Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu doubting on Pragya’s intention to help her, and says she shall take Aaliya’s help, but then thinks she is alone as even Raj will not help her. She thinks to take Abhi’s help and thinks to talk to him. Abhi is still playing the guitar, and imagines Pragya. He thinks what is happening with him and why he is seeing fuggi. He reminiscences old Pragya/fuggi and the happy moments with her. He smiles at the thought, but feels pain too. He plays the music. Tanu comes to his room and sees him playing guitar. She thinks there is something for sure. She sits beside him and asks him to continue playing guitar. Abhi says my old memories are related with this guitar, which I don’t want to recall. Tanu wonders what to do and what to ask with him? She says I heard you playing guitar

and came. She says I talked to Pragya and she told that she is at loss. She says if Pragya suffers any loss, then she will not let us get any profit. Abhi asks what do you mean? Tanu says if she suffer loss then she will refuse for divorce and then our marriage can’t happen. Abhi says he haven’t talk to her till now, and fears about her rejection. Tanu thinks what might be the reason for Pragya help to me. Abhi plays guitar again.

Later Pragya wakes up and sees Abhi sleeping. She thinks to leave before he wakes up. Abhi falls down from the couch, gets up and thinks where is Pragya? He thinks I will talk to her today. Pragya comes out of the dressing room and thinks he might have went out. Just then Abhi comes to room. Pragya is tensed seeing him. Abhi asks if she is escaping from him. He says you said that you will talk to me in the morning. Pragya says I said, but….she sits down to talk. Abhi thinks how to start? He says you aren’t giving me chance to speak, so I will talk to the point? Pragya thinks she is trapped and he will tell now.

Abhi says this is not the right time to talk because of Sarla’s condition, and says he can compromise but can’t do injustice with his baby. Pragya thinks he is not his blood and he is mistaken. Abhi says I can’t marry Tanu until you give me divorce. Pragya gets up and says I can’t allow you so early. Abhi says I will earn more money and will compose 4 songs daily. Pragya says I need time to think. Abhi says my fuggi wanted me to marry Tanu. Pragya thinks we are already divorced. Abhi folds his hands and asks Pragya to agree, and says he will be at her service all his life. Pragya says I can understand, and needs time. Abhi says I am trying to make you understand with love, and says don’t force me to force you to give divorce.

Pragya refuses to give divorce and asks what he will do? Abhi says no, and says legally you are my wife and I am legally your husband. He says we are married since long time, I didn’t get any emotional or physical love. He says it is my right to fulfill my needs, and says I will do everything. He says I can lift you in my arms, can keep you on bed and romance….Sanam Re……………..plays…..Pragya goes out of room. Abhi wonders what I was doing? I wanted to scare her, but was doing it. Pragya comes to Sarla’s room and cries thinking about Abhi’s words. Abhi is tensed too thinking about his words. Pragya cries. Abhi thinks I got emotional instead of scaring her. He looks at fuggi and rockstar toy, and tells himself that you can’t love her as she is just fuggi’s lookalike, and not fuggi. Pragya thinks to tell truth and clear the distance between them. Abhi thinks I can’t do this as I have promised Tanu, and she is carrying my baby. He says this is wrong and breaks glass with his hand, hurting his hand.

Sarla hears her crying and thinks where is my daughter. She moves her finger and drops the injection bottles with it. Pragya comes near her and asks if she is fine? Sarla blinks her eyes and cries. Pragya asks her not to cry and says these tears are given by me. She says I am tired of lying and hiding truth from Abhi, says she can’t hide her feelings and want to be with him. She says Abhi asked for divorce from her and says I can’t handle anymore, cries badly.

Pragya tells that Sarla wanted to express her wish and says I can’t give you divorce until she tells me why did she give your hand in my hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Now its getting tooo much…. jitne acche zee news channel wale hai uttne acche zee tv ke writers kyu nhi hai???
    And 2 confusions-
    1. I wonder Abhi ko kaise yaad nhi ki uska or pragya ka divorce ho chukka hai??
    2. Vaise bhi divorce court me ho mutually hota hai, or agr bahar hota hai to court ki mohor hoti hai, vo sb to hua hi nhi tha as uske baad pragya ka new avatar me entry dikha di thi…??
    To ab kya manne divorce hua ya nhi…

  2. mary

    plzzzzzzzz bring abhi nd pragya together soooooonnnnnn……………. tanu plz stop ure drama nd get lost..

  3. Akanksha

    I think the CVs don’t know about the latest invention – a pen and a paper. Sarla can use the pen and paper to write the name. Alternatively, Pragya can use a slate and a chalk and write Alphabets one after another and Sarla can point to the alphabet of the first name of the person.

    four songs daily!! do the CVs think before they write? Who will listen so many songs? Where is Ekta getting her CVs? I am ready to volunteer and would at least write something sensible.

  4. Lorena

    Even if the truth is not revealed i loved today’s episode and i think Sarla will get better soon so she can tell the truth.I hope this will happen.Abghya too nice today??

  5. simar

    episode was good but still vahi rona tanu ko kab expose karo ge yaar sida sida DNA test karalo pata chal jaye ga ki bacha abhi ka ha ya nhi konsi duniya ki story hai yaar khatam hi nhi ho rhi

  6. I love the casting and chemistry between #Abhigya my only problem with this serial is too much dragging without progress.This Tanu thing has been going for so long now!when they are almost about to xpose her,something goes wrong!there are many episodes to talk about in Kumkum bhagya but no it’s always about Tanu!ever since Kum Kum bhagya started airing Abhi and pragya have never been able to settle well in their life dispite being married.i hope Ekta kapoor or who ever is in charge of writing this script to bring positive change or else am out

  7. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I have an idea sarla can have lip moment they can bring one teacher and tell what sarla is up to Na?? Anyone agree with me?? They are draggging. See sooo less comments on kkb page?? first this show will get 30comments within 1hrs but now it did not cross ten itself

    • Shobana

      ranaji if they bring teacher and all with in a fraction of sec the track will get over and ekta kapoor has to close her production and go home only

      and one more thing if sarla ma is willing to say truth also pragya wont allow she will again start we dont have proof bla bla….

    • Reji

      Narendran I already no na as shobana said know CVS will not allow any logical scenes in their show and Lol!!! Tanu’s pregnancy period it’s going more than a elephant then how will CVS will allow logical scene ,,?? And if pragya arranged that teacher it is doing only sarla will show lip movements!

    • Sreya

      and wat if tat teacher will be bribed by Nikhil…….he is also like tat stupid tanu….but he has sum dimag which tanu doesn’t evn hv a little…..

  8. razia

    A veryy emotional episode .. Cant see her crying .. I felt how much she is going thru .. They both suffer alot .. Abhi behaved totally diff .. So sarla cud move a lill then it means she’s recovering na ?

    • Reji

      Ya razia in iru malargal tanu entered MM with the help of pragya and their drama started but here I think tanu’s exposure is nearing but when? No idea about it be????

      • razia

        My mom is asking reji .. Wen vl she stop cheating abhi .. She doesn knows wat happened in Hindi .. I told her .. Ma Hindi n Tamil difference is around 9 months. . yet they dint expose in Hindi. . so don’t even guess she ll get exposed. . u ve to wait for at least a year nu .. She said aiyo 😉

  9. gowtham

    todays episode was good….. emotional episode….. need something like this…. not dragging and irritating tanu…. abhgya va sikram sethu vainga pa… eager

  10. karthika

    akansha as sarla is paralysed she can’t move her body and strain so she can’t write anything.but ur second idea is good as pragya can do that and ask her mother to blink her eye lid.pragya can even tell alphabets one after other.there r so many notions which they can able to use,but they have to really drag this crap.first i also thought about this idea.whatever they need to drag so they do not hear to our suggestions.

  11. karthika

    akanksha as sarla is paralysed she can’t move her body and strain so she can’t write anything.but ur second idea is good as pragya can do that and ask her mother to blink her eye lid.pragya can even tell alphabets one after other.there r so many notions which they can able to use,but they have to really drag this crap.first i also thought about this idea.whatever they need to drag so they do not hear to our suggestions.

  12. karthika

    please unite abhigya yaar.they r made for each other on screen.they r my favourite pair.their story is also really admiring.hamari maange poori karo! poori karo!poori karo!unite abhigya.

  13. Swetha

    Hi karthika am good nice to chat u and very emotional episode writers don’t do this yar can’t see pragya’s crying;-( but she it so cute love u shriti:-*

  14. Swetha

    Karthika you know hindi why should i ask you because you write some words in hindi so that’s y ill ask u and hei all my tamil friends u all watch yeh hai mohabbatein and saath nibhaana saathiya in tamil

  15. Reji

    Guys after long time I am seeing your comments but I am not well and now only I am feeling better but I don’t know wat happened in kkb but with the updates I can say that still they r dragging and pratiksha now tanu is lonely without will this be a right time for pragya to catch tanu?

  16. karthika

    hi swetha.good to see u.tamil kkb is gonna be to emotional in upcoming episodes.don’t miss to watch it.sriti will be like cutie pie in those episodes

  17. karthika

    yes swetha i know hindi very well as my father is a hindi teacher it is something like inherited traits.

  18. karthika

    hai reji.i’m karthika .r u fine now.get well soon.nothing changed in hindi yaar.it is still draggingggggg.i think the tag line of kkb should be kept “drag “.in tamil kkb is gonna be emotional.soon dadi will come to know tanu’s secret and she will ask abhi to get out in that scene pragya will hug abhi back in front of all.it will be emotional.and amid there will pragya’s fake pregnancy drama will also arise when she accuse indu dadi for steal and tanu will prove pragya as culprit and between that reports will come which mentions that pragya is pregnant.don’t miss these galatas reji .bye take care.

  19. guys dont u think this is a repeated episode the same situation happened during mms track when abhi was fully drunken difference is that time he was drunken but now he is not that time also he came closer to pragya saying that he has that right as he is her legal husband that time pragya pushed abhi out of the room but now pragya went out of the room that time as abhi is out he went to tanus room but now pragya went to sarla maa room i wonder why the cvs are dragging

  20. Sahithi

    Very nice episode in a while, not because of Abhigya scenes, but overall had so many variations. Sometimes Abhigya scenes are looking like forced, but yday every dialogue, every expression was too good. Worth repeated watching. The episode belonged totally to Abhi and Shabir rocked it.

    The first scene with guitar, remembering his Fuggy, his lack of interest to speak to Tanu, confrontation with Pragya, going from a normal tone to request to aggression and again turning romantic. Then pain n somewhat helplessness to forget Pragya for the baby’s sake, breaking the glass.

    And after long time, liked Sriti’s costume n she really looked beautiful, like a doll. But her tears towards the end 🙁 🙁

    Most irritating part is Tanu, when she knows Abhi doesn’t love her, her child’s father is someone else n now knowing that Abhi’s property is also not his, this sort of emotional blackmail n being bent to marry Abhi, is so disgusting!!

  21. karthika

    hey tamil frnds.did anyone heard or watched promo of new serial BAHU HAMARI RAJNIKANTH.it is telecasting in life ok.did u all notice the title naming rajnikanth.yes frnds this a serial the bahu has various roops or styles.so the saas can’t able to understand her bahu’s talent because of that only they have titled as compared to our thalaiva superstar rajnikanth.we need to feel so proud right.guys will u watch ibd in zee tv.this week is finale week.

  22. Neha

    Ye writers ku tanu ki pregnency ke alava dusri trak nahi milri shayad isiliye ekhich trak ko itne dino se chalare yeh trak kab end hoga and abhi and pragya kab milenge bohut hogaya plz end this trak

    • Shobana

      ya razia bt i feel sriti has become little fat
      i dont used to watch in tamil bt 3 days before when i saw her in tamil she looked slim
      bt in hindi now she is looking little fat

      since we r watching her daily we were nt able to recognise her

  23. sheetha

    now a days my mom started scolding for watching this.. becos in tamil and hindi same track is going…

  24. hema

    Pratiksha missed u lot..what about jaydeep… If there is anyone please update…. Today episode…. Now in tamil..irritating tanu track is started..

  25. prathima

    Last vallaintain day per Malum padatha ki tanu pragnent hai ek saal hua still deliver nahi hua

  26. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I am fed up with this show I am crying???i started watching this show from tanu pregnancy track from there till now no improvement stupid ekta mam she can give advise to writers Na????

  27. ranaji u r right but i don’t know how many dramas they will do to expose one truth …… this is my doubt guys …….. to expose tanu’s baby’s father they r doing too much of dramas ….. pragya changed her makeover …..dadi and bulbul put a plan . purab and sarla come to know about the truth these much dramas means when will all these dramas sort out ?? and wen will tanu be exposed??

  28. guys i saw some pics of todays episode nothing much tanu comes to abhis room and see abhis hand and dresses the wound in other pics pragya see abhis hand and kisses his hand and hugs him it looks like a dream in another pic pragyas team gather and ronnie dresses up as a blackmailer and prepares to act before tanu in another pic pragya see broken glass pieces with blood and asks abhi about it but abhi hides his wounded hand at the back but pragya pulls the hand and asks abhi about it and she feels sorry for him

  29. Sahithi

    Saw some spoiler pics for today epi – Tanu comes n puts bandage for Abhi’s hand. Pragya comes n sees broken glass n tries to see if Abhi hurt his hand in anger. He denies n hides hand, but Pragya forcibly pulls his hand n is sad seeing bandage n that Abhi got hurt. she gets first aid box but disappointed that Tanu took care of Abhi’s injury.
    Both have small dream that Pragya took care of the injury n that they hugged 🙁 🙁

    Always dreams, reality is all painful.

    • ya sahithi u r right i think this scene is after abhi hurted his hands ….. and it will be very disappointing for pragya that tanu treated for abhi’s injury…….

  30. Naduni

    hi friends im a sri lankan fan of kkb ,im daily reads all of ur comments. i think after this month we can see our fuggi back . is bulbul coming to da show again??
    is suresh and cooperator know about bulbul’s death??

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