Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tanu taking Daadi and whole family to Pragya’s room and searching money suitcase. She finds it under sofa and gives it to Akash. She says she proved that Pragya is a thief. Everyone are shocked and walk down silently. Tanu follows Daadi and asks if she believes her. Daadi says she will never believe Pragya can steal.

Sarla goes for vegetable shopping with Biji and gets engrasped in thoughts. She thinks why did not Pragya inform her about Akash and Rachna’s marriage. Biji continues speaking, but Salra is still engraped in thoughts.

Tanu continues alleging Pragya, but Daadi does not believe her. Tanu says she has one more proof and calls her lawyer. Lawyer gives her fake property papers and leaves. Tanu shows daadi many property papers in Pragya’s

name and tells even her mom may be involved in her theft and bought many properties. Pragya asks her not to involve her mom in this and she does not need all this. Tanu shows her tummy and continues her allegations. Abhi comes and sees all the drama hiding. Daadi calls Sarala and asks her to come home. Sarala asks if everyone are fine. She asks her to come home first. Pragya accepts that she stole money and brought properties and asks her not to inform mom about it as she does not know anything.

Tanu continues shouting and allegations and says Daadi that she should kick Praga out right now. Taiji says Tanu is rigt and if any family member would have stole, daadi would have kicked her out. Mitali also backs and says when raj stole someone else’s money, he was sent to jail, so Pragya should also be sent to jail. Tanu continues shouting that she will call police and get Pragya arrested.

Abhi intervenes. Tanu gets tensed seeing him coming early and says he came on right time, she caught Pragya stealing money and to further stop her stealing, he should kick her out. He asks who is she to decide who will stay in this house, then changes his tone and says it is his family issue and he will handle it. She continues shouting that it may be his family issue, but she will not tolerate anyone stealing from Aaliya’s house and says either Pragya will stay or she will. Abhi asks her to go back to her room. She continues shouting. He drags her to her room.

Tanu asks why did not he kick Pragya out when they got the right opportunity. He says he cannot. she says he is ignoring her and she would have been her wife long ago. He says she did not want to marry and forced him to marry Pragya and is herself responsible for all this. She says she does not know all this, she just wants him to think about their child and themselves. He says she is taking wrong route and he cannot punish any innocent.

Precap: Akash receives lab report courier. Daadi asks Abhi to read it. He reads and tells that Pragya is pregnant. Dada is surprised and very happy to hear that and whole family jumps in happiness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pragya just stand up for your rights and don’t give up easily. You have not cheated nor so don’t play games. More power to women – speak up!

  2. Too much of drama how pragya get pregnant

  3. Hating pragya being silent n waiting for abhigya to ubit

  4. Kowsi I didn’t c if any scenes r there y she get any on pragya

    1. Just kidding….she s not tell abt her pregnancy may be…..i dnt knw crctly…we will wait ..nxt week varalam antha episode

      1. Kowsi new update actually pragya is not pregnant. New entry want to come back for tat only this fake pregnant. In report they mentioned Mrs. Mehra so they thought its pragya and one more thing tanu won’t believe so she take pragya to hospital but there too results come positive. So tanu thinks tat pragya doing against her. After that only new entry ll come. Tanu only bring him to abhi’s house. After some problems they reveal the truth. Sapppppppaaaaa ipavae kannada kattuthae…

      2. Oh kowsi priya wat is this yaar rhomba naall aagum pola irrukae ippadiyae poitu irruntha namaku paithiyamae pudichdum pol irrukae. …..

      3. Rit divya nama than keelpakam poga porom damn sure

      4. Thalaiye vedikka pokuthu. Ivanga room pottu yosippangalo!!!!

  5. I think it ws wen abhigya ws in a hut aftr dey escaped kidnappers

  6. I wonder if anyone noticed…with todays episode kumkum bhagya completes 300 episodes!!!

  7. In tension v r not noticing anything

    1. Thats true , but still even after all this stupid drama , according to the latest trp ratings kkb is still the highest rated serial from zee tv and third position in overall trp ratings of top 10 …actually it seems to be the only serial from zee tv thats in the top 10 at all…that means even though everyone complaines they cant help watching after all…

  8. About pragya’s pregnancy i think either its abhis plan to keep pragya in the house because then she wouldn’t be able to leave and dadi also will forgive pragya about tanu’s accusation of stealing money….or maybe its pragya’s plan afterall…she might have created fake reports , maybe because she found out about tanu’s truth. Yet another possibility is that the reports r actually tanu’s reports and the doctor or someone sent the reports by mrs abhishek mehra’s name or something so that everyone misunderstood it, but that doesn’t seem to make much sense anyway…anyway one thing v r all sure about is that pragya is not really pregnant…

    1. So much of confusion,so much of assumptions. Oh god we all are so very curious to know wat will happen but wat yaar these episodes are like china boats.

  9. What is alk this ……..when. Dadi and all know truth……do boring yar..

  10. I dont even know why directors every mystery not revealed.. every knot is not untied and putting a new knot again .. what is this???

  11. I think the culprit behind tanu is neil ( the corporator) who helped tanu in every baddies… tanu is pregnant with his child think so.. let we watch and see even this prob gets solved or not..

    1. hey ani but the neil is loving bulbul so he would not be the culprit

      1. loving is different from making choices.. he normally bad.. he helped tanu in all attempts on bulbul..why not he??

      2. ok we can see what is truth ? for this we should wait fro atleast two months right?

      3. yea .. that is the episodes they get as slot.. very dragging.. let we wait and see..

  12. I think dis z pragya plan… after knwing ds abhi will hate her and will throw her out of d house… because she z characterless

  13. Two days no serial

  14. tanu character mudiyanum kidnaped yarnu abhi ku theriyanum pragya unmaile pregnanta or fake ah bulbul purbha marriage nadakuma Elam 1year ootuvanunga pola manda vedikuthu ipdiye pona Elam serial pakavey veruthuduvanga

  15. samajh me nehi araha kuch. Too confusing

  16. Is that courier sent by abhi is that a part of his plan

  17. Ya u r right. In bollywoodlife thy updated abhi traps pragya before dadi. In that they mentioned abhi knows the truth of tanu pregnancy and to know true feelings of pragya he is doing like this.

  18. I hate this so much…since start of this drama….same bulkshit story…dran n drag alot…so boring

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