Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Pragya catching Aaliya red handed as the latter steals money from the locker. Pragya asks what are you doing? Aaliya says I am taking money from my house with my right. Pragya says I know your habit. Aaliya says if I would have asked you, then you must have surely rejected. Pragya says you was worried about your ego, and says this house is mine, and asks her to leave. Aaliya says this house is mine. Pragya says you never loved your brother or family and lied to them. Even now you are cheating them. Aaliya asks what is your relation with Bhai now, and asks why you are staying here. She asks her to pack her bags and leave. Pragya says this house and this money is mine. Aaliya says I have taken money, and don’t care about you. Pragya takes the money from her hand and says not infront

of me. I won’t let anything wrong happen infront of me in this house. Aaliya goes angrily. Tanu asks if you are worried about my marriage. Aaliya asks her to come out of her self obsessed life.

Tanu asks what happened? Aaliya says Pragya can say proudly that she has everything. She says Pragya said that everything belongs to her, even though I am Mehra and not her. Tanu says she can say this. Aaliya says she thinks of herself as an owner, and says she will kick her out of house. Tanu says I used to say the same things, but failed. Rachna comes to room and asks Pragya about the money on bed. Pragya says she saw Aaliya stealing money. Rachna says you would have informed Abhi. Pragya says I felt that she is in trouble and desperate to steal the money. She says Aaliya was in some trouble and thinks to find out as Abhi is related to her. Aaliya calls her friend and asks for money. Her friends refuse to give money. Tanu says I am only your best friend. Aaliya asks her to give money. She gets Neil’s call and he says we are meeting in the evening. Aaliya says tomorrow. Neil says I can’t cancel my plans. Aaliya gets tensed. Neil threatens to give proof to Abhi. Aaliya agrees. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will come with her. Aaliya says I will handle him and wonders from where to get the money.

Mitali asks Tai ji to note down today’s day as there are many delicious food here. Tanu asks why we are not eating then? Tai ji says let Pragya come. Tanu says I will eat food. Mitali asks her to be happy. She sees Pragya coming and asks her to smile. Pragya comes and talks on phone. Abhi stares her lovingly. Dadi smiles and sees Abhi looking at Pragya. Dasi says Abhi is staring Pragya. Dadi says he must be planning. Pragya asks everyone to start having food. Abhi thinks I will show her who is real boss. He teases her and moves his feet on her feet. Pragya calls Robin and asks him to get a chair for Abhi. Abhi says I am not getting grip because of oil massage. Pragya asks him to bring chilli for him. She asks Robin about Aaliya. Robin says she said that she is not feeling like eating. Pragya goes to Aaliya’s room and checks her phone. She reads the message sent by Neil and thinks Aaliya is in danger. Pragya and Purab follow Aaliya in the car. Purab asks why we are following her.

Pragya says Aaliya tried to steal money from my room, as someone is blackmailing her. Purab says okay. He tells I want to tell you something, and tells about his conversation with Abhi. He says Abhi want to get you back in his life. Pragya says right now we have to concentrate on Aaliya. Aaliya comes to restaurant and meet Neil. Neil asks did you bring my money? Aaliya says I need some time to arrange money. Purab and Pragya also come to the same place. Pragya says may be bad guy is blackmailing her. Pragya spots Aaliya and informs Purab. Purab says who is with her. Purab says we shall go to that sid and see his face. They see Neil with Aaliya. Pragya says when did he come out of jail and why is he meeting Aaliya. Pragya asks him to call Abhi there. Abhi decorates the room with flowers, and gets romantic. He says I will bring my fuggi. Aaliya asks him to give some time. Neil asks her to help him without wasting time.

Purab calls Abhi and says he is not picking the call. Pragya says we shall go and hear them. Neil says you had hired Vijay to kill Pragya and says he told me everything. He says Bulbul died because of you and says you had cut rope of the chandelier. Pragya and Purab get emotional and shocked. Neil says I have saved you and my political career is ruined because of you. He says I need money right now else I will show proofs to Abhi. Pragya says Bulbul died because of Aaliya. Purab asks her to come. They sit in car. Purab tells Pragya that they shall give money to Neil and get proofs against Aaliya. He says once Aaliya is exposed, Tanu will get weaken. He asks Pragya to go home in a cab and says I will bring Neil home.

Rachna and Dadi come to Abhi’s room. Abhi says so you came Jaaneman. Dadi coughs. Abhi says Jaaneman Dadi. Dadi asks why do these flowers blossoming in your room. Abhi says it is for freshness……Dadi says then why these candles? Rachna says he has something in his heart and want to create romantic environment for someone. Dadi asks him. Abhi says there is no romance in his life as he is trapped between two woman. He says I can’t commit suicide and that’s why pampering myself. Abhi thinks romance came in my life because of my fuggi and thinks to make her confess her true feelings for him. Pragya is in the cab and thinks to get justice for Bulbul.

Aaliya accepts infront of Dadi, Rachna, Pragya, Purab and Akash that Bulbul had committed suicide because of her. She says I will give you open challenge and says even Bhai can’t do anything. Abhi hears her and slaps her hard. He says I have slapped myself and not you, and asks until when she will stoop and make him feel ashamed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Team Azhar will be coming on Kumkum Bhagya to promote their upcoming movie ‘Azhar’. Emraan Hashmi, Nargis Fakhri & Prachi Desai will be making an appearance along with Abhi Pragya. AbhiGya are shown doing their cute nok jhok in front of them too To incorporate this movie promotion Abhi and Pragya will be going on a date.

    Apart from this we will also see Pragya telling Abhi that she loves him. This will make a sad Abhi very happy & divert his mind from Alia. Later, Pragya will take back her own words & will say that she wanted to cheer him up as they are officially friends and as his boss she has to make sure he is happy. Abhi won’t believe her & out rightly rejects her claim that she was doing natak (pretending).

    Abhi says to Pragya, ‘Kahe mera mood bana ke apna mood bigaad rahi ho’ Abhi gets naughty and wants to come close to Pragya. Pragya asks him what he’ll take to be quiet to which Abhi says ‘A HUG’.

    In another scene, Tanu will see AbhiGya hug each other in their room and get jealous and angry & go away.


    VIDEO: https://t.co/DMFSktXxJF


    VIDEO: https://t.co/O7w6HOQA1E

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