Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nikhil blaming Pragya for calling him to trap him. Pragya says she has informed him as she really cared for baby and called him as he is his father. She says she feels pity for baby as her mother and father don’t care about him and have only used him. Nikhil says very soon you will be at Tanu’s place. He says Tanu will get Abhi’s sympathy and will stay in his house. Abhi will get emotional about the baby which is mine. Pragya says your baby is fighting with life and you are thinking about using him. She says I feel disgusted to talk to you, and goes. Abhi is with Tanu in the ward. Nurse tells Tanu that you are very brave and have fought with life to save the baby. Abhi feels guilty and tells Tanu that he and his family are with her. Tanu thinks I want to see Pragya’s

face now, and thinks she has won. Pragya thinks Tanu has won and I have lost. Sarla comes. Pragya tells her that Abhi is feeling guilty and blaming himself for the accident. Dadi says yes, and says I would have told him not to bring her home. Sarla says her destiny is good. Dadi says Abhi will not look at her and asks Pragya to have patience.

Mitali asks Dasi to have coffee etc. They go. Abhi apologizes to Sarla and asks her to punish and slap him. Sarla says I can’t. Abhi says you can raise hand on your son naa. Sarla keeps her hand on his head and says I wish all mums get son like you. They get emotional. Mitali comes back to tai ji and she has locked Dasi in bathroom. She laughs and asks her to bet with her. Tai ji asks who will win? Tai ji asks her to think? Mitali thinks I will take Pragya’s side. He says I have full confidence that Pragya will not let Tanu come home. Tai ji says Tanu will come home and will trouble Pragya. They bet. Tai ji asks her to open the lock.

Tanu is acting and thinks it is tiring to sit on the bed. She acts thinking Abhi came. Nikhil comes to her room and says he was eagerly waiting to see her. Tanu says you didn’t come in the morning. She asks why did you come here and refuses to take his help. She says I have done accident acting to help myself. Nikhil says what did you say? He laughs and asks how did you act? Tanu says I was worried and an idea struck to my mind. A fb is shown, Tanu thinks she shall fall down the stairs and get sympathy. Just then she sees Abhi coming and falls down. Nikhil asks what you have done? He says if anything had happened to this baby then I would not have become CEO. He then praises her for handling the situation well and says you are suitable to become my baby’s mum. Tanu says but you are not suitable to become my baby’s dad.

Abhi and Pragya have vada pav…Pragya looks at Abhi. They make each other have it. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays…Pragya gets hiccups. Abhi asks do you want wine, then says juice or water. He goes to bring water for her. Pragya drinks it. She says vada pav was so spicy, why did you make me eat knowing I don’t eat spicy things. Abhi says you brought it. You should thanked me for sharing vada pav with you. He asks where to sleep. Pragya asks him to sleep on her shoulder. Abhi rests on her shoulder. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays again.

Abhi gets up and says he has to give medicine to Tanu. Pragya asks him to sleep and says she will give medicine to her. Abhi says but how I will sleep? Pragya gives him pillow. Nikhil and Tanu laugh on Pragya and Abhi. Nikhil says Pragya gave lecture to him. Tanu says Pragya will be shock if she comes to know that I have acted. Pragya hears their voice, comes inside and claps.

Nikhil asks Pragya to take care of his sweetheart and her sautan. Tanu smiles evilly. Pragya looks stunned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. sorry it’s arose….not arised….

  2. Hi all frndss… How r u … Gowtham bro am going to my final year n eng… my placements r nearby… N my clg first company approach s TCS.. so tel me abt TCS bro.. tel ur twitter account too

    1. @gowtham_Harry…… Reji and sheetha are following me… So u can find my account

  3. hi rose….i’m fine….good to hear that u r going to ur final year of college…best wishes for u…..

  4. The way Pragya clapped when entering ward seeing Tanu and Nikil together what is logic is there. Is she find any evidence against them or she surprised seeing nikil over there when she personally informed him about Tanu’s situation. I liked the way Tanu and Nikil insults the dumb pragya which she deserves

  5. I really felt happy because I didn’t watched epi fr two days ? same stupid crap
    Hai friends how r u all
    Shobana kutty hency pratiksha sahithi others

    1. Am doing good thanks Asmitha, I too didnt watch yday episode, watched it later. Was watching Shabir’s football match, that was so much more fun to watch actually.

    2. Im good asmitha
      Same pinch I too didn’t watch for past 2 days.

  6. thnx karthika for ur wishes …..
    guys today we Hav sbs segment … I saw some pic in fb.. abhi pragya seen nd nikil nd tanu seen

    1. Yes it seems Abhi planning surprise for Pragya’s bday and Tanu and Nikhil as usual plotting to spoil it. It says will Tanu be successful in spoiling it

      1. It seems that there is no end for this tom and jerry fight.

  7. Hey guys… what if tannu is not pregnant at all and wearing a Peggy pamper.. coz under what ever circumstances.. God should not bless with a child to devel like tannu n nikil..

  8. New segment update-
    Abhi plans surprise to pragya on her birthday. He decides to propose her. Abhi arranges some gifts and bring a huge card for pragya, in which he tries to wrote some shayari as he feels that something is missing in card. He tries to make lines of shayari but gets fail again and again. He gets irritate and thinks how much it is difficult to write some romantic lines more than a romantic song. In his attempt of writing shayari, he unknowingly call out pragya as he thinks to take her help. But then he realizes that he can’t take her help
    as it is surprise for her. He immediately hides that card and diary in blanket and wraps it around him. Pragya comes in the room and asks from him that why he called her? Abhi denies from it and tries to send her out by some excuses. Pragya gets irritate and angry from his behavior and gets denied to go out. But abhi forcibly
    pushed her out from the room. He closes door and again gets start his effort to writing shayari. This time he gets succeed and writes 4 lines shayari in card. He kissed the cards. And hides everything behind the couch. Dadi goes to invite nikhil at hiss home for party. Nikhil accepts her invitation. Tanu goes to meet nikhil and takes out all her frustration on him. Tanu kicks nikhil on his back from behind. She scolds him to sit and enjoy silently without reaching at their aims. Nikhil says her to bring abhi behind her. Tanu says abhi is roaming behind pragya and he is doing
    lots of things for her. Nikhil gets little tensed and gets start thinking to make a new plan against pragya. Reporter tells that nikhil is going to bring a man as pragya’s boyfriend, to create differences and misunderstandings between abhigya. Reporter asks from nikhil about it then he says that he don’t know if it will b introduce as pragya’s boyfriend or not but yes he is going to introduce a man through business and it will b a new entry in the show, on which basis he will execute his plans against abhigya to separate them. Reporter asks from tanu what she will do now. Tanu says definetly she will do something surely as abhi is going to propose pragya which she will never let happen. Reporter says how much tamil will make plots against abhigya but they will never get succeed as abhi is fully prepare with his shayari, after listening which, pragya can’t denied.

    1. Sbs people has shown that new entry, whom nikhil is going to bring as pragya’s boyfriend. Guys his name is champak? and guys believe me he really looks like champoo. Now wonder, will abhi think even for a once that he could b pragya’s boyfriend? Seriously guys nikhil can’t find a perfect competitor in comparison of abhi to introduce him as pragya’s boyfriend. If the guy seems handsome then it could b put some effect on abhi but guys he is really not so happening infant of abhi. Ya he could make abhi jealous like suresh, killer vijay and that male model but abhi will think that this guy can take abhi’s place in pragya’s life, it is difficult for him to think. This plan of nikhil could bring abhigya more closure more than creating differences between them. Guys through it, I think we will get a chance to see abhi’s jealousy and possessiveness for pragya. It could work in tabhi’s favour, if they will create situation like mms track but then also it could b difficult for abhi to doubt on pragya, I think and infant it could wake up our old abhi back in his action, which could create problems for taking instead of pragya. What u say guys? How many of u r ready for this track? But whatever is going to happen, it is clearly saying that more dragging is on the way and cvs r still not in mood to end tanu’s track soon. Guys that guys champak is the same guy who is playing a role in ekta’s another show kasam on colors and in that show also he is playing champoo type role.

      1. As per montage, Abhi would be savior of Pragya so Tanu may only become fool atlast.
        The makers might be hoping for more TRPs by bringing a new character, so if it backfires for them also, like Tanu n Nikhil they will stop it. Let us see…

        We have only seen a glimpse of the guy in segment, let us wait to see how is he in the episode actually. Because the last time they got new characters of Ronnie and Payal, both of them have done a very good job and suited their roles well.

      2. This new entry will give any clue to abhi about tanus baby I am hoping it? what u say guys

    2. Sorry guys at in segment update in last it was takhil but mistakenly it turned into tamil becoz of keypad’s mistake.

  9. Hi everyone yesterday episode was ok but abhigya romance was awsome as usual but still waiting fr tanu’s exposure

  10. Thanx pratiksha di fr giving update of segment

  11. Yes…now my prediction was ryt..I read in some spoiler that auditions r held to select a person so now it’s clear the audition is for new entry in AbhiGya’s life.. But news spread they r conducting audition for Nikkil’s replacement but the audition is held for new entry and I heard Arjun Bilani gonna make his appearance in Kumkum bhagya and some spoiler says,The production house is not yet decided the person but sources Shakti Arora name also mentioned in that ..
    Anyways for sure the new person in AbhiGya’s life is gonna make Abhi jealous n it ll make them closer..Thank u Takhil..

  12. totally our charming kkb s getting worst day by day.. really disappointed …

  13. A new entry in abhigya Life now what twist they want to bring in their life by this entry what is going to happen in kkb this entry will be favor fr abhigya r it will be favor fr tanunikhil if it will be favor fr tanu so many will quit this show but I think it will be favor fr abhigya only I am hoping it by knowing segment I think tanu devil will do something to spoil our abhi plan

  14. again plotting…after reading the segment update…i feel lyk they ‘ll not xpose tanu until i finish 12th….if he directly introduces someone as pragya’s boyfrnd abhi vl not believe in it…. i think nikhil vl create misunderstanding slowly juz lyk in mms track…..how aliya made fake mms…lyk that he make fake situations and make abhi to believe in it…

  15. what naagin arjun bijlani or matsh shakti arora gonna enter in kkb???i lyk them both…but dn’t want them in kkb..becoz abhigya made for eachother…if their character turned negative then i can’t bear to see them in negative role…so i wish they shud not enter in kkb…this can’t be possible also..both have been already acted as main leads…so viewers can’t see them in supporting characters…i think this news is not true….often spoilers vl give fake news…

  16. pratiksha…i hav a doubt…the new entry in kkb is playing which role in kasam??say me yaar…

    1. Karthika he is playing a role of cousin brother of pawan in the show kasam in colors channel. Pawan is female lead’s tanu’s fiance, in the show and the actor who is going to enter in kkb through nikhil as pragya’s boyfriend, he is playing pawan’s cousin brother’s role in the show. In this show also he is playing a dumb champoo type role. I don’t know his real name. But I saw him on this show.

  17. Yaar limit is over … ab to Tanu ko expose karo…

  18. ya karthika…
    am also feeling same thing… abhigya s made for eachother.. biljani nd sakthi too Hav their own chemistry with their heroine .. if they come betwn abhigya its not good to c..

    1. @gowtham_Harry…. Ithan my account name…

  19. yes rose…actually did u read the updates of pratiksha…it’s confirmed that someone gonna make entry…not arjun or shakti…currently arjun vl be busy in shooting naagin-season:2…so his entry is not possible…don’t worry shakti or arjun vl not make entry in kkb…

  20. Recent issues r getting sorted out but tanu’s truth was d 1st 1 which pragya came to know but apart from that everything is happening Worst episode this will never come to an end n it started to spoil serials gud name which they had before

  21. i don’t knw what a stupid story is ths just leave the story and do something better with your life

  22. Why don’t you idiots just stop watching this BS? If there are no viewers they will have to end the show or bring out Thanu truth. They won’t change their stagnant storyline until their TRPs fail miserably

  23. oh..yes..pratiksha..he’s playing a comic role in kasam…his character name is shamsher singh..even suresh vl be better than shamsher singh…he vl really look lyk dumb…i’ sure he vl surely bring abhigya together….nikhil got this man as pragya’s boyfrnd….abhi vl never believe that he’s pragya’s boyfrnd….i think takhil plan gonna bring them closer then before…

  24. pratiksha…u r absolutely ryt…he’s such a dumb..when u mentioned some champoo i guessed it might be him only…but i wasn’t sure…that’s why i asked u..ok….how r u??a very gud mrng….have a good day… i think still u r engaged in ur works….ryt..

    1. Hi karthika?gud morning. Ya I m still busy in my work but the main reason is for my less commenting is last week’s episodes of kkb. I have left to watch kkb becoz of irritating track. All was happening rubbish, nothing was important and logical to discuss. That’s why I didn’t want to comment on it and another reason is as u knows I m still busy in my work. That’s why I m commenting less, only able to give updates. Most probably my work is going to finish till tomorrow. So if I will feel that anything is important happening to discuss, I will surely comment but I will definetly give updates to u all as usual and will try to reply on ur questions. And ya karthika u have recognized right. That is same actor who is playing shamsher’s role in kasam on colors and now he is going to play another role in kkb, whom nikhil is going to bring as pragya’s boyfriend. Did u see him, how much he looks dumb and like a little age guy in comparison of pragya and abhi but as sahithi said let’s see how cvs will present him in the show. But then also I don’t think so he have that impact who could bring misunderstandings and differences between abhigya. He could do it only by indirect evil plans and ways. Let’s see. But it will b funny for sometimes, I think. And whatever situation will accur, that poor guy will get beaten by abhi badly for sure for looking from bad eyes on his love. I think we will see jealousy, fun, love and evil plots, all these flavour together in this upcoming track.

  25. u r ryt..we can able to have some fun in the upcoming track…he vl look lyk pragya’s brother….i’m laughing now…let’s see what drama is going to happen??…

  26. u r ryt..pratiksha..we r going of have lot of fun in upcoming episodes..he vl look lyk brother for pragya…if abhi blows air on him he vl juz go and fall in the exit of mm…if they want to bring a boyfrnd for pragya,they should have brought some handsome guy,so that abhi gets jealous and we vl also get to see some possessiveness…but the double battery single power vl bring humour in the show..nikhil is good for nothing…but whatever somewhat he’s helping abhigya….

  27. guys as today is working day…my dad mom went on work and my sister went to her school….i’m alone…my school vl start from june-15th….

  28. Guys any one saw new OLV, I only saw pics from it. Abhi’s ghost dress, I am eagerly waiting for actual episode, it would be hilarious. But Daadi hinted about some surprise to Pragya and spoiled the fun 🙁

    More than Pragya, Abhi is scared of ghosts but he became one to surprise Pragya, thats like very sweet gesture..

  29. Hello guys !!..yesterday i can’t comment as I am not in home went out with my parents and ramadan fasting also going to start so can’t comment more !!.. and i read all ur comments !!…so bringing a champoo character nikhil is thinking to unite abhigya !!..????and i have to see his face guys !!..

  30. Hello guys today got an on location video update !!…

    The scene was abt abhi arranging something !(for pragya’s birthday) ..he was standing on a stool and placing a heart suddenly he was abt to fall but pragya comes there and holds the chair tightly she asks wat r u doing ?be careful !..abhi says ok ! Pragya goes as a servant called her for her suggestion! But abhi thinks still pragya is standing there ..so with his knowledge he tries to falls and thinks pragya will hold him !but akash rachna comes there ! Abhi falls akash holds him ..they both looks at each other..?????that was so funny !!..abhi suddenly gets down and says tum do no wat r u doing here? Akash and rachu says we came here to help u !they had some convo which was not heard clearly !pragya looks at this from far and smiles !

    Next scene at night ! Pragya was in a night dress chudi ! She took the blanket and smiles ! Abhi comes there dressing as a ghost ..pragya sees him and gets scared ..she asks who r u ??don’t come near me ! She goes to abhi’s couch and says sun I ye get up suddenly she took his blanket and sees no one there !abhi (dressing as ghost) comes close to her they both come to bed !!abhi comes to give a hug and says give me a hubby baby ..pragya says wat huggy ???? She gets scared …suddenly she took something in her hand and comes to beat ghost(abhi) abhi says happy birthday !pragya takes that and beats him and says someone will say birthday wishes like this ?? Video ends there !!..

    Interviews was not heard clearly !!reporters asks abt the scene abhi says it was pragyas birthday celebration ..and he says something which is not heard clearly !!..

    And actually the on location videos were confusing me but i watched that again and again and gave the update ..sorry if something is wrong !!and i think today there will be a SBS segment ..becoz in interview India TV and aaj tak reporters were holding mike so i think so !;..lets hope for the good guys !!_.

    1. One change in the update guys !!after reading another update they mentioned that pragya is aware that abhi is inside that ghost get up !!..so may be she is aware !!..but lets wait for more updates ..and ya today we have SBS segment i think !!..

  31. Hello guys.. hope all are doing gud.. i think 275th episode tanu pregnancy started.. now 586 is over.. let us consider 11 episodes for alia and raj exposure… so 300 episodes what we watched?.. what hv they entertained us?… same ektha serial 664 episodes super dooper hit bade ache lagte hein.. we never felt bored at all.. from marriage, their kids period, and grown up kids.. so full package episodes of 3 years..whr is that team now ektha? … 300 episodes if a lady pregnant who can’t think beyond, who doesn’t have story, who doesn’t hv brain.. this is the ektha team now… whr is she?.. what she doing?. . u lost ur brand.. u lost the scope.. u lost the carriage.. u lost fans trust on you..u lost the fans love.. oneday u will be losing ur fans… that’s not very far…

  32. New onlocation video- Pragya in her room about to sleep. She gets a red rose which abhi keeps for her. Pragya gets happy and reminds dadi’s words what she told her. Dadi told her that abhi is going to give her a surprise on her birthday. Pragya gets super happy after thinking it and thinks she can’t sleep in this whole night in exitement of his surprise. She closes her eyes and about to sleep, just then he sees a man coming from the door towards her in ghost outfit. Pragya gets scared and tries to wake up abhi. When she doesn’t get any response then she uncovers blanket from the couch wher abhi sleeps. She finds that abhi is not there. She gets more scared. She asks from the ghost man who is he? He says that he is love, love of her life, prince of her dreams who came here to wish her on her birthday. Pragya says that u r looking like a demaon not a prince. She says that stay away from me. She jumps on bed. Abhi too jumps on bed near her and says ur all dreams will get true becoz of me. Pragya says that i m feeling that my nightmare r happening true. He says i came here to give u mu wiahes. Pragya picks a huge candle and says that i will give u return gift. She about to beat him. He gets scared and tells at last that he is abhi. Pragya identifies him. Abhi tells her that he was planing to wish with some spicy and different way by using ghost trick but all has failed. Pragya feels bad for him and says him to do same thing again for wishing her. Abhi tries it again and again but pragya says that she is not feeling scared from him as now she knows that it is he (abhi). Abhi jumps on her and hugs her. In next clip, abhi is doing decoration for pragya’s birthday party. He stands on a stool and tries to put a heart shape decorative item in the mis of stage. Pragya sees him and shouts on him to try to put it as stool is about to fall and becoz of which he too could fall. Abhi jokes on her and flirt with her and makes her agree. Pragya leaves from there with a smile, at a side to give instructions to a servant. Abhi thinks pragya is still there near him to holding the stool so he pertends as he is falling. Akaash and rachna comes there. Abhi about to fall just then akaash catches him. Abhi gets surprised after seeing akaash and then he looks for pragya behind, He gets irritated that akaash catches him instead of pragya. He scolds akaash for coming on wrong time and for catches him. Rachna and akaash asks was he waitinf for someone else. Abhi gets angry and leaves from there. Reporter asks shabbir about the sequence. He tells that he has been lots of surprises to pragya and lot more is on the way as it has been two years with her. So he was thinking to add some spice in pragaya’s life that’s why he was trying to scare her by becoming ghost for wishing her in a different way. Pragya feels scary from ghost that’s why he opt this way. Reporter asks from him about new entry which will bring by tanu and nikhil for creating problems between abhigya. Shabbir says that abhi doesn’t know about it and even he don’t know that tanu and nikhil are together. Reporter asks from abhi that everytime we sees a proper romance between abhigya then why this time all things is happening different. Reporter asks from shabbir about ghost drama and akaash catching scene during his fall from stool when he was wishing that pragya hold him? Shabbir says that abhigya’s romance ia like mumbai’s rain. He tells about akaash catching scene that they both were doing bhaichara, everytime he holds pragya so this time akaash thought he should catch him. Shabbir laughs. Reporter asks from shabbir that what will happen in the party? How it will rock. Shabbir tells that they also don’t know about it and haven’t told by cvs but definetly there will b lot of fun and masti in pragya’s birthday party. Interview ends here.

  33. New segment update- It’s night time, pragya goes to sleep. Abhi comes in ghost outfit to wish pragya in different way. He says to pragya i love u and wishes happy birthday to her. Firstly, pragya gets scared but when she about to beat him, just then abhi uncovers his mask of ghost, switches on lights and shows his face to pragya and tells that it is he. Pragya gets surprised and feels it wierd. Abhi tells that he came like this just to wish her and confess his love in a different manner. Pragya gets happy. Abhi gives her a red rose and tells about his feelings. Pragya blushes. Pragya says to abhi to wish her as he wants. She says to im to do same ghost drama again. Abhi tries many times but pragya says she is not feeling scare becoz now she knows that it is abhi. Abhi comes towards pragya in ghost outfit. He makes her stand from bed. Then he wishes pragya and hugs her. They both gets happy with each other. Abhi tells to reporter that abhi has been given so much surprises to pragya and more r on the way. He tells that it has been two years with pragya so abhi thinks and makes plan to wiash pragya like this in different manner. He tells that how he got saved from beating of pragya by telling her on time that it is he, abhi in this ghost outfit. In next scene, abhi has shown doing decorations for pragya’s birthday. In this process also he gets chance to do romance with pragya. He stands on a stool to put a hearts shape decorative item in mid of stage. Pragya gets scared for him as he was losing his balance on stool becoz of which he could fall. Pragya shoutingly runs towards abhi. She holds stool and abhi’s legs and says him not to do it as he could fall. Abhi flirts with her. Pragya smiles and leaves from there to give instructions to other servants. Abhi thinks that pragya is still there to hold him. So he does drama of falling from stool. Akaash and rachna reaches there instead of pragya. When abhi falls then akaash catches him. Abhi gets angry on akaash for catching him and gets irritate after not finding pragya when he was expecting to get a chance to do some romance with her through that stool fall drama. He looks for pragya and gets mad on akaash for floping his plan. Akaash and rachna doesn’t get why abhi become angry. They asks from him that was he expecting someone else? Abhi gets irked and leaves from there. Shabbir tells to reporter that akaash and he were doing bhaichara. That’s why akaash catches him. Shabbir tells that there will b lots of fun and masti in pragya’s birthday party. Reporter tells that let’s see how much surprises we will see on pragya’s birthday. But abhi is not leaving a single chance to impress pragya and to express his love for her. Sbb showed in their serial express segment- Pragya and dadi r talking on some serious matter. Pragya looking tensed. This scene is from that day when abhi takes tanu from the hospital. Then they shows that new entry champak who is going to bring by nikhil as pragya’s boyfriend for creating doubts in abhi’s mind for pragya and to create misunderstandings between abhigya. Guys i saw his glimpse that how he is going to come in the show. He was in kurta, paijama and there is a jacket on his kurta. His look is looking boring guys. Well let’s see how his attitude will b?

  34. SBB SBS AND SBAS segment update – ABHI’S BHOOT (ghost) SURPRISE FOR PRAGYA !!…

    segment is same as on location video !!!!anyways just enjoy the segment !!..

    SEGMENT UPDATE – Abhi has decided to spic up thing sand wish Pragya’s birthday should be in midnight in his own way !…He comes dressed in a bhoot costume and wishes her birthday as a ghost .Pragya gets scared and is about to hit him in candle when abhi stops her and pulls off the mask to show his face.Abhi gives red rose to pragya .Abhigya r shown hugging too .

    Next scene update – Abhi has arranged a party for pragya and undertaking all arrangements himself . he gets on a stool to fix some decorations . Pragya comes and holds stool for him as it’s shaking .then Pragya moves away as someone calls her . Abhi thinks Pragya is standing so he pretends to fall and lands up on Akash’s arms .(haha)..Rachna and Pragya watches all this . Abhi tells Akash to put him down and moves away disappointed (oh so sad!!..)…haha

    Reporters says that while Abhi has planned a surprise for pragya . Tanu and Nikhil have another surprise for pragya on her birthday (hinting that fake Boy friend that’d be introduced )

    Offscreen INT – Shabbir : He talks about it being two years and he should give an innovative surprise for Pragya’s b’day . She’s scared of bhoot/ghost and i should bring spice in her life. Abhi says he would have got beaten if he hasn’t told her who he was and their romance us like mumbai rains . Reporter asks about Nikhil Tanu plan with new entrant . Shabir says he doesn’t know abt them being together. he cracks a joke about bacha lo / bachcha lo since weather is good . Abhi says there will be a black and red party (kalam kaal lalam laal) and even cast hasn’t been told wat will happen during the party , but masti will happen .



    VIDEO – http://youtu.be/AjLgoWTEeTM


    VIDEO – http://youtu.be/lN3rLxxdsgQ


    VIDEO – http://youtu.be/NaUVq9s4Hc4

    so guys i gave the clear update of the segments today i am sorry that on location video parts were confusing me . but now i got cleared with the segments and guys don’t know y today my comments r posting late !!…and today’s segment is abt abhi’s surprise for pragya so let’s see we r going to get fun or bun from them !!….haha

  35. So it is clear that till they end the showthey are gonna show this tanus track. Nowadays i like tannu

  36. Tanu posted her pic with Pragya on IG, from the party shoot. Both looking very pretty in black gowns. But interesting thing is both wearing same color outfits n almost same accessories. Had this doubt if there will be some confusion drama that will happen.. let us see..

    1. Ya sahithi she posted that pic in twitter too !!..they both were looking so gorgeous and u r ryt both were wearing same black dress ..actually i think abhi said in interview na red and black party so i think location is red outfits r black i am sure abhi is also going to wear the dress in black and the pic was in the sets only !!..so definitely its for party and usually pragya will not wear modern dress she will wear only sarees in all the mm occasions and functions ..but this time she wore modern dress means abhi might have gifted her !!..chances r there !!..

      1. Reji I meant that Pragya and Tanu both wearing same watch/bracelet and same color dress, so chances are someone in party may mistake Pragya for tanu and Tanu for Pragya and may speak to wrong person. I am hoping so but let us see….

  37. Abhi in white shirt and light blue blazer, contrast to Pragya I guess. Rachna also in white.

    1. I just now realized Pragya’s supposed BF is wearing similar color dress as Abhi. OMG is it like 2 sets of Sautans wearing matching costumes ROFL..

  38. Please update June 6

  39. Today There is no Written update y

    1. The person who updates itself gets bored of this storyline it seems that’s why no updates today

  40. hey guys…..thiz is nithi…..can I join with u all…..plz……

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