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The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya dancing on the song Bolna…Dadi smiles looking at them. Abhi asks Pragya, why she is smiling? Pragya asks him to say if he came to know anything about Nikhil. Abhi says something strange happened and tells her that he saw Tanu and Nikhil talking holding hands. He says Tanu will not plan against me, but can plan against you. Sarla gets Beeji’s call and says she is in Pragya’s home and will come. She tells Dadi that Beeji is waiting and asks her to tell Pragya that she left. Tanu looks irked. Dadi asks Tanu if she is burning. She says Abhi and Pragya are looking good while dancing and seems like made for each other. Tanu says sun and moon are made for each other, but can’t see each other, and if they face each other then eclipse happens. She says even if

you make Abhi and Pragya dance together, but Abhi will be mine as I am pregnant with his baby. Dadi says ice has to melt and become water again. She says you are jumping high because of this baby, and may be you have to cry also because of baby also. Pragya tells Dadi that Pragya is going to end, but drama will start now. She asks Dadi for her blessings. Dadi blesses her. Pragya announces that she wants to tell something and says may be few persons will not be happy knowing this.

Nikhil thinks may be Tanu’s fear is true. Tanu also thinks the same and asks Pragya to tell tomorrow as everyone is tired now. Pragya asks why she is scared and says everything will be changed. She says you thought that you have written my destiny, but now everything will be changed. Abhi asks Purab, what she is saying? Purab asks him to hear her. Pragya says you people will ask me why I didn’t tell this before. She says I wasn’t having proof before. She says Tanu is the person, who came in this house as guest, but started dreaming to become bahu to get all the wealth. Tanu asks her to stop the nonsense and says this is all done by you. Pragya says my intention is good. I have suffered taunts from you, and even bear my mum’s insult. She says you people was taking care of Tanu as you think that her baby will be Mehra’s heir. She says although Tanu is married, but the baby doesn’t belong to Abhi. Abhi is shocked.

Tanu says she is lying. She is jealous of me and Abhi. She says you are ruining Abhi’s name by telling that this baby is not his. Pragya says she want everyone to know the truth and says she is lying. Pragya asks her to tell that she has no interest in Abhi and have only interest in his wealth. She says her modeling career is finished so she wants to get money through this baby. Tanu asks Abhi to tell that this baby is his and asks Pragya why she is doing this. Abhi asks Pragya why she is doing this, and says he knows that this baby is his. Pragya says she makes you feel guilty every day, and says I understand as I came in her talks. She says when I came to know about her truth, I had returned to stop the marriage, but couldn’t tell you as I know that you believe me. Abhi says I can’t believe even now. He says this is a big thing. Tanu asks Abhi to ask Pragya if she has proof to prove her point. She shows the file of DNA test.

Pragya says this DNA report proves that the baby is not of Abhi. Tanu is shocked. Abhi asks what is this DNA report? Pragya says this baby is not yours. I can’t see you feeling guilty and asks him to believe her. He says but Tanu…Pragya asks him to see the proof once. Abhi checks the report. Everyone checks it. Abhi asks Tanu to tell the truth. Tanu acts innocent and says I don’t know what she wants to prove. She says she wants to end the reason because of which we will be marrying. She says she pushed me from the stairs, when she couldn’t succeed then have done this. She says Pragya is lying. Tanu asks him to stop blackmailing him with baby’s name. She says this baby is not Abhi’s responsibility. She says you know well that this baby is not his and asks her to accept her lie infront of everyone. Tanu asks her to stop it. Pragya says baby is with you, but Abhi is with truth. She asks her to apologize to Abhi..

Pragya apologizes to him for not telling the truth before. She says I couldn’t tell you before as I don’t have the report before. She asks him not to feel guilty. Abhi asks from where did she get the blood samples. Tanu says she didn’t give any sample. Pragya says your sample was taken when you was unconscious in the hospital, and Abhi gave his blood sample when I took him to hospital on the pretext of insurance. Tanu says she has lied to you. Pragya says I lied for his betterment and asks her to accept her lie. Tanu is shocked and tensed. Pragya says you are caught now with the proofs. She says we have decided that whoever wins will stay in the house, and whoever loses have to leave the house.

Pragya tells Tanu that she has always made fun of her kumkum and mangalsutra. She says this is the power of kumkum and mangalsutra and says it is the difference between them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hi commenters just dont comment anymore just do tis #####END TANU’S TRACK#####instead of commenting with your names in tis column all u fans just keep on sending #####END TANU’S TRACK### not only here fans everywhere twitter,fb,insta really frustrated poor Abhi n Pragya hw nice pragya being pregnant n Abhi taking care of her so many things they can write y always pragya nobody wil believe

    1. I like that…. “END Tanu’s Track”

  2. Guys i read a spoiler on IG that after seeing Nikhil’s concern for Tanu, Abhi will have a doubt on them and he will got to know Pragya’s truth nd Tanu’s lie, later some romantic moments will be shown and every misunderstadings between them will be cleared..it seems fake, this i not possible, i mean this could not happen the same day! Is this spoiler is true Pratiksha ? ?

    1. Fowzia there r so many spoilers and rumours r coming these days regarding it but how much these r true, it we will get to know only through updates or episodes. Till then we can’t say anything surely.

  3. pragya will fail .and she will leave theMM.later abhi will realize his mistake n bring back pragya after marrying kkb hall.anyhow BG also is come there will be drunken scene.

    1. “after marrying the KKB hall”?????

  4. I know nothing will change. As nikhil will plan again and convert the incident. Alia also there.They will not let end this show easily as it completely depends on than nikhil and pray as unsuccessful plans.

  5. I think if abhi will not believe on pragya still, if doctor cheat her or takhil hide it through plottings then pragya should do only one last thing. She should tell whole truth to abhi that what happened from the beginning till end, then she should give him back his property and a signed divorce papers and then she should leave Mehra house after saying it to abhi that whether he give any place in his life or not, she don’t want anything except his company for life long and just want his safety and happiness forever. It was her duty to show him the mirror of truth so she could protect him from cheats and from his enemies. Now he have to decide by himself now that what is right or what is wrong for him. She will never force him for anything becoz it’s his life. He can find out the truth by his own and then take any decision. After saying it, she should leave from the house and then she should left rest of things on abhi and their destiny to decide. This is last thing which pragya can do from her side, after which she will get free from all the burdens and guilts. According to me, this should happen but let’s see if cvs will show it or not or they will again let this matter go for now for some more times to give another way of it’s end.

    1. But if we talk about the story which is going so far, so according to our possibilities, if tanu doesn’t expose by this DNA matter then atleast abhi should get doubt on tanu and should decide to find out the truth by his own rather believing on pragya or tanu so we could get some positive and gud changes with progress through this DNA matter sequence. But in actual, what will happen, it we will know just through new updates, segments or upcoming episodes. We have no other choice except waiting.

      1. Yes prathiksha from here its abhi’s turn to find out the truth. But I don’t think that it will happen as of now. Still it will take time for that and what if abhi agrees tanu’s words and silently collects all proof against tanu to expose her ?
        I really want dadi to open her mouth now. She has to say that I know the truth long back and I only made pragya to become boss of this house. But I also know that she wont do so.

      2. If Sarla had been at the party she probably would have told Abhi off and he deserves to be told off. You would think that Dadi would have stepped up.

    2. Pratiksha, I think Pragya told the main truth concerning Tanu, ofcourse not completely. Anyhow she said she came back to stop marriage, get proofs and reveal Tanu’s truth. There are more things that happened in between like what Tanu did as counter attack, one example, hurting Sarla. Also that Pragya knows the baby true father but not sure if she will reveal Nikhil’s name as she doesnt have that DNA report in hand.

      And since she came this far, I think Pragya shouldnt leave MM now. I always wanted her to leave whenever this kind of drama happened, for her own self respect, but now she shouldnt leave. Now what decision Abhi takes is left to him, as in would he still want to marry Tanu or not. Because till now he used to say my Fuggy asked me to marry Tanu, now Pragya herself confessed it was her mistake to say that, to correct it came back to stop marriage. Also, Purab also hinted Abhi to wait and listen to what is being said. If doctor changes sides, Abhi should go back and speak to Purab also what he knows and what he was trying to hint.

      Then Sarla was in MM, but suddenly made to leave, as her presence would mean she would not keep quiet and will blurt about Nikhil and his crimes. Also, Pragya’s daadi seems to be back, not sure if she will have some part to play. Main thing to watch yday was Raj, he heardly spoke in last so many episodes, he knows about Tanu and now when her truth is out in front of all, he standing still…. I dont know why that actor is okay to just stand like that in background after all the role he played in the Mogambo track.

      Well let us see, we didnt see any new pics from shoot, there are still party pics only floating, but I am curious to see if Pragya will reveal more about her Mogambo avatar or interestingly change back to Fuggy wearing chashma. Till now except Abhi everyone else knew her truth, now when he also knows, I see no reason to wear the Mogambo mask.

      1. Ya sahithi agree with ur points. But I m saying that pragya should leave after telling everything to abhi becoz if tanu tries to prove her intentions wrong by claiming that pragya cheated abhi in her greed of money amd she is doing all this just for her benefit, like always. Although everybody knows about the reason of pragya’s changed look and attitude except abhi, for abhi it was real. He still thinks that pragya did wrong by snatchung his everything by cheating. So if tanu tries to prove pragya wrong in abhi’s eyes by using these reasons then pragya could make abhi believe that she is still his fuggy and never wants his wealth except him. Sahithi ur point also correct. Now pragya is going right and abhi is not sure about anything so it is left yo see that what direction he will choose to walk. But between all this, now team of pragya, like dadi, purab, rachna and akaash should also open their mouth in support of pragya. Pragya needs their supports to make believe on her or at least to force abhi and his mind to think and doubt on tanu’s truth that he should find out the truth by his own, when everybody r unable to prove ownself right simply. Abhi said this is a big matter and yes this is a big matter and abhi should not ignore it just the bases of few proofs which could make or changed anyhow. Abhi don’t know about whole truth about tanu but he knows it very well that how much tanu is selfish and loves money, for which she can do anything. I know he doesn’t know the limit of tanu’s cheapness and evilness but i think it should b enough to think for him that tanu is selfish and can do anything for her. And about pragya so he knows that pragya can never stoop so low to planning like this against tanu or anybody and if she snatched his everything then also she thought for his gud always and saved him from cheaters. She never did bad with him and abhi has been admitted it many times. So I think these r some reasons which should b enough for abhi to at least think and work. Whatever situation is going on, in this case only two or three things could happen, either abhi will not believe on pragya and will support tanu or he will get confused and will create a doubt in his mind regarding to this whole matter which will make him ready yo do some action to find out actual truth by his own or may b he will pretend to support tanu but later he will start his investigation by his own. But I liked ur points also sahithi. These r all our guesses but let’s see what will actually happen?

      2. Ya sahithi up to this ok and we have so many confusions doubts and in this situation if they will keep miscarriage scene then what will happen?

    3. Pratiksha me to thought same after seeing yesterday epi really if abhi believes tanu then she should leave mm it will be nice to see once if he knew that she is only his old fuggy then abhi will do his work but CVS will not show us like this but what I am thinking is after tanus fake DNA report may abhi will not think anything about it I think he will remain as before how he was as like every time may dadi will give lectures to pragya again if it happens then it will not nice to see but I am waiting to see twist if this twist will be gd r bad

    4. Everything else aside, this episode is something we all waited for really really long. Glad atleast now things started moving. I was so happy to finally see Pragya open her mouth.

  6. khush hony ki zarorat nai hai pragya ka plan phr fail ho Jay ga nikhil n tanu ne phly sey hi kuch plan kr chuky hon gain tanu ki emotional trapping sey abhi tanu ki bat pe taken kary ga ye bat confirm hai…tanu ka such sb janty hain BT is wakt koi bi pragya ki favor mai nai boly ga not even sarla…muje ye smjh nai ati k writer tanu ko expose kr na kyun nai chata I hate this thing…raj kyun har wakt chup rhta hai us k pas tu proof hai k har bury kam mai aliya n tanu us k sath this phr wo kyun nai kuch btata sarla apni kidnapping ka kyun nai btati k kids ka hath tha is mai akhir writer tanu ki itni favor kyun krta hai jb tk dadi purab akash rachna sarla such nai brain gain abhi pragya ki baton pe yaken nai kary ga n ab phr pragya ki insult ho gi abhi n tanu se hmaisha ki trha…mai ne thek story btai na writer shab???

  7. please please end this drama please please please please please please please please because tanu ka track tu kabhi khtm ho ga nai n pragya abhi reunite abhi nai hon gain isi trha nikhil tanu ki planning chalti rhy gi n bichari pragya sari life akili tanu ko expose krny mai lagi rhy gi

  8. has any1 noticed tanu tummy is completely flat in yesterdays episode????or i am d only 1 to notice it???

    1. Tanu’s tummy is always flat. That too after champak entry there were no baby bump in her tummy ??

    2. Yes I already noticed it in that pic which Leena had posted from party. I was wondering that how could a baby survive and take breath in such a fit dress. Her tummy was not looking of seven months pregnant woman. Even it happened many times that her tummy looked or less in some dresses. And this is not one thing, there r lots of things, happened illogical in the show. They r countless from starting. So avoid it and just focus on main story.

  9. Xavier

    Nothing will happen. It may be a dream . This is a trick of boosting the trp ratings again.. Pragya plans always fail. Tanu and Nikhil always come up with excuses and gets away with it … Abhi don’t trust Pragya. What is the use of a relationship when there is no trust.?? You let idiots come between your relationship with LIES. Come on directors and Ekta Kapoor mam. We are FED UP of lies , excuses. Put an end this shit.. When Tanu truth is finally revealed that will be the end of this show. This show is about Tanu and her ILLEGIMATE child … SHAMELESS people . Disgusting ?

  10. this serial is going to in a boring track again because upcoming story we can see that again tanu and nikhil win against pragya in the matter of DNA report with the help of fake report of Dr. Sheela
    now this show is becoming very nonsense ..
    please stop this thing, we are getting irrited now.. just stop this drama its over

  11. Guys there is a segment today as expected, which says despite happened between abhi and pragya again! ( abhi our pragya mein dobara hua bair!). Guys it means another misunderstanding becoz of this tanu’s baby’s matter. Complete update we will know after telecast of the segment.

    1. Watch the OLVs about upcoming episodes, I bet u want to stop watching the show?

      More crap on way..

  12. New on location update- Guys, guys, guys everything ruined and abhi broke all the ties with pragya. Update- Takhil kidnaps pari, Sheela’s daughter and blackmails her that if she will take pragya’s side then they will kill her daughter. Doctor sheela proves infrint of abhi that pragya’s report is fake. Abhi got angry with pragya so much. Takhil taunts pragya and says her to leave this house forever as she got failed in exposing them and now nikhil’s baby has proved as abhi’s baby and after it’s birth and tabhi’s marriage everything will belongs to this baby and then to them. Takhil celebrates their victory and ask to pragya to leave. Pragya goes to abhi. Abhi shouts on her for trying to ruined his baby’s future just for her selfishness by showing fake reports of DNA. Abhi says that she is not his fuggy and doesn’t have any care for any relationship. Pragya trues to make him understand and says that she is his wife and will never want his bad. Abhi says that she used thus relationship for her selfishness and benefits so now he ends up all the ties with her. He says that she brought fake DNA reports but now he will bring original divorce papers with signature. Pragya leaves shattered and heartbroking. Next day, pragya goes to her doctor friend Sheela to confront her that why she did this with her. Sheela cries a lot and asks pragya to leave. Pragya says that u broke my trust, why did u do this with me, his much money she took for this. Sheela says that she was forced to do it as she had no other option except it brcoz they had kidnapped her daughter and warned her that if she will tell truth to abhi then they will kill her daughter.

    1. The next day Pragya went to Sheela house she went in her Mogambo getup. Okay frankly straight hair and no chasma doesnt matter to any one other than Abhi. So, one question to writers at this point, what is the need for Pragya to still play this drama.

      What is the new idea that Daadi will drop in Abhi’s mind this time? Why doesnt she ever open her mouth to tell the truth? If she is not telling now, then even if she tells anytime later, doesnt make sense.

      1. Guys I am qutting the show bye the most stupid ever seen crap this stupid abhi will never understand pragya he didn’t have any trust on her so better he should marry tanu it’s gd to him and he don’t deserve pragya and dadi u will be like this only until tanu deliver her baby and marrying abhi it will be nice to u also

      2. What I feel is if something happens like this only truth will come out.
        In mms track abhi broke his relation with pragya, the truth came out.
        In champak track too abhi broke his relation with pragya and the truth came out.
        Now also he is going his relation with pragya so I feel truth will come out. Lets see
        And how Nikhil and tanu can able to kidnap Pari so soon??? I mean they haven’t seen Pari once. Then how it is possible?? And tanu Nikhil is also present in the party only, then how they kidnapped Pari?? Its sounds illogical.

      3. Sahithi this time abhi will not listen to dadi also
        when I seen spoiler itself I understood abhi will not believe pragya and after watching segment I understood what is he will remain as usual like dumb I think there will not be a pull stop fr this crap I think up to end of the kkb we have to bear tanutanu really felt disappointed is this the twist they want to give us stupid I think they will leave this matter hear only but now abhi really going to leave pragya so sad i thought they will show cute scenes bwn them in this month only what to do in next month I have to go hostel again

      4. Guys one more thing there is a pic in Instagram of abhi and doctor it is new I think it is on location any gussess regarding this

      5. It IS ILLOGICAL…… and Stupid. Not only did Nikhil know who the doctor was but kidnapped her daughter in a matter of Seconds…..Come One… Give the Fans more credit than this….NO Brains

    2. Who r u…. y u cheat of pragiksha name…

      1. Anu it’s me pratiksha, no one is cheating. Only my profile pic got changed, don’t know how? But it’s same me.

  13. So finally again abhi going to shout pragya this time also abhi don’t belive pragya…..

    Atleast now onwards pragya maintain her self respect… pragya always belive abhi but abhi always blam pragya only…

    For my side atleast now pragya can xplain every truth to abhi and get out from his house and lead her life… after xplain truth its abhi’s duty to find truth and get get back pragya also..

    1. I already told na…. shella has a doughter and defn they kidnap her….

      For my think is.. tanu can again blackmail pragya to give divorce and property to abhi using of shella daughter…. may this time pragya can give all to abhi…

  14. Pragya (Sriti Jha), who has been trying her best to reveal Tanu’s (Leena Jumani) truth, will have a commendable plan up her sleeves to prove the latter guilty.

    As we know, Pragya has joined hands with Tanu’s doctor, who has managed to get Tanu’s DNA to prove that Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) is not the father of Tanu’s child.
    Now, during Nikhil’s birthday party, Pragya would reveal the truth of Tanu in front of the entire family.
    Shares a source, “Pragya would confront Tanu and announce to the family that the child Tanu has been carrying is not Abhi’s. She will also reveal that Tanu has been fooling everyone all these while. This will shock Abhi and he would ask Tanu to get out of the house.”

    Ruk jaooo…picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!
    The ever sly Tanu will once again manage to slip out of the situation with her smart moves.

    Tanu, too will get a DNA report that will state that Abhi indeed is the father of Tanu’s child.
    Yeh kaise hua???
    Well well, Tanu will get the DNA reports forged. And in such a massive calamity of confusion, Abhi would decide to take hold of the situation.
    Abhi will go ahead and summon the doctor to know the truth.
    And folks, guess what will happen?
    The doctor will support Tanu and blame Pragya of trying to prove her wrong.

  15. Divchan

    Bull shit , non sense … crap of the story

    1. When Abhi screams on Pragya – this time – she should say Fu&k. You – to him – get her alimony money and tell him good luck “dumb ass”. Abhi has turned on her way too many times. They just talked about him turning on her with Champak and he turned right around and does the same thing just a few days later… It is time for her to say “the hell with you”. Who could deal with a non-trusting spouse like him. It is time to throw in the towel on that marriage. She has to continuously kiss his ass to get along with him.

  16. Spoiler became true nikhil threatened doctor by her baby after seeing segment what I understood is abhi became as usual he is not going to think anything instead of that he was shouting on pragya and he also said that he will end up all relations with her but one thing I am not getting y pragya is still in mm she can leave by saying truth to abhi again now old story started now pragya will start another plan to expose her but as usual it will fail again then what is the need to show promo stupid fellows

    1. Okay….how did Nikhil kidnap the child and threaten the doc – when he was at the party and just as surprised as Tanu about the whole thing? This story needs to be a little bit realistic.

  17. really shaken up after reading tis i m not strong enough to read or c it even its a drama so sorry for pragya

  18. end the serial. its just dragging

  19. It was a expected one, again Bullshit !
    The storyline is just disgustung cheap what to say more.. Thank god atleast we got the Segment Update Pratiksha, we can be saved from this kind of nonsence! The story has crossed all the limits.. but anyways just hoping that after this drama, atleast Abhi’s brain will again work, like he will himself find out the whole truth and i think at the end he will be the one who will expose that witch Tanu ! ?
    And one thing that i still dont understand, why this stupid Dadi dont even open her mouth? While giving lectures to Pragya she is fully on fire but when she must open her mouth she dont do that.. she is the main Culprit of the story !!!

  20. U know what guys I was laughing instead of being upset when I saw same crap in this new on location updates and segments. I was wondering that how much time abhi will break his all ties with pragya. Now with new addition, he is going to give divorce to pragya. She old craps. Looks like old things in new packet. News people were saying that now pragya will search park first then she will try to find a way to stop abhi from giving divorce to her and then she will again try to find a way to expose tanu. Guys it means same old crap is going to start. What we were thinking and what has happened? Again CVS got chance to dragging. Is this called an exposure? God save us from this type of exposure. Still I just don’t understand the love of abhi for pragya. In a moment he starts loving her and just in another moment his love gets turn into hatred. And sahithi u r right. Now what excuse dadi will use to change abhi’s mind And what will purab do now? From the updates, it is clear that nobody opened their mouth in favour of pragya in front of abhi against tanu. So now what they will do now on the name of support and help? Sahithi u said right that now no one will watch this crap. Don’t know what I say about upcoming. Is this means that we r again came back to square one or is this any hope still left to do? What u say guys? But one thing is clear that abhi needs only proofs for everybody, whether it is about pragya’s innocence or about tanu’s or anybody’s guilt, all he needs only proofs and who gets win in showing an impressive proof in front of him, only that person will win him and his This is not a lovestory for me So how can i say it passionate. Now this is only a thriller and crime show for me and the love which they r showing, this ia so childish and immature love story. Even it will b an insult to call it even as a love story. I have just started to watch kasam on colors. In this show, the way that main male lead of the show expresses his love for female lead, it is called as passionate love, not this love which kkb’s people r showing on the name of passionate love story. CVS should b ashamed to make audience fool. They knows that theur show runs just becoz of us but then also they makes us fool by rubbish amd diagusting storyline. U know what guys i m very relaxed and not bothered anymore for the so call exposure and so call union of abhigya. I just don’t have any care from now.

    1. Pratiksha when I seen aaliya in epi at that time only I understood she will help tanu at last moment even I mentioned it in my comment also now it become true might aaliya have noticed pragya move after tanus conservation with her

      1. Pratiksha SBS people were saying that Leena wants some rest becoz of her injuries fr recent accident. She can’t shoot for long hours. That’s why makers of kkb brought aaliya back to cover up tanu’s absence. Leena can shoot only for closeup scenes for now until her full recovery so CVS will coverup the story with leena’s aka tanu’s dupe for shoot from the back and rest things they will shoot with aaliya to show continue plannings and plottings.

      2. Sorry asmitha have written my name instead of urs.

  21. Sahiti now if u don’t mind I am going to copy ur statement now cvs is going to put abhi’s brain in freezer……….otherwise now to solve this misunderstanding who will turn up purab or dadi I don’t know but I want to say I don’t know whether tanu’s truth will come or not but definitely after this purab will turn no stone unturned to prove nikhil guilty. …………. as we all know purab was expecting the most in the sequence but now I will tell purab and aakash will definitely not leave any stone unturned to expose nikhil

    1. No objection Billu ??, that’s the truth, till now I thought he is childish. Aren’t present day kids more smart than us, writers making his character assassination to such extent he doesn’t even qualify as a kid.

  22. And in order to make the disappointed audience to sit back again to watch this crap next week they have no choice other than exposing nikhil or they will show chup chupkey romance between abhi and pragya or maybe aaliya entering mm or I don’t know anyway relaxed as I don’t have to watch the crap I am taking a break for this week and next

  23. Highlights all the segments with it’s link- India-Forums
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    Joined: 15 August 2005
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    Posted: 05 July 2016 at 2:43am | IP Logged Report Quote

    Abhi is angry at Pragya. He says, ‘If you’re my wife what you’ll say I’ll believe it? And do what you want me to do?’ [Is this dude crazy or what? OK, fine. Go on & be Tanu’s puppet ]

    He tells her that she brought fake DNA report now he’ll bring real divorce papers with real signatures. Yet again, Abhi breaks all ties with Pragya [*Rolls eyes and pops them out*]

    Next scene, Pragya comes to Tanu’s room. Nikhil and Tanu are happy for failing Pragya’s plan & proving her wrong. Nikhil taunts Pragya about packing her bags. Pragya asks Tanu how much more she’ll stoop low & why she doesn’t understand that one day Abhi will find out that the baby is Nikhil’s.

    Pragya visits Dr.Sheila & questions her about how much money did she take to sale out their friendship. And why did she betray her after stepping forward to help her. Pragya says that she put everything on risk & because of her Abhi might never trust her again. Sheila breaks her silence and tells Pragya about Pari being kidnapped & her being threatened.

    One scene shows some person giving nurse bribe at the hospital to get information. Persons face is not shown but it seems to be Alia.

    No offscreen interview.

    HOT NEWS on SBS: All rumors of Shikha Singh aka Alia quitting have been proven wrong as she is back on the show[Hoping Arjit’s quitting rumor turns out to be untrue too]

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/6_fBqvGRIa4
    SBB: http://youtu.be/hAZDMuGqsIY
    BTDD: http://youtu.be/6rN3xgOhOp8.

    1. Guys some lady goes to hospital and brings info from the nurse regatding doctor sheela and pragya and about tge dna proof which sheela did for pragya. That lady gives that nurse two bundlea of notes and takes all the info from her and in result, doctor sjeela’s daughter gets kidnapped. I think it’s aaliya guys. She did all this under the help of tanu to take revenge from pragya. She kidnapped Sheela’s daughter park and she has turned all the things against pragya in last minute. I think takhil don’t know aboit this. They r just thinking that sheela just gave statement in their favour but they still don’t know how? I think soon they will get to know it and they will again start their plannings with aaliya against pragya. Same crap is going to start guys.

      1. Ok and how did Aylia know what was happening when Tanu and Nikhil did not??? They think the viewers are a bunch of brainless dummies. I’m done with this sorry show.

  24. Hey prathiksha can it be possible that abhi is just acting so as to find out the relationship btw tanu and nikil ,(just a thought) and your theory about pragya leaving abhi and letting him decide his future can this happen ???

  25. Nothing makes sense in this show better to end it .
    Cvs r not in a mood to end tanus track
    Its getting worse day by day..

  26. Guys there is new picture posted by Sheela with Abhi looks like in Sheela’s house. She is in same sari when Pragya met her next day. And for me Abhi looked like in same white shirt from party. Not sure if they both are indeed shooting together as in Abhi goes to her house or its just a pic posted from set where she got clicked with Shabir.

    1. Ya sahithi I too saw that pic. I think abhi will go to doctor sheela to know the truth after breaking his ties with pragya. I think when he will think calmly or dadi or purab some body will make him understand then he will decide to meet doctor Sheela to know the truth. That’s why he will got to doctor Sheela’s home. Let’s see if sheela tells him anything or not or abhi finds any hint through Sheela’s behaviour. It is very necessary to abhi to get some hints of something in favour of pragya otherwise this time it is very difficult for pragya to prove herself innocence and to save her relationship with abhi. Well let’s see.

      1. Prathiksha, that is problem, Pragya shouldn’t try to prove innocence rather tell her truth completely first to Abhi. What good hiding truth is doing to her, but it’s not completely her mistake. It’s all Daadi’s mistake, she can’t imagine Tanu becoming Baahu but doesn’t tell Abhi truth of this whole drama. Till Pragya removes Mogambo mask, Abhi will keep misunderstanding her.

      2. Ya sahithi it’s all dadi’s mistake for now but if pragya will still follow dadi’s lectures and suggestions then it will b only her mistake, if she will loose everything from her hands in so call suggestions and spineless ideas. Dadi and other of pragya kept their place safe in avhi’s life and house by keeping silence in front if abhi. It is only pragya who is facing every problem and hatred of abhi every time alone. Pragya has to understand it that she is not only one who have relationship with abhi. It’s Dadi, purab and others responsibility too to face everything in order to save abhi from the evils. And if they r doing support to pragya then now they should come forward to support pragya indront of abhi. Pragya should understand it and asks about it with dadi and other supporters or she should take her decision by her own from now rather than taking suggestions and lectures fr dadi and others.

    2. And guys as I always said when u watch a certain sequence/subtrack in this Mogambo track u feel it is pathetic, the next one always exceeds it, that looking back u feel the previous one is better. In Champak track first Abhi thought Pragya moved on in life with Champak, next he thought its his mistake, then he thought she is making him jealous.

      Now he went one step ahead and says I will get fake sign on divorce papers. And starting from Daadi to Pragya, keep assuring him that he always takes truth side.
      Angry Abhi is the best, he speaks all that u have to watch with ur mouth open, pulling ur hair literally, like bhai saab do u even understand what u r blurting out.

      1. Haahaahaa..very true sahithi even I wanted to say that abhi have no control on his anger. It doesn’t matter for him that for whom, he is using such harsh words in anger. He doesn’t think not for even a once that he should think once again before blurting that types of harsh for atleast those persons who r his loved ones . Abhi have no control on his anger, no control on his mind and thinking and no control on anybody. Always he leaves us with boiling blood by his these types responses and actions towards his wellwishers. With pragya, he always repeats same dialogues, that u r not my fuggy, u r selfish, u don’t have any care for any relationship, I will break my relationship with u, blah, blah, blah. And after that when he gets little calm then he starts using his mind to think. If he get correct person to guide then it’s ok but if some wrong person guides him then he constantly loses his mind. But he thinks only after expressing his anger. It is pragya who is tolerating all this silently otherwise no other woman could tolerate this much. Our both leads r extraordinary at their own places. Whatelse can say about them to explain their specialties.

      2. Exactly, Pragya being her mahaan self was consoling Sheela in that situation, in the segment. Greatttt. If anyone can ever find a person like Pragya anywhere, let us know. She is just an out of world fictional character, writers portray her foolishness as greatness. I hope atleast this time, police are informed of this kidnapping, as till now evils kidnappings, murder attempts are not informed to police which is making them commit crime left right center.

        Same with Abhi, in reality such a guy would have lost person like Pragya long back and would have settled with Tanu and will be cursing himself the rest of his life. Not everyone get so many chances in life. Something lost is a loss for a lifetime.

    3. Ya sahithi I have seen it did you have any guess about it but what I am thinking is it is not related to show I think they took it simply

  27. Sry pratiksha

    1. It’s OK anu. Glad u have this much care for me.

  28. what ever all can say but cvs wil make us stupid to the max

  29. Tanu will bring fake reports which proves its abhi baby and ahe will be bringing that pragya’s frnd dr. Sheela. The dr. Is going to lie and take tanu’s side becoz her daughter is being kidnapped and again abhi trust that tanu and not his wife pragya who is equal to his soulmate.
    Great going kkb keep it up. You’ll really earn more and more fans.???

  30. Pratiksha Sahiti I don’t know guys I have a terrible feeling we will soon see a prolonged kidnapping track maybe a shorter one because in that way they can keep tanu at rest……..it will be something like pragya going to rescue pari abhi coming and complicating things probably and the end of the previous kidnapping track we had proposal this time pragya might remove her mogambo mask infront of abhi ………..anyway without tanu’s screeching pragya we might get some good moments of abhigya atleast for a week. ……if at all kidnapping happens and abhi’s inspiration to go in search of pragya will be Purab and probably we might get a beautiful scene where abhi screeching and telling tanu that she is my wife and stood by my side at all times. ……..

  31. Pls change the track of too much failures faced by Pragya which is unusual. its irritating and disable us to watch the episode.

  32. Boycotting kkb

    This show is ridiculous. So the man refuses to believe his legal wife who he forever claims to love. But he has more blind faith in his ex-gf/baby mama? It is disgusting that this show continues to make the wife spear as this long suffering helpless woman who cannot win against the outside woman. Hell, her own husband refuses to believe her yet she continues with this sham of a marriage. If he trusts and believes in tanu so much, maybe Pragya should divorce him and find someone who will trust her without any the baby mama drama. This show needs to go off air. NEVER HAvE I WANTED A SHOW To HAVE a TIME LEAP!!

    Just imagine…. Show skips ahead, five years later… Tanu is still pregnant with that child! Ha ha ha!

  33. Boycotting kkb- no more kkb

    Remember the gold old days of shows like doli armanno ki? Where the woman finally has enough and just leaves to save herself? Poor Pragya seems to like suffering. Women of the world, if this is how your husband treats you, if this is how your well-intentioned but utterly useless mother-in-law (in form of dadi) continues to tell you to stay with such a useless husband, then it is best you pack your bags and walk out. This shows promotes women being emotionally tortured and suffering for no reason.

    I have long stopped watching this series, and this is my last time reading the updates too. take care everyone! I hope you guys and girls get a satisfying ending to this waste of a show.

    Maybe a great plot twist would be for Pragya to be tripped by tanu, fall down the stairs (probably the stairs with the most fake falls in the history of soaps btw), lose her memory. Then she can be a badass bahu and stop being such a doormat. You are welcome to use this idea producers.

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