Kumkum Bhagya 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking Sarla telling her that her father is dead. A fb is shown, Pragya tells Sarla that she heard Mama and Mami telling that baba is alive. Sarla says he is dead and tells that she is wearing colored dresses as Beeji asked her. She says if you want me to wear white clothes then I will wear. Pragya promises her that she will never ask. Fb ends. Pragya thinks it means Maa lied to her. She comes to Raghuveer ji and asks him to tell who are they and shows the pics. Raghuveer ji says he don’t want to talk about his family. Pragya says she wants to know as the girl in pic is her and Sarla is her mum and Beeji is her Dadi. Raghuveer ji is shocked and says you are my daughter. Pragya asks if you are alive then why you are not with us. She asks who are those little girls?

Raghuveer ji tells that they are her younger sisters. Pragya is shocked and asks where was he when they need him. Raghuveer ji tells her that he did a very big mistake. He says Sarla caught him with another woman..

He says he tried to make Sarla understand and apologized to her, but she didn’t listen. He says Beeji asked me to leave the house. He says I felt that Sarla told Dadi today and will tell others, I thought to take revenge from her and thought to take my daughters with me. He says when I came home to take you all, but Bulbul and you was with Mama’s place, and I fled with your other sisters. He says Sarla woke up and tried to stop me, but I didn’t stop. He says he moved out of city and raised his daughters here. He says later he realized that Sarla was right, and apologizes to pragya. He tells her that he is searching grooms for his daughters and is afraid for his daughters.

Sarla cries and tells Beeji that her husband would have went with their four daughters and says she is not a good wife and mum. Beeji asks her not to talk about it and says you are a good mum who brought them up. She says we will not talk about them and cries.

Abhi asks Raghuveer ji what he has decided. He says if you want, you can rectify your mistakes. Raghuveer ji says it is too late now. Abhi convinces him. Raghuveer ji agrees to come with them. Abhi tells that he will get tasty food.

Commando gets pragya’s dupatta (don’t know how, as she was wearing saree, it may be Pallu cloth) and tells that they went in that particular direction. Pragya tells Abhi that today she is very happy and will be happy even if she gets death. Abhi asks her not to tell that. Pragya says she has no plan to die and plans to live long life with them. She says we will go home as husband and wife and says she will meet her other two sisters also. They sleep.
Later Pragya checks Raghuveer ji and tells Abhi that he is not in the house. Abhi gets the letter left by Raghuveer ji. Raghuveer ji writes that he can’t face them and can’t come with them. Pragya is shocked.

Pragya tells Abhi that Baba would have apologized to Sarla. She says we shall find him. Abhi promises to search him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Don’t know what to say
    As usual only confusion is left

  2. Superb episode

  3. Making sense….. I love this….

  4. Don’t know when it will end …wish it goes air off soon …

  5. pls close the chapter of boring pair abhigya ..and lets reopen purab and bulbul story..

  6. In tamil this serial serial name is iru malargal that means life of two pairs..so importance to bulbul concept also..

  7. Pragya all time crying now dnt like to listen her
    Writer plz move on
    How you can drag the episodes like this some times just in shadi mandap some times kidnap n now in jungle

    What happened to EK, is she alright showing rubbish episodes go on go on go on …..

  8. Gud that they are doing every thing together but please make it fast

  9. Again heading for separation!!!! Makers take years to unite the couple and days to separate them again.. !!!!! Anyway the good thing is under what ever circumstances.. they keep the lead couple together

  10. is kumkum bhagya gonna end ? will kundali bhagya replace kumkum bhagya ?

  11. ?????????????????

  12. I wish this kumkum bhaya serial should end pretty soon. I really don’t care they start showing Kundalini bhaghya from 12th of this month. Same lesson we don’t need to learn again and again. Wait for the end and say bye to serial watching from my end. Ekta Kapoor is not only but the cast working with her too Crazy.

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