call and he says we are meeting in the evening. Aaliya says tomorrow. Neil says I can’t cancel my plans. Aaliya gets tensed. Neil threatens to give proof to Abhi. Aaliya agrees. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will come with her. Aaliya says I will handle him and wonders from where to get the money.

Mitali asks Tai ji to note down today’s day as there are many delicious food here. Tanu asks why we are not eating then? Tai ji says let Pragya come. Tanu says I will eat food. Mitali asks her to be happy. She sees Pragya coming and asks her to smile. Pragya comes and talks on phone. Abhi stares her lovingly. Dadi smiles and sees Abhi looking at Pragya. Dasi says Abhi is staring Pragya. Dadi says he must be planning. Pragya asks everyone to start having food. Abhi thinks I will show her who is real boss. He teases her and moves his feet on her feet. Pragya calls Robin and asks him to get a chair for Abhi. Abhi says I am not getting grip because of oil massage. Pragya asks him to bring chilli for him. She asks Robin about Aaliya. Robin says she said that she is not feeling like eating. Pragya goes to Aaliya’s room and checks her phone. She reads the message sent by Neil and thinks Aaliya is in danger. Pragya and Purab follow Aaliya in the car. Purab asks why we are following her.

Pragya says Aaliya tried to steal money from my room, as someone is blackmailing her. Purab says okay. He tells I want to tell you something, and tells about his conversation with Abhi. He says Abhi want to get you back in his life. Pragya says right now we have to concentrate on Aaliya. Aaliya comes to restaurant and meet Neil. Neil asks did you bring my money? Aaliya says I need some time to arrange money. Purab and Pragya also come to the same place. Pragya says may be bad guy is blackmailing her. Pragya spots Aaliya and informs Purab. Purab says who is with her. Purab says we shall go to that sid and see his face. They see Neil with Aaliya. Pragya says when did he come out of jail and why is he meeting Aaliya. Pragya asks him to call Abhi there. Abhi decorates the room with flowers, and gets romantic. He says I will bring my fuggi. Aaliya asks him to give some time. Neil asks her to help him without wasting time.

Purab calls Abhi and says he is not picking the call. Pragya says we shall go and hear them. Neil says you had hired Vijay to kill Pragya and says he told me everything. He says Bulbul died because of you and says you had cut rope of the chandelier. Pragya and Purab get emotional and shocked. Neil says I have saved you and my political career is ruined because of you. He says I need money right now else I will show proofs to Abhi. Pragya says Bulbul died because of Aaliya. Purab asks her to come. They sit in car. Purab tells Pragya that they shall give money to Neil and get proofs against Aaliya. He says once Aaliya is exposed, Tanu will get weaken. He asks Pragya to go home in a cab and says I will bring Neil home.

Rachna and Dadi come to Abhi’s room. Abhi says so you came Jaaneman. Dadi coughs. Abhi says Jaaneman Dadi. Dadi asks why do these flowers blossoming in your room. Abhi says it is for freshness……Dadi says then why these candles? Rachna says he has something in his heart and want to create romantic environment for someone. Dadi asks him. Abhi says there is no romance in his life as he is trapped between two woman. He says I can’t commit suicide and that’s why pampering myself. Abhi thinks romance came in my life because of my fuggi and thinks to make her confess her true feelings for him. Pragya is in the cab and thinks to get justice for Bulbul.

Aaliya accepts infront of Dadi, Rachna, Pragya, Purab and Akash that Bulbul had committed suicide because of her. She says I will give you open challenge and says even Bhai can’t do anything. Abhi hears her and slaps her hard. He says I have slapped myself and not you, and asks until when she will stoop and make him feel ashamed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. sh

    And how about revealing tanu instead of aaliya for the third time so that until aaliya makes a new plan abhigya can romance!

  2. Aqua

    Finally!!!!!! The writers remembered to seek justice for our innocent and lovely Bulbul’s death! I had stopped watching this show since her death. I will watch it when alia and tanu will get exposed.

  3. Sri

    Absolute rubbish!! They keep trapping Aaliyah!! But she comes back… When will Tanu’s track come to an end???

  4. Shivanya

    Hi gowtham anna ,shobana reji swetha how r you?? Gowtham anna I have that female chorus I don’t know how to send link I too love that chorus

  5. Shivanya

    Reji shobana according to the precap alia is exposed. That means whether corporater helps pragya to expose aaliya??

  6. Dolly

    I think because aliya got married recently makers are giving her some time off by doing this. She will be back though

  7. ruhi

    I think a serial mst hv a villian to spoil romance of love birds. Thats y writers r dragging it sooo much
    why pragya donot asking drctly to neil or deal wid him money for proofs sooo simple
    I think bulbul will cm bck.
    I cnt understand y pragya not telling the truth of tanu to abhi. May be he follow her to help
    writers should think as we do. I love the serials of zee zindagi msssttt no draggggggginggg

  8. Zari

    Precap is awesome…. Finally something good is going to happen…… But how Neil came to mm in yesterday episode???…. I mean what kind of security guards r in mm they let everyone come inside mm….OK I know nikhil was purab’s frnd and also shows abhi that he is his wellwisher so security let nikhil come…. but neil????? Neil was behind abhigyas kidnappinhg …. Media and abhis fans knows that abhigya were kidnapped and it was a police case and neil was arrested for abhigyas kidnapping if media and fans knows about abhigyas kidnapping how is this possible that they don’t know about Neils involvement…. And if everyone knows about neils involvement in kidnapping Then how guards let him go to mm without abhigyas knowledge ??? y they didn’t take their permission???!!!! ???

  9. gowtham

    hi guys…. frst all one help for me…. i need to download one tune from kumkum-bhagya…. normally whn shocking news or sad news coming one female chorus song wilp be played background?? i hope u all understand which tune i am talking about.. plz someone send me tye link to download that tune… i am nt able to find that tune i need it desperately… guys do reply fr this… send me the link…to download it

    and about the episode, it was good… i mean this type of episodes will be good abhis this change over i can watch it frever.. so i dnt have any complaints.. cvs move this track with very good strategy. .. and tanu… i mean tanu is in the position of everest that nobody can touch her… always its aaliya….. tanu happily eats food sitting with wd othera in mm house.. i mean wat right she has?? but she is untouchable position…. we can say king of the chesa board… and aaliya corporater nikhil purvi these people and all juz pawns for her… and tday aaliya says onethng to tanu…. stop being self obsessed about yrself…. i thnk in the end it will only haapen…. tanu will be in mental hospital…. and i will be the frst person to cry fr that??… precap was good…. i thnk purab successfully brings neil and makes him say the truth.. thats why that precap scene is happening…. juz in on episode they did all… if it is in tanus case…. fr following nikhil it will take two days.. to talk to him it will takr five days… and bla bla… but poor aaliya easily exposed…. but i knw writers have no choice to skip it. bcoz shikas marriage date could have been a prob… so they plan to pause the aaliyas role by sending her out frm mm again… aftr sometime she can easily enter.. bcoz we are here to see every nonsense wrk of cvs…. but if she returns aftr 6 mnths also, tanu will be in the kings position… u knw guys i thnk in mm house tanus baby ll born b4 marriage and b4 exposure…. my instinct says this…. anyways its very clear to make aaliya out fr some time… cvs writing these episodes so leta wait fr the upcoming dramas…. we dnt have to consider and goes deeply into this particular track i guess…. and guys send me the link….

  10. arun

    All these shows are a waste of time. It isbbetterbtobgive quality time to your family.

  11. adamu alhaji adamu

    What is to be love here? Always Aliya will be exposed, what about Tanu? when majority of the family knew about the true status of her pregnancy. I am sick and tired of this confuse story. Pls grow up

  12. karthika

    hi frnds how r u guys??i realy missed all u guys in this 10days ..i always kpt thinking about u guys what u all might be chatting??and missed reading all ur comments….i really missed u guys…frnds do u all watched inya iru malargal yesterday…it was juzt anawesome episode….while watching te episodes i kept remembering all of u guys…..i have heard that shikha singh is happily married…congrats for her….shobana sis,gowtham,reji,fowziya,swetha and all other frndssss…..i luv u so much….lots of love for u guys…….especially shobana sis i missed u very badlyyyy my dear elder sister……

    • Fowziya

      Heyy Karthika.. how r yuu? After long time you are commenting, nice to see this!
      We missed you too ?

    • gowtham

      hello missing elder sister but not missing elder brother…. ena ithalam…

      juz kidding… welcome karthika… i too thut of you why she is not commenting nu

      • karthika

        gowtham i just can’t express the feelings how much i missed all u guys???I also missed my elder brother gowtham….

  13. Hai reji, I am hency heavana from Tamil nadu☺.I am a silent reader, I don’t know when is your birthday?. but anyways happy birthday to you?. Let’s your dreams come true☺.

  14. Akshata Chowhan

    Nice precap….and abhi’s reaction to dadi was so cuteeee….stil he’s childish bubbly….hahaha

  15. Fowziya

    So finally they have found out the culprits behind Bulbul’s death.. Aliya got trapped again aaha, but still that witch Tanu is roaming like a free bird, okay everything at his own time, the wheel spins ? !And i love the moment when Abhi was admiring Pragya, it was just marvelous? and he is fully determinated to get back his Fuggy.. and i think after Aliya’s exposure and all, CVS won’t show us some romantic moments as Abhi is upset with Aliya, he was hopefully decorating the room n all for impressing Pragya ?
    And Tamil guyz coming to IIM it was entirely emotional, good episode.. and have you noticed the song selection was not bad also, i mean better then before !

    • gowtham

      fowziya i too noticed… song selection is not bad…. ena sola ethu sola from thanagamagan is out of the world.. awesome… i thut of saying this….

      • karthika

        yes now a days they r playing somewhat nice songs….i got completely infuriated especially in the episode of iim when abhi goes out of mm and comes and hugs him at back…i mean i enjoyed te scene thoroughly in hindi…i felt the emotions of the jodi…but in zee tamizh they just played some boring song and the effect and emotions has become invisible…now better…yesterday’s episode of iim it’s just rocks…they selected better song….today’s episode will also rock….

  16. karthika

    the episode was nice..Atlast abhigya came to know about an unveiled truth for long time…precap looked great…aliya had furiously confessed everything and that’s a nice slap of abhi….i thought that they wll surely dragg some episode to expose those conspiracies of aliya,,,but luckily they exposed….kkb is back in its formmm..

    • gowtham

      no karthika.. actually cvs left wd no option…. bcoz shikas marriage date was 30th april… so she has to go out of the screen… so only cvs planned to expose and give a break to aaliya.. simple… otherwise they couldn’t have done this…. oir kkb never changes

      • karthika

        oh..i see…anyway it’s a happy nws shikha is married…i love her so much…she’s a perfect villain…gowtham i also leena to get married soon…becoz if she’s going to get married they’ll expose tanu and abhigya will unite forever…..gowtham leena is married or unmarried???

  17. Swara

    😀 hey guys Don’t get excited about precap that might be aliya’s dream.. These writers never expose some one easily they drag this track for one more year to expose aliya.. And then another year for tanu.. After tanu’s delivery.. Pragya might take dna test of tanu baby and show to abhi.. Haha worst ever dragging drama..

  18. razia

    I jus can’t get wats happening .. CVS yu r incredible .. Too much of twists .. How many times vl u expose aaliya .. I agree aaliya need to b punished fa bulbuls death .. Bt the truth is not out by Raj .. It’s by her own .. Fa wtf Raj is in the show .. Jus can’t understand

    • Fowziya

      He is just a Chopped Liver ?? count fo nothing! Maybe in the end only we ll come to know if he really helped Pragya n co, but i have deep doubt on Raj !

      • razia

        Even I felt wen the divorce papers wer changed wit nikhil 30%papers .. Bt purab n aakash oly changed not Raj.. Bfor knowing it was purab I thot Raj wud ve changed the papers n only Raj cald abhi to the lawyers office tat nite .. Bt ntng hpnd as v guys guessed .. Only liking abhis antics n his plan noww.. Actually abhigya getn closer more n more nowadays .. Bt vl tat help anymore if pragya is strong abt staying away from abhi even though she knows abhi desperate to get back his fuggy? This is jus stupidity ..

      • Fowziya

        The level of stupidity is too high in this show! I got used to tolerate this crap ?. Yaa like you said it was Purab n Akash who exchanged the papers, but it remains unclear who called Abhi and who took the signature from Tanu..it remains to be seen, we ll have the answers on the day when Tanu ll be exposed! Yes of course it is too dumb beast, Pragya loves Abhi more than anything nd Abhi wants his Fuggy back but still they are not taking a step together! I still don’t understand why Pragya don’t open her mouth, Abhi will surely believe her na..

      • razia

        Bt tanu vl manipulate na fowzi tas y she’s stil not teln abhi anytng .. Bt atleas she might create doubt in abhis mind by saying sumtng abt tanu so tat he may follow tanu .. I agree abhi vl not completely believe pragya cu tanu vl manipulate bt Pragya can atleas create a doubt in abhis mind .. Wat Eva CVS don wan tat they wanna drag 😉 let’s wait .. Wat ela v can do .. Bt really I’m jus enjoyn abhi fa the past week .. He’s too adorable n sriti
        too cute nowadays la .. The way she’s avoiding abhis proximity 😉

      • Fowziya

        Haaaan yess Razi you are absolutely right.. Tanu can easily manipulate Abhi with her manipulating skills.. i think we hav to wait a little more for the most awaited moment “Abhigya’s reunion” .. Yaa nowadays Shabir n Srithi’s moments are soo soo cute, enjoying it to pa ☺

  19. HaI reji akka, gowtham Anna.fpwziya?,swetha,shobana? Pratiksha and kkb fans. I am hency from Tamil nadu.I have completed 12th stdio and waiting for the result.can I join u all will u all accept me as your friend.I have already requested u all but there was no response.I feel really worried as there was no one speak well with me.my father was died fours years back.I really miss him. I thought u all will accept me as your friend .please comment me.I will be really happy if I get friends like u all who cares for me.

    • karthika

      hi hency.i’m karthika from tamil nadu…of course u r most welcome to this page and u r also one of our frnd…..i’m younger than u…wish u best of luck for ur results…

    • Hi Hancy?welcome in our group. Off course we accepts u as friend. Even everybody can join us as a friend. Our discussions, Chatings r open for all. Sorry for late response as I didn’t noticed ur post. Sad to hear it that u have lost ur father. May god give peace of his soul and strength to u to live ur life without him. Don’t feel u alone as ur dad will always stay with u in his blessings for u which will give u all the strength to face every situation in ur life and we r also with u as a friend, whenever u will need. So once again, ur most welcome in our friends group. Keep in touch.?

    • gowtham

      hency u r welcome… yesterday itself i welcomed you… and al d best fr 12th…. by the way reji is not yr akka… she is studying 11th only…. and keep commenting… always.. u r welcome

    • Fowziya

      Hii Hency.. of course you can join us ☺
      sorry i didn’t noticed your comment before otherwise i might give replay to your comment.. don’t feel rejected, once they will see your comment, sure they ll give replay.

    • Hai hency???
      Hearty welcome dear…
      Sorry to hear that u lost ur father.. But don’t feel sad yaar.. He is with all the time… just think positive
      Our thoughts only vl change our mood that no one can.. If they can also it depends on our decisions n feelings.. Ohh bahuth hogaya..Don’t stress ur mind?
      1ce again welcome dear?

    • Hi hency dear your most welcome in fact yesterday also am welcome u not only me even reji gowtham also welcome u i think nee pakala right it’s ok don’t be sad be happy:-D:-D:-D:-*:-*:-*:-* apudi oruvela nee sad da feel panna engaloda chat pannu apudi eillana daily evening 5pm sun music la freeyavidu show paru thanala sirikalam:-D;-)

  20. Sahithi

    Corporator is brought back to expose Alia and Alia will be out of action n from MM for sometime. So corporator may also be seen for these 2-3 episodes. Nikhil also left Tanu’s side for timebeing. Whenever some character leaves we see another character entering either a re-entry or rarely a new entry.

    Any guesses who may now help Tanu before she is exposed?

    • Sahithi I just don’t understand tanu’s presence in mehra house still. Almost peoples knows her truth. Pragya has been spoil her plan of marriage with abhi forever. Abhi too have decided to move on with pragya. And tanu herself has been accepted her defeat and this fact that now she cannot do anything to defeat pragya. So for what she is waiting for? Her exposure in front of abhi! She is waiting for one more attempt with the help of aaliya but now aaliya too is going out from the picture for sometime. So after aaliya’s exit, on which base she will stay in mehra house? Sword is hanging upon her neck and she is walking on eggshells. But then also she is still present in mehra house without any right and solid reason. God knows who will help her now? Nikhil, corporator or mitali but it is rubbish to watch for me tanu’s stay in mehra house without any strong base and pragya’s wait for next move of tanu to expose her. During this, time I m watching the show only for abhigya’s romance and just enjoying abhi’s antics, keeping other things aside.That’s it.

    • Sahithi for ur information nikhil is doing shoot. I saw some fresh pic from the kkb’s set. So may b in absence of aaliya, he might help tanu in his greedyness or may b his will plans will b something else. But he will b seen again in upcoming episodes. Let’s see.

  21. Fowziya

    Wrll Sahiti Tanu is a no*1 DRAMA QUEEN, she is very good at this, maybe she can easily manipulate Nikhil and make him stay by her side or the corporator maybe? It is just a guess, because whenever we say one thing CVS always shows us the opposite of the guess with their twists and turns..

  22. I don’t want to think abt upcoming episodes now?
    But wanna talk abt yesterday’s episode… It was damn good that when ABHI GLARING AT PRAGYA… WAHHH HE IS SOOOO CUTE WITH HIS EXPRESSIONS
    And aliya n Neil’s conversation also i hv felt like somewhat comedy?
    Precap is awesome???

  23. Thanks fr ur comments guys m happy to c all ur comments bout me nd tis serial episode was nice bt littl dragging no problm ithuvum kadanthu pogum dont wrry guyss vr near to truth ……..ys guys my mom s cancer patient nd I lost my elder brother in accident ….two yrs befr sooo tat was my story tats y I taking care evryting house wrk nd scool wrk ……
    Nd one gud news guys m gona engaged…..inshalah aftr ramzan my engmnt s fixd pls pray fr my futre…..nd fr my mom especially. ……
    Hellooooo hency ur welcom dear inshalah don’t worry u ll gy gud results nd uill pass n frst class wit gud marks com v all r one family dear dont feel bad I can undrstnd u lost ur father nd I lost my brother its all god wish v cant do anything living nd dieing in gods hand u pray fr him nd aim gud to becom somting in futre dont leav studies coz education s must fr u guys all the bst fr ur futre maa…..guys dont gt bore as m teacher giving lecture wat evr I said is fact….ten wat elsee….reply me guyss

    • Oh wow fatima?congrats dear. May u get a very happy married life and future with ur would b husband. May god give u and ur mom strength to defeat every problem. U r not at lost infact at the beginning of new life with new relationships. So move forward to welcome for ur new life and journey happily with the blessings of ur parents and elder ones. U did a great job by fulfilling ur duties towards them. It will never go in vain. U will get it’s gud results for sure. Fatima our peoples stay with us or not physically but they always stay with us emotionally by heart. They always stays in our heart and we always stays in their blessings. So think positive and stay hopeful. Once again many congratulations to u.?

    • sheetha

      proud of u fathima that u r taking care of your famil and ur work… conrats for ur engagement wish u a life full of love and happines… take care of ur mom…

    • NJoy

      Really happy to hear about your engagement sister. And may god will bless you with happy peaceful and prosperous future.

    • Brintha

      congrats fathima.. hearty wishes for ur beautiful life… may god bless with u in all his concerns.. ???

  24. karthika

    tanu is helpless at present..aliya will be thrown out of mm..mithali is just a joker so she can’t help tanu…corporator will not help tanu as if he knows the truth of tanu’s baby,immediately he’ll think to earn from it…he’ll ready to expose it to abhi…as pratiksha said nikhil is shooting so nikhil could help tanu…tanu is from those persons who’ll not accept defeat..so she’ll do anything for her love i.e.MONEY..they will drag somewhat more to expose tanu…but i can able to bear this dragging for abhigya’s romance….abhi is flying in another world…..aiming in the mission to bring his fuggy back….the cvs will drag to expose tanu becoz it ‘s a tactis to keep the trps high….but whatever now a days i thoroughly enjoy kkb…

  25. Shana

    Fathima nd hency Not 2 worry friends. It’s all our destiny created by God.. I’ll pray almighty God 4 your gd future and whole life…

  26. gowtham

    ok guys tel me this… what is rhe name of dadi…?? ??
    i used to say dadi dadi…. but till now i dnt knw her name… say guys??

  27. razia

    I jus can’t stop laughn at abhi after seeing the segment 😉 y he’s chasing pragya Luke this omg .. I’m.in jus love wid dis abhi ..

    • Sahithi

      I didnt watch the segment yet, but u r increasing my curiosity. In yday espi itself Abhi’s expressions were hilarious at the dinning table. Couldn’t stop laughing. But best part was Tanu was sitting right opposite to him and we dont know when Tanu will become wicked n evil and when she will turn stupid. She was in hurry to eat only yday 🙂 🙂 When Tanu was serving food in hurry and Abhi was looking at her, as if she does not exist.

      But what is scary is after showing some fun moments, we dont know on which day we may have to go thru extreme torture by these writers. Hope they save us from such torture for atleast next 1-2 weeks.

      Btw I also LOVE Abhi, not only flirting Abhi but all types of Abhi 😉

      • Hai Sahithi where are u from?

        I to love Abhi?
        I’m big fan of shabir???
        And i got wishes from him on my b’day❤(twitter)

    FIRST SCENE- After getting pragya’s consolation and after coming out from the sorrow becoz of aaliya, Abhi and pragya comes in their decorated room. Pragya consoles abhi and makes his mood fine by confessing her feelings for him. Abhi gets happy and hugs pragya. Just then tanu about to enter in the room but after seeing their hug, tanu gets fumes and worried. She leaves from there with disappointed mood. Later when abhi tries to get more close with pragya then to stop him, pragya makes excuse that and says abhi misunderstood her. She did all this just beciz to make his mood fine becoz she us his boss and now they have become friends so that’s why she can’t see him in bad mood. Pragya says that she was just doing drama. Abhi doesn’t agree with her and says that no u were not doing drama. Abhi gets naughty with her and tries to make her weak by getting close with her romantically but pragya trues to keep distance from him and tries to get rid if him some how but abhi doesn’t let her leave. Later somehow pragya manages to escape and abhi falls asleep on his bed and pragya lies on the couch. She sees abhi from there emotionally but at the same time a happiness too comes on her face.
    Second scene:-
    Abhi brings pragya out for a date as pragya said to him to take her out for a date. They comes at some club type place where emraan hashmi too comes with his two heroines nargis fakri and prachi Desai to promote their upcoming movie “Azhar”. They meets with abhi and pragya and discusses about their upcoming movie. Abhi introduces pragya as his wife for them. Pragya praises emraan’s character as azhar in azhar movie and says she is a huge fan of Mohammad azharuddin. Abhi teases her and makes joke of her. Pragya too gives back to him in joking way. They have some cute nok-jhoks with each other. Emraan and his twos heroines praises abhigya as a cute couple. Abhi and pragya dances with nargis fakri on stage and shares some moves with her. Later emraan leaves with his two heroines after offering abbi and pragya to watch their movie. Abhi promises to watch it. After their leaving, abhi says to pragya that he will take her for an unforgettable date.

  29. Hai reji,Naa ippathan yesterday comments pathean.and I am from trichy reji.gowtham Anna said that you are studying 11th. Please concentrate well dear because from this year there will no cut off marks also.all the best for your studies.best of luck.

  30. Thank you so much for your reply gowtham Anna, swetha, kutty, fathima, sheeta, karthika,fowziya, pratiksha ,Shane. I an really so happy that I got these many friends.I feel very lonely as no one speak well with me in my house.I started reading your comments
    In only kkb every commenters bonded well.I am a silent reader. I am really happy to be a part of u all.thank u so much for your support. I got many new friends in my life.?

    • ஸ்வேதா

      Hi hencey why this much of sad ya befor i told u na nee yepo sad or lonely ya feel pannalum just chat with us u feel relax or sun music la freeyavidu show paru ill be happy:-D

  31. Team Azhar will be coming on Kumkum Bhagya to promote their upcoming movie ‘Azhar’. Emraan Hashmi, Nargis Fakhri & Prachi Desai will be making an appearance along with Abhi Pragya. AbhiGya are shown doing their cute nok jhok in front of them too To incorporate this movie promotion Abhi and Pragya will be going on a date.

    Apart from this we will also see Pragya telling Abhi that she loves him. This will make a sad Abhi very happy & divert his mind from Alia. Later, Pragya will take back her own words & will say that she wanted to cheer him up as they are officially friends and as his boss she has to make sure he is happy. Abhi won’t believe her & out rightly rejects her claim that she was doing natak (pretending).

    Abhi says to Pragya, ‘Kahe mera mood bana ke apna mood bigaad rahi ho’ Abhi gets naughty and wants to come close to Pragya. Pragya asks him what he’ll take to be quiet to which Abhi says ‘A HUG’.

    In another scene, Tanu will see AbhiGya hug each other in their room and get jealous and angry & go away.


    VIDEO: https://t.co/DMFSktXxJF


    VIDEO: https://t.co/O7w6HOQA1E

  32. shaanu

    hiii guys…am shaanu am new to comments
    am having a dout tht aakash n rachana saved bulbul and they know that where she is……
    n with in a few days bulbul will back…..
    n abhi will know tan’s screet by himself in some or the other way…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.