Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya come face to face, past hurts their present

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The Episode starts with Pragya and King are coming towards Abhi, just then they hear Mr. Wick’s announcement asking everyone to come near the stage. He asks Rockstar and Rapstar to come on the stage. King and Abhi go to stage. Pragya couldn’t see Abhi. Chachi comes there and asks her to tell head chef to make starters ready. Abhi and King stand on the stage. Mr. Wick tells that it was difficult to bring both of them in his album and asks Roy to get album cover. He thanks King for giving party in his house and says I must say that this is one of the best parties I have ever seen in my life. King tells that the credit to the party’s decoration, ambience, theme, personal touch all goes to his wife. He says Mr. Wick was right that it is not easy to bring both of us together, but he is a smart businessman

and said that we got business marriage done. Abhi thinks his sense of humor is bad. King says Mr. Rockstar has become my professional wife and that’s why I want my professional and personal wife to meet each other. Pragya comes and stands beside King. King turns to Abhi and says meet my wife…rockstar. He moves away. Pragya and Abhi see each other and get shocked and emotional. Sad music plays…

Abhi gets tears in his eyes. He recalls seeing Pragya in police station asking Inspector to give a chance to her husband, they are married since 7 years and that he can’t do anything wrong. Mr. Wick announces that Abhi will launch the album cover. King comes to Pragya and asks her to talk to his client from London. Pragya takes the call and goes to side. Abhi opens the album cover ribbon. He looks at Pragya and goes to her. He says you? Pragya looks at him with tears in her eyes. King says you might want to say that she is amazing and says she will be, as she is my wife. Abhi gets down the stage. King asks Pragya, don’t mind him leaving and says he is very egoistic. He asks if she talked to London client. Abhi goes to the bar in the party hall and asks for large peg. Pragya goes to his crying. Judaa hoke Bhi song plays……Abhi gets tears in his eyes recalling their moments. Pragya is about to go to him, but King stops her and asks what happened? Pragya says nothing and goes. Abhi drinks and recalls the happenings before she left. Song continues to play.

Chachi comes and asks Pragya to talk to Tarun. Pragya says I need to talk to him first. Chachi thinks she is talking about King and asks her to go. Pragya goes other way searching Abhi. Abhi recalls their romantic moments. Pragya again comes back to Abhi. He asks for one more drink. Waiter says you already had much. Abhi scolds him and asks him to give large peg. Pragya hears him and is teary eyes. She comes to him and is about to hold his shoulder, but stops recalling Abhi throwing her out of his life. She moves from there.

Disha brings project material for Sunny and Disha. Kiara says they will make project some other day. She says Dadi must be fine by now. Disha asks what happened to Dadi. Kiara says she had a sprain in her leg, but now she has treated her. Disha says you are smart. Kiara says she knows another way to treat Dadi and that is a diversion. She tells Disha that she is also smart. Disha smiles. Kiara goes to the washroom.

Pragya thinks of Abhi insulting and blaming her for Dadi’s death. Abhi thinks I tried to talk to her, but she didn’t take even my name. Pragya thinks she was speechless when she saw him and was happy with his feeling. Abhi thinks you would have asked me how am I? He says I want to say that I missed you and never forget you. He thinks what to say when she has her own world now and has a husband whom he hates a lot. He thinks he will ask her and she has to answer why did she return and married his rival. He thinks although he is married, he never forgot her. Pragya thinks to talk to Abhi and thinks it is our bhagya that want us to unite, maybe we will. She thinks to go and tell him everything.

Abhi comes and asks King, can I dance with your wife. King signs him to go ahead and goes. Abhi and Pragya look at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Come on does she always have to fall in his feet ?????.

  2. What the f**k it is all about.. Stopped seeing the serial long ago, but do read the updates.. Everytime I read the updates, Abhi looks more of a wimp than a Man or a Rockstar. What the hell is he thinking or rather what is the writer trying to show… Abhi ko lagata hai ke pragya has moved on in her life and married the person who abhi hates the most, and she has forgotten all the love between them, but what about himself, he married tanu so what if it is a marriage of convenience, fact is he is married, to a woman who pragya hates the most, the woman who made her life miserable right from day one of pragya marriage to abhi, killed her sister, made pragya life hell every single day.. And now questioning pragya.. Abhi had insulted her in front of every one and kicked her out of the house.. So. What does he expect that she should be crying and go back to home and beg him. To take her back…. Now it’s payback time.. ABHI should suffer.. And he shld know the real game plan of tanu.

    1. Thank-you Alka, you took the words right out of my mouth. Further, I am wondering if Kiara will be used as a pawn. Is that what happens in Kasam, which I keep reading about in the comments here? I am hoping that King hires an international level private detective, finds out the whole history, exposes Tanu, Aliyah and Mithali, Nikhil in public along with the police criminal charges and destroys Tanu’s image. I hope Abhi’s part in the ‘Revenge Marraige’ is exposed and his extreme emotional and physical torture of Pragya. Why would India ever send a criminal alcoholic whore as the representative of the ‘best’ of India’s women?? Mrs. India? Please.
      It is difficult to understand that most viewers believe this to be a love story. This is the story of a criminal family who’s Dadi thinks that an innocent will help her grandson to grow up. She’s wrong. Instead the grandson, his sister/keeper/controller and his whore destroy, defraud and murder the family of the innocent. Where, exactly, was the love?
      You mean those moments here and there? That’s called Stockholm Syndrome for Pragya and for Abhi? He must hate himself for being so controlled all the time and so unwilling to face that. He needs Pragya to beat up on because it makes him feel powerful….at least somewhere in his life. Wonder what it does to a man to become his sisters ultimate sock puppet. I say sock puppet, because I do not wish to insult any animal.

  3. m not watching this series for many months now…but just read the update…..but each n every time i read the update i always wish n hope that this bullshit will end soon…..n plizzzz unite Abigya plizzz…..Now Abhi should nou the pain for now,…..Pragya should pay him back…..n let him suffer like Pragya suffer all this 7 years

  4. Cathy

    I’m not holding out for any growth of characters, i was so hoping that Pragya would mature into a confident woman and mother and realize that her love for Abhi was lopsided and in his favour where she just worshipped him and got next to nothing back..i wasn’t looking for a revenge story per se but i was hoping she would make him regret his words and actions..then a reboot of their love story, but good god do we have to put up with Tanu and Aliya AGAIN???

    1. You’re right. Who needs revenge? Just some basic justice. Revenge marraige was when the criminals Aliyah, Tanu and Abhi arranged to destroy Pragya’s life. Because Aliyah, the ugly spoiled brat believes she owns everything and everyone.

  5. How cheap.. Abhi can marry but not pragya. Convenience or no convenience, marriage is a marriage.. legally.. but atleast pragya dint marry literally.. proves that men are just men.. shit..

  6. Sahina

    We don’t love the serial and don’t watch it but how the serial is always on the top of Trp

  7. can anybody tell me how tanu and aliya responsible for dadi death

  8. can anyone tell me how dadi died n how tanu n aliya for dadi death


      Tanu gave idea to simonika after she heard pragya’s promise to abhi not to leave the house in any circumstance….. They made plan to kill pragya and dadi heard the call which came to pragya to come in the godown…. Pragya was calling the police but they were not reachable so she went to police station herself and took police to the defined area….. But dadi reached there before and on the nic of time when police n pragya reach der simonika had shot dadi and tries to run away when police caught her and dadi says to pragya this time I was able to save ur life when u always saves my abhi’s life…. Then at hospital when dadi is dead abhi shoots pragya of out his life saying she was a bad omen n cos of her his dadi is dead

  9. What’s the name of the sad song played when Abhi and Pragya faced each other on the stage?

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